Recent Italian Court Decisions on Vaccines and Autism
Democracy Now Presents Inside the Vaccine War: Measles Outbreak Rekindles Debate on Autism, Parental Choice & Public Health

Vox Interviews Olmsted on Vax

VoxEditor's note: On Monday I got a polite e-mail. "My name is German Lopez. I'm a reporter with I'm putting together a story on the vaccine choice and education movement. I was hoping to talk to you about the movement, some of the thinking behind it, and what it seeks to accomplish."

We did the interview and it was published Wednesday. What could possibly go wrong? (Heh-heh -- perhaps the headline below will give you a clue.) German (pronounced Herman), is a Vox "writing fellow" whose bio says he "writes about stuff -- usually criminal justice, the war on drugs, health, and LGBT issues." Goodness, that's a much broader range of stuff than I've mastered in 40 years as a journalist (I mistakenly say 30 in the interview; time flies when you're having fun!). This is all the more impressive as German's bio notes that he graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2012. I commend the article to you. It is a time capsule worth preserving. -- Dan Olmsted

Understanding the fear of vaccines: An activist explains why he buys a debunked idea

Dan Olmsted is the editor of the website Age of Autism and author of multiple books that purport a link between vaccines and autism — a link that researchers have debunked again and again. In 2006, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) cited Olmsted's research in introducing legislation to direct the federal government to further study concerns about vaccines.

Olmsted has written in particular detail about his concerns over thimerosal, a mercury compound that used to be — but is no longer included — in routinely recommended childhood vaccines, with the exception of the flu shot. He argues parents should be wary of vaccines because of a supposed risk of autism, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.

I spoke to Olmsted on Monday about his work, why he thinks vaccines cause autism, and how he views the current Disneyland measles outbreak. Something to notice in our conversation is that the fear of vaccines isn't evidence-free: Olmsted cited a slew of specific studies to support his stance. The problem is the evidence doesn't hold up. After the interview, I tracked down some of Olmsted's citations and found the underlying studies and examples to be disputed at best and outright false at worst. Those footnotes are detailed below this transcript.

German Lopez: What would you say is the goal of your work?

Dan Olmsted: My work is an effort to bring a journalistic perspective to this issue. I've been doing this for almost 10 years now, focused on the question of what's causing the autism epidemic and if it's real.

I came to the conclusion pretty early on that vaccines are a significant part of it. I have been looking into that ever since. I've been bringing attention to that and trying to counter the mainstream wisdom that all of this is debunked, disproved, anecdotal, and there's nothing to it.

Read the full article at


cia parker

Look at Vox's revolting updated article on the real truth about anti-vaxxers.

cia parker

Greg (or anyone else),
Can these parents in New York not take a religious exemption to the flu shot for day care requirement? If not, why not? Hobby Lobby last summer found that the state cannot play religious police, and must just take the word of parents claiming a religious exemption.


Your proposal for whole schools where children and teachers do not/cannot vaccinate may make some sense. I think a lot of people will simply choose to home school- you just never know where these idiots will draw the line at enforcing. I mean contagious diseases are one thing but hep b and Gardasil is not justifiable in any case. The damn flu shot isn't even effective, may make one more sick as research is showing.

Donna L.

"This is where the battle-lines will be drawn between the ultra elites and slightly less affluent and influential."

Absolutely, Greg. And now we have spiraled backwards to right where we were in the late 80s and early 90s, when doctors/pediatricians were quietly skipping or delaying vaccines for their own children because of known inherent risks/adverse events, while openly vaccinating the rest of our kids into severe and lifelong disability.

And now with so many in the vaccine safety movement buying the media's idea that being anti-vaccine is an insult rather than a choice based upon cold hard disturbing facts, you could say we've not made one bit of progress at all.

