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Vaccine "Trafficking"

Stop1By Laura Hayes

URGENT WARNING FOR ALL U.S. CITIZENS:  Beware of "The United States of Tyrannica" where "Vaccine Trafficking" is proliferating.  Protect your children, and yourselves.

Most of you have heard of "Human Trafficking*".  Today, I want to warn you about "Vaccine Trafficking", which is equally hellacious, and which needs to be dealt with just as swiftly as is happening with Human Trafficking.  Immediate help and compassion for the victims of Vaccine Trafficking, and for their families, are also needed.  Here is a comparison of the two.  Please note their frightening similarities.

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others.

Although slavery is commonly thought to be a thing of the past, human trafficking still exists today throughout the United States and globally when traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control other people for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex or forcing them to provide labor services against their will. Traffickers use violence, threats, deception, debt bondage, and other manipulative tactics to trap victims in horrific situations every day in America. All trafficking victims share one essential experience – the loss of freedom.

In the United States, sex trafficking commonly occurs in online escort services, residential brothels, brothels disguised as massage businesses or spas, and in street prostitution. Labor trafficking has been found in domestic servitude situations, as well as sales crews, large farms, restaurants, carnivals, and more.

There are two primary factors driving the spread of human trafficking: high profits and low risk. Like drug and arms trafficking, human trafficking is a market-driven criminal industry that is based on the principles of supply and demand. Every year, traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits by victimizing millions of people around the world, including here in the United States.

Vaccine trafficking is a form of modern forced medical experimentation where people profit from the control and exploitation of others.

Although forced medical experimentation is commonly thought to be a thing of the past, dealt with and eliminated by The Nuremberg Code after WWII, vaccine trafficking still exists today throughout the United States and globally when traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control other people for the purpose of increasing international vaccine sales by forcing them to be injected with scores of dangerous, ineffective, "unavoidably unsafe", potentially-fatal vaccines against their will. Traffickers use mandates, threats of school expulsion and job loss, threats of being being denied medical services and of being reported to CPS, deception, coercion, withholding of facts, covering-up of fraud, harassment, fear-mongering, bald-faced lying, and other manipulative tactics to trap victims in horrific vaccination situations every day in America. All vaccine trafficking victims share three essential experiences – the loss of freedom, the lack of informed consent, and the ruination of health - and sometimes of development, and life, too.

In the United States, vaccine trafficking commonly occurs in pediatricians' offices, at hospitals, at drugstores, at school sites, even in grocery stores. Vaccine trafficking has been found to emanate from pharmaceutical companies; from there it spreads to governmental regulatory agencies, to trade industry groups and their members, to mainstream media outlets, to prospective and current elected officials, and to uninformed citizens.

There are two primary factors driving the spread of vaccine trafficking: high profits and low risk.  Actually, since 1986, it's no risk, with a captive and guaranteed market, mostly paid for by taxpayer dollars and cash-strapped parents. Like other prescription-drug trafficking, vaccine trafficking is a pharma-driven criminal industry that is based on the principle of "poison to profit", with the goal being to ensure that every American is somewhere between sick and dead, for as long as possible. Every year, vaccine traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits by victimizing millions of people around the world, including here in the United States.

Written by Laura Hayes, whose entire family, including extended family members, have been victims of vaccine trafficking for three generations now.  Laura works tirelessly to end vaccine trafficking, and hopes that all who read this will join her.

*Definition for Human Trafficking from the Polaris Project website.





Does anyone have any information on court cases or where to find more info on the human trafficking angle for going after mandatory flu shot health facilities

Laura Hayes

Hi Adriana,

One more offer of help for you from Dr. Ron Drucker of FL:

Have her call me or Customer Service at: 888-671-2873 (someone there speaks Portuguese). I, or they will be happy to help her. Visit my website:<>.
Telephone: 954-547-0487


Ronald P. Drucker, B.S. (M.T.A.S.C.P), D.C.

Laura Hayes


Here is an article in Spanish which includes the name of a Brazilian doctor who perhaps could be of help if you are able to somehow contact him.



