CNN Covers Measles Vaccine Debate with Celine Gounder and Rebecca Estepp
Rand Paul on Vaccine Choice "Parents Should Have Input, It's An Issue of Freedom"

The New York Times Emotes, The President Endorses MMR Safety, But No Mention of the CDC Whistleblower

By John Stone  Obama looking down

There is a feeling in the air rather like the last days of the Warsaw Pact and the Fall of the Berlin Wall.  When the President of the United States is called upon to endorse the safety of a vaccine its days are surely numbered.  The rhetoric is getting shrill, not to mention silly. The New York Times produces a corny video with the rubric: "How did we get to this point where personal belief is more powerful than science?"   The US nation is apparently being brought to its knees by a few cases of measles. As reports escalate  the official record MMWR so far reveal only one case nationally last week and only nine so far for the year. So, which figures are right? The only thing certain is the extraordinary and crude propaganda campaign mounted on the back of alleged cases reported at DisneyLand. Even if the reports can ever be shown to be well founded the exhibition and the rhetoric are way out of proportion.

The problem is, of course, that it is not science at all but the policy of the pharmaceutical government complex trying shut down, shut up and shut out ever increasing dissent over the safety and effectiveness of it products. The only way they maintain credibility for the policy is by a strategy of repression, but the policy is no more scientific than socialism was “scientific” in the former Soviet Union, and by now the New York Times and the Washington Post (not to mention the LA Times) look as credible as Izvestia and Pravda. If you cannot listen to ordinary citizens who tell you that the products are causing harm then you are actively suppressing the evidence and engaging in an act of social intimidation.

Brian Deer B&WMeanwhile the Times wheels out the usual barrel organ refrain about “a single discredited paper”. The paper, of course, never purported to show that MMR caused autism, the findings against the paper’s authors  by the United Kingdom General Medical Council were long ago shown to be erroneous in a High Court judgment exonerating its senior author and clinician John Walker-Smith. The claim that lead author Andrew Wakefield in any way tampered with the biopsy results has been disputed and disproven by his co-authors. The GMC findings which were always corrupt and incompetent now only stand in a time-warp created by our health officials and the media. However threadbare and implausible it looks they keep on trundling it out as their main line of defence. At the same time the original author of the allegations, Sunday Times “journalist” Brian Deer makes ever more eccentric guest appearances in blogs across the web trying to get people to listen to his story.

What of course all these former new outlets have failed to report over the last several months is the readiness of the CDC whistleblower William Thompson to testify before Congress how the CDC massaged data to hide autism among Afro-American children who had received MMR vaccine before the age of three. They know this, and President Obama, who went on the air also yesterday to say the science “is pretty indisputable”, presumably knows it too (or his advisors are deliberately keeping him in the dark). Age of Autism has unfortunately been unable to confirm rumours that Thompson has now received legal immunity from prosecution for his evidence, but if he has it would certainly explain the present level of government  and bought-out media hysteria.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.



It's a shame President Obama, in a position of power, has stood by and said nothing as US children are vaccinated with chemicals that have known side effects that cause "seizures" and "autism."

david m burd


First, you do give us terrific insights, thanks. Second, as to your time-honored comment "actions speak louder than words:"

Very few actually do that, Ralph Nader comes to mind - as opposed to so many elected leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, or Pres. Obama who set records every day ceaselessly flying giant jets/retinues around the planet (or just a couple hundred miles!) while espousing hypocritical alarms about "carbon footprints."

As to the Vaccine World, unfortunately and catastrophically, Bill and Melinda Gates DO finance action to back up their words with many $billions for toxic vaccines, as they are totally in the tank with WHO and CDC, after being guided for many years by the past head of CDC, Helene Gayle, an ardent promotor of all vaccines (then, there is her treachery regards South African Pres. Thabo Mbeki back in 2000 - another story, sorry! But it attests to the completely corrupted CDC mentality).

John Stone

Thanks Jim,

Just to note that although the charges against Simon Murch were virtually identical with those against John Walker-Smith he didn't appeal because they let him off with a warning. So, as with Andy all these impossible findings of the GMC technically stand today, although long disproven.