And now we get kids like German Lopez and Ronan Farrow, etc. -- obviously true believers -- spewing recycled Gorski bullshit without any true investigation of facts. And who in their generation is going to call them on it? My husband was a student teacher observing a high school science class awhile back. The topic was vaccines and the teacher stood before the class and told them flat out that Andy Wakefield is now in prison for what he 'did'. Do you think any of those students are going to tear themselves away from their iphones or Facebook long enough to verify this statement? No way in hell.

These next ten or twenty years are going to get very interesting as all these little true believers grow up and have their own kids jabbed into autism. Wonder what they'll say about vaccines then? And it's also going to get interesting as they clash with several generations of autism siblings who know the real truth about what happened to their vaccine-injured brothers and sisters. I guess you could say this whole debate is just getting warmed up.

I only wish that all those who are now coming out as "not anti-vaccine" would qualify their stance by describing it as something like: "I'm anti-vaccine until doctors and vaccine manufacturers are once again held liable for damages done by vaccine injury." Perhaps if we'd all stated it this way back in the early 90s, something might have been accomplished by now, sparing today's infants from having their lives TRASHED by our corrupt and downright criminal medical profession.


Morley Safer on vaccine injury. Good clip.


Jeanette Bishop, hopefully that law would only apply to school entrance so at least children would have the first 5 years to either get these vaccines or document a medical reason for exemption. Hopefully the hep B vaccine at birth could still be declined. Of course, hopefully the law won't pass. One problem is that modern medicine and science don't even know how to identify who is at higher risk for an adverse reaction.


Jeannete says:

I fear that a right as fundamental as healthcare choice might be turned more into a controlling "perk" dangled over the heads of those who are supposed to represent us.

Yet Jeannete, this just demonstrates how unworkable forced vaccination will be. Seriously, I just laugh at dumb-ass provaxxers frothing at the mouth about forced vaccination when, secretly, even they do not intend comply. Does the 'science is indisputable on vaccines' Mr President intends to get the HPV vaccine for his daughters? And, in Hillary's 'the sky is blue, the earth is round, vaccines are safe' world, did that world include HepB vaccine at birth for her new granddaughter?

Forced vaccination is bound to be futile because the 'elites' will always seek their outs and leaving the door open for others -- if not only slightly. Consider the recent Mississippi bill that sought personal and religious exemption rights: The parents did not get these rights, but interestingly a revision to the law was made on technical grounds permitting pediatrician in consultation with their patients the final say on medical exemptions. The pediatrician's recommendation can no longer be overruled.

And what does this mean in the real world? It means that in Mississippi that 'influential' parent with enough sway can convince Dr. Fred that his kid after getting one vaccine cried all night, had temperature, shook, and so on and so on, and is definitely a child that should be exempted on medical grounds. And why should Dr. Fred not comply if he starts to see a robust business from kids having all these reactions to vaccines? Even more, why should Dr. Tom down the street seeing how Dr. Fred's business is booming not start reflecting on whether he should be more 'accommodating' to parents with kids who have 'medical issues' with vaccines?

And, if Mississippi is essentially backing away from forced vaccination how likely is it that California will go that route? It's remarkable how our political leaders are so uncanny at demonstrating chronic amnesia. They never seem to learn that forcing unjust laws on people will never work.


Curious story, i found this story from when Vox posted it on their facebook page. i went on to add comments on their facebook post, then sometime later i wanted to revisit the post and could not find the story on their fb page. For a moment i thought they had deep-sixed it , but it was still on their website. But after checking every post on their fb until i arrived at older posts from last week, i just could not find it again on FB. Vox' website doesnt allow comments, but FB does. I am somewhat suspicious they didnt neither or appreciate the amount of pro-choice comments received.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Greg, from me also. I'm probably being too cynical (I hope), but I was thinking about how our state legislators might believe they can get medical exemptions for their own fairly easily, maybe even more so if they please TPTB. I fear that a right as fundamental as healthcare choice might be turned more into a controlling "perk" dangled over the heads of those who are supposed to represent us.


