Dachel Media Update: Dr. Boyd Haley Refutes Dr. Paul Offit's Vaccine Science
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr in Mothering Magazine

Why Are We Still Injecting Mercury Into Pregnant Women and Infants?

Go mercury freeBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

Thimerosal (50% ethyl mercury) was removed from most pediatric vaccines in 1999-2004 but still remains in the multidose flu vaccine which is given to pregnant women and infants.  Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin which causes brain damage and autism.  Why are we doing this? 

In the ubiquitous Geico commercial, one person says “Did you know that 15 minutes can save you 15% on auto insurance?”  The other person says “Everybody knows that.”  Why does everybody know that?  Because we've all seen it hundreds of times on TV.  How many times have you heard or read “Vaccines don't cause autism?”  It is the big lie and it is repeated so often by so many “experts” that people think it must be true.   The scientific studies that make it true are all fraudulent studies funded by the vaccine industry.  These studies are bought and paid for and the data is manipulated so they get what they want.  Now they are saying that there are not two sides to this controversy.  The science has been done.  The results are in.  Vaccines don't cause autism(for the millionth time).  Which do you think would be more likely to reveal the truth: (1) Vaccine industry funded studies or (2) independent studies that are not funded by the vaccine industry?  If you picked #2, you would be correct but those studies are routinely denigrated and ignored.  Mainstream media consistently supports the vaccine industry position so that is all you hear unless you actively seek out the other side of this issue. 

Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak is a recent book by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  The independent studies on thimerosal are presented and they clearly show how dangerous and damaging thimerosal is.  So again, why are we still injecting this powerful neurotoxin into pregnant women(where it also gets to the brain of the fetus) and infants.  It doesn't make sense to keep doing this.  It is stupid to keep doing this.  It only makes sense in two ways: (1) if you deny that it is a problem(obviously wrong) (2) to maximize profits for the vaccine industry which doesn't want to go to the expense of removing it. 

You probably get angry when you are ripped off or swindled.  We are all being manipulated in very sophisticated ways these days and this is one of the ways we are deceived.  The epidemic of autism is real and vaccines cause most of the autism that is now being diagnosed in 1 out of 50 children is the U.S.  The vaccine industry will continue to get away with this until enough people wise up and demand that vaccines be made safer.  Congress needs to act to get the control of vaccines out of the hands of those who profit from them and get it under the control of a completely independent agency.  Vaccine safety should be the primary goal.   

Don't continue to be deceived.  You can find Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak  at your local library or you can buy it at amazon.com.  Another excellent resource is the brand new book Vaccines 2.0.    It grades each of the 16 recommended vaccines individually and provides information on safer alternative vaccine schedules and vaccine exemptions in each state.  Don't let the vaccine industry damage your children or grandchildren.  Seek out the truth to help them have a healthier life.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired Naturopath.



NOTHING should be injected into a pregnant woman!!


I dedicate this song to Lawrence. Enjoy, Lawrence. This will have special meaning only to you:


John Stone


I didn't complain to you. You plainly have no intelligent grasp of the matter at all.


Hey, don't complain to me - this was supported by SafeMinds...you should complain to them.


Lawrence , if you have a spare hour , this might help your re-education .

Frank B. Engley, Jr., PhD - A Pioneer in the research of Thimerosal Efficacy and Toxicity


I understand how difficult this all is for you .
You have my sympathy .I pity you.


Hmmmmm Lawrence again telling me what my lying eyes did not see

John Stone


There is nothing to enquire about. Safeminds helped fund the study as did NAA, but as a negative result it has very little statistical significance. There is a question whether the results are truly negative, and we look forward to the authors' response to Dan Laks on Pubmed.


John - this isn't meant to sound unkind, but why don't you just ask SafeMinds?