Jim Moody

All good John, as usual. When Obama says MMR is 'safe,' he is simply lying, is anti-science, and anti-law, I guess neither of which is much of a surprise by now. :-(. 'Safe' is of course a relative word, but you have to have both sides of the "safety" equation to be ethical, safe compared to what? Without baseline data on the health of the unvaccinated, such a 'safe' claim is of course impossible. And, so says the science, the Cochrane Collaboration, the UK equivalent of the IOM. Their 2012 update to 2004 findings says in the abstract:
Exposure to the MMR vaccine was UNLIKELY to be associated with AUTISM, asthma, leukaemia, hay fever, type 1 diabetes, gait disturbance, Crohn’s disease, demyelinating diseases, bacterial or viral infections.


The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are LARGELY INADEQUATE.

Although the full article recommends further research, it does say that MMR vaccination should continue. At the very minimum, pediatricians and Obama should be honest about the limitation.

Obama should also be honest about what the law says about MMR. Even the miserably ineffectual vicp has managed to pay 367 of 890 claims (including claims for 57 deaths) petitions, the third most compensated vaccine after DTP and flu. Add another 55 (of 143 claims) for measles. Some of these, e.g. Hyatt and Poling (multiples) incdlude autism. Rock star investigate journalist Sheryl Attkisson got HRSA to admit:
"We have compensated cases in
which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures." Does Obama know this or will he have to find out by reading Age of Autism. :-).

Finally, the link to the UK High Court ruling trashing the GMC findings and exonerating Walker-Smith and Murch (Wakefield's doctor owned insurance company refused to fund his appeal): [July 7, 2012].

Obama, tell the truth!


How do we continue to allow the tossing of scientists into the "quack pile" if they dare take an educated stand against the pharmaceuticals? I listened tonight to this presentation, found it sensible and scientific, yet in the second it took to google her I found her labeled as a "quack". These are possibly the most educated among us. Why won't they get the respect they deserve.

I am guessing the whistleblower isn't coming forward, his position has been snuffed by the weakest of explanations, and most are fine with it.

Julie Penny

Is it just my computer but are others having problems when you click on certain parts of John's article. For ex., when you click on the highlighted "...CDC Whistleblower William Thompson to testify before Congress..." (re. how the CDC massaged the data) you expect that will be the topic the link would take you to--his willingness to testify. Instead, it takes you to Sharyl Attkisson's site and her interview with Destefano, etc.) Or, when you click the highlighted: " hide autism among Afro-American children..." (who received the MMR vaccine before age three) you get Pres. Obama's interview with Savvanah Guthrie in which he declares: "You should get your kids vaccinated." Surely, Mr. Stone was linking us to the AoA coverage re Thompson and how the CDC researchers fudged the findings. It seems they are sabotaging AoA's efforts to get the information out by screwing up the links.


Cochrane Collaboration published Feb 2012:

"The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate. The evidence of adverse events following immunisation with the MMR vaccine cannot be separated from its role in preventing the target diseases."


"OMG, NYT is made up of all pHarma people."

Yeah, and guess who's funding many of our political figures' campaigns...hence, their agendas? Care to take a wild guess?

Danchi's correct. Vaccines, which is a part of big pharma propaganda, is a POLITICAL issue, NOT a medical issue. Politicians are about NUMBERS and VOTES...period.

Neither Rand Paul, nor Gov. Christie are the autism movement's next Moses. They are political figures, trained by trade to pump up the latest political flavor of the week to suit their agendas.

I don't need a bunch of rebuttals to the above (although feel free to add your .02 if you wish). I DO understand, really, why some of you are 'thanking' these two politicians.

But I would advise all here reading thru these comments to question why these political figures are now making these statements and delve a bit more into these two political figures' backgrounds a bit more before you start hitching your stars to their wagon posts.

One question I would ask Rand Paul, is the following:

Since he's NOW stating that he spread out vaccines for HIS kids and he did NOT give his kids the Hep B vaccine, why didn't he ever come out with this, prior to the time he made these statements the other day? This issue of vaccines and autism has been on the front burner for many of us for a long time, now.