Thanks for the unintentional laughs from reading Vox's hopelessly biased and piteously lame "expert" sources.

Aside from this would-be Jimmy Olsen's misuse of "which" instead of "that," his monosyllabic final overgeneralization carries all the stilted tin-pot bravado of a Pokémon cartoon battle.

What a sad testament about the intellectual depth of the copy-and-paste generation.


Dan - Thanks for your good-natured report on that headline. Just when I was sagging after a discouraging exchange with our dear adult grandson with autism I have guardianship over, I opened "Age of Autism, read about your experience and laughed. We will get there!


Fantastic summary, Greg. Thank you...


And speaking of Selma, where the civil rights movement was about race issues, I see the vaccination choice movement as evolving towards class warfare. It soon will be not just a matter of pro-vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers, but also pro-vaxxers vs pro-vaxxers. Simply, as much as pro-vaxxers publicly extol vaccines and blast us anti-vaxxers, secretly no pro-vaxxers who believes in the risks will ever be warm to forced vaccination. Why should these public health leaders and government figures submit their kids and grandkids to such risks. I imagine there already are many Rand Pauls amongst them who skip of delay vaccines for their kids or grand-kids. Yet, invariable, for vaccine rates to remain high some will have to be sacrificed. This is where the battle-lines will be drawn between the ultra elites and slightly less affluent and influential. This battle will prove to be their ultimate Achilles' heel, undermining their attempts at universal forced vaccination. There must be loopholes and outs! Look to the ultra elites to have a disproportionate amount of kids with medical issues to vaccines.


@Jeanette and others, I think this info is helpful re forced vaccination.

That’s when the three parents joined forces and mounted a constitutional challenge to New York’s vaccination requirement. They threw the book at the state, arguing, among other things, violations of their rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments, as well as under state and municipal law. The rub of their arguments: that the state was infringing on their liberty and religious interests. A federal judge in Brooklyn dismissed all their claims.
That’s when the Second Circuit court, as it’s wont to do on appeal, took up all of these grievances anew and rejected them one by one. Citing Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the 1905 case,a three-judge panel ruled in a short opinion that New York was well within its “police power” to mandate vaccinations for schoolchildren. Since immunizations are “in the interest of the population as a whole,” the court said they trump the parents’ individual wishes. The court brushed aside their claim that “a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that vaccines cause more harm to society than good,” noting that only the legislature—and not the parents or the court—could make the call on the alleged body of evidence.
Turning to the parents’ religious claims, the court relied on a 1944 case, Prince v. Massachusetts, where the Supreme Court stated that a parent “cannot claim freedom from compulsory vaccination for the child more than for himself on religious grounds.” The court went on to note that the First Amendment right to religious freedom “does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death.” And because the law compelling vaccinations is neutral—that is, it applies to everyone and doesn’t specifically target a particular religion—no constitutional violation occurred. Plus, two of the parents had received exemptions, so the court viewed New York’s limited exclusion during an outbreak as permissible.
Of course, the ruling is only binding within the context of public education; nothing prevents the parents from homeschooling their children and keeping them vaccination-free. And it remains to be seen whether these parents will be appealing to a higher court to review the case. But given that the Supreme Court has already spoken loudly on the matter, here’s hoping faith in the judgment of the courts and the rule of law will prevail.

This article essentially summarizes where the law stands on barring unvaccinated kids from school. Should the parents do go ahead and take the matter up with a higher court, most likely they will also lose. Is all hope then lost in the fight against forcing parents to vaccinate their kids in order for them to attend public school?

