Rand Paul on Vaccine Choice "Parents Should Have Input, It's An Issue of Freedom"
Thank You Senator Rand Paul and Governor Chris Christie

Senator Rand Paul's Kids Skipped Hepatitis B Vaccination: Should Yours?

Hep B Ad(Excerpted from Medium.com.)

Ian G
Ian G., Allergic to an Hep B Vaccine Ingredient. He died 7 weeks after dosage.

By J.B. Handley

Last night on CNBC, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) made it clear that vaccines should be a parents choice, that he spaced out shots for his own children (thereby not following our government’s Centers for Disease Control’s recommended timetable for vaccinating), and that his children specifically skipped or delayed the Hepatitis B vaccine.

For me, it was quite a shock to see his interview as I had just finished writing and posting a blog piece entitled, “An Angry Father’s Guide to the Measles Vaccine” and feeling a bit exposed about broadcasting my position to the world—when I see a sitting Senator saying many of the same things!

From CNBC:

Paul specifically took issue with the Hepatitis B vaccine being given to newborns, and the fact that multiple vaccines are given at the same time.

Senator Paul’s actual words:

The Hepatitis B vaccine is now given to newborns. We sometimes give 5 or 6 vaccines at one time. I chose to have mine delayed. I don’t want the government telling me I have to give my child Hepatitis B vaccine which is transmitted by sexually transmitted disease and/or blood transfusion. . . . I had mine staggered over several months. I’ve heard of many cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines. …I think they’re a good thing, but I think the parents should have some input. The state doesn’t own your children. The parents own the children and it is an issue of freedom.

Read the full post at Medium.com.



Maybe Senator Rand is intelligent enough to think there may be options out there if his child ever ran the risk of getting a hep b infection.


Maybe he's been with his wife long enough that they would have known already whether she was suffering from chronic hepatitis b by the time they got pregnant with their first child. Maybe he is secure in his marriage and doesn't think he wife has been cheating on him and doing it without protection.

Maybe he already knows that 50% of children (how many children get it to begin with in the U.S.?) and 90% of adults clear the viral infection on their own within 6 months and are no longer at risk from future infections http://www.hepb.org/hepb/statistics.htm .

If a woman has and clears an acute infection on her own prior to pregnancy, does she pass her natural immunity on to her baby? Would a titers test show this, and if yes should it be done on every woman as standard care during pregnancy?
If it's possible, it would certainly eliminate the false notion that babies need to be vaccinated at birth with a hep b shot in the U.S.

Rand must be comfortable that once his kids are adults, they are responsible for their own health. So knowing the real infection rates for sexually active teenagers is the only remaining serious concern. Maybe he knows that the vaccine is not even 100% effective by the time a young person becomes curious about trying sex or needle use street drugs.
Maybe he knows that no doctor would prevent him from having his child get the Hep B shot for middle schooler or highschooler - afterall, doctors ARE allowed to apply vaccines according to their own schedule.

And if those teen chronic heb b infection rates are really really low, and vaccine adverse events are really really high, let the adults get a shot if they feel it necessary.

Since so many other shots seem to give certain recipients the actually illness they are meant to prevent, what percentage of babies are testing positive for chronic hepatitis b AFTER getting the vaccine who wouldn't have gotten it otherwise? Does it exceed infant diagnosis for hep b contracted during pregnancy?

And in those infants, what were the demographics of the mother - is the mother a needle user/sharer or practicing unsafe sex?


why has your post on medium been deleted? i so appreciated your perspective, and wanted to look at your resources and links a bit deeper. can you direct me?


The fact that the Hep B vaccine is given at birth should be huge red flag for journalists since this vaccine is considered too dangerous for adults in France, markedly increases risk for MS, and has really no reason to be given to the vast majority of infants. This should be a tip off that decisions are being made that are medically extremely questionable. Also, I have no seen any mention of the fact that manufacturers are not liable. Why doesn't anyone mention this? (They haven't studied the facts.) Would you ride in an aircraft that the government had excused the maker from all liability? How about some canned food? Buy it-- but we are not responsible for any problems...Who would even buy a can of soup under those conditions? There is a natural link between quality and responsibility. To sever it, in this one instance, does put quality and of course safety in question.

david m burd

Eileen Nicole Simon,

You've been heroic including giving testimony at the IAAC (that you referenced).

