Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Vaccines Uber Alles!
Vaccine Safety Package Inserts - Ever Seen One?

VIDEO: Rep Norm Johnson (R) Washington, Makes Fun of Brain Injury from Vaccines

Norm JohnsonUPDATE 2/23/15: Feb. 19, 2015

Statement from Rep. Norm Johnson regarding his comments in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee on Feb 18, 2015:

“My off the cuff remark in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee was inappropriate and a poor attempt at banter. I understand why my words are hurtful to people who care passionately about this issue. All I can say at this point is that I am deeply sorry.”

Thank you, Representative Johnson. We hope you will listen to your constituents as they share their painful experience with vaccine injury and the need for retaining the liberty of personal medical rights, and oppose HB2009.


Note: Thank you to longtime friend of AofA Tami Giles for sending us these videos which show the callous disregard for the vaccine injured. Politicians, healthcare workers - they don't even believe that injury can happen. They mock us. And our sick kids.  Best post I've seen in a long time on the disconnect between vaccine injury and reality is, "When you hear anti-vaxxer," think "parent of a disabled child," by  Levi Quackenboss.   Representative Norman Johnson, a former teacher, counselor and PRINCIPAL for Lord's sake, should get down on his knees and thank God his grandson (pictured) is not vaccine injured. And he should apologize to all of us whose kids did not dodge the bullet.  Here's what our friend says to Johnson and her son's video response as well: KS

By Tami Giles

Rep Norm Johnson (Republican/WA state) seems to think brain damage from vaccines is a joking matter. Here he is at this week's executive session- jut one day after a jam-packed room of concerned citizens showed up to oppose HB 2009- WA’s bill seeking to remove personal/philosophical vaccine exemptions. Many tried to raise their voices, and though only a few were allowed that opportunity, they gave compelling public testimony.  Vaccine manufacturer Merck's paid lobbyists spent the last 2 weeks at the capital, grooming our citizen-paid lawmakers to insult those who oppose mandatory vaccination.  ADEM - brain damage- is just ONE of the many side effects from vaccines, listed on package insert. Norm Johnson, you are a disgrace to public office.

The comment is 17 seconds into the 43 second clip.

Below, her son, created this video response to Representative Johnson's callous treatment of medical injury.

Tami Giles is a decade long advocate, who donates her time for the community good. She has been the WA state AAN Coordinator (formerly A-Champ) since 2005, helping to bring legislative issues to the attention of the lawmakers and the autism community.  She started the first biomedical & diet support group in WA state, to help families affected by autism over a decade ago. Through the years, she’s been an invited speaker at many autism conferences, due to her extensive knowledgeable in treatments, diets, therapies, and advocacy.  In her free time (what’s that?) she enjoys raising a flock of Organic, non-GMO chickens, and creates SCD/Paleo recipes and masterpieces to support her son Daniel’s extensive dietary needs.



The lady who answers the phone for Rep Johnson said that he has written an emailed apology that she will send out.
I'm guessing the poor lady has had a lot of calls this morning ; please be nice to her.
There is a Washington state bill coming up to prevent philosophical exemptions to vaccines. Time to speak up if you can.


"With oppressive laws comes bad science."
-John Stone


When it comes to vaccines, bad science is at least 60 years ahead of any need to invoke oppressive laws.

The truth of the matter is that no parent in this world chose to vaccinate their child, because a review of the science convinced them it was the right thing to do.


The inhumane bullying by Norm Johnson is sickening, but sadly symptomatic or a wider societal problem - the whole premise of 'vaccines will save us' rests heavily on denying the injuries they cause by silencing the victims (achieved by ridiculing and bullying the victims and vilifying those take their side).

Thank you Daniel for speaking up!


I am so sorry Kendra.

Sometimes I think it is too late for the human race - there are too many walking around with brain injuries and just don't know it.

I glad you let her know you were watching her go. Or you would never have gotten that amazing response from her.

Health of her daughter - she missed the point all together - didn't she -- has to be a brain injury -- ??? Has to be???

I accept that is true, and find it not funny one bit.


"With oppressive laws comes bad science."
-John Stone

Well said John et al. It's also, as we're starting to see, a vicious circle as bad and inattentive science gives rise to ever more oppressive and more tyrannical laws. When society allows a perverse mob mentality and blunted public discourse into play, the lawmakers start feeling emboldened to state mindless, callous & illinformed statements like Rep Johnson.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Daniel.

The top video has me thinking of the proverbial boiling frog again. Whatever signals of trouble coming from the extremities getting laughed off by the neurons enjoying the rising steam and the simmering bubbles?