Recently, I saw the movie ‘Selma’ and was quite taken by the depiction of the keen sense of strategy employed by Martin Luther King and other activists in their quest to remove the barriers that impeded Blacks from exercising their right to vote. Perhaps the anti-vaxx movement can learn from this:

The court is essentially saying that the liberty to not to vaccinate does not permit one the right to put the community, or other kids at risk. It goes on to say that the parent still has the right to homeschool their child. Clearly the crucial issue then is the protection of other kids, or specifically vaccinated kids who seek protection against infectious diseases. Yet, what about other unvaccinated kids who are not opposed to being exposed to infectious diseases. What would be the court’s position if ‘anti-vaxx’ parents decide to get together and send all their kids to a private school? If they all agree to this what grounds would the court have to oppose this arrangement? Even more, why must this school remain privately funded? Do the parents not have grounds to argue that since they pay tax for education such a school should be publicly funded? If this option of an anti-vaxx school were workable, perhaps pro-vaxxers would be wise not to force the issue of forced vaccination.


I love how he references a pro-forced-vax blog and Snopes to "prove" that William Thompson's assertions are false. lol.

Jeannette Bishop

So, Cooper tried to blame Congressman Burton for the measles outbreak, due to his efforts to get mercury out of vaccinations that contained it, of which MMR was not supposedly one anyway?


Interesting bio on Anderson Cooper:

One thing caught my eye:

..."He said to Oprah Winfrey—while promoting his book—that he had suffered from dyslexia as a child. In August 2007 he confirmed his "mild dyslexia" on The Tonight Show to Jay Leno, who also has dyslexia..."

That's somewhat interesting. I didn't realize he had a learning disorder. He states he had this as a 'kid,' but I don't think dyslexia is something you 'get rid of' after childhood. It's a lifelong disability...


The fundamental truth regarding vaccinations--One size does not fit all. Some kids appear to handle thimerasol and others clearly do not. That point we certainly understand. Lopez maybe would get it with a slow, careful explanation of the science.

However, Anderson Cooper just needs more vaccinations, no antigens, just the weight adjusted doses of thimerasol and then he might begin to see the light. Throw in some aluminum too and now we have a real guinea pig, kind of like our children.

Looks like vaccination science and policy to me.

Trip the trap

They can title it however they want-- what you said still made sense.


Vox Media also owns several other online media outlets, including The Verge, which, surprise, surprise, is being "Guest-edited" by Bill Gates this month. As for the folks over at Vox, they are true believers, not objective journalists. A few of their recent articles include "Christie is wrong. Vaccination is not a personal decision. It's a social obligation," and "Obama supports vaccines now, but pandered to anti-vaxxers in 2008," and "Melinda Gates has the perfect response to the anti-vaccine movement," and the most hilarious of all - "Even ISIS supports getting kids vaccinated." There are many, many other similar articles on Vox, who's editor-in-chief is Ezra Klein, formerly of the Washington Post.

Dan, I admire your strength and dedication to the truth.

Birgit Calhoun

Anderson Cooper's rudeness is again unsurpassed. He constantly interrupts. He is obviously not familiar with mercury toxicity. If he knew as much as Dan Burton does, he would be much less strident. His ignorance needs to be checked. I am glad he had Dan Burton there. Thimerosal in the 1970s called Merthiolate has killed ten newborn babies. Merthiolate was dabbed onto the babies navels at a hospital. shortly afterwards Ely Lilly sold the rights of Merthiolate to another company the name of which escapes me now. The new company renamed it. It is unconscionable to say Thimerosal is safe.

Jeannette Bishop

Sorry to obsess on a tangent, but I just referenced p. 168-9 of Mark and Dan's book Vaccines 2.0 to see that as of now California requires DTaP, MMR, Polio, Hib, Varicella, and HepB (I hope that atones if my tangent is not very welcome), so essentially with the proposed legislation one would have to qualify for a medical waver to opt out of any vaccines given in the first year unless one might try to negotiate a delay until school age and hope to have that RESPECTED (if they don't think you have a medical reason to say no, why would they think you have any business setting your own schedule), in other words your baby, or possibly a sibling, has to already have immune or vaccine related health problems to avoid acquiring immune vaccine induced problems! What does that look like with HepB at birth? Home-birthing is the only option or leaving the state if you feel you need to deliver in a hospital? What happens in Mississippi and West Virginia? Near 100% hepB at birth compliance (referencing p. 172)?