Your experience is virtually 100% typical: Clearly and publicly show the lethal dangers of HepB vaccine (or other vaccines), then have your clear and compelling revelation be utterly ignored by the NIH/CDC goons - led by the despicable Tom Insel.


Thank you JB! Your post made me cry for I too gave vax to my son when he was sick and had recently had antibiotics. I often link your 14 studies website for people when they ask for scientific studies, but the pro-vaccine crowd has no inclination to read it or change their minds. Thank you for your passion and thank you for 10 yrs of Generation Rescue. (ASIJ '85)

Jeannette Bishop

re Hilary Clinton, I remember someone here saying that about the only part of "Hilary Care" that was enacted was more vaccine requirements(?) or funding for infants? Maybe someone can re-explain?

I suspect politically she may be one (of many probably) who will particularly not want to see any reporting of CDC vaccine fraud or understanding of the plethora of vaccine concerns and and known risks to go viral at this time.


In Canada hep B vaccine is not recommended en masse for hour old infants. Thank God. There may be something like 2 territories that recommend it.


Vaccines are political, not medical. Paul is a flake. His convictions are guided by which way the dollar signs flow.


Thanks for the Tweet from Hillary, Who is...

Good to know.
Last thing we need is a simpleton for president.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Hep B at birth is dangerous. The blood-brain barrier is susceptible to damage if a baby does not breathe immediately after the umbilical cord is clamped. I pointed this out at the IACC meeting back in November 2008.

See slide 7 at http://iacc.hhs.gov/events/2008/slides_eileen_simon_112108.pdf

Similar damage was caused in many cases by synthetic vitamin K during the years 1940-1961. For the best discussion of this lookup the papers on errors in neonatology by AF Robertson in PubMed. All three (published in 2003) can be downloaded without charge.

John Stone

"Who is William Thompson?"

Yes, cynical false analogy from Hilary there, and the standard strategy of "quack-busting" trolls.


I won't be purchasing any used automobiles from her.

Jenny Allan

Thank God for a politician prepared to put his actions where his mouth is!! Senator Rand Paul has used his own judgement and common sense where his own children are concerned. If I lived in the US Senator Paul would get my vote. I wish there were more like him in the UK.

We had the farce of then Prime Minister Tony Blair extolling parents to get their children vaccinated with MMR vaccine, at the same time as coyly refusing to tell us if his own son Leo had received MMR vaccine, or whether he and wife Cherie had secretly had Leo immunised with single jabs for Measles, Mumps nd Rubella. This was at the height of the Wakefield et al Lancet controversy, and an endorsement of MMR vaccine by the then Prime Minister would have reassured parents, but this looked like 'Don't do as I do; do as I SAY!!'

Leo will be 15 in May and I suspect the truth will eventually leak out. Tony Blair and his Health Minister John Reid were both instrumental in the vilification and GMC inquisition of Dr Wakefield and his clinician colleagues Profs Walker-Smith and Murch. As we now know, An eminent High Court Judge quashed all the GMC verdicts against Prof W-S after an appeal, and had some scathing criticism of the GMC too.

If Tony Blair decided 'in his wisdom' to have Leo vaccinated with monovalent jabs, then our erstwhile Prime Minister was only following the excellent and sensible advice of one Dr Andrew Jeremy Wakefield.

Who is William Thompson ?

Hillary Clinton on twitter (isnt it all happening on twitter) :

"The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let's protect all our kids."

and ingesting flouridated water Hillary ? Thats good for our teeth is it ?

and the sky is grey where I am !

Bob Moffitt

"The state doesn’t own your children. The parents own the children and it is an issue of freedom."

I agree wholeheartedly .. as evidenced by the US Constitution written by our Founding Fathers .. which sought to "guarantee freedom" to the people .. by creating seperate but equal powers to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government .. precisely because they knew granting "absolute power to a King" alone .. would only "guarantee tyranny".

Unfortunately, our too many parents in our country today ..

(I also would include most of the supposedly "conservative" talking heads on Foxnews)

appear to prefer Hillary Clinton's "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" .. where protecting the village (herd) overrides a parent .. exercising their Constitutional Right to "informed consent" .. allowing them to make decisions they believe to be in the best interest of THEIR CHILD.

I had no idea that Foxnews now believes it takes a village to raise our children.

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