I just did a little more research. I'm so sorry for your situation, I didn't realize that all the recommended vaccines are mandatory for all children in Brazil. I will say that you need to find an alternative medical practitioner. There are a lot of excellent homeopaths in Brazil, I'd look for one. Or a chiropractor or naturopath. Get their advice. I'm positive that if you made a good case that your children were at high risk of a vaccine reaction, they could get a medical exemption. Look at these suggestions by Dr. Bob Sears of the MANY factors which increase the risk of vaccines, I think anyone in the world could make a good case for a medical exemption using them. I also found a study on vaccine hesitancy or refusal in Brazil, but if they require a vaccine card for school enrollment, I think you'd have to make your case on heightened risk of a severe reaction because of autism, seizure disorders, asthma, allergies, etc., in relatives or siblings.

I recommend AGAINST seeking medical exemptions at this time because most people won't need one. The grandfathering clause and having an IEP are guarantees. A medical exemption can be challenged. You are much better off sticking to the law and following it's guidelines. I don't see any benefit in trying to secure a medical exemption right now years before you may need one. They are not going to take that right away. If they do, then all medical exemptions would be null and void regardless of when you got them. Getting one now wouldn't help you. I urge people to not overload the system with medical exemptions now. Wait until your grandfathering time has run out. Let those who really need one get one for the next school year.
Here are some of the circumstances which might prompt a doctor to grant a legitimate exemption for a child or family:
A child with a severe vaccine reaction already.
Siblings of a child who had a severe reaction.
Children of a parent who had a severe reaction.
More distant relatives with a severe reaction. Reactions that occur in grandparents, aunts and uncles, or cousins are less of a concern as the genetic risks are not as closely shared. However, parents can and should discuss this with their physician.
Current severe medical conditions or chronic conditions. Children with any chronic medical condition or temporary moderate to severe condition can discuss with a doctor whether or not that condition warrants temporary or permanent exemption.
Family history of severe medical conditions. There is a growing body of research which is finding a small link between vaccination and increased risk of autoimmune disease. Families with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, and other autoimmune conditions can discuss exemptions. Families with neurodevelopmental or psychiatric conditions can also discuss this with their doctor. The greater the number of familial diseases, and the closer in the family they occur to the child in question, the more likely is the need to consider exemption.
Autism in the family. Despite the lack of published mainstream evidence of a connection between vaccines and autism, many families will consider seeking exemptions for a child with autism and the rest of their children. Autism in more distant relatives would be less of a concern for a baby but can be considered.
Other learning and behavioral disorders in the family. Disorders that are less severe than autism, such as ADHD, ODD, and others, are less of a concern but warrant consideration by families and their doctors.
Allergies in the family. This is perhaps one of the most common disorders for which families may try to get a medical exemption. If a family's challenges are significant, such as multiple close family members with asthma, eczema, and life-threatening food allergies, consideration for exemption could be valid. Yet, some may go a little overboard, such as having a second cousin with asthma, or having a child who is "sensitive" to sugar.
Genetic abnormalities in a family. There is a growing trend to perform genetic testing on families to evaluate current medical problems and to predict future health risks. Some have theorized that genetic defects that impair detoxification and antioxidant function in the body may increase the risk of severe vaccine reactions. It is important to know that no research has yet been done to determine if this is true. One particular gene variation which exists in most families with autism is called the MTHFR gene, and many such families believe this gene defect warrants medical exemption from vaccines. Until research supports this theory, this couldn't be used as a definite reason for exemption. Doctors certainly have the right to consider anything they want to. But I can't find any medical justification for this yet.
It is not my intention to claim that the above scenarios all deserve a medical exemption from vaccines. I simply list the most common reasons that patients have discussed with me and opinions that various colleagues have shared with me. This issue has not yet been sorted out by research.
In California, no specific form exists at this time; the exemption is simply a letter from the doctor. Parents will submit it to the school, and the school administrator will determine whether or not the letter meets the legal guidelines of the state. Since very few school administrators have the medical expertise to understand or contradict a medical doctor's opinion on this, it is likely that most such letters will be accepted. If the letter is not accepted, parents may attempt to enroll the child into another school where the school staff are more understanding. For example, standard public schools will likely be more strict than charter public schools or small private schools.
Bottom line, it is imperative that all families and doctors operate within the guidelines of the law and the standard of medical care. I would say that at this time there is no certain medical standard of care on this issue. That will evolve over time. We can all work together on this. There's no reason whatsoever to go outside of the law, no matter how angry you are.

