Why Are We Still Injecting Mercury Into Pregnant Women and Infants?
Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Broken Trust

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr in Mothering Magazine

RFK Thimerosal BookBy Anne Dachel

Feb 23, 2015, Robert Kennedy, Jr had an article published by Robert F Kennedy Jr 3Mothering.com.   Kennedy focused on corruption at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the failure of the media to honestly cover the most heated controversy in pediatric medicine: the link between vaccines and autism.

Members of the media eagerly tell us about all the official studies supposedly proving vaccines are safe.  But that's THEIR SCIENCE, with carefully manipulated findings that neatly cover up the damage that's being done to America's children.

Here Kennedy described what's really been going on at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I would say this article answers the questions: WHAT did they know, WHEN did they know it, and WHAT did they do to cover it up.  And Kennedy is absolutely right to cite the media's role in this health care disaster:

Despite the evidence, mainstream journalists refuse to report the myriad problems at CDC's vaccine program. Instead media outlets and journalists, almost without exception, dutifully parrot CDC's assurances that all is well and censure vaccine safety advocates who urge the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines. The pharmaceutical industry spent $3.8 billion in direct marketing to TV, radio, newspapers and other direct marketing outlets in 2013 and an astonishing $5.4 billion in 2005. Some vaccine safety advocates have questioned whether that cash pipeline accounts, in part, for the mainstream media's blackout affecting discussions of Thimerosal safety.

What Kennedy reveals about oversight at the CDC can't be explained away.  How long can the government continue to lie to the American people?

Thimerosal, Vaccines and Autism: Let the Science Speak

The debate over Thimerosal has precipitated a journalistic, as well as a public health crisis.  For many years, I've been puzzled by the bland and apparently baseless insistence by members of the press that it is safe to inject mercury, one of the world's most neurotoxic elements, more deadly by orders of magnitude than lead - into young children and pregnant women.  The most troubling aspect of this debate has been a widespread reluctance of journalists to actually read the peer reviewed science, but instead to adopt the talking points of often badly compromised public health regulators and vaccine industry spokesmen.  Journalists simply repeat, again and again, the mantra that no study has ever shown Thimerosal to be dangerous.  In fact, the opposite is true: there is not a single credible study that purports to show that Thimerosal is safe.

A senior CDC vaccine safety scientist, Dr. William Thompson, has invoked the protection of the Federal Whistleblower Statute following the release of his taped conversations disclosing pervasive corruption within CDC's Vaccine Safety Division. Dr. Thompson, a sixteen year veteran and a senior scientist at CDC's Immunology Safety Office, is currently employed at CDC's National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. Thompson is an author of two of the three epidemiological studies on American population touted by CDC to "prove" the safety of Thimerosal against developmental disabilities. Thimerosal is a controversial mercury based vaccine preservative that research scientists and vaccine safety advocates have connected to the epidemic of brain disorders in children. The vaccine industry's foremost spokesman and the world's premier champion for Thimerosal in vaccines, Dr. Paul Offit, stated in 2008 that Dr. Thompson's "wonderful" 2007 study was the "definitive" study on Thimerosal safety.

But Thompson now says that his bosses at CDC pressured him to alter the results of that study to conceal Thimerosal's risks. . . .



Yes of course mercury, the second most toxic element known to toxicology should not be injected into the human body. We should not need the CDC's blessing to KNOW this.

Much more troubling IMO is injecting ANY "vaccination" into a healthy human in hope of preventing some normally harmless childhood "disease" or normally harmless "flu".

As Doctor Moulden and OTHERS have shown us all these "vaccinations" are terribly toxic, every time we inject.

"ALL vaccines are and have been causing ischemic (impaired blood flow) damages - to all - creating a plethora of chronic illnesses, disease, and in some instances...death. The injury from vaccination is additive, each vaccination further injures.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD


Those who may be harmed by the normally harmless can almost always take the steps to prevent this avoidable harm.



John Stone


The Whitehouse Petition has been at exactly 56,791 signatures since yesterday morning.


What do you mean the petition was blocked?


Thank you AoA and RFK, Jr.


The regime has just blocked the public petition to Obama to prohibit any laws demanding vaccine mandates. The petition was very active, gaining thousands of signatures each day. Now this public voice was blocked so the vaccine terror could be rained upon us without restrain.



5.4 Billion... I wonder how many "Internet Outreach Specialists" that will buy

Dan Burns

At last. Thanks, RFK, Jr. Been hoping for this missing piece. Thumbs up. More to come?

Bob Moffitt

Unfortunately .. too often .. our government regulatory agencies .. including the FDA and CDC .. act to serve the best interest of the industries they are supposed to be "regulating" .. rather than the "people" they are sworn to protect. Thimerosal is just one .. consider:

Recent media reports of an "outbreak" of Carbapenem-resistant bacteria .. described as a "nightmare bacteria" because few if any antibiotics work against it .. occurred at UCLA's Ronald Reagan's Medical Center where as many as 179 patients were exposed to the deadly bacteria by way of a device .. two died and a third, an 18 year old boy fights for his life after 83 days in the hospital, mostly in intensive care unit.

Apparently .. the "outbreak" was "caused" by a procedure wherein a camera on the end is threaded down the throat to treat gallstones,ulcers and the like. About half-a-million Americans undergo the procedure each year.

At least in this instance .. the CDC and FDA had known this particular device caused lethal infections in Chicago, Seattle and elsewhere .. yet .. for some unfathomable reason .. UCLA was never properly warned and began using the device only last June .. long after the CDC and FDA had been aware of it's potential risks.

As I understand it .. following previous outbreaks .. the CDC issued a "warning" (that to me appears more a "suggestion") .. that any hospital experiencing an "outbreak" should consider the possibility of endoscopic transmission. It must be me .. but .. I would think the CDC would seek to "prevent" the bacteria from spreading .. not give advice on what may have "caused" it AFTER occurrence?

It think the proper term would be PRECAUTION EQUALS PREVENTION.

Not to be outdone .. the FDA .. supposedly responsible for the safety of equipment .. stayed mute as these outbreaks popped up across the country for three years. Some reports claim the FDA did not act on 75 reports of patients endangered by these contaminated devices. Only last month .. the FDA announced the "problem is on the agency's priority list" .. noting .. apparently due to a design defect in the scope .. "effective cleaning of all areas of these devices may not be possible".

And so .. Houston we have a problem .. and .. the problem lies squarely on the shoulders of the entrenched federal regulatory bureaucracies .. that .. over decades .. appear to have developed self-serving associations with the industries they are supposed to be regulating.

It has to END .. SOON.

Angus Files

They cant ignore they did know it, thanks to AOA and all the writers world wide also Dr Wakefields talk The Legacy of Vaccine Injury - Dr. Andrew Wakefield



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