State Bills Attacking Vaccine Exemptions: A Seven Step Approach to Advocacy in your State
Greater Freedom of Speech on Web 2.0 correlates with Dominance of Views Linking Vaccines to Autism.

Chicago Screening Trace Amounts Featuring Q&A with Director and Special Guests

Trace Amounts Chicago

Chicago!  You're invited to screen Trace Amounts this Thursday, March 19 at

Trace Amounts is a compelling documentary film centered on thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in vaccines that has been suspected by many as playing a primary role in the autism epidemic here in the United States and around the world. It’s a fascinating look at the debate, as well as the people and science at the center of the controversy.

Please go to purchase your ticket ASAP before the event sells out!

To view the Trace Amounts trailer, host your own screening, or to learn more about the film, please visit

For screening questions, please email

Hope to see you at the film!

 Trace Amounts by directors Eric Gladen and Shiloh Levine will screen in theaters across the country. It tells the true story of Eric’s experience with vaccine injury at age 29 that changed his life forever.





Institute of Medicine, the CDC, our own Department of Public Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization, and many other credible scientific, medical and public health organizations that all stand together

and who are they standing together against - parents; lots of parents and others - vaccine damaged - victims.

They are all right to stand together though because as the saying goes - if they don't they may hang separately.

Who is William Thompson ?
Who is William Thompson ?

Agreeing with Barry - as usual
Vaccines cause mayhem and destruction (& Autism too) .
Themiserol (aka ZyklonB) is only the beginning of the story .

Nevertheless , how can we get to see this film here in the UK ?

These films do help in converting the dumbass parents who still trust our governments and media machines .

Autism is not caused by using the internet (or watching TV).
But soon the true cause of Autism will not be available on the internet (as Farcebook & Google are soon to censor the truth away).

So these films are important , and the books too , becuase soon we will lose the freedom previously enjoyed on the Net .
Zuckerberg\Larry Page make sure you fully vaccinate yourselves .

I'm thinking a business opportunity is opening up here .
A search engine devoted to total freedom of knowledge (not pornography) , .


The real hidden truth, is that vaccines cause autism.

Trying to limit that truth to just a single vaccine ingredient, is intellectually dishonest.

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