Anderson Cooper may well get Brian Williamsed for his selective reporting. When you think about it what he is doing is much worse; he is willfully biased and misreporting on such an important issue.


What otttoschnaut said. Dan made some good points and came across well.

And I think a lot of people who go to the "references" such as Gorski's blog will see the hostile biased tone. Not like citing actual research.


Anderson Cooper is a nut.
Dan Burton had his mouth open in astonishment at how nutty he is.

Some one better step in and get Anderson Cooper on a gluten free, low glycemic diet to help him with his mental/hormone/immune injuries of his past vaccine injuries.

Cause no one could be paid enough to make such a fool of themselves.


Dan approached the interview with a righteous conscious. The other person, had alternative motives. It would not have mattered if Jonas Salk was also being interviewed at the same time and stood up and said: that mass inoculation with the polio vaccine, was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1955. Hermie Lopez would have completely ignored it like it was never said or acknowledged that it was said but that was not the focus of the interview so it was never put into print. Anything Dan said was going to be framed in a way that suited the pharma industry. That's how things are rolling for now so if anyone else gets approached for an interview, even for a high school newsletter-beware.

Jeannette Bishop

for For...

I wish I could be so sure. I do hope you are right.

This California state move seems to be getting quite a lot of coverage. The comments don't give me a lot of hope there is understanding of what is at stake. Pan's past vaccine legislation became a mostly bi-partisan issue that passed easily as the majority party was generally "for" it. On his web site this month he indicated he was thinking about introducing legislation requiring schools to inform parents of their opt-out/vaccination rates and other disease/vaccine info. Now, bam, we get in the press that the legislation will end all but medical exemptions.

How many understand (if they don't first and foremost respect personal liberty) how badly doctors are in denial and ignorance about vaccine risks and injury and how much pressure they will be under to not give medical exemptions? How politicized this is, instead of reality based? How many understand how little (or much) we know about what vaccination costs in health, in the classroom, etc.? Most might think the legislation is just as well, if they even take a minute to think about it.


It is great to be invited to interview on this topic.
I find myself constantly trying to recall lots of facts, figures, journals, scientific research papers, dates, the names of Researchers, politicians, journalists etc so that when I get into dialogue with people who hold directly opposing views I can do a decent job of not only defending my position but stopping them in their tracks with facts.

It is a tough job but keeping those facts to hand is part of my life's work now as I am (and others like me are) constantly under attack.


@ David-

No medical experience, just offering my opinion, and by the way, I do enjoy your posts and point of view.

Yes, the article is a hit piece on Dan, no doubt. I feel the hit piece gives Dan a wide audience to lead curious readers to some irrefutable facts. The reporter is reduced as I say to citing blogs to discredit peer reviewed science.

Think about this article versus an a TV interview. On TV, the vaccine cautious consumer is edited into a caricature. The VOX piece (IMO) allows Dan to present as rational, evidence based, and credible. The reporter's credibility rests now with Snopes and blogs. I will take that exchange on a mass media basis. Bring it on.

Now- having expressed my opinion- I have certainly been mistaken numerous times. Maybe this is as the headline looks but to me, no. VOX gave Dan unfiltered space to make some very sound points. The counter points are weak.

For Jeanette

Cooper seemed nervous. All he did was to spout off the CDC's and NIH epidemiological studies. Nobody is particularly impressed by those anymore. Cochrane has basically called them out as insufficient. I wish Burton had mentioned the fact of the whistleblower. You can bet Cooper won't have the nerve to debate anyone else on the issue like Dr. Wakefield.

David Taylor

When the kid learns to spell "thimerosal," maybe he would merit the time of day. And he fact checks with Respectful Insolence, et al? He was looking for a way to satisfy his editor/publisher's predetermined position on the issue.

