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Bills Banning Most Vaccine Exemptions Fail in Northwest

Your_rightsABC News reports on two vaccine exemption restriction bill failures in Oregon and Washington.   Senator Steiner Hayward of Oregon has introduced a separate bill called SB895 which calls for schools to track and publish in public vaccination status data.  From ABC:


Legislative efforts to increase pressure on parents to get their kids vaccinated failed in Oregon and Washington state Wednesday amid stiff opposition as a handful of other statehouses consider similar bills prompted by a measles outbreak at Disneyland.

Oregon's measure, which had the support of Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, would have made the state the third in the country allowing exemptions from immunizations only for medical reasons, and no longer for religious, philosophical or personal reasons. Mississippi and West Virginia are the only other states that have comparable laws in place.

In Washington state, a similar effort to remove personal or philosophical opposition to vaccines as an authorized exemption from childhood school immunizations died in the state House after failing to come up for a vote before a key deadline. Religious and medical exemptions would have remained under that bill.

Washington state Rep. June Robinson, who had sponsored the bill, said she didn't have the votes she needed. The Democrat from Everett said the pushback from parents and others opposed to the change had an effect on some lawmakers.

"There was a very loud outcry, much of which was filled with false information," she said.

The Oregon bill's sponsor, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, of Portland, said opposition largely revolved around who was right or wrong about the benefits of vaccines and she has decided not to pursue the legislation.

"She strongly believes that making personal choices such as whether or not to vaccinate children are largely a matter of privacy, but — as with all matters of personal choice — we have to be certain that our choices don't impinge on our neighbors' health and well-being," said Paige Spence, Steiner Hayward's chief of staff.

Several other states have been considering similar bills eliminating personal and philosophical exemptions to vaccinations as dozens of people across the country fell ill from a measles outbreak that started at Disneyland in December. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 142 people from seven states, including one from Oregon and two from Washington, were linked to the outbreak.... Read more at  Bills Banning Most Vaccine Exemptions Fail in Northwest.



"The bills have been pulled to regroup the wagons (and money) directed towards a federal mandate."

Do you have more you can share re that news flash?

My own suspicions are that (and I have no sources for this other than my own intuition) IF ANY of these bills pass, then what comes next is a 'full on - pull the plug type' bills/legislation moving the health choice freedoms line in the sand i.e., such as with the situation re the Justina Pelletier case.

The only difference will be that parents will be told upfront, "You don't go along with this program, we take your child." Just right up front, in your face statements that your child WILL be taken away from you if you don't follow our protocol(s).

They're already doing this now; many families have been trying to garner more attention to this issue, but just as with the vaccine issues movement, their voices get buried for one reason or another.

That's what I see coming down the pike, along with the adult vaccine mandates, which are just around the corner.

Dook's Dad

The bills have been pulled to regroup the wagons (and money) directed towards a federal mandate.


Don't rest yet Oregon. I don't like the wording of Senator Hayward-Stein's new bill any more than I liked the old one:

SECTION 2. ORS 329.105 is amended to read:
329.105. (1) The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall collect data and produce annual school district and school performance reports to provide information to parents and to improve
(2) The superintendent shall include in the school district and school performance reports data for the following areas, for each school or district, that are available to the Department of Education from the most recent school year:
(a) Data required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (P.L. 107-110, 115 Stat. 1425);
(b) Information about how to access the website that is maintained by the State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries as provided by ORS 516.030 (6)(b); [and]

(c) Information related to the number of children served and the number of children who are susceptible to restrictable disease, as reported under ORS 433.269 (2); and...

NOTE: Matter in boldfaced type in an amended section is new; matter [italic and bracketed] is existing law to be omitted.
New sections are in boldfaced type...
LC 3600
SB 895

[(c)] (d) Any other data identified by the Department of Education as required by federal law to be in the reports.
(3) In addition to the data required by
(4) The department shall work with stakeholders to:
(a) Design and implement an accountability system of progressive interventions for schools and school districts that do not demonstrate improvement; and
(b) Provide technical assistance to schools and school districts that do not demonstrate improvement.

Please go to the site to see the whole thing. Above is an excerpt.

She is attempting to amend an existing law to include immunization reporting for each school and legislating a mandate to improve vaccination rates in order to be in compliance with the law. So she's just coming at it from a different angle. If she can't pressure parents directly, she's going to force the schools to do it.

Notable too is that she is not calling these vaccine preventable, but "restrictable" diseases. So now they're admitting that these diseases aren't "preventable", but instead "restrictable".


Bill Gates can't even win in Washington state, his own backyard? You're absolutely pathetic, Bill! First you totally screw up Common Core, and now this. What's you're excuse this time? You were outspent?

