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AofA Q&A Interview with Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson

Dr. Jack WolfsonBy Anne Dachel

There is nothing more encouraging for parents of vaccinate injured children than when members of the medical community have the courage to step forward out and voice their concerns about vaccines.  

It's easy to understand why so few are willing to do this.  On any given day one can find a news article that specifically blames Dr. Andrew Wakefield for the vaccine-autism controversy.   

March 17, 2015, Popular Science published an article entitled, Measles And The Power of Understanding.

 It was an opinion piece by the editor of Popular Science, Cliff Ransom.  Ransom believes that all the science is in and there's no need for him investigate what the "anti-vaxxers" are all about, and of course, Wakefield is to blame for much of the problem.

"On one side, there are those who believe a discredited and de-licensed doctor, Andrew Wakefield, as well as various celebrity anti-vaxxers."

"There is no documented connection between vaccines and the anti-vaxxers' central concern, autism."

This is really "dead end science."  Ransom could not care less about why our children are so sick and disabled.  He and all those like him in the media have long marched to the tired tune, "Vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives," so it's far too late for any of them to suddenly start honestly and thoroughly covering that subject.

It's so much easier just to accuse Andrew Wakefield in a sentence or two, declare all vaccines to be safe, and urge that every child should be fully vaccinated.  

There is a reason the press keeps Wakefield's name constantly in the news and that is to send a clear warning to anyone in the medical/scientific community:


Incredibly, despite the repercussion, I know lots of doctors and scientists who have serious concerns about vaccine side effects and I've written a number of stories about them.  These experts aren't treated like Dr. Wakefield.  Instead of being attacked, they're simply ignored.    

Over the last few weeks one outspoken doctor did generate a very hostile response from the national press that quite surprised me.  Phoenix  physician Jack Wolfson was in the spotlight because he doesn't believe in vaccination and he isn't afraid to say so. 

Jan 29, 2015, USA Today:

Still, some people - including doctors - are not convinced.

"We should be getting measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox. These are the rights of our children to get," said Dr. Jack Wolfson of Wolfson Integrative Cardiology in Paradise Valley, Ariz., who does not believe children should receive vaccinations of any kind. "We do not need to inject chemicals into ourselves and into our children in order to boost our immune system."

Jan 29, 2015, CNN Watch doctors have heated debate over vaccination

Jan 30, 2015, Washington Post: Amid measles outbreak, anti-vaccine doctor revels in his notoriety

. . .Every respectable expert totally disagrees with him and his anti-vaccine movement and, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urges parents to get their kids vaccinated. And Wolfson himself, who has quickly become something of a spokesman for the anti-vaxxers, is in no way an expert on vaccines or infectious diseases. He's cardiologist who now does holistic medicine. . . .

Wolfson, who himself lives in a state now affected by the California measles outbreak that many blame on the anti-vaccination movement, does nonetheless prove the power of assuming a contrarian stance. The controversy has transformed Wolfson - last week, just another doctor - into a hero for those who share his views. "Thank you for breathing truth into all of the B.S. out there," one fan wrote him on Facebook. "Wish all doctors were like you."

Then there are the critics. Of which there are many. "I'll be sending a copy of your highly irresponsible and reckless comments to the Arizona Medical Board for review," one said. "As a pediatrician who has seen unvaccinated children die from vaccine preventable diseases and also seen whooping cough go through my practice area in 2013 thanks to declining vaccination rates, you do not deserve to hold a license to practice medicine in AZ."

Feb 2, 2015, CNN Dr. Wolfson was interviewed by CNN's Elizabeth Cohen.

Cohen: "Could you live with yourself if your [unvaccinated] child got another child sick?  I mean really sick, had complications, even death?"

Wolfson: "I could live with myself very easily. It's a very unfortunate thing that people die. . . "

NewsMax TV even showed the CNN clip on Ed Berliner's show on Feb 11, 2015. 

That question was a setup.  There was no way to avoid sounding indifferent to the suffering of children in answering it.  It was also a prime example of the media's spin on this issue: Non-vaccinating parents are selfishly putting everyone's children at risk. 

(It should be noted that Elizabeth Cohen has no time to consider that vaccines present any real risks.  She went on the record in Sept 2014 on CNN declaring: "Vaccines are safe.  Autism is not a side effect of vaccines.  Or to say it another way, because some people don't hear this well, Vaccines do not cause autism.")

In a recent Skype interview with Dr. Wolfson, I asked him about the CNN interview and what he wasn't allowed to say on the air.



