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A Message from "The Anti-Vaccine Movement" to Jimmy Kimmel

Baby Jane with Doll
From the Classic, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? May Jimmy and Molly NEVER have to ask that question, as we have.

By Kim Stagliano

Jimmy Kimmel has set aside "comedy" for a moment to have a serious chat with his viewers about the dangers of vaccine choice.   I've been a big Kimmel fan for years, especially as he is a popular guest on The Howard Stern Show.  (As an aside, Howard no longer uses the R word as a rule, so no need to send me comments.)

While Rob Schneider, a comic, is an idiot and tin foil hat wearing mental patient for advocating for medical choice and comic Jenny McCarthy is a bimbo with fewer brains than the scarecrow, Jimmy Kimmel is the genius of late night TV - a comic who knows exactly what's best for you, because he is anti-vaccination choice.  GOT IT you big dummies?

Kimmel has a beautiful new baby girl named Jane. I tweeted him, "@JimmyKimmel I love a daughter with vax injury & autism. May you NEVER ask 'Whatever happened to baby Jane.'" 

Clever yes?  And I'm sure completely ignored. Like the facts about vaccine injury. There is a second video - "idiots on the street" format interview - not bothering to link it here.   I understand the role of the late night comic is to lampoon topics.  I love naughty, irreverent, in your face humor. Harpooning families dealing with the aftermath of vaccine injury is about as funny as calling Child Services on parents of kids emaciated by chemo.

Kimmel's show is on ABC. ABC is owned by Disney. Disneyland was the launchpad for the measles hysteria that took the place of the Ebola scare.  Since the measles scare, several states have rammed vaccine exemption rights bills into their houses.  California, Oregon, Washington and there's talk that it's happening here in my home state of Connecticut too. Comics have long been used to disperse propaganda, a government sanctioned message, call it what you will.

 I sent this video to Kimmel too. It's my beautiful 20 year old daugher getting ready for school. She is vaccine injured. And she has had a serious seizure disorder. And she has autism. And I ask every day, "Whatever happened to baby Mia."

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.  Look for 101 Tips for Parents Raising a Daughter with Autism, by Tony Lyons with Contributions by Kim this Spring.



Oops.. NOT aware of this fact


Ironic that he brings up smoking...since...doctors used to promote smoking. Is Jimmy now aware of this fact?


Bye Bye Jimmy. The other Jimmy is way funnier anyway.

John Stone

'Please stop trying to kill humanity'

No, you are just intellectually defective. The issue is whether the products - which are only industrial products - are as safe and effective as the propaganda would have us believe. People like you are engaged in some very dumb act of faith which isn't sustainable by any science (a bunch of very dodgy statistical studies perhaps). To defer to the industry and their proxies in government is an act of historical insanity.


Maybe it's part of Agenda 21?
Has anyone seen this ?

Please stop trying to kill humanity

you're joking right?


In case anyone wants to get even madder:

And look what Daily Kos says at the top of the page - no comments supporting vaccine-autism link are allowed:

"A message has been issued from site admin at Tue Feb 03 2015 10:25:09 GMT-0800 (PST):

"The vaccine-autism link has been debunked by many careful studies, and here at Daily Kos we consider it conspiracy theory. CT postings are not permitted here. Postings that advocate this theory can get you banned at Daily Kos.

"I acknowledge receipt of this message: (Posting is not allowed until the message is acknowledged.)"


Bob Moffit, what about doctors in the late 40's and 50's telling mothers that breast feeding is "so third worldish" and that formula is superior to breast milk. And on top of that, telling mothers that were breast feeding, not to breast feed their children after the oral polio vaccine, because breast milk has enzymes which can neutralize the polio virus by up to 90%.

"Cured yesterday of my disease, I died last night of my physician"--Matthew Prior

go Rand

Thank you Kim for the rather tasteless Kimmel clip. However, it is probably the best Vaccine PSA since the 2008 Dr. Nancy “just get your damn vaccine.”

Perhaps someone could splice that clip in with the “get your g-damn kids vaccinated” Kimmel pediatrician...
/ spliced in with the one who says they have $60,000 worth of vaccines in the refrigerator that they what to shoot up before they expire.

Perhaps Kimmel could do some “well baby Jane vaccine visits” on his television show.

As always, there is always the standing challenge for any adult to take the “Hannah Poling vaccine cocktail” adjusted for their body weight.

Kathy Sincere

Jimmy Kimmel, you're a first-class shmuck! That's also how I feel about my former favorite talk show host Stephen Colbert who had Paul Offit on not once but twice. Then it dawned on me that Colbert's father served as Dean at several Medical Schools. I suppose when he takes over for David Letterman Colbert will become a shill for the medical/pharmaceutical/trade alliance and Offit will be a regular.

Less television and more reading is the cure for Late Night nausea.

Tami G

Unbeleivable. I wish Jimmy Kimmell 10,000 vaccines at once, administered by Paul Offit. There's just no words.

Mia, you are gorgeous, and you have such a smart mom.