The Vaccine-Nazis continue to do our job for us: showing there is a cover up by, er, covering up and quoting pseudo-science while you sound reasonable.


I was contacted by five or so journalists (Newsweek/Time to name a couple) who wanted to interview me re this so-called measles outbreak.

They wanted my private phone number, which I refused to provide to them. Instead, I opted (with just a couple of them) to send links to other interviews (such as Lawrence Palevsky and Dr. Russell Blaylock), as well as to links documenting the Simpsonwood issue.

I also provided a couple of them with the story as to what happened to our son. One of the journalists responded by telling me 'thank you for an interesting read,' but that was the summation of her response. No questions as to what had happened to our son (although she wanted to include his name in her Newsweek story about the time he contracted mumps from a just recently vaccinated little girl).

I told her no. Our son didn't want his name smeared all over her report, either. But wow - she went for the gusto; she wanted private information, etc., so forth, all the while 'feigning' horror re what had happened to our son.

I didn't buy her 'compassion' one bit. I knew we were in line for a set up, so I didn't bite.

Further, I never received one response from any of the other journalists re any of the links I had provided to them.

When I took some time to delve into some of these journalists' backgrounds, all but one of them were youngsters, literally, who most likely have no idea how to do true research. Most likely they're being given their marching orders from others on high, who have instructed them to ensnare some of the more outspoken of us who have dared to trample on the party line. They're simply doing what they've been told to do.

True research is not what their bottom line/final product is all about. These young journalists are nothing more than minions of the party line. They simply fall in line, write what they are told to write, and have absolutely no idea where to even begin with a story as complicated as this one really is.

To be fair, in the past I have dealt with a few reporters who were fair with me when they spoke to me and quoted me precisely in their final coverage. But for the most part, I have to say I am extremely leery doing any kind of interview with someone who wants to do a 'brief writeup' and/or wants to only give you 2 to 3 minutes of your time to a radio interview.

When I hear those two things, my hinky meter dials up a few notches because I know, then, that they are not interested in getting the facts about this issue. Their sole interest is to twist my words and spout the party line in their final draft.

Most of these journalists work for mags/media bought and paid for by guess who. Their marching orders are probably along the lines of, "see if you can snare this individual for an interview, then leave them with egg on their face."


Anderson Cooper / Dan Burton Interview

Cooper states he has studied the "science" but he cannot pronounce the damn key word correctly....

For Jeanette

Californians will never stand for that trampling on parental rights especially when it's their children's health at stake.

Jeannette Bishop

I hope their editing for clarity didn't remove much of import. German Lopez doesn't seem to see that, in terms of the tobacco analogy, the studies he focuses on are the research of the tobacco-industry-parallel vaccine industry. Too bad they don't seem to have a space to comment on the article.

More bad news for some of us:


This is still the best talk about vaccines and autism, in my view:

MMR in particular is discussed at 35:33

cia parker

Vox had a story maybe two months ago on the dramatic increase of peanut allergies in the U.S., and solemnly declared that no one had any idea what the cause might be. I wrote to the reporter and told her about the Hib vaccine causing peanut allergy and referred her to Heather Fraser's The Peanut Allergy Epidemic for further information and documentation, but, of course, she never replied to me. They don't care about reality or the millions severely damaged by vaccines, just about satisfactorily enacting the pharma message and making all the fallout in the way of autism and allergies just one of those mysterious and inexplicable tragedies that HAVE no cause, are just an inscrutable act of God. Enlightenment values are being snuffed out in every area these days. Those unwilling to get past their indoctrination have only themselves to blame for the results.


And then there's...

"To summarize, of the 58 empirical reports on autism and heavy metal toxins [such as mercury-containing thimerosal], 43 suggest some link may be present, while 13 reports found no link. Even with the tendency for null results not to be reported, it cannot be said there is no evidence for a link between heavy metal toxins and autism: although the question may still be open--in sum, the evidence favors a link."