So why is he NOW making these statements; that's a rhetorical statement, because, as with any and all political figures, they move to the drumbeat of the agendas of those they are beholden to.

Everyone is biased to a certain degree on any given subject. Every single one of us here is biased to a certain degree re vaccines, for obvious reasons.

I have a question for those of you supporting Paul and Christie (and I understand to a degree why you are)...but here's a question/statement:

I think I can state that for the most part, each and every one of us would like the AAP, the CDC and the medical cartel to quit beating around the bush with their half baked comments about disease and the issues with vaccines and just come out with the TRUTH, i.e., that vaccines have side effects, as proven through various UNBIASED research efforts and that vaccines can cause long term damage to children and adults, including death to some.

Isn't that what we'd like to see admitted here, at least in part (not to mention the other issues re exemptions, mandates, etc., so forth).

So - question. WHY is it, then, that when two political figures come out and speak out of two sides of their mouths re vaccines, do SOME of you then applaud the efforts and praise these two when they're doing nothing more than what others have been saying on the polar side of the fence?

Why is this acceptable to you? Not only are these two speaking out of both sides of their mouths (most especially Rand Paul), but their ACTIONS, in part, contradict some of what they're spouting.

I would suggest that if you want to hitch your star to another 'savior' of the day for our movement, that it be someone who has no ties whatsoever to politics, any sort of big pharma client, and has no agenda/bias whatsoever, other than ensuring the truth come out about this entire issue, no matter where it leads or who it takes down in the process.

I've always said within some of my comments here that if the other camp should PROVE to me through validated, unbiased scientific research that vaccines have saved lives and have definite benefits over risks, they'd win me over to their side.

I've not seen that research to-date, so that hasn't happened yet. Still waiting...

But I would beg those of you who now want to grab at the cookie crumbs these two political figures have just thrown to you (and make no mistake that's what this is), to rethink your position on supporting ANY political figure based on so many WORDS and NO ACTION.

Actions speak louder than words. Never, ever put anyone up on a pedestal - I don't care who it is. Be leery of any political figure who makes certain statements in order to garner more votes for his/her agenda.

Perhaps some of these political figures started out in their time/day with a fairly decent heart, really wanting to do 'right' for their constituents. But mark my words, if you want to stay viable and in the running in political circles, you have to learn fairly quickly who calls the shots and whose agendas you are REALLY working for if you want to stay in the game.

You are woefully naive if you don't believe the above. I say this because I, too, was once completely, helplessly naive at one point with all of this. There's not enough typing space here to go into all of that. Suffice to say I had to learn the hard way about putting people on pedestals (no one is perfect, you'll always be let down) and not understanding how the political game is played.

CNN's pulling out all the stops

OMG, NYT is made up of all pHarma people.


The board of directors at NYT;
Raul E. Cesan he became president of Schering Laboratories, the U.S. pharmaceutical marketing arm, and in 1994, became president of Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals. (Im sure he still owns stock in pharmacuticals)

Ellen R. Marram
Ms. Marram also serves on the board of directors of the Ford Motor Company and Eli Lilly and Company. [Eli Lilly is the makers of thimerosal]

William E. Kennard
Mr. Kennard joined The Carlyle Group, a private equity firm, in May 2001 as a managing director in the global telecommunications and media group.

Henry B. Schacht
Mr. Schacht also serves on the boards of Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America), Johnson & Johnson and Lucent Technologies Inc.[Johnson & Johnson is one of the compaines that makes rhogam that injected pregnant women with mercury/thimerosal]

Cathy J. Sulzberger
She was also an editor of Consumer Drug: Digest: American Society of Hospital Pharmacists and Medication Teaching Manual: National Association of Retail Druggist, and a Consumer Editor of the Journal of the National Association of Retail Druggists.

John Stone


There may be no precise analogy but the crudity, the ruthlessness, the indifference to truth are reminiscent.


John said, "These journalists would make good Nazis." And we who bare witness, are the Jews.

