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An Open Letter to California Religous Leaders About SB277 & Vaccine Rights

Your_rightsThank you to Laura Hayes for sharing this letter - we invite you to do the same. Here's the file. CA Vaccine Exemption Bill Religious Leaders Letter

Subject:  Appealing for help from our religious leaders in CA

Dear Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Rabbis, and Others,

Currently in CA, there is a bill before the legislature, SB 277, which would eliminate a parent's right to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure (only a medical exemption would remain, which is usually only issued after a catastrophic adverse vaccine reaction has occurred, and often times, not even then).  Should this bill become law, it will apply to ALL students in California, whether they are enrolled in pubic school, private school, parochial/religious school, charter school, or home school.  Should this bill become law, it will apply to CA's current 69-vaccine schedule, which includes vaccines that are for sexually-transmitted diseases (i.e. Hepatitis B at birth, and HPV, possibly soon to be required for kindergarten).  This list of 69 would be allowed to be added to at any time by the state of CA, via the California Dept. of Public Health, without limit or public input. Currently, there are approximately 300 vaccines in different phases of development, each of which is a possibility to be added to the vaccine schedule for California children.

Thus, every resident in the state of CA between the ages of 6 and 18 will be forced to be vaccinated with every mandated vaccine in order to reside here and to be eligible for any public, private, or home school. Since education is compulsory, opting for no schooling will not be an option. When vaccine mandates are law, the only way a parent can protect their children from the known and unknown dangers of vaccines and/or from the known and unknown problems with the current vaccine schedule is through the use of exemptions. If SB 277 passes, there will soon be no more exemptions for such protections.

At present, a parent can sign a Personal Beliefs Exemption (PBE) form in the state of CA to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines. However, since Jan. 1st, 2014, when AB 2109 went into effect, even that must be signed by a specified healthcare practitioner after the parent has been forced to submit to a lecture of personal opinion by the practitioner.  In other words, even our current PBE is technically a medical exemption in that it must be signed off on by someone other than the parent who is from the medical profession.  Encompassed in our current PBE is a Religious Exemption (RE), of sorts.  I say "of sorts" because it is so incredibly discriminatory and restrictive that it applies to very few, if any, parents.  

Thus, even our restrictive, cumbersome, and costly PBE is in serious jeopardy, meaning that our rights as parents to make medical decisions for our children, specifically vaccination decisions, could be removed completely in CA in just a few short months.  This is an urgent matter.  This is medical fascism.  This is tyranny.  

As religious leaders, I assume that you would all agree that it is parents who should direct the upbringing of their children, including making medical decisions for them.  Furthermore, I assume that you would all agree that prior, voluntary, and informed consent for any and all medical procedures is both essential and ethical, a fundamental human right.  When prior, voluntary, and informed consent for medical treatments and procedures is no longer the law, we are no longer a free society, and we are no longer able to make life-altering medical decisions in accord with our religious beliefs, conscience, knowledge, and experience.

This issue is very personal to me because all 3 of my children suffered injuries from their "routine" childhood vaccinations, one to the point of being permanently disabled and dependent on others for the remainder of his lifetime.  I was never offered any type of informed consent whatsoever back in the 1990s when our children were vaccinated, in violation of federal law.  The nurse would quickly administer a tray full of syringes to my child, without my even knowing what exactly they were or what exactly was in them, and without my ever being told of their many risks (including death). The doctor would enter the room 10-15 min. later without a word about all of the vaccines my child had just received, without any information about side effects to be on the lookout for, and without any warnings about the dangers of what had just been done to my child.  There was absolutely no informed consent with regards to my children, and the situation has not changed much today.  Vaccine propaganda is at an all time high, and the truth about the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines is both suppressed and lied about, as is information regarding the fallacy of the theory behind them and the vast fraud and corruption that underlie our nation's vaccine program

