"There's no harm in getting another MMR vaccine." (Except Where the Packaging Urges Caution)
Dachel Media Update: President Tells Us To Get Vaxxed, Christie Suggests Choice is Option

Since When Did We Become So Afraid of the Measles?

Measles-feature-296x300By Lyn Redwood

I’ve blogged about the one-sided and exaggerated media coverage of the measles before. My colleagues and I are used to name-calling. But the hate circulating on the Internet and in mainstream newspapers about measles this week has escalated so much that even I am in shock.

In case you missed it, there is an article in USA Today claiming that non-vaccinating parents should be jailed and a Forbes opinion piece suggesting lawyers should sue parents whose children are not vaccinated against the measles.

The mainstream is actually endorsing and promoting the idea that we should put parents in jail, take their children away from them, and vaccinate the children against their parents’ best judgment. In America, not Stalin’s Soviet Union.  Read the full article at Safeminds.org.



Why aren't our health departments suggesting homeoprophylaxis?


Heather M.S.

My son, who developed encephalopathy from a cocktail of vaccines including the MMR at 15 months had developed a vaccine-induced case of chickenpox from the varicella vaccine at 12 months. It's maddening to hear the MSM repeat over and over that the MMR has "No side effects" and "there's no reason not to get the shot". In another interview, an MD said "children medically cleared for the MMR should get the shot" I laughed out loud. The medical community is so overly vapid trying to stick needles in our kids. With rare exceptions of the good docs, is not a process medical clearance. When I told my son's pediatrician about the varicella concerns along with the serious allergies he was experiencing, I was treated like an idiot. I really regret letting them inject my son with the cocktail of vaccines that has left him brain damaged, among other issues like pituitary dwarfism.
On his 4th birthday the pediatrician wanted give my son the MMR booster (and another cocktail of vaccines). But I thank God just that morning I read something in the paper about RFK Jr.'s Rolling Stone article. I told the doctor, "I'm going to wait on those boosters and do some research". Well, I've been researching for almost a decade (with an education and industry experience in medical product efficacy and safety), and imho and as the guardian of my child's health and illness, the science on vaccine safety is incomplete.

Concerned momma

Answer: since the pharma nazis decided we should be and they enlisted the help of the media including endeavours like "science"blogs.
Thanks for the info about Dr. Thompson having official whistleblower status.

cia parker

Who is William Thompson,
It's even worse than hg-genocide, it's vaccine encephalitis-cide. And absolutely, this is a crisis like the world has never seen, I don't know what's going to happen when everyone is apprised of the truth and can no longer deny it. I guess we'll just have to put our goals for world economic and technical progress on hold for a century, until the millions of autistic people in the world die, since their care and punitive damages for the crime committed against them are going to soak up every available penny and a lot more besides.


Each time you expose a child to a disease their chances of contracting it go UP! I think the woman currently depicted "everywhere", with her child who "may" get measles, is insane. She fears for her older child, who is weakened from chemo, yet SHE REFUSES to isolate the sick one.The well child should be at grandma's, this is STUPID!

cia parker

I had Proponent yesterday threatening to call Child Protection Services down upon my head because I commented AGAINST the measles vaccine and said I hoped C got it (I, of course, had it when I was six, so will remain well when I nurse her at that time). I responded to him with snarky rage, and pointed out that 48 states offer a personal exemption, either philosophical or religious, or both, and that since the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision last summer, states that offer the religious exemption (nearly all of them) cannot quibble about the sincerity of any parent that assert it, cannot play "religious police."

They're panicking because they know they're losing the game, and that once large numbers of parents see how relatively mild measles nearly always is, they will realize that getting measles is MUCH better than getting the many kinds of damage possible from the vaccine. So they HAVE to crack down now, before the truth seeps out and changes the game for good.

Who is William Thompson ?

William Thompson granted whistleblower status and immunity.


UPDATE 02/01/2015: Sources have confirmed that Dr. William Thompson (senior scientist at The CDC) has been granted Official Whistleblower Status and immunity. This paves the way for Dr. William Thompson to go before the United States Congress and testify about the CDC FRAUD regarding vaccine safety and to explain the thousands of documents that have been turned over to congressional representatives.

Who is William Thompson ?

The legend Liz Birt suggested in 2005 (10 years ago) that there were 5M autistic children in China .

My worldwide estimate is that there is 40-50M autistic children now .

