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Book Review: The Big Autism Cover Up by Anne Dachel

Anne Dachel Book CoverEach day, across the globe, people are bombarded with statistics and quotes about the etiology of autism, and each day, tireless advocate Anne Dachel tracks and disseminates this information. Her blogs are extremely popular in our community, and her ability to examine the minutae of media content is beyond compare.

Dachel recently released her book, The Big Autism Cover-Up, in which she invites the reader on a journey into the deep pits of propaganda, leaving no stone unturned in uncovering the hypocrisy and ignorance which surrounds most mainstream media reports on vaccine safety and the link to autism.

Organized by major events in the world of the vaccine-autism connection, she painstakingly details the media’s response to each, arguing that this has deliberately shaped how the public views public health issues as well as what they perceive to be the causes behind the astronomical rise in autism rates. 

Read the full review at Thinking Moms' Revolution.



Congrats, Anne and thanks.

Ted Kuntz

There is no doubt that a cover up is occurring. The vaccine industry is terrified the truth will come out. Not only will there be the loss of billions of dollars in revenue due to a collapse of trust in the vaccine industry and the capacity of government oversight to keep us safe, the lawsuits will be huge.

I expect the vaccine industry to fight this with everything they've got. We will be subjected to lies, deception, tirades, attacks on researchers who uncover the links, efforts at mandatory vaccinations, limiting academic freedom, and the silencing of the media so the truth won't get out. Gees, I think that is already happening.

I also know truth has its way of coming to the surface. Time to sell your pharmaceutical stocks. Their future is bleak. This is the beginning of the end for the vaccine industry.

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