I can assure you that each of you has parishioners who are extremely concerned about losing the right to make voluntary and informed medical decisions for their children.  Their concerns are most especially warranted in our country where those who manufacture and those who administer vaccines are shielded from any and all liability for any harm, including death, that results from vaccines, due to a 1986 Act of Congress called The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. That Act came about because of the very dangerous nature of vaccines.  Vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies were losing many multi-million-dollar lawsuits due to the injuries and deaths that their vaccine products were causing, so many in fact that the majority of companies had already stopped making vaccine products.  The remaining few pleaded before Congress to protect them from any and all liability for their vaccine products, and unbelievably, Congress succumbed. No other industry is afforded such protection (with the exception of nuclear power plants). In just a few short years, with no liability to worry about, and thus with very little incentive and zero accountability to make safe or effective products, and with nothing but profits ahead because their products are government-mandated for millions, our nation's already-problematic vaccine schedule tripled!  That tripling included:  highly-neurotoxic/deadly amounts of mercury; another heavy metal, aluminum, which when paired with mercury the two become synergistically neurotoxic; cancer-causing ingredients like formaldehyde; polysorbate 80 which opens the blood-brain-barrier allowing heavy metals and other toxic ingredients to enter the brain; human and animal viruses, including retroviruses; aborted fetal tissue material; anti-freeze; food proteins that cannot be broken down by the blood which then cause inflammation and lead to serious food allergies; human and animal DNA; materials from monkeys, cows, mice, pigs, and dogs; the list goes on.

No doubt you are aware that American children are sicker and more disabled than they have ever been.  Autism is now affecting 1 in 50 children; asthma 1 in 11; food allergies, some of them life-threatening and all of them life-altering, affect at least 1 in 12 children; Type 1 Diabetes has skyrocketed alongside Autism, and now affects around 1 in 400 children; seizure and tic disorders are running rampant; juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and cancer are now prevalent in children; SIDS is not uncommon, and not surprisingly, often happens in close proximity to vaccinations; speech/language, learning, and behavioral issues abound in today's children and challenge teachers like never before; and to top it off, our nation has one of the worst infant mortality rates among developed nations, despite the fact that we spend more per person than any other nation on "health" care! There are many credible studies showing links between vaccines and the many chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, and premature deaths that now plague American children, the most vaccinated children in the entire world.  Unfortunately, these are not the studies that mainstream media highlight as these studies would threaten mainstream media's advertising dollars from pharmaceutical companies, upon which they have become dependent.

Lastly, in 2011,  the Supreme Court of the U.S. declared vaccines "unavoidably unsafe", i.e. inherently dangerous.  Every time a consumer purchases a vaccine, a 75-cent surcharge/tax is added and then deposited into our nation's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), a program that was created as part of the aforementioned 1986 Act because it is common knowledge that vaccines will harm, will disable, will make chronically ill, and will kill.  We also have the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) here in the U.S., which receives more than 32,000 reports every year.  It is estimated, and admitted by both the CDC and FDA, that only 1-10% of adverse vaccine reactions ever get reported (so do the math and multiply 32,000 many times over!), as many doctors are not even aware of the program, they are not required to report, and doctors often do not want to admit vaccine failures, vaccine injuries, or vaccine deaths.  Parents rarely, if ever, have heard of VAERS or the VICP, and are likely to find out about them if their child is injured or killed by a vaccine(s) only after the 3-yr. statute of limitations has expired.

I am hoping that this little bit of background will help you to better understand why we need religious leaders speaking out against the many false prophets who falsely and continuously claim that "vaccines are safe and effective."  They are not.  They are a risk-laden medical procedure, with a substantial failure rate and only temporary results at best, and as such, each parent needs to decide whether or not they want to undertake that risk for their children, especially when so many risk-free ways exist to protect, maintain, and enhance the health of one's children.  For those of us engaged in this battle, we cannot help but compare it to what happened in Nazi Germany, where fascism became the way of life, and where medical treatments and procedures were forced on people without their prior, voluntary, and informed consent.  Post WWII, to address the horrors of what had happened in Nazi Germany and in concentration camps, an international code of ethics was written, The Nuremberg Code, to avoid such medical fascism from ever occurring again.  The U.S. signed the Nuremberg Code, but is no longer abiding by it, as evidenced by vaccine mandates, the restricting and eliminating of vaccine exemptions, and the increased forcing of certain medical treatments on U.S. children (e.g. chemotherapy).  The elimination of vaccine choice rights also violates our parental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, and it violates our religious freedom as guaranteed by the First Amendment.  After witnessing, firsthand, vaccine injuries in my own children (including near death followed by permanent disability), I have come to the belief that vaccines are an abomination to God, and that tragically, parents are unknowingly offering up their children to be harmed, and possibly killed...on the altar of pharmaceutical profits, corrupt liaisons between government and industry, and the false gods of medicine. This may not be true for all, but it is true for me, and I am supposed to be living in a country where I am free to pursue and practice the religion of my choice, and hold my own religious beliefs, or lack thereof.  As leaders of different religions, I am sure that you want your religious freedoms protected as well.