"Sorting out the spinning of autism: heavy metals and the question of incidence," DeSoto and Hitlan, 2010


felled and failed Dang it - he did both though don't you think?


David M Burd:
Like you ottoschnaut is a long time wonderful blogger - a good person that knows vaccines are linked to not just autism but across the board brain injuries.

I think his point was; In spite of this writer trying to lead the reader in statements like debunked - a negative slant on Dan-- he felled.

I agree! IT was pretty bad -- poor guy Or maybe he did it on purpose -

Anyone reading itwill come away with more things to think about and maybe even make them curious enough to look further into the matter. And you know, and I know, and ottoschnaut knows if you just scratch the surface --- hmmmmm.

david m burd


Hate to break your bubble, but anybody ever sourcing Snopes, Science Blogs, Gorski will come away brainwashed by Disciples of Corrupt Medicine; and go no further.

Are you in the medical world? Just curious?

Who is William Thompson ?

The 49,000 poor souls maimed in India by Melinda Gates ? NPAFP ?

The 1000 killed in Chad by the meningitis C vaccine ?

The HCG sterilisations via Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya where the Roman Catholic Church is STILL refusing to play ball ?

I dont get it .

Who is William Thompson ?

Poul Thoresen should have been mentioned - no ?

Who is William Thompson ?

You could have shown this person the before and after pictures of Gardasil (which I would describe as neurological devastation and a crime against humanity) ?

And of course asked this so called reporter to publish .

When I showed poor Zeda Pingel to my MP , who at the time was dismissing me as a "badly misguided" , she nearly fell off her chair ! You could have done that ?


I don't understand how he's a legitimate reporter, yet he fact-checks by quoting Snopes. William Thompson is a scientist with the CDC and has made an official statement, available on his lawyer's webpage via a press release.

The CDC has even made their own statement about the data manipulation in response, which is available on the CDC website.
Two minutes of fact-checking is all it takes to find this readily available information.


Vox last week had an article on those ignorant anti-vaxxers spreading deadly disease so when I read Dan did an interview with them I wondered if he knew this. Apparently not.

I think, for this particular juiced up bogus false flag health crisis, anyone who agrees to do any interview should just tell whoever the stenographer is requesting it to just make something up because that's what they are going t do anyway. Same thing happened to Marcella Piper Terry who facilitates Vax-Truth. TODAY Show producer Kat Keene called for an interview, she agreeded. The interview was 30 minutes and when it aired the show played 4 sentences from it that made her sound hysterical. There is no doubt in my mind that there is an organized agenda and the media is right in the thick of it. Who owns the media-big pharma.

david m burd

Dan, What did you expect from Lopez/Vox, a gullible, naive, so-called journalist so young with virtually no experience in real life skullduggery, then going to (and believing) Pharma cheerleaders such as IOM and Gorski, etc. I do suspect you saw it coming?

So I was disappointed you were not more of an attack-dog because you know close up and personal the colossal number of terribly stricken families brought by The Schedule. And I hated to see you vocally support some vaccines (that I totally condemn, but you clearly support) perhaps thinking Lopez would then be more honest/objective in his further "fact checking" - fat chance.

In my experience, publicly supporting any specific vaccine just opens the door to validating the whole murderous, autocratic Schedule.


You know what, Dan- I actually like the interview, despite the headline. Lopez gives you the opportunity to present your points. You get some good thought provoking concepts out there for curious readers to pursue.

The best part of this article is how Lopez tries to refute your science. He has to resort to Snopes, Science Blogs, and Gorski. That is remarkably unconvincing. People who run down the science will quickly see this.

Call this article a win for the truth. I hope it gets widely read.

Who is William Thompson ?

The Gerberding quote ?

The Italian court judgements ?

The 500-1000 payouts linked to secrecy agreements ?

But none of that , back to 1943 , as usual .
The original 12 , Morris Kharasch , Leo Kanner .

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