R Caruana

a) 9/11 and the controlled demolition of Building -7
see for more details..
b) The TWA-800 plane crash in 1996 with 200 witnesses denied to have their testimony recorded... a CIA/FBI and NTSB COVER-UP
c) the coverup by the FDA and Big Pharma of Anti-Neoplastons CANCER TREATMENT made and patented by Dr Burzynski of Texas USA.
What now FREE ENERGY (Hydrogen from water) and VACCINES are now entering the SPOT-LIGHT ( who knows if vaccines contain mercury ? ) Glaxo-Smith-Kline were successfully sued for over two million dollars for FRAUD and they make vaccines for our children.

david m burd

John Stone, Your reply was right on. What makes Ron Paul different is he is not afraid to speak his experienced opinion, DESPITE being (vainly) brainwashed by American Med Schools over the last many decades.

Dr. Ron Paul is the exception: For instance, Senator Frist was but a shill for Big Pharma.

This battle is to the death --- .

david m burd


I seriously doubt if President Obama has taken the time to research vaccines or any drug. That's what he has a staff for. The staff will be influenced by the Democratic Party whose membership are among those receiving financial largeness from the pharmaceutical companies. One individual comes to mind immediately is Retired Senator Henry Waxman. If ever there was a pharma pimp. Obama has enough trouble getting the Democratics together on policies he's most likely been convinced by his aids this is a no brainier and the majority of the country will be behind him.

The flip side is, since President Obama said people should get the MMR, all those groups that despise him: birthers, tea party members, the republican party, red necks, racist and overall haters will defy him because anything he says to do-they do the opposite. So maybe there will be more people not getting the shot simply because the President said to do it.

John Stone


It is appalling the way politicians always defer to health officials even when the officials are blatantly pulling the wool. Of course, Obama covered himself with the word "pretty" but he must surely know about Thompson, and if he had half a conscience he would be deeply troubled.

In the UK we even now have a law on the statute book commanding the Secretary of State for Health to act on the advice of our Joint Committtee on Vaccination and Immunistion. The law itself is probably illegal but it came into effect on the 1 April 2009.

david m burd

Let's be clear: Presidents are NEVER self-educated on health issues. Instead they go to the foxes of CDC and NIH to ask their advice on guarding American chickens - and then they stupidly repeat what they've told (or have been 'paid' to say).

Also, this has applied to all of American Surgeon Generals who just parrot what the CDC Nazis tell them to say, not only about immunizations but also the humongous fraud of Hiv and AIDS (let me tip my hat to Bayareamom on this topic), and the list goes on.

david m burd

John Stone


Absolutely agree. Nothing makes me more angry than to watch our "Western" politicians parade their enlightened humanity. A friend sent me a quote from Mahatma Ghandi today (I hope genuine). Interviewer asks Ghandi what he thinks of Western Civilization. Ghandi replies "I think it would be a good idea". What we are watching over the vaccine program at the moment is as ruthless as it is mindless. These journalists would make good Nazis. Obama ought to know better.

Heh heh

Orac & the Scienceblogs gang are losing their shit that people are starting to speak out honestly on this. How dare people speak honestly. Orac & all the medical nazis will lose their funding source!


Great pieces these last few weeks, John. Keep the red-hot poker to their collective behinds.

Finally, the social media-comment threads-blogosphere appear to have partially wrested the discussion from conventional media and forced the largely cognitively dissonant to refocus on the issues at hand.

It has been calculated that approximately 1/4 Million additional African American children contracted autism since the fraudulent CDC 2003 vaccine-risk studies referred to in the Aug 2014 CDC-whistleblower revelations. To put just the African American autism burden over the last decade into perspective, that is more than the US casualties for the entire Vietnam War.

A quarter million additional US casualties were incurred because, to do otherwise, would both harm the bottom line and hamper the publication process.

There's your lead in for 'US Black History Month'.

Two hundred and fifty thousand additional children...a quarter of a million additional children. And that is on top of the untold thousands (probably millions) of families whose kids and lives were also irretrievably altered by the relentless push for profits at the expense of 'the innocents' to secure an illusory greater good these last several decades.