Many of us are praying that our religious leaders will speak out against SB 277's violations of parental rights, religious freedom, prior, voluntary, and informed consent laws with regards to medicine, and perhaps other things that might be religion-specific (e.g. the injecting of aborted fetal tissue materials; the injecting of porcine (pig) viruses and materials; the injecting of known neurotoxins into an infant during the most critical times of neurological and immune-system development; performing a risk-laden, potentially-fatal, procedure on a healthy child; etc.). You can help by contacting state legislators and/or Governor Brown, discussing this with members of your congregations, talking to the media if you are comfortable with that, testifying in upcoming hearings, writing an article, or whatever else you think might be helpful.  We would also be interested to have your assistance as many of us would like to begin to hold prayer vigils in opposition to this bill.

I would be happy to have an in-person group meeting with all of you to discuss this bill and the issues it raises, and how it affects the parents and children in your congregations.  We need brave leaders to come forth to protect our children, our families, our rights, and our freedoms from those who place wealth over health, from those who would impose their will on others, from those who use fraud and deception to push their agendas, from those who would use coercion and force to force a parent to submit their child to risk-laden medical procedures against their will, and from those who will bear no liability or responsibility whatsoever when harm and death result from "routine" childhood vaccinations.



Laura Hayes

Granite Bay, CA

*Please feel free to forward to other religious leaders.

Helpful Resources:

1.  Vaccine Summary sheet from vaccine rights attorney, Alan Phillips:  (2nd link once you click this)

2.  The movie Trace Amounts, to be shown again in our area on March 24th: (to purchase tickets...I will purchase one for you if that's what it takes, just ask!)

To watch the trailer, go to  

3.  The movie Bought, available to watch for free through March 6th:  The movie Silent Epidemic, also free to watch on YouTube indefinitely as far as I know:

4.  The book Vaccine Epidemic (I will provide a copy at no charge for any who asks) 

5.  I can arrange for you to meet a vaccine-injured child in your area and hear the parents' story of what happened to their child

6.  Recent articles I have written on various vaccine-related topics:

"Disney, Measles, and the Fantasyland of Vaccine Perfection"

"I Have Decided to Vaccinate My Child Because..."  (Don't be deceived by the title.  Written just before the CDC Whistleblower's admissions, so those are not included.)

"Answer: Not Relevant"

"The Oxymoron of Safe Vaccines"

7. (human cells in vaccines chart)



"I'm certainly open to the discussion about the necessity and the nature of any proposed religious exemption."

Said the fox to the hen.

Laura Hayes

To Siobahn,

I do not know if any specific person or group is presently working with Senator Pan regarding the addition of a RE to SB 277. It's a fine line to walk, because the very first order of business needs to be to kill this bill. We cannot tolerate or allow the removal of a parent's right to exempt their child from one, some, or all vaccines. So, right now, the focus is on getting this bill killed, and we have 3 opportunities to do so as of now, as it has been triple assigned to the Health, Education, and Judiciary committees in the Senate.

On the flip side, if this bill would ever pass (we must all be praying that that will never happen!), we would then need to ensure that it include a very broad, non-discriminatory, non-restrictive RE (extremely different from the one that resulted from the passage of AB 2109 back in 2012, which Governor Brown instructed CA's DPH to write, which is incredibly discriminatory and restrictive, and applies to very few, if any, parents).

The people I know who are working night and day to fight this bill are focusing on having the bill killed, not amended. Hoping and praying that we succeed!

Angus Files

Keith I keep my unvaccinated kids away from school when the Authorities are vaccinating the other kids .This is because the shedding, from the vaccinated kids is really bad for weeks after.Yep!, keep away from vaccinated kids is you don't want to catch something.



Hi Laura,
In the Mercury News Feb 20th article about SB 277, Pan said "I'm certainly open to the discussion about the necessity and the nature of any proposed religious exemption." Do you know if anyone or any group is working with him to get an exemption on there?


If you were correct in your beliefs about the nature of vaccines and the diseases they are marketed to prevent, you might have a point.

