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AofA Giveaway: Parker Time Potions Natural Body Care Plus April Donations!

Parker Time Potions
During the month of April, 30% of each purchase will be donated back to an autism related cause, determined by the customer.


1) Leave a comment to win this trio of products. 2) If you order in April, you can select a non-profit for a donation. May we suggest one of our fine sponsors?  From Parker Time:

Parker Time Potions is a line of all natural pediatric massage oils with a very special connection to autism as it was created out of love and a desire for the founder to bond with her baby son who was ultimately diagnosed with autism.  

Parker Time is a specially formulated, all-natural body care for kids that offers products with numerous moisturizing properties. Parker Time Potions strengthens the bond between parent and child by providing a quality product that allows the parent to focus on time with their little one.

When Parker Time Potions founder, Kelly Johnson noticed that her toddler son was developing at a “delayed” rate, she wanted to experience the joy of bonding with him.  After much research, Kelly discovered that pediatric massage was a unique, meaningful and effective way for her and her son to bond when the “normal” avenues of bonding were not available. With that, she formulated her own all-natural massage products: the Original Potion that promotes skin softness and strengthens the bond between parent and child, the Play Potion that promotes the parent-child bond as well as play time, and the Relax Potion that help the child calm down and relax for a restful night’s sleep.

Her son was since diagnosed with autism, which brought on another opportunity for Parker Time to not only provide an all-natural, chemical-free product, but a product line that also serves as a vehicle to give back some of the proceeds to fund autism research. All of the Potions retail for $15.99 each, or $37.99 for a gift pack of all three at Parker Time Potions.

During the month of April, 30% of each purchase will be donated back to an autism related cause, determined by the customer.


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