A Mom

"54% of all US children are badly sick - all of the time. In a few more years, despite advances in technology, there won't be ANY US children available to serve in our military forces. One MIT scientist, who knows what she is talking about, says that one in two children will be autistic by 2025, if the current trend keeps up."

"This isn't by accident."

"This is a plan of attack on America by foreign interests."


"It's all so funny, isn't it, brain-damaged children everywhere?"


Wake up, elected officials and medical professionals.

THIS is what you are being coerced into. It's NOT about vaccine preventable diseases and herd immunity.

Christina Waldman

Your video is very moving, Kim. Thank you. so sad, so sorry.


Don't forget comic pro-vax "geniuses" Penn and Teller...

@Going Down

That would be a good response. A skit showing Kimmel promoting GMO's and pollution, pesticides with swearing industry doctors.

Jeannette Bishop

He has a follow up video just as bad or worse. I think. I'm having trouble really focusing on either enough to compare, with all the ironies that keep coming out that make me just feel bad/mad for our country (and those in a similar state on the globe). Is there a syndromatic (non-word?) term for feelings of temptation to just let someone suffer a destructive fate it looks like they are obliviously heading towards once you've tried a few (it feels more like many) times to point out what you know from hard-earned belittling just downright crappy experience about some self-supported medical/environmental danger firsthand?

cia parker

Could you provide a link for sending Kimmel an email? What an idiot. Making fun of the vaccine-damaged. Believer in magic: little shot, poof! polio is gone. How stupid is it for these morons to think any vaccine could ever do harm to anyone. Yeah, Jenny McCarthy in clothes is the ONLY reason anyone ever refuses vaccines, which we HAVE to get to keep smallpox at bay. No words. And the whole audience laughing and egging him on.

Not an MD

Oh, Bob. I loved reading your post. Thank you so much for making me laugh today (even though you were not trying to be funny). I always seem to be able to identify your posts long before I get to see your name at the bottom of them. You rock!

And to Jimmy Kimmel--- who are you? I never, ever watch your show. In fact, until I saw the name of your show above in this article, I didn't even know what your show was called, or that you had one. You are completely irrelevant to me. But now that I know how you think and how you behave, I will actively put you on ignore. Bye-bye, now!


Going down

He said he has autism in his family. Really? This seems to be the first time he's ever mentioned it. It was in response to comments accusing him of mocking autism. So now he's going to have to make some public philanthropic gestures to disprove this, which is obviously the last thing he wants to do.

Another thing is that once you assume the position for industry, they tend to up the ante regardless of what it does to ratings. So now he's going to have to promote GMOs and a bunch of other crap. The rest has played out repeatedly. He'll get stiffer and shriller than he already is, celebs will pass on his show if they're not already. His ratings will fall further below Fallon's who, to date, doesn't seem to have made any references to vaccines except to host a band by that name.


I don't really care what Jimmy Kimmel or those swearing doctors say or think. As someone who has worked with children for many years I think many of us simply see that children are being harmed by something environmental and it cannot be explained away by genetics, diagnostic substitution, premie babies or any other excuse they make. America is one of the very few countries to give the Hep B at birth vaccine.

Jeannette Bishop

Kim, I'm so grateful for your wit and advocacy!

@ Bob Moffitt,

I'm so far gone every time I read that statistic I add "and how many heart disease and cancer deaths are due to or contributed to by medical exposure?"

david m burd

Kim, you are indomitable; please accept my compliment.

Otherwise, such as Jimmy Kimmel thinking good of vaccinations for kids over 1 year ald who are but 1/20 of his weight yet being injected with, say, a flu vaccine, that presently is the exact same vial dose as an adult.

This means Jimmy Kimmel, at his weight, should gladly accept his flu vaccination from a syringe the size of a Coca Cola bottle (the iconic 6 oz size - not the idiotic mega bottles today).

Try this, Jimmy Kimmel - if you dare.


There is a link to the feb 15 draft of the national adult immunization plan at (alliance for natural health), under the gardasil link.

Donna L.

It's all so funny, isn't it, brain-damaged children everywhere? I know I can't stop laughing.

I hardly think they needed to tell us that these creeps are REAL DOCTORS (oooh, I'm so impressed. Let me bow down before you). They could not have more perfectly personified the average American pediatrician: self-righteous, arrogant, condescending, lazy cry-baby. And gosh, I know if I had a perfect little newborn baby right now, I'd sure feel comfortable placing it into the hands of someone who can spit venom and cuss like a sailor. And you've gotta love that good old "eight years of medical school" whimpering. These clowns wouldn't last half a day as an autism parent, much less several decades worth of no sleep, life-threatening seizures, violent psychotic behavior, and trying to figure out what someone wants/needs without the use of speech. Medical school sounds like a freaking tropical paradise to me.

Personally, I think all of mainstream medicine is becoming increasingly infuriated because the Age of Information is quickly killing the Doctor As God ideology. The vaccine-safety issue is just the tip of the iceberg; we now have huge numbers of senior citizens wondering why the heck they now have diabetes after taking their prescribed daily statins, etc. One quick internet search can reveal to anyone that their doctor either a) doesn't know jack, or b) simply doesn't care. Jimmy Kimmel and the members of his audience who were laughing and clapping (we didn't get to see the portion of the audience who were NOT) may be the very last of the fools who place blind trust in any physician.