But you are incorrect on all levels. As just one example, vaccines are not tested for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, effect on fertility and reproduction. We don't know that the rising rate of childhood and adult cancers aren't directly caused by the agents in vaccines. As a matter of fact, Dr. Theresa Deisher, a well respected highly credentialed scientist, has found a strong link between fetal cell lines in vaccines and leukemia, lymphoma and autism. That's just one consideration among a very long list of problems with vaccines.

It isn't as simple as preventing some illness. Little is known about how these drugs effect the human body and the community in the short and long term. Even worse, public health officials don't want to know, and instead of trying to find out they're spending their time and resources creating mass hysteria and fear towards the unvaccinated. (Not a peep out of them over the 80,000 cases of autism that will be diagnosed this year, a life long crippling, painful disorder that they claim to not know the cause of and that they are doing nothing to prevent.)

Injecting a healthy child with numerous repeated doses of immune system altering drugs with known and unknown risks is a whole lot different than transfusing a child who is bleeding to death.


So vacicnes are so important they should trump medical rights to informed consent.
I assume this goes for you, too, Keith?

You have had your flu shot every year.. And you have had all the other vaccines that adults need to take per the CDC recommended schedule, also Keiht? Depending on your age,( and if you have any contra indications)they include the Hep A, MMR, Zoster, Tdap, PCV13, PPSV23, meningococcal, Hib, and HPV. Some of them multiple doses. All vaccines the CDC recommends that adults take. And as we know, people who don't follow the CDC recommendations completely should go to jail. And are in danger of dropping dead at any minute.

If not, if you have been exercising freedom of medical choice with even one vaccine, then you are an anti-vaxxer, and per the comments we are reading, should not be allowed near children or out in public.

Likely, if they succeed with taking away the rights of the kids, they will come for your rights too. You have already explained they should be allowed to.

There are lots more vaccines in the works, Keith.( some say as many as 200 possible vaccines in the pipeline.) I assume you are planning on rolling up your sleeves for every one of them.

John Stone

Hi Keith

So, you want to hand over complete and unlimited power to the state to inject whatever they like into our, and our children's bodies? And you cede to the state total wisdom over the matter. You accept the principle of non-liability for the manufacturer and you accept the certainty that the program will continue to expand indefinitely? And all this seems completely rational to you?

PS Have you seen anything to suggest that the CDC and the FDA are in general any better than a bunch of incompetent hoods?


I just want to respond to this quote in the article:

"... our rights as parents to make medical decisions for our children, specifically vaccination decisions, could be removed completely in CA in just a few short months. This is an urgent matter. This is medical fascism. This is tyranny."

The way that vaccines work is that a vast majority of people have them, so that diseases don't spread from person to person. So by not vaccinating your children, aren't you then making medical decisions for other people? I shouldn't need to raise my children in a bubble just because some people are nervous about consequences to vaccines which there is no evidence for. That's a kind of tyranny by my peers that is unfair.

In fact, this kind of "medical fascism," as you call it, already happens in cases when parents are putting their children at risk for personal or religious beliefs. If a child needs a blood transfusion, but is raised in a Jehovah's Witness home which bans blood transfusions, Child Protective Services will step in to make sure the child gets a life-saving blood transfusion. And thank God for the state doing this, since no parent has the personal right to harm or kill their own children, no matter how much personal freedom we believe a parent should have.

Laura Hayes


SB 277 in CA does in fact also apply to home schoolers. CA is unique in that each home school is considered an individual private school, and private schools are included in the legislation.

Additionally, one does not need an M.D. to fight for the fundamental human right to prior, voluntary, and informed consent for medical procedures and treatments, or to fight for the protection of parental rights, Constitutional rights, religious freedom, and medical choice freedom.


At least two generations have been taught to avoid cholesterol in foods and were medicated (and are still being medicated) to lower cholesterol. Recently the medical community has come forward to say, you know what, we were wrong. Cholesterol is good. Eat it. Just not saturated fat.

And there's no way of knowing if they are correct now either. Anyone who wants these people to have absolute control over our lives is a fool.

cia parker

Susan Ford Keller,
I have seen that, Lawerence has been saying for several years that those damaged by vaccines are those who would have died of the diseases because of their weak immune systems. Of course he cannot explain the continuing increase of autism and other vaccine injuries. And the reality is that it is just the opposite, those with weak immune systems are more apt to be adversely affected by the diseases, but it is those with very vigorous immune systems who are most likely to be harmed by vaccines, from the over-enthusiastic reaction to the perceived threat of the vaccine incursion on its territory. My family is extremely healthy, active, and vigorous until we react to vaccines, and then we are permanently and severely damaged by them.