Somewhat dated Red Ice Radio interview of Brian Hooker I just came across has a somewhat pertinent discussion:

@ approx. 49 minutes - William Thompson proposed studying long term effects of thimerosal exposure in adults through flu vaccine. Why didn't anyone in our "health" agencies want to see such research done? Let's just inject the koolaid and laugh.


I am sure every state has one. Check out Oregon Senator Steiner Hayward as Bob Snee talks about a public article he read about her.
You really can't make this stuff up.
She stuck her foot in her mouth more times than we could count.
While I was just starting my testimony she actually answered her cell phone, then got up to leave the room. I said REALLY? into the mike and she turned and snapped at me shaking her phone, "this call is about the health of my daughter". The room gasped. Ya I drove 6 1/2 hours that day to talk about my toenails. Seriously, she is so disconnected it is unreal.
You all will enjoy this video though, especially at the end when the crowd goes crazy and she says, "well mine(decision) was based on science."

Norm Sucks

Norm's office numbers 360-786-7810, 800-562-6000. Let's light up the phone lines Monday morning. Please everyone, we all have 5 minutes to do this.

Darlene Morris

Representative Norm Johnson, I invite you to spend just 24 hours in a home with a child and their family that has toxic encephalopathy from the mercury and other adulterants in vaccines. Then, I will expect an apology from you for your rude and unacceptable behavior in the legislature. You, as allegedly an adult, should know better then to comment and laugh at any one who has experienced "dis-ease" of any type. But to laugh at potential for a child's harm is not acceptable. I am, a medical professional and the grandmother of a child poisoned from Mercury in vaccines. I watched a healthy baby, just "move into another world" post vaccines. So, as for me and my family, we will just say "No" and you cannot pass and unconstitutional law that enforces harm. I will expect to hear from you and your colleagues.

the new normal

There's no vaccine against Norm. He needs to step down.


This scumbag's office should be slammed with phone calls concerning this comment. As far as the other sheeples laughing, well that's what weak people do, pure ignorance and they don't have a clue as to what it is like to raise a child with vaccine injury.

Kathy Sincere

You can contact the Governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee at

Click on "contact" and send him an email as I did, requesting an apology for the insensitive, crude remarks of Representative Norm Johnson.


Just imagine the hilarious quips about brain damage that Norman Johnson could come up with to entertain a group of nursing home residents.

But seriously, folks...
Given Johnson's age, one might speculate as to whether he actually has suffered some damage to the parts of his brain that regulate inhibition.

Or maybe he's just a complete a--hole.

Maurine Meleck

Thanks Daniel, That was great. Did everyone also notice that the rest of the group also laughed at what Johnson said.>

Athina Kaviris

Daniel, you are truly courageous. Rep Norm Johnson could learn a lot from you. Way to stand up for the truth and human decency. Bravo!

Alison MacNeil

Thank you brave Daniel.

Ginger Taylor

I want to scream.

Michelle F

This is sickening. We must do a better job of vetting our leaders before electing them. Sad, sad world. Daniel, thank you for sharing your story and letting your voice be heard. Bravo to you!


I could not hear what he saidm before he burst out laughing????


What a bunch of complete idiots.

Jim Thompson

MA degree in counseling and guidance. Retired in 1997.

There should be no excuse for this inappropriate comment. Maybe his family can shed light on his mental situation. Regardless, the comment should have been condemned by the legislative body as a whole as well as the press. Possibly they don't want to offend any new found Pharmaceutical lobbyist pals.

Bob Moffitt

As Voltaire said: "To learn who rules over you .. simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

Rep Norm Johnson's inappropriate "giggle" suggests an unconscious desire not to offend his "rulers" .. guess who they are?

Laura Hayes

Thank you, and God bless you, Daniel, for the important letter you wrote to this sorry excuse of a legislator.

You sound like a fine young man, unlike this callous, cold-hearted, ignorant, arrogant, and rights-stripping elected official.

Keep up your great work, Daniel...and thank you for speaking out for the millions of vaccine-injured...much appreciated.


No public representative should ever joke about something like this. As someone who works with children who have autism (and I admittedly I do not know specifically whether their autism was caused by vaccines or not but even a CDC scientist has come forward to mention malfeasance with vaccine research) and who has a grandmother that was debilitated by Guillaume Barre after a flu vaccine, I find this cavalier comment very disturbing. Norm Johnson owes everyone a public apology.

John Stone

What an amazing sense of humour! I suppose it is all a question of which children you consider "as a whole". The tittering reps show that the don't understand what's going on.

With oppressive laws comes bad science.

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