I wonder if Jimmy himself, has been vaccinated to the current CDC standards? Most adults aren't. Most adults are way under-vaccinated according to what children get today. Yet, those same adults are around their own children, much more than non vaccinated kids are around their children. For every adult pointing their hypocritical fingers at pro choice vaccinations, they should look in the mirror, and make a panicked run to their doctors office to have a chemical cocktail shot into their own arms first.

Bob Moffitt

Let's see if I got this right .. this IDIOT really, really, really .. believes Doctors ALONE should decide how soon and how many vaccines a child will received .. because .. parents are too stupid to make that decision themselves.

As proof of how "smart" doctors are the IDIOT claims:

Doctors are good .. they warn people "not to smoke"

Ah .. yes .. TODAY .. doctors warn people not to smoke .. but .. as a senior citizen .. I can remember it was not that long ago that Doctors .. wearing their traditional white coats with a stethescope draped prominently around their necks ... not only SMOKED themselves .. but .. appeared regularly in "cigarette advertisements" proclaiming THEIR favorite brand of cigarette .. spewing such Madison Avenue inspired garbage as "less tar .. more taste".

Doctors also prescribed THALIDOMIDE to unsuspecting pregnant women .. and .. we all know how THAT "expert" medical advice turned-out .. but .. it required 50 YEARS before anyone admitted to what they had done.

Obviously .. this IDIOT really, really, really believes Doctors have "grown wiser" .. have become "more educated" over the years since smoking and thalidomide .. but .. how then does the IDIOT explain the following .. which occurs EVERY DAY IN THE US:

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine published the famous “To Err Is Human” report, which dropped a bombshell on the medical community by reporting that up to 98,000 people a year die because of mistakes in hospitals. The number was initially disputed, but is now widely accepted by doctors and hospital officials — and quoted ubiquitously in the media.

In 2010, the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services said that bad hospital care contributed to the deaths of 180,000 patients in Medicare alone in a given year.

Now comes a study in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety that says the numbers may be much higher — between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death, the study says.

That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease, which is the first, and cancer, which is second.

Yo .. all you "doctors" who appeared on that IDIOT's show .. how about using the "F" bomb to explain why so many people DIE while under the care of DOCTORS.


Nothing like the "charming use of real AAP doctors" dropping the F-bomb over and over & saying get your g-damn kids vaccinated... a very well done PSA.

I understand they make "80% of their liability free money" billing f-vaccines to insurance companies.


(((Hugs))) Kim, you eloquently articulate pathos and humor like no other. If he doesn't lose his career first, Jimmy Kimmel should hire YOU as his writer.


A lot of Dr's in this day and age have forgotten, the patient hires them and it is a sad commentary that a lot of them has the god complex.


Overwhelmingly the message we get from our autism organizations is vaccines don't cause autism. There is a collective push to make autism look kind of neat and with the right attitude you can do anything.

I was an education major in college and graduated in 1990. I never heard autism mentioned nor were there any children with autism in any school I did any field experiences in. Now 25 years later autism is the norm. You will never pull the wool over my eyes that these kids were always here and in these numbers.

I just read an article in my local paper on Sunday about the measles outbreak and "anti-vaxxers". They interviewed the director of a large local autism school. He said years ago people may have believed in the vaccine.-autism connection but not any longer. Interesting I have been banned from writing letters to my editor after a decade of doing so. I was told "people have heard enough of your theories". I'm also banned from commenting on articles in my paper as well. I have been efficiently silenced in my community. So, the words of the director of the Potential Development center rings true.

Alison MacNeil

Aww Kim, tears. You got me this morning. Right next to you on this journey. God give us the strength to keep imagining a life for our vaccine injured children as they get older and for ourselves something of a future where we are able to maintain some measure of compassion for jerk-offs like Kimmel.


Wonder if he will ever apologize :-(


So I suppose Kimmel was just doing his job then, making a commercial for Pharma and its wholly owned subsidiary, the CDC?


According to Salon, Jimmy Kimmel has an autistic person in his family. "And as he explained, Kimmel has autism in his own family. Last year, he hosted a fundraiser for the Dave Rice Foundation for autism, and in 2013, he participated in the Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk for children with special needs."

A Mom

"Now, one in six US children are neurologically damaged. One in sixty-eight children have autism, ADD/ADHD children rage though public places. Brain damage is hidden in obscure reporting systems. Asthma is prevalent everywhere. 54% of all US children are badly sick - all of the time. In a few more years, despite advances in technology, there won't be ANY US children available to serve in our military forces. One MIT scientist, who knows what she is talking about, says that one in two children will be autistic by 2025, if the current trend keeps up."

"This isn't by accident."

"This is a plan of attack on America by foreign interests."

Are the last 4 sentences true? If so, this is also an attack on Great Britain and Ireland, too. And, if so, it's not just the parents who have been duped about vaccines.


So if you fall and split your head open, you can't go to the emergency room?

He wants us all to be fully vaccinated out of concern for our health?

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