"Go earn that M.D. and get back to me when you've actually got over eight years of advanced medical training, and then I'll take your opinion as seriously as a pediatrician's."

Why should we take the word of pediatricians seriously? They are experts in their ridiculous theories nothing more. Should you be forced to accept the word of a homeopath or an astrologer? They are experts in their theories you know.

You are of course welcome to believe anybody you like. But your credulity is nothing to do with us.


Tina, would you be prepared to take a weight adjusted dose of the entire infant immunisation schedule to prove to us all how incredibly safe they are?

If not, we will all continue to believe these concoctions are not safe and that every single person who defends them is a coward, hypocrite and liar.

cia parker

That's ridiculous. No one has ever died or been disabled for life by a pair of shoes. Vaccines OFTEN kill or disable for life, so that it must be left to individual families to make the vaccine decision, preferably only after having done extensive research on it. This is a question of civil rights. How many American children have died or been permanently damaged by a vaccine-preventable disease caught from an unvaxed child at school? And if you can come up with a reliable figure, it would then have to be balanced against the number of those permanently damaged or killed by vaccines. And if the vaxed child caught a VPD which he had presumably received the vaccine for, it would mean the vaccine hadn't worked. Why should I be forced to give my child an ineffective vaccine that could still easily damage or kill him, to possibly protect another child from getting, what? Measles? Mumps? Flu? Nearly always harmless diseases which are necessary to contract for optimal immune system development. Why should my child be deprived of the opportunity for development of the most important system in his body for lifetime health?


Get your facts straight. This does not apply to homeschoolers.

Our public schools impose rules all the time. For instance, if your child showed up to school with no shoes on, you would get a phone call. If your family is too poor to afford footwear for your child, you can bet that someone PTA member or office staff will offer to run to Walmart and get your kid a pair. But "appropriate dress" (e.g. shoes) is a requirement to attend school. I see no reason why the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community should not set the standard for our vaccine requirements, either. Go earn that M.D. and get back to me when you've actually got over eight years of advanced medical training, and then I'll take your opinion as seriously as a pediatrician's.

Laura Hayes

Kathy L,
The book I cited is "Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children" by Habakus and Holland...available on Amazon and at many bookstores. 30+ chapters, each by a different author...each chapter an amazing read in and of itself!

Thank you so much for passing this letter along to the owner of so that it can be referenced and used by others...much appreciated!

Thank you for the many kind and encouraging comments...I am so grateful to AoA readers, from whom I have learned much, and who are a most wonderful support system.

Kathy L.

Thank you so much, Laura, for your detailed and informative letter to our religious leaders. I am a pediatric occupational therapist, former resident of Ca., currently in Il. and I fear, facing the same issues here very soon. While I follow news about autism and vaccines I have not read the book you cited, Vaccine Epidemic, and am very interested. Is it a documentary-type, or expose? Who is the author?


Great letter!

There is also a California petition to Gov. Brown -

If you live in CA, please sign this one too!


Laura, thank you for writing. I have requested the owner of to add a link to this letter as well as a printable copy to provide to others.


Donna (mom of Brian Blakey), it used to puzzle me how our kids were swept under pharma's dirty rug. This is what I think is going on. Big Pharma has no qualms about vaccine injuries or damage because they frame vaccine casualties as people who probably would have sustained injuries or died from the disease being vaccinated against. They further absolve themselves by narrowing the list of acknowledged vaccine injuries and then compare them to statistical probabilities of disease injuries and always finding fewer vaccine injuries. It's a win-win for them. They make money, no matter what anyway. They never have to face a vaccine injured child or adult over a conference table in a lawyer's office. They have no reason to make their products safer. Vaccines are safe enough that relatively few people die within a proximate time of getting vaccinated. Long term conditions resulting from vaccination injury are sloughed off to the public benefits system. The annual care of autistic people in the U.S. is currently about $250 Billion. Not a penny of that is paid by pharma - that goes back to the taxpayers. So we end up subsidizing pharma in the end because they refuse to pay for the damage they wreak. Pharma has no incentive to improve their products. They have every incentive to keep developing products and continue lobbying and influence peddling on a state and federal level. Maplight US Congress keeps records of how much pharma money Senators and Congressmen get and from which companies. Not surprisingly, the ones who receive the most money end up sponsoring bills to mandate more and more vaccines and do away with exemptions. It's harder to find which state legislators accept pharma money. If a state legislator is an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) member, they most likely have ties to pharma.