That's what your inattentive US government, global health industry, corrupt medical & elected officials, and largely willfully ignorant public gave the African American community (as well as the rest of the global population) over the last 10 years in return for votes and trust in a system that has systematically failed them, yet again.

While the events of Ferguson or Syria may be visually seared into our collective consciousness, what has taken place in the doctor's offices, CDC labs, perverse vaccination policies, mainstream media, and corporate boardrooms is even more tragic and malevolent.

Concerned momma

This President is being willfully ignorant. He, like Bill Gates must know that there are very grave concerns with the vaccine program, especially now that a senior CDC whistleblower has come forward.

Infants and elderly--the silent victims

I called my congressman and asked him to call poseys office and learn about this. I said if a dr gave my child a banana and he reacted badly I would stop giving him bananas and research them. If I then found out they had aluminu , mercury, MSG, animal cells, human DNA, etc I would feel it my ethical duty to demand safer bananas and ask that the toxins be studied and children vulnerable to the toxins be warned. I then asked my congressmans office to contact Bill Posey so that the democrats don't end up blamed for this bipartisan tragic mistake and lose the next 50 years of elections. That got their attention. I was treated respectfully.
Call your state and federal legislators. Tell the staff your story . Be amazed the have never heard of the cdc whistleblower.
And @John awesome synopsis of American medicine right before it's epic fail
And @Eileen thanks for talking about the dangers of cord clamping. It makes sense to me.

Sandy Gottstein

Indeed. Too bad the talking empty heads have lost the ability to question or investigate.

John Stone

Thanks Sandy - of course they have much more reason to lie to the media than they do on MMWR. If the cases start turning up on MMWR they will simply destroy the credibility of that. And it just repeats the same bogus exercise that we had in the UK two years ago where the media reports in no way tallied with the officially published data but we had a three month media campaign with Offit calling for compulsory vaccination.

And note that the LA Times was already belly-aching before Christmas about the "discredited study".

Sandy Gottstein

The "experts" and other talking empty heads might not understand that measles vaccine can be dangerous, but the vaccine manufacturer(s) of it apparently do:

Be sure to scroll down to near bottom, as there are ads that make it seem you have reached the end.

Sandy Gottstein

I should have mentioned that there are only nine reports going back to the week ending 11-29-14. That's nine total in two months.

Sandy Gottstein

Perfectly said, John.

As it turns out, there are only between 2-4 measles cases that are being reported on the CDC's MMWR morbidity and mortality weekly report for 2015. (The difference is where in week 53 two of the cases fell; was it December or January?)

Here's a link to those reports:


Thanks John-

The "anti-vax" label is theatre. I am in no way opposed to anyone vaccinating the ever loving living piss out of themselves or their own kids- have at it! So no vaccine opposition here.

The scorching media blow back I think may be due to the huge twitter CDC whistle blower and Hear this now campaigns. The fascists seek to intimidate, but perhaps they are the ones who are scared, eh?

Talking points: Dr. Poland at May Clinic on Re-Emergence of Vaccines in Developed Countries.

Merck in federal court over allegations that mumps safety and efficacy overstated.

Dr Poul Thorsen.

Vaccine Injury Act of 1986- the existence of this program is a problem to those who say vaccines are safe.

Bernadine Healy CBS Evening News 2008. One size fits all vaccine schedule is medically indefensible.

Don't forget SV 40 in polio.

Fact is- no one is in charge if US vaccine policy, there is no federal "cop" on the vaccine safety beat.

All the publicity is good publicity. I am looking forward to the debate about whether America is a land that criminalizes informed medical consent.

Who is William Thompson ?

Gerry Gillung - You are right .

I read this morning 1.6M Germans are on Valium .
2% of the total population are valium prescription junkies.
That doesnt count all the other medicines .

Pharma is going to take a lot of shifting out of this position .

The news at the moment is meant to be very scary .
We have wounded a vicious animal , and that animal is trying to scare us off from the final kill .