They've been at the forefront of the Autism / Thimerosal link for a while now & yet a study that they funded and now published, shows no link - or at least nothing that they (meaning the authors - one of whom was a Vaccine Court plaintiff) found to be supportive of their theory that the past (and current) vaccine schedule is unsafe.

I am heartily confused, because this is the type of research that you've been asking for - something that was done outside of the Industry and outside of the Government as well.

If you have concerns, perhaps you should raise them with SafeMinds - I assume you have their phone number.

John Stone


Presumably the funder should not be determining the results. This is also a small study (although it may not be for monkeys). It has 6 groups 12x4, 1 of 15, 1 of 16. A set of negative results - if they are - is of very little significance. I doesn't necessarily invalidate an earlier study which has positive findings. I am slightly perturbed by the way they've stressed the size of the study as if it means anything. Also, it is not clear that they have intepreted their results properly and they have yet to respond to Dan Laks on Pubmed.

You are only making the same point over again but it is peculiarly without merit.


@Linda - perhaps you should be asking SafeMinds. They were the ones that funded this study, in an obvious attempt to show that vaccines were harmful - if there was anything in the study that would put vaccines in a bad light, don't you think the authors, one of whom was a Vaccine Court plaintiff, would have done so?

You can complain all you want, but this study wasn't done by the government or even a Pharma company - it was done by SafeMinds.

Think about that for a minute - you wanted independent research - well, there it is.


The controversy has not ended. The results are not in. There are still thousands of autistic adults who are victims of vaccines laced with mercury that has caused them a life time of pain and suffering. Nobody has studied these autistic adults to see if their autism is linked to the vaccines they received PRIOR to mercury being removed. It's interesting that the most severely autistic people are those who received these vaccinations in the earlier years prior to mercury being removed. But we don't hear anything about these autistic people.


"provided no consistent evidence of neurodevelopmental deficits or aberrant behavior in vaccinated animals"

1) "consistent"

2) when will the macaques be sitting for their college boards?


So here are some fresh ideas (to me anyway} .

Herd immunity , apparently vaccination needs to run at 95% to achieve the planned aims .

Suggested Answer : those planned aims are actually a 95% reduction in the total worlds population . Makes sense to me anyway .

So about GM foods , (very much like tampering with the public water supply really , for example fluoridating the water supply , yeah right the govt cares so much about our teeth) . Lets face it , this vaccination malarkey is really clumsy , whingeing parents whining on about their poisoned kids , the photographic embarrassing evidence , the parents who fight hard and do their full research . A far better solution , and perhaps better camouflaged "soft kill" is to poison the food supply (no-one can live with sustenance).
So lets make the food chain cause disease .

Have I been drinking too much Lawrence ?

John Stone


Yes, I checked it out and indeed Safeminds did help fund the study. Such a study would be very disturbing with positive results given small sample size but doesn't mean too much with negative results given said size. If you have only 12-16 cases in a group, a single case could represent 8-12%. If something was 4% it is not going show. However, the study overlooked significant results as reported by Dan Laks (UCLA Berkeley scientist) on Pubmed:

Dan Laks2015 Feb 20 10:31 p.m. (6 days ago)edited 0 of 2 people found this helpful

"Supplementary Figure 5 clearly shows a drastic reduction in learning in the thimerosal exposed group. The authors discussion: "In the present study animals in the TCV group appeared to perform poorer than controls in learning set testing but showed little evidence that their responses had organized into a strategy that was different from that of the control group.In fact, the reported difference was only found in the overall mean averaged across all of the blocks and trials, not in their learning across trials or blocks, which is the outcome needed to indicate a strategy difference." But in fact, a deficit in learning seems to be in multiple groups, for if one looks at group E, there seems to be a slope difference from the control signifying a key difference between exposures for learning strategy. These results are not reported. Perhaps Supplemental Figure 5 results should have been the title of this study instead: "Ethylmercury from vaccines reduces learning capacity.""

I doubt whether Safeminds are very pleased with what has been done.

