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Book Review - Vaccine Injuries by Louis Conte and Tony Lyons

Vaccine Injuries BookBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

Has there ever been a book more needed than "Vaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines -2014-2015 Edition" by Louis Conte and Tony Lyons?  If so, I don't recall it.

For those of us who have witnessed vaccine injury in our children and then researched the medical literature and the so-called "Vaccine Court" it's clear that the government and the pharmaceutical industry is concealing a massive amount of information from the public.  With the health of the human race at risk from these vaccines is it too much to ask for our scientists and policy-makers to read this brisk 274 page account of the important issues in this debate.  I don't think so.

If people want to find the "facts" about this issue they could do no better than starting with this book.  The book opens with a brief history of vaccination, the legal justification for "mandatory" vaccination (or at least having to pay a fine if you refuse) as well as the early immunization campaigns which often involved contaminated products that injured many individuals.

The authors then move to more recent history, beginning with the hopes which were embodied in the National Childhood Vaccine Safety Act passed in 1986 which was supposed to deal with those rare, but often devastating vaccine reactions and get financial help to the afflicted families as soon as possible.  "Vaccine Injuries" raises the question of whether the promise of this program was betrayed by the pharmaceutical industry which used the program as a shield to move more vaccines onto the pediatric schedule.

From that point the authors move onto the Omnibus Autism Proceedings and actual settled claims in the vaccine program.  From 1989 until 2014 that program has paid out more than $2.8 billion dollars.  That's right, $2.8 billion dollars.  And the inevitable question which gets raised is what's the true number for vaccine damage?  Are only 10% of worthwhile vaccine cases compensated?  That's a $28 billion dollar hit to our economy, not to mention the damaged lives.  Is it 1%?  That's $280 billion dollars.  Or is it closer to 0.1%, which would mean somewhere around $2.8 trillion dollars.

When the media and medical authorities treat vaccine injuries with the same disdain we might reserve for alien abductions, it's worthwhile to note that our government hasn't paid out $2.8 billion dollars to UFO abductees.  And if they had, wouldn't that make any reasonable person reconsider what they thought they knew?

The final part of the book is a review of compensated cases, the history of those injured, the settlements paid, and why it's important to acknowledge vaccine injury.  It is important to acknowledge it is happening in great numbers or else the health of future generations and the very stability of our society is at stake.

I encourage everybody reading this post to buy five copies of "Vaccine Injuries" and be ready to hand it out to the next person who tells you vaccines are safe because their doctor told them so.  And if they say you're a "conspiracy theorist" just mention that $2.8 billion dollar number and ask if that sounds like the government was just settling a nuisance case.

You can order Vaccine Injuries here.

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and author of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.  Visit his website at Plague The Book. You can order the book HERE.


Angus Files

vaccines are "unsafe and defective" ?

It makes you wonder the meaning of terrorist, they... Big Business /Pharma

terrorise and destroy the lives our children by vaccines
terrorise the parents who look after the kids
terrorise the parents if siblings don't have any vaccines
terrorise us for speaking out
terrorise our civil liberties right of choice
terrorise any Dr for supporting us
terrorise any newspapers and journalists for supporting us
terrorise any political party that just might support us.

And we are the terrorist's Goverments world wide want to destroy ..

We fight on...and on..and on.



Henry Waxman is responsible for the autism epidemic and he takes no responsibility. He is an enigma, an ugly enigma. I happened to be at the County of Los Angeles when he was acknowledged by the Board of Country Supervisors as the greatest legislator since Thomas Jefferson (vomit bag, please). He grew up in South Central Los Angeles along with a slew of other politicians and I guess the Beach Boys as well. He ended up in the high corridors of power, and so perhaps he was easy to use as a tool of the powerful. He probably got handed his legislative agenda by the criminal elite. It must have been one of those perfect storms, pure evil mixed with profound banality. Now he makes bland statements like "don't take vaccines off the table as a cause of autism." Hey, even Henry Waxman, the "father of the autism epidemic", says don't take vaccines off the table as a cause of autism. Easy for him to say now that he has ruined a million lives. Scream!!


Just purchased my own copy...thanks! Didn't realize this book was out there...

Anne J

I look forward to reading this important book!


Interesting how nobody ever talks about Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Cal.) who spearheaded the passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Safety Act and retired just last year after a 40-year career in Congress. The above-named "accomplishment" isn't even mentioned in his Wikipedia biography. He got off scot-free of responsibility for all the grief and devastation he has caused.

Laura Hayes

I am up to Chapter 8. FANTASTIC BOOK! We will be sharing copies with some of our legislators here in CA, as we are working around the clock to stop SB 277.

Thank you, Louis and Tony, for this much-needed book!

Who is William Thompson ?

This cannot be true .
Are you actually saying , vaccines are "unsafe and defective" ?

Well I'd go alot further myself , using maiming and murder , but overall very happy that a book like this exists . hip hip

Bob Moffitt

Great subject for a much needed book .. will order mine today.

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