Gerry  Gillung

The propaganda on the news outlets is very scary. I heard a so-called discussion on Morning Joe this morning that nearly frightened me out of my wits. This measles scare is causing otherwise rational people to take leave of their senses. Seems like unvaccinated kids are to be treated like lepers were in days gone by. Americans are so easily manipulated. They cannot think for themselves. I can't believe that people are talking about suspending the Constitution over a mild childhood illness like measles, which in my day, every kid got and most recovered from without difficulty.
I think that we are witnessing the power of the AMA over our entire society. They sold their soul to the devil when they hooked up with Big Pharma. I see it all the time, not just with vaccines but with cancer treatments and other medical treatments. Just try questioning a doctor or a medical treatment, or better yet refusing a medical treatment aka a pharma can't find anyone, even a dentist who will treat you. The medical mafia has control over our lives and it is most harmful to children and seniors, whose bodies are too frail to withstand their poisons. I am a senior who is watching family and friends drop like flies due to medical practices that are toxic.....and all synthetic drugs are TOXIC. They must be used with extreme caution.
So this assault on our freedom to choose what medical treatments we want for ourselves and our families is frightening. The hyped-up rhetoric and the verbal assaults on the unvaccinated must stop. When and where will it stop?

Who is William Thompson ?

"With all due respect Mr President,"

Sorry but why any "respect" .
I have a vaccine damaged child at home that

1. demands that I no longer respect any authority because they have lied , thieved & maimed .
2. That I show courage in the face of overwhelming opposition no matter what the consequences .

give me a thousand parents with this level of committment , and its game over .
Do you know , I think there might be 100,000 of us now . LOL

Eileen Nicole Simon

Personal beliefs (freedom) must remain more powerful than "science" (authority). Dissent deserves discussion (democracy).

Evidence has been available for more than 50 years of brain damage responsible for "delayed" development. Efforts to discuss this evidence have been pointedly ignored (fascism).

I contacted President Obama a little over a year ago about an obstetric procedure that clearly constitutes malpractice (clamping the umbilical cord before the first breath). In his form-letter response President Obama informed me he is doing everything possible to “level the playing field” for all people with disabilities, including autism. Really??? Would he ever take time to engage in discussions with parents about the increase in numbers of children with autism?


John, great piece, but don't kid yourself; the President knows. It's also fitting that he was discussing ISIS and the measles 'hype' in the same interview. Some say pulling out of Iraq the way he did was his greatest blunder, that led to the creation of ISIS. I think this will be overtaken, and time will show his handling of the autism epidemic as his greatest blunder.

Karen Woytowitz

So a senior scientist at the CDC comes forth with allegations of data manipulation in a study concerning the MMR vaccine and timing of it in relation to development of autism. Where is the uproar in Congress? Is this not at least as important of an issue as a national security threat? In fact, it is a national security issue. With 1 in 5 children between the ages of 3 and 17 now diagnosed with a mental disorder (the CDC's numbers so it is likely a conservative estimate), how can this be anything but a tragedy unfolding, and an obvious threat to national security? And we are panicking over the Measles? The only thing I can figure out is there are things happening in Congress that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

With all due respect Mr President, what are your qualifications to determine whether adequately designed and controlled (yes, read vaccinated vs non-vaccinated) studies are in place to assess the short AND long term safety of vaccines? Do you know about William Thompson's allegation's and willingness to testify?

Who is William Thompson ?

Repression - couldnt put it better myself John .

The US media should for the fine example set by the state provider here in the UK , the BBC .

Total silence , total state censorship .

The William Thompson story broke in August 2014
It is now Feb 2015 .

There is no mention of that mans name anywhere on the BBC website .

I have complained to the BBC everyday for the last 6 months - so that cannot plead ignorance .


Bob Moffitt

I am very encouraged that the subject of who decides what vaccines a child receives .. the child's parents .. or .. the State elected representatives wherein that particular child resides .. is receiving both .. national "media and political" attention.

Why is it okay for individual State's .. or .. even foreign countries .. to disagree on what vaccines are so critical to protecting the health of children .. but .. parents not?

Not surprisingly .. those promoting the State's right to make the decision predictably ... and .. continuously .. raise the "bloody shirts" of Dr. Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy .. institutional symbols meant to "demonize" all parents .. for exercising their parental informed consent rights.

Hopefully, the "walls" are beginning to crumble ....

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