Wolfson: "It certainly pains me as a parent, as a doctor, to think of any child that is sick.  Any child that is suffering is deplorable, and it's everything that I'm against.  I'm all about fighting for the rights of our children.  I'll tell you one thing I could not live with--I could never live with the fact that I injured my child with a vaccine.  I could never live with the fact that knowing that these toxins are in there, knowing the possible adverse reactions, if I injured my child with a vaccine, that is something I could never live with."

I asked Dr. Wolfson about how he came to his conclusions about vaccines.


Wolfson: ". . . I was trained to believe that vaccines were the be-all, end-all.  There was no question about it.  Vaccines were effective, they were safe. and everybody should get them.  You never question them as a medical student. . .  In 2004, I met the woman who would become my wife.  And Heather is a chiropractor, and she opened up my eyes to the natural world.  One of the things she said was about the dangers of vaccines.  I was taken aback by what she said, but I started to read, I started to learn, I started reading books and literature, and different studies.  I started to change my mind regarding the safety of vaccines and just what are we vaccinating for? . . . These are benign childhood conditions.  . . . So my wife and I started doing lectures.  We were asked by different people, different parents---Hey you guys are two doctors, get up there, do a power point presentation.  So we did our research, went to the CDC, went to journals, went to the package inserts for the manufacturers on the vaccines, looking at adverse reactions,. . .  We came up with an amazing power point presentation. Our last one was over two and a half hours long, we had over a hundred people there. . . . ."

Regarding his treatment by the media, Dr. Wolfson had this to say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=135rezwuaT4

Wolfson: "I think I was vilified because I represent a change to the system. Nobody likes change.  I'm basically a thorn in the side of pharmaceutical manufacturers--the ones who make the vaccines.  They don't want the truth to be known.  They don't want any outside interference.  . . . I think the biggest cord that I struck was on my post that went to VaccineImpact.com, called Wild Anger. . . .

I also asked Dr. Wolfson about Dr. Andrew Wakefield and doctors speaking out on this issue.


Wolfson:  "Dr. Wakefield is a researcher, he's done published studies looking at measles, the MMR vaccine and gastrointestinal problems, and those people with autism. Myself, I read the studies, I do my own research, formulate my opinions, and sometimes I let those opinions be known to the public.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of medical doctors and D.O.s and chiropractors, and homeopaths, and naturopaths that are out there who believe in at the very least, the freedom of a parent to choose. Of course a lot of them are certainly very concerned about the issues of vaccine safety and vaccine-induced damage."

His last comment really summed up the issue.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.

"Parents have the right to known what's in the vaccines, they have the right to know what the possible complications are and adverse reactions."



Is he just not Great! Fantastic!

Thank You Linda for sharing

I am sorry he has run up against vampires. Sure are enough of them !


"Dear Patients and Friends,
To those medical doctors who called for my license to be revoked, I have two words for you….case dismissed.

The Arizona Osteopathic Medical Board briefly reviewed my case and decided that while many people may be against my opinions, some people may be in agreement with me. But it is my First Amendment right to MAKE those statements. Case dismissed.

Some of you may not have heard my story which culminated in 38 complaints to the medical board, so let me recap.

In late January of this year, I was interviewed by NBC regarding cases of the measles virus that appear to have started at Disneyland. Many voiced their displeasure with my television comments. In response, I crafted a blog post on VaccineImpact.com that went viral, viewed by hundreds of thousands and shared all over social media. The article was a scathing condemnation of parents who blindly follow their doctor’s advice, loading up their children with vaccines. Most parents do not question vaccine safety or the benign childhood infections vaccines were designed to prevent. I stand by that post today as much as on the day I crafted it.

The mass circulation of the post led to an appearance on CNN with Erin Burnett. After a lopsided debate in which the deck was stacked against me, the talking-head moron, Burnett, goes off her teleprompter script to announce to the world that she, “Dr. Burnett” did her research. She vaccinated her children. My guess is that she spent her child’s doctor visit texting on her cell phone.

Later that same evening, I let the devil into my house. Her name is Elizabeth Cohen of CNN. After 45 minutes of taping, I unfortunately gave her the soundbite she wanted. The same question was asked over and over. “Could you live with yourself if your child infected another child and that child died?”

My response always started off…” As a father, as a doctor, and as a human being, it pains me to think of any child getting sick. But, I am not going to put my child’s life at risk to theoretically save another child.” In my final moment of frustration, I gave her the sound bite she craved, as a vampire would lust for blood.