PS Looking forward to a response from the authors to Dan Laks. I think it is troubling the way the rhetoric of the study emphasises its size - it may be large for an experiment with monkeys but in terms of resolving the issue negatively it is hopelessly small.

cia parker

But the most important reason for which those controlled by pharma interests refuse to admit that damaging mercury is still in most injected flu vaccines is the fallout should they admit it. They would have to appropriately compensate the millions of people damaged by their crime and be punished for having knowingly continued to damage millions more. Why in the world would they do this? Most of them are psychopathic criminals, but not suicidal. So what the hell, all of our society's institutions are backing them, why not go down fighting to keep their billions?

Angus Files

Hi Carol ..feeble.... words escape me..as you know brush your teeth with fluoride and the uptake is even more damaging...



Angus, that's similar to the CDC's 2004 conclusion about lead: if it's in paint chips, it's a deadly poison, but if the lead's in D.C. drinking water, it's harmless.

After being spanked by an indefatigable Marc Edwards, CDC walked it back, but it took years.



SafeMinds doesn't seem to think Thimerosal is a problem anymore - their own study says so:



This comprehensive five-year, case-control study, which closely examined the effects of pediatric vaccines on early primate development, provided no consistent evidence of neurodevelopmental deficits or aberrant behavior in vaccinated animals.


Themiserol , toxic at parts per billion !
Toxic at Nano grams & this has been known since 1948.
Mercury free vaccines are still testing positive for mercury (they are just a govt allowed accounting trick)

So this makes this Hg-enocide . The CDC is totally ,entirely & completely aware of what it is doing .

Depopulation is the name of the game .
See the military uniforms of the CDC . That's the clue .
Is Schuchat wearing it , to create authority or to intimidate ?

Bob Moffitt

The use of thimerosal is never going to stop .. as long as Offit and his ilk have anything to "say about it" .. and .. our media continues to provide them a megaphone by which to "say it".

As an example .. well worth the 35 minutes to view .. the "give and take" between Dr. Boyd Haley and Offit .. wherein Dr. Haley clearly exposes Offit for the fraud he really is .. having absolutely .. NO EDUCATION OR EXPERIENCE UPON WHICH TO PROCLAIM HIMSELF AN "EXPERT" ON AUTISM.

I mean how hard should it be for the mainstream media who interview Offit .. to ask him what educational background he has that qualifies him to dismiss all the toxicological and biological evidence of HARM CAUSED BY THIMEROSAL?

We are long past the time when Offit can spew his deceitful message ..

#1 .. epidemiological studies of thousands of children are all the evidence needed to deny any link between thimerosal and autism.

(Epidemiological evidence that Dr. Boyd Haley easily debunks as having been manipulated to reach a predetermined conclusion .. just as the tobacco industry did for decades while denying a link between cigarettes and cancer. Especially effective is the visual evidence of the dysregulation of neurons in the developing brain when exposed to a mere drop of thimersoal .. in both .. animals as well as humans. THAT evidence is IRREFUTABLE .. yet .. Offit is allowed to pretend epidemiological studies are more reliable. Give me a break)

#2 .. autism has NOT increased over decades, making the preposterous claim the rate of autism was probably the same in the 1940's as today .. but .. a broader definition and better diagnosing .. as well as .. the financial benefit today in having your child diagnosed autistic so as to gain special education benefits.

(That Offit actually suggested a parent would want their child diagnosed autistic to gain "financial benefits" is an example of just how despicable this man can be.)

Angus Files

Strange when my 9 year old unvaccinated daughter came home the other day and told me about the Chineese Emperor Qin Shi Huang "and you know Daddy what they poisoned him with Mercury" I replied ,"Mercury that's what they put in vaccines" she replied "well I have no intentions of having a vaccine any time soon and I never thought of having one anyway". Job done.

And on it goes confusion incorporated ,told about mercury and its dangers but hey.. its still safe in vaccines .


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