Well Done

The OR and WA bills failed because sponsors used a false narrative with phony premises to try to jam them through. OR and WA have the 2 highest exemptions rates, and bill proponents try to conflate that to low vaccination rates, which is not true. In both states the exemption rate is dropping. When legislators are educated about the actual vaccination coverage they do not support the bills because the are unneeded. The UHF uses CDC NIS data to rank states for children vaccination. WA is 22nd, Oregon is 39- not the bottom two. Conversely, are MS and WV the top two best vaccinated because they do not offer a non-medical exemption? NO- MS is 11 (and only 3.8% ahead of #22 WA), and WV is 43, behind OR 39. For adolescents MS drops to 50, WA raises to 14, OR to 31, WV to 29. Hardly a blockbuster testimonial for eliminating exemptions.
You can check and compare any state here

WA Facts

The assault on non-medical exemptions is not about increasing vaccination rates- they are already through the roof. CA has only a 2.58% exemption rate-

Vermont DOH sponsored a bill restricting exemption while the exemption was DROPPING and vaccination rates rising!

Don't fall for "low vaccination rate" claims
Rates everywhere are higher than they have ever been

This is a made up problem extensive information here


"The science is clear .. the earth is round .. the sky is blue .. and vaccines work. Let's protect all our kids .. grandmother knows best"

...I will vote FOR Hillary to take a full-time grandmother position.

cia parker

This is an interesting site with suggestions for grassroots resistance to vaccine mandates, and information on the proposed mandate in California, with dates for hearings and votes given. The grassroots organizing information could be used by all of us in any state.


Thank you to all who helped protect Oregon and Washington State!
What can we do to help in California? Who needs letters?


"The Others" Hmmmm reminds me of a ghost story I watched once upon a time.

The kids in the movie had some kind of strange affliction to sunlight which everyone says is rare. ---- and as rare as it is - I have known four kids with it -all from different families-much rarer than the rare vitiligo - my husband has. The skin doctor several years ago (the same one that told me how he faked his vaccine injection of anthrax in the first Gulf War) -- informed us all it was epidemic from what he was seeing in his office.

But "The Others"??? Sounds just spooky don't it.

And I also agree with Hiliary the earth is some what round -not as round as a ball.

John Stone


It is a good point. In the UK we have not got into this position (so far) partly I suspect because financially discriminatory sanctions against those not wishing to vaccinate (either partially or completely) would not have been politically acceptable. So in order not to have to vaccinate themselves or their own the ruling classes/medical profession have always mostly favoured theoretical free choice (though no doubt with a huge amount of bullying accompanied by lies about safety, unpleasant court cases between estranged parents etc).


Bob, you hit the nail square on the head. The failure of vaccine mandates is not a result of leaders doing the right thing. Think that with over 90% of the population wanting GMO labelling, labelling bills are still failing. Unlike GMO foods, however, with mandated vaccines there would be no realistic ways for our 'elites' to avoid them for their precious own. Surely they cannot all expect medical exemptions. The existing laws in some states requiring parents to consult with their child's physician before obtaining an exemption is all about badgering the 'suckers' into submission, while the 'elites' still have their 'outs'.

Bob Moffitt

"Washington state Rep. June Robinson, who had sponsored the bill, said she didn't have the votes she needed. The Democrat from Everett said the pushback from parents and others opposed to the change had an effect on some lawmakers."

Who are the "others" referred to as oppositing Robinson's bill?

"There was a very loud outcry, much of which was filled with false information," she said."

What .. exactly .. was the "false information" that derailed Robinson's bill?

After all .. if the information was demonstrably false .. Robinson missed a golden opportunity to "explain why she believes it to be false" .. wonder why she didn't seize that golden opportunity?

Odd there seems to be problems gaining support for vaccine mandates in some states .. when those seeking mandates have almost unlimited access to politicians and media? Consider:

Here is .. soon to be .. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's "tweet"

"The science is clear .. the earth is round .. the sky is blue .. and vaccines work. Let's protect all our kids .. grandmother knows best"

If the "science" is that "clear" .. why doesn't someone in the media ask Hillary why they are having such a problem passing legislation that seeks to deny parents "informed consent"? Another great opportunity for Hillary to demonstrate her vast knowledge on the subject of vaccines .. no?

In any event .. when she answers that question .. perhaps she can then be asked if she truly believes all "grandmothers" are willing to require their precious grandchildren be exposed to the "unavoidable risk" of vaccines .. including the "rare" death .. in order to "protect the herd"?

I do agree with Hillary .. the sky .. on many occasions .. is obviously blue.

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