I know the US has 1.5M
The UK up to 1M

Even the little old Republic of Ireland has 100,000

This is Hg-enocide of biblical proportions
You can see why they are a little worried .


CNN is bad too. Erin Burnett who I used to listen to (past tense) has such an obvious bias. I went on her FB page and pointed out that some children a prone to severe adverse reaction. Immediately got attacked. Sometimes I feel like a lone sailor floating in a raft in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks

Who is William Thompson ?

introvert - I agree - very frightening .

Do you think we have them rattled ?



Who is William Thompson?
Add this to your list. These articles are from 2011 so I'm sure the rate is higher now. Any stats on China? They have a mandatory MMR requirement. According to a recent study their vaccination rate is 99% yet between 2009-2011 they had over 700 measles outbreaks. I wonder what the total vaccine damage is overall?

1 in 38 Schoolchildren Vaccinated for MEASLES Suffered AUTISM from MMR and other Vaccines After Mass Measles Vaccinations in South Korea - source: YALE MEDICAL SCHOOL





Who is William Thompson ?

Zed , work doesnt set you free . I'm not boarding any trains against my will to anywhere . And no I havent forgotten :

Msg for Melinda Gates , catholic , mother of 3 children , sponsor of the HPV vaccine and the rest.

I challenge you to ACTUALLY come and meet the Anti-Vax movement because we will shred your fake science arguments to pieces . You are blatantly lying .
Lets record the debate on video and upload it to HUFF post or YouTube or whatever you want .
You cannot come out of your burrow and meet us though , because you are holding a bag of lies .
We are educating ourselves , just like you pretend you want everyone to do , and guess what we find , we find that you are a damn liar , just like the vaccines you sponsor .

The HPV vaccine , really , come on , that exposes you as such downright fraud (Bernard D’Albergue) .
Come & meet the autistic children you damn criminal .
Lets talk about the Gardasil injuries .
Lets talk about the William Thompson cdc whistleblower
Lets talk about Maurice Hilleman SV40
Lets talk about Ebola Marburg
Lets talk about Aids
Lets talk about Poul Thoresen
Lets talk about Diane Harper
Lets talk about the Merck Mumps vaccine whistleblowers
Lets talk about your 3 childrens vaccine schedule Melinda (tell us Melinda?)
Lets talk about themiserol
Lets talk about the Chad 1000 meningitis C vaccine experiments
Lets talk about the 49,000 indian children left paralysed Melinda after your failed Polio vaccine
Lets talk about the Kenya Sterilisations via the tetanus vaccine (HCG) , Phillipines , Brazil , Africa Asia etc
Lets talk about the Aluminium adjuvant
Lets talk about the fomaldehyde
Lets talk about Polysorbate80 (a known sterilising agent)
Hell, Melinda , lets talk about the fluoridation of water supplies (the secret mass medication of millions)
Lets talk about Aspartame
Lets talk about Mercury Amalgams
Lets talk about Nssm200 Melinda
Lets talk about ZyklonB & IG Farben Melinda
Lets talk about Climate change , population control , birth control , human sterilisation , vaccination, culling the primitive populations , and the dumbass first world western masses
And then lets talk about the anti-vaccination movement (the only people who stand in your way – and understand what your plan is and what your motives are) .
Lets talk about Liz Birt and the vaccine monitoring db
Lets talk about Autism (& the suffering of millions of children caused by fraudulent vaccines)
Lets talk about the Nazis Melinda

Bet you don’t want to have any of these conversations Melinda


@ Who is WIlliam Thompson: did you forget about http://www.ageofautism.com/2014/04/dr-poul-thorsen-principal-investigator-on-the-danish-autism-studies-still-on-most-wanted-list.html ???


All this media hype is truly frightening. Have you seen that the Huff Post now has an entire page on vaccine propaganda?


Who is William Thompson ?

The rate of autism amongst the Somalian diasporo is 1 in 8 .
And I understand the rate amongst the Ugandan population of North Germany is 1 in 6 .

Vaccines cause Autism .


Who is William Thompson ?

Those of us on here who are confident we know the full truth of the vaccineLIE have been calling for the jailing of the guilty parties for quite sometime (Gerberding, Boyle , Offit etc) .

Its only natural they will respond in kind , their liberty , their wealth , their reputation , everything is on the line because of these words.

“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

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