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Statement from Rep Norm Johnson Apologizing for Off The Cuff Remark RE Vaccine Injury

Rep Norm JohnsonFeb. 19, 2015

Statement from Rep. Norm Johnson regarding his comments in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee on Feb 18, 2015:

“My off the cuff remark in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee was inappropriate and a poor attempt at banter. I understand why my words are hurtful to people who care passionately about this issue. All I can say at this point is that I am deeply sorry.”

Thank you, Representative Johnson. We hope you will listen to your constituents as they share their painful experience with vaccine injury and the need for retaining the liberty of personal medical rights, and oppose HB2009.


Rita Palma

What's most disgusting about this are those who chuckle around him. Disgraceful, heartless and unconscionable.
His apology is empty. He was caught; his statement was forced and probably written by his communications director.

Angus Files

Send him a few of the soiled nappies from our adult children ...make him smell the sh-one-t


Tammi Halvorson

I think it is time to get "passionate" about demanding his resignation.

Tami G

Hi all, Please stop calling Representative Johnson's office. Instead, if you would be willing to send him and any others in the House of Representatives information explaining why personal exemptions MUST be maintained, please send them a nice letter. If you are in WA state, please make a phone or in-person appt with your lawmakers. Thank you, Daniel's mom

Judy Fenton

The House Health Care and Wellness Committee had just held a public hearing for HB 2009 the day before, to remove the Personal or Philosophical Exemption. They heard 4 bills from 8am-10am and took a break during that time. There was a room packed full of parents who came to testify against the bill, but they decided they only had time to hear a few people testify because they needed to cut it off at 10:00 a.m. I think Rep. Johnson should also apologize for his mocking laughter and his poor use of time, disallowing so many who had come to the Olympia to testify, because the Committee felt they didn't have time to hear everyone.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I wonder how many people saw the video. I think we should try to make it go viral. Jenny Allen, thank you, you are so right. I am "passionate" about brain injury. I have a brain injured adult son (childhood brain tumor survivor,) a brain injured brother (auto accident,) and a brain injured grandson (vaccine injury/regressive autism.) The man should resign is right.

Jenny Allan

Rep Norman Johnson:- "I understand why my words are hurtful to people who care passionately about this issue."

So he is ONLY apologising to 'people who care passionately' about brain damage, whether or not caused by vaccine damage. It goes without saying that parents of brain damaged children 'care passionately' about about brain damage and its causes.

By effectively making fun of persons with brain damage, Rep Norm Johnson has insulted a section of the community, which should instead be treated with compassion, understanding and sensitivity, and this should be reflected in any public comments made by political representatives. I note Rep Johnson is a member of the "House Health Care and Wellness Committee".

Surely there should be no place on this Committee for such an ignorant, boorish, insensitive individual? He has apologised only because his ill considered and insulting remarks have provoked a public outcry.
He should resign.


My thought exactly. Notice how the word "passionate" has become kind of a put-down? I sure have. It's always applied to people who are concerned about things like vaccines, fluoridation, smart meters...never to Senators or Congress members.

Jenny Webster

"people who care passionately about this issue"
He still can't admit vaccine injury is real. Eff that guy.

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