I also stated that the immuno-compromised child in the discussion likely got cancer from a vaccine onslaught. Formaldehyde, a component of vaccines, has been linked with leukemia, the exact cancer that afflicted the child in the story. Again, it pains me that parents are so ignorant as to allow their children to eat, drink, bath, and wear chemicals. But nothing is worse than injecting the poisons directly into the body.

To all the pediatricians in the world, please show me the study that found 69 doses of 16 vaccines do not cause cancer, auto-immune disease, and brain injury.

The number one job of a parent is to protect their children. My wife ate pure organic Paleo while pregnant. We did a home birth, breast fed for three years, and co-sleep with our children. We avoid dangerous household products.
There is no freakin’ way we are injecting them with known carcinogens and immune activators, the exact toxins we spend our lives trying to avoid. After all, we are talking about mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, aborted human fetal tissue, animal tissue, ethylene glycol etc. All this to prevent viruses like measles and chicken pox. Chicken pox!...

more at https://www.wolfsonintegrativecardiology.com/case-dismissed/#sthash.c76umI8w.3siF0Iug.dpuf

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Anita Donnelly- Good point you have made. I often think, also, that the more illnesses that occur- generally benefit the pharma medical cartel because the public is so terrified of illness that they turn still more to the vaccines. In the United States, big pharma has got it made because they get to damage nearly everyone's immune system once a year with the mercury in the flu shot- therefore engendering more panic .

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Who is William Thompson?-I too often ponder this behavior of doctors- and I generally come back to the thought that there is a lot of psychology needed to understand medical practises- or should I say irrational medical practises. My impression is that doctors like this are people who have never studied about mercury- never gone further than listening to someone who told them that the amount of mercury in a vaccine is like the amount in a piece of fish- "just traces". They can get away with it because most of the reactions to the mercury come days/weeks /months later. And there are things that we dont see that bolster their views. Last summer my son in law pulled out his blackberry and googled on something- and then showed me a graph, saying "See, mom, autism went up after the mercury was stopped. " I was pretty shocked, myself, seeing that graph, but I had the sense to say, "when were these kids born?" My daughter, then scrolled down and we quickly saw that they were showing kids born in 2002 and earlier- still very much within the mercury range. California's law banning mercury vaccines did not come into effect till 2006. (Hey , isnt it clever to have that misleading graph all set to pop up for the casual vaccine- enquirer) So, you can imagine the docs sitting around in the cafeteria and showing each other graphs like that and clucking about the crazy anti vaxxers. Oh, yes, and then there is the idea , which surprisingly doctors too seem to have bought into- that many of the kids with a diagnosis are the kids of people who want "services". Easy to believe that when you are disgruntled about the amount of money your kids' school system is spending on vaccine damaged kids.
What interests me now, and I suppose it should not surprise me- is that irrational thinking is much more pervasive than the vaccine issue. When I tell my daughter , a psychologist , that one mercury toxicologist says that he has never tested samples for schizophrenic persons and not found them to be off the charts for mercury- she just gets mad that that all I talk about is mercury. It seems that she was taught that schizophrenia, is just programmed to emerge in a person ! When it comes to mrcury we could have pages of stories like this, pertaining to different disorders- and that is just mercury- What about other metals and toxins ? No one is bothered to study these topics and therefore, they do not exist.


" I'll tell you one thing I could not live with--I could never live with the fact that I injured my child with a vaccine."


It truly is awesome, to finally hear a doctor say something like that.

But what doctors everywhere REALLY need to be saying, is:

" ... I could never live with the fact that I injured ANY child with a vaccine."


As I have said previously. You need to arm yourself with the ability to confront rhetoric when you are dealing with vaccine fanatics. They won't use facts and reason they will attempt to disqualify you.

Never let them get away with it. Do not answer their rhetoric with dialectic because it simply reinforces that their approach is valid.

If they say "you are a conspiracy theorist", say "do you not believe in terrorism? That requires a conspiracy"

Always destroy the validity of their argument before you attempt to answer it (if indeed you feel like answering it).

Wolfson should have responded with "how would you feel if a child that was forcibly vaccinated died from that vaccine?"

Anita Donnelly --banned from kos!

@bob it isn't even that rare and yes this message must get out there!
Say grandad gets the whooping cough shot to protect baby. He can be a silent carrier and baby is more at risk. So his getting whooping cough shot actually makes baby less safe! A Kaiser employee was a silent carrier two years after a shot and infected at least one child :

Angus Files

Its the norm on here as you know. The only difference is this is hard working Drs believing totally everything they were taught at University and sadly putting it into practice. And when it goes wrong they cant turn to anyone ,no posting on here, no posting anywhere they come form a long line of DRS on both sides..its a Phamily business.