Laura Hayes


Someone will be contacting me tonight with ideas for you. I will share them here once I receive them.




I found this website:

The comment section is still open, maybe you could leave a comment asking for advice about the vaccine situation in Brazil, or look at the links in the comments and in the margins.

Laura Hayes

Hello Adriana,

I am very sorry to hear of your troubles protecting your children from vaccine harm. Unfortunately, I don't know what help might be available to you in Brazil. I am in contact with a number of doctors who do not support mandated or forced vaccination. I will ask them if they have any contacts in Brazil, and if they know of any way to help you. I will report back to you in this comments section.

Laura Hayes

adriana melão

I am a brazilian mother living underpression about heath company beecause they want forced me vaccinate my kids, so I dont want, please help what to do for the gorvernment no send me to jail? I will fight forever but I ´ll not give my kids to then to vaccinate with toxins.
waiting for your message thanks

Jeannette Bishop


Whomever is profiting from the diseases or chronic health problems vaccinations (and other pollution exposures that are difficult to avoid) create more than the actual disease morbidity these exposures actually prevent. Since we don't have good data on either side of the equation, but some very troubling health results in our highly vaccinated population with the highest "healthcare" expenditures in the world and uncompetitive results compared to many more restrained nations in regards to vaccination, I think a better question might be, why don't we have good data, especially on the risk side where high quality retrospective evaluations certainly would be feasible, not to mention necessary to avoid acting in a state of human experimentation?


Yes, keep fighting on. Today I read another article that stated the obvious. If pharmaceutical companies really wanted to help humanity they would work at finding great treatments for illnesses rather than promoting vaccines. What has come out of this sad but one sided debate is that most people, including children, have no problem with these so called vaccine preventable diseases but there are vulnerable people in the population. Rather than inoculating every single person to prevent those few people from getting deathly ill why doesn't our government and their drug arm find a way of treating these diseases so they don't have to inoculate everyone. Let's find a way of treating measles and putting the research into that rather than the research into figuring out how to get the needle in everyone from cradle to grave.

cia parker

There is no allopathic treatment for most of the VPDs, so there is no money to be made off their effective treatment. Of course ineffective treatments can be and are peddled, but since they're ineffective, a lot of people don't even ask for them. There are BILLIONS of dollars for the vaccine companies in pawning a large number of vaccines off on every person in the world, even though very few would ever get a bad case of any VPD. And then of course we have more billions to be had in peddling purported remedies for all the autoimmune diseases caused by vaccines. I fear your asking such a question is disingenuous.


Jeannette Bishop,
Please explain.
Who is profiting by promoting vaccines, profiting more from vaccines than by treating the illnesses they prevent?


Although accurate, there is no hope of change in sight.

Kathy Sincere

Thank you, Laura for this great post. Your analogy of vaccine trafficking to human trafficking is spot on! My whole family have been victims of vaccine trafficking also. My oldest adult son with autism, my three other children vaccine injured. Keep writing, keep speaking, keep educating!
I use much information from your posts and AoA to inform lawmakers here in Colorado. Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice had a great victory in defeating most of HB1288 last year; can you believe they are thinking of introducing ANOTHER ONE this year. We will be on it like pitbulls. Everyone in this movement - everyone - needs to take off the gloves and get in this fight. The other side is nasty and it needs to bounce off us and go back to them.

Jeannette Bishop

It is engaging in the practice of slavery to deceive or force (or foster the conditions for others to deceive and/or force) one into chronic ill health through environmental exposure, and then machinate to control what constitutes care and treatment of the effects for one's own profit. The victim pays in time, energy, and sometimes years of life lost, and anyone affected, those paying for the care, those who lose quality of life, those suffering watching loved ones suffer are also essentially enslaved.

Infants and elderly--the silent victims


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