The New York Times Emotes, The President Endorses MMR Safety, But No Mention of the CDC Whistleblower
Senator Rand Paul's Kids Skipped Hepatitis B Vaccination: Should Yours?

Rand Paul on Vaccine Choice "Parents Should Have Input, It's An Issue of Freedom"

Rand Paul

Attention everyone. 

Rand Paul believes in parental choice.


"The Hepatitis B vaccine is now given to newborns.  We sometimes give 5 or 6 vaccines at one time.  I chose to have mine delayed.  I don't want the government telling me I have to give me child Hepatitis B vaccine which is transmitted by sexually transmitted disease and/or blood transfusion.  . . . I had mine staggered over several months.   I've heard of many cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders

after vaccines.  ...I think they're a good thing, but I think the parents should have some input.  The state doesn't own your children.  The parents own the children and it is an issue of freedom."


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) argued Monday that debate over whether to allow parents more choice in the vaccination of their children was a matter of "freedom," citing personal knowledge of kids "who wound up with profound mental disorders" after receiving immunizations for diseases like Hepatitis B and measles.



Thanks for re-linking the site. It is a worthwhile video.


When any candidate runs for office in Kentucky -- their first platform they step on - the first issue they bring up - that they promise to help - to do something about -- to put funds forth to help with the problem; They promise to got the extra mile for; IS:::::

Dealing with the Drug problem.


I have not doubt that Rand Paul's discussion and subsequent vaccination were carefully orchestrated, either in part or full.

I feel like pharma/gov is throwing out a sacrificial lamb to save the general ideology of a vaccine program in general, which would necessarily include the freedom to spread out vaccines. And although every vaccine is inherently dangerous and potentially deadly on its own depending on the state of the body into which it is shot, we know for sure that combining them is even worse for many. And are the live vaccines possibly as bad as mercury filled ones due to potential retrovirus contamination? I'm not far along enough in the Heckenlively/Mikovits book yet to understand if such contamination can also occur in non-live vaccines and also don't know what it means for the next generation of vaccines grown in tobacco plants, for instance. Do plants harbor retroviruses? It should be morally acceptable to ask for freedom from uncompensated service to vaccine overseers for ourselves and our descendents, freedom to spread vaccines out according to our own wishes, freedom from our taxes contributing to the profiteering methods of the U.S. model of pharmaceutical pricing, freedom from accidentally injecting retroviruses into ourselves and our children, and freedom from having to inject amino-acid-altering toxic chemicals into our bodies in exchange for a public education.
( )

So I'm still glad that he talked about spreading them out. Elizabeth Mumper showed that there can be in improvement in autism numbers by spreading out vaccines. Every step in the right direction is a step toward less cases of life altering iatrogenic, chronic-disease epidemics. It's not mutually exclusive to other efforts. But we should ALL watch for the foxes to attempt to combine the freedom to spread them out WITHIN any kind of legal mandate to get them all without any exemptions: the illusion of freedom is not freedom at all.

david m burd

It's pitiful that all the Mainstream Media NEVER shows this most horrifying Immunization Schedule - THE most lethal document on Planet Earth. Of course, because it IS so horrifying is the reason Mainstream Media will never show it to the masses.

Who is William Thompson ?

Nancy McGrath - it is happening

This is definitely the pinnacle of our efforts so far .

The White House issued a statement "vaccines are safe"
The President did the same (before the superbowl)
Melinda Gates (one of the Bildebergs) has made a statement
And now Hillary Clinton

They are lying .

And this is a groundbreaking moment .
We are protesting all around the WORLD simultaneously
And the criminals are fighting back with everything in the armory .

So NANCY my message to ALL who will listen .
Is get stuck in , get STUCK INTO THEM NOW .

Nancy McGrath

When can we actually unify with a head count as to how many families feel their children were injured by vaccines. I watched my son change and regress after his last shots. He is now 23 year old non verbal adult. We need to be organized with a number so when all these news media outlets say just vaccinate your kids, we can say well what about the thousands of us? What can we do to unify our voice?

Who is William Thompson ?

BayAreaMom was right , this was an orchestrated event .
They did it to try and prevent a fully fledged vaccine scare - which might very well happen if they cannot get things to cool off .

He looks like an INTERLOPER to me .

Anne J

Amazing! A politician with common sense, who is not afraid to stand up for parental vaccine choice! He just earned my respect!


Rand is willing to be a lightening rod, and the vaccine discussion is breaking out all over. "Pro-choice" libs are stuck defending no choice for parents as part of playing along with the administration's cover-up of illegals bringing in disease.

Jeff Kuhner, talk radio host in Boston, backed up Paul today and got a lot of positive calls. I emailed him Attkisson's coverage of Thompson's admission of fraud. The CDC fraud is the key. We can break this out all over the web.

We'll see if the iron fist quashes the discussion. The problem for them is that Rand will be in the limelight for the next year!