I believe you have two lives as an autistic parent the friends you had before Autism (most wont Facebook you or anything)but still remain your good friend, just don't talk about, you know what.And the life after where we can share on here and on other forums. Our life stories are just to much, to repeat outwith our 2nd life, nobody wants to hear it, nobody.... and the best one of all is Facebook trying to shut us up-down along with Google...how many of our family members share our stories on the web...its just Angus`s crazy friends...





That story is SO very sad; absolutely heartbreaking on so many levels. Makes me wonder just how many other type stories are out there. How many well intentioned physicians have had to learn these lessons the hard way and then, when they do, they can't cope and just lose it.


I believe the “Anti-Vaccine movement” was preceded by the “Anti-Vioxx” and the “Anti-Thalidomide” movements.

At present, there is also an “Anti-Toyota accelerator movement” and a “Anti-Airbag with metal fragments” movement…

Our first President died of a sore throat… followed by 3-4 pints of bloodletting.. which started a movement to end that medical practice.

Angus Files

Drs and vaccines..well I know one married couple who are both Drs and they vaccinated the identical twins they both had longed for. Both developed low functioning regressive Autism. Both in partnership at the GPs practice.
We used to meet them most mornings dropping of your disabled child(as you do) at the Special Needs School. The kids were always turned out spotless and immaculate despite them both trying to escape up the coal chimney one morning just as they were leaving the house ,even then you could see the pressed shirts under the soot dust.

They kept themselves, to themselves mostly but we did manage to become friendly. One of them was in do doubt it was vaccines the same partner injected the MMR vaccines into both of them. The second partner knew very well it was the MMR but "would hear none of it" and continued running the practice. Meantime the other had a complete nervous break down the kids were put in care ,whilst the nervous breakdown proceeded in the premises of a mental institution for 7 months. Needless to say that was 12 years ago .One of them continues to run the practice whilst the other is in and out of the mental institution and the kids are in full time round the clock care.

The one in the mental institution said

"you know there is only one thing worse than knowing that the MMR vaccine caused autism and I injected it,it is being a doctor and knowing that MMR causes Autism because the whole lot of them Drs etc nastily turn against you completely, if you ever hint at that's what happened".

Just another vaccine wasteland story.


John Stone

Hi Tony

Evident sources are Wiki and Bill and Melinda Gates:



Tony Bateson

The US Press is disgraceful in the way it routes Andrew Wakefield's name around the whole country in a systematic effort to 'debunk' him continuously. I would love to have the time to run this stuff through anti-plagiarism soft ware I think we'd soon find where it was all coming from. It is certainly juvenile and illiterate, local editors ought to give thought to this - every iteration stays in the record doesn't it?

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.


Anne- Dr. Wolfson received a very hostile response simply because he was completely unapologetic about it. This has opened the doors for many to be equally upset about all these forced mandates trying to be brought in. They (the pharma props) know that once the floodgates open there will be no turning back.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

The hilarity at Gorski's cesspool is pretty entertaining. The ever-shrill and hypocritical lilady snivels, "Anne Dachel is shocked…that Wolfson’s insensitive remarks were not well received by Orac and other science bloggers."

Why the ellipses in the middle of the sentence like that? Anne doesn't even mention Gorski or any of the science bloggers. She only mentions the mainstream media.

Guise!!! Hai guise....look!!! The Great and Powerful Orac is now mainstream media, guise!!!!

These people are clowns...pure entertainment.

Who is William Thompson ?

Dr. Jack Wolfson is an EXCEPTION to the rule .

" I'll tell you one thing I could not live with--I could never live with the fact that I injured my child with a vaccine."

And yet most Doctors have no issue with the Hg-olocaust they are causing . Where I live , myself and another father regularly let our former surgeries know of what we think of their work .
So these so called "medicine (wo)men" are well aware of the Hg-enocide they are causing . THEY DONT CARE <
THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR SALARIES & PENSIONS and are no better than the guards on the concentration camps .

Bob Moffitt

"Cohen: "Could you live with yourself if your [unvaccinated] child got another child sick? I mean really sick, had complications, even death?"

I think the time has come for anyone being interviewed on national television prepare themselves for this very same question .. and .. in response .. have the information readily handy regarding "shedding" of viruses by someone recently "vaccinated" with a "live virus".

If shedding has been proven to occur in "rare" instances .. why is the "unvaccinated" child any more a risk to someone immunocompromised than a child recently "vaccinated"?

In other words .. how would CNN's Elizabeth Cohen feel if her "vaccinated" child was responsible for giving the virus to an immunocompromised child?

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