In addition to asking for an extension of deadline, please sign the petition. Link to the The Citizen Petition:

And please go to the petition and attempt to sign it:

The White House comment line: 202-456-1111

According to the President's rules for the website, the petition still has until March 6 to hit the 100,000 signature limit.

Please share this message with friends and family and please post to social networks. And if you want to receive news and Action Alerts from the Autism Action Network please sign up at

Hot off the Presses in PA!!!

Just look at what the pathetic excuses for "representatives" did in Pennsylvania today-- they wouldn't even answer questions. They must have received some big fat checks from pharma and the phony pharma front group "Community Immunity PA". How many of the 600 signatures were from bots?

I hope that Rep. Mike Schlossberg, and Rep. Becky Corbin lose their re-election bids the next time they run, over this. Better yet, I hope those in Pennsylvania start a boisterous, very noticeable "recall petition" against both of them immediately. Medical tyranny featuring forced vaccination is their platform. Not acceptable. Disgusting!


Thank You Laura,
This must be stopped. If "Vaccine Industry" can take down California, then the rest of the country will surely fall.
My son was vaccine injured in 1981 and I was told it was impossible for the vaccines to cause seizures and regression even though it happened just 4 hours after getting vaccines. His Dr's said no more vaccines in 1981. My son's neurologists back then told me that is what caused his seizures. His brain surgeon told me the same thing in 1993. Now Dr's careers are in jeopardy if they speak out.
It breaks my heart that so many children have become permanently disabled or have died because no one in a position of policy change listened to me or other parents of vaccine injured children. The "Vaccine Industry" just keeps adding to the list of vaccines. They have turned a deaf ear to our sick and disabled children, leaving the parent to fight for the child's lifetime to get therapies, medications, education, and daily safe care.
Donna- Mom of Brian Blakey a vaccine injured US citizen

cia parker

We the People wrote me to say they've resolved the issue. But it SAYS it's only up to 63,000. We need an extension to make up for the lost signatures discouraged by the freeze. Please write [email protected] to protest the incompetence or sabotage and to ask for an extension. Are 63,000 Americans not worth five minutes of Obama's time?


Awesome letter, Laura.


It is exactly these conditions that, for most of us, motivated our ancestors to come to America. Is it inevitable that in any free society, there must always be an ongoing battle against tyranny? How to wake up the portions of our population who have been deliberately distracted, sedated and numbed to the reality that their freedom is being ripped out from under them?

Thank you for all your efforts, Laura.


On a slightly unrelated note, not only is the Whitehouse petition against forced vaccines still frozen, but I am also having difficulties accessing the CDC whistleblower tweets. It keeps saying no new tweets. Anyone having similar problems?

Also, seems like Autism Speaks have completely abandoned their comments section where readers can share their opinions on its '10 years of progress'. Why do I feel that within quick time things have progressed from denialism to total despotic suppression?

cia parker

Thanks, Laura, great letter! I just sent it to four pastors and associates at the Newman Center here where we attend Mass and where Cecily made her first Holy Communion nearly three years ago. I just hope that God will touch their hearts and open them to the horrible truth of this cruel debacle.

Dr. William Gaunt

If this bill passes thousands of families will leave California. I know that my family would leave if we lived there.

John Stone


This is a magnificent exposition of the moral hole, not to mention the cultural barbarism, above which California and United States itself now stand poised. It should be addressed not only to religious leaders, but to anyone concerned for medical or political ethics. Anyone claiming to be a bio-ethicist (for instance, Art Caplan)should have to address it, because prostration before the infallible program is no more than totemism: there is absolutely no reason why this class of products should not be subjected to the same public scrutiny and criticism as any other: tyranny will only mask rotten science.

This point was made 54 years ago by President Eisenhower on leaving office. He warned not only how science could be corrupted but also how it could take over government, and he evidently considered it th biggest threat to the American people.

"Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

"The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.

"Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific/technological elite."

Unfortunately nothing was done: all the basic lessons of constitutional government have been ignored.

It is also important that you have addressed the expanding nature of threat, too easily ignored.


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