I've been keeping my mouth shut about this Rand Paul issue, but now that I've just seen this, I'm going to say what I have to say:

PLEASE be mindful about putting ANY politician up on a pedestal, whether it be Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or anyone else. I keep reminding myself of words my Dad used to speak to me when I was a child. One of the things he used to always tell me, was "People are not always who and what they seem."


I don't trust Rand Paul, for some reasons of which I'll keep to myself. But I don't trust him.

Here's one reason why:

What the hell...

An assortment of questions needs to be asked about this. Was he pressured? Was this planned all along?

I'll let you all be the judge. I have my own theories...

Jeannette Bishop

Yesterday's vaccine discussion with Laura Ingraham in case anyone wants a brief clip:

Ingraham after discussion of HepB and delaying/staggering vaccines:

"Smart. I should have done that before I got my kids' vaccinations. I should have talked to you..."


How telling that Rand had his spread out, and uhm, isn't his dad is a DOCTOR? Boy, big pharma must be loving that!

I am starting to think that this hullabaloo must be pharma's response to the whistleblower lawsuit against Merck, and William Thompson's disclosures. Maybe they think they may not be able to defend in court as well as they wish they could, so they are trying to win in the court of public opinion. Maybe they think that if they can drum up enough screaming citizens who are uneducated enough on the subject that then maybe, just maybe, the government will intervene and not alter the MMR scheduling recommendations despite a potentially negative court outcome for their fraud - which would be a huge blow to their credibility.

Which leads me to wonder, since Thompson has supposedly turned many many pages over to a certain group of politicians looking into the situation as a result of Mr. Hooker (if I'm getting that right), does that mean that the Merck employee's whistleblower lawsuit attorneys could request copies of that paperwork as further evidence? Is there information included in those pages that could verify their position, and/or show the CDC was also aware of the mumps vaccine not working like Merck said it did, i.e., colluding in fraud? Just musing . . .

One final question, can anyone provide links showing the safety results of any individual rubella research trials? At one point I thought the cochrane collaboration had stated they were not able to find any safety trials, but maybe I misinterpreted that or am I remembering that wrong?

go Rand

Will Hilary Clinton release her vax and flu shot records for herself and her grandchildren ???

Did they take the standard mercury flu shot for those over six months ?

Of course any pro-vax candidate would agree to take the Hannah Poling vaccine cocktail adjusted for their body weight.


Here's a better link (Danchi's didn't work for me) to that video:

@Danchi: THANK you for providing this info. This is is right on the money. He very succinctly states that this issue with vaccines is NOT about whether or not vaccines cause autism, etc., so forth.

This is about parental autonomy. PERIOD.

He's right on the mark. I hope everyone views this (it's not long)...


I ran across this video this afternoon and I think the point this guy makes is the essence of the vaccine debate.
Parent Autonomy.
The Inanity of the Vaccine Debate (dot) com/watch?v=o7Gkb7kFSvk

This issue goes way beyond vaccines. This goes to the heart of freedom overall. People in the US should remember how the "Patriot Act" has changed the landscape of American Civil Liberties. Could this be the next step in a well thought out plan-the government takes full control of your children and than next-you. Don't think this can happen? Read some of the stories at this site:Medical Kidnapping-http://medicalkidnap (dot)com/

Nick's Mom

Rand Paul…...I love you!!! You speak of our rights as parents to have the freedom to choose for our children and ourselves what vaccines, if any, we wish to receive. I can hear the hallelujah chorus playing right now. As American Citizens, we have the right to make our own choices about our own health. If it is a good idea, we will do it. It it is a bad idea for our individual case, we will decline and have every right to do so. To allow forced medical treatment is analogous to utilitarian principles of the greater good adopted by the Nazi's to justify their belief in a supreme race, and the necessity to exterminate the lesser of humanity (eugenics). Seriously, America, wake up!!!


I think what he was getting at is that the way the vaccines are given is causing the injuries - why he said that he did not go by the schedule. But you have a point. Let's see if they now try to "Bachmann" him.


Barry, how? Cognitive dissonance. And is seems to be highly contagious :)


I've heard of many cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines. ...I think they're a good thing,


How can anyone say they're aware of "many cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines" ….. and then go on to say that they still believe vaccines are a good thing???

Pharmacy Roulette

One point that does not often get raised:

Someone who is vaccinated can be a silent carrier. Read the statement from the Kaiser Dr here about how a vaccinated employee accidentally passed on pertussis to a little girl.


This guy gets my vote! But now big pharma will sick the dogs on him.


Just imagine if every person who has been impacted by the autism epidemic voted as one unified block. With that kind of political power my guess is that more of our gutless politicians would grow a set of balls and finally give autism the attention it deserves. Nicely done Mr. Paul. Thank you for telling it like it is and not backing down to the unbelievable hysteria that has taken over the media.

John Stone

The truth is that anyone with a knowledge of politics or history ought to be made extremely uncomfortable by the activities of the vaccine lobby and pharmaceutical industry. This is not to comment directly on any of the products it is simply that such fiercely aggressive self-promotion, not to mention intimidaqtion of anyone who crosses them should be seen in the general light of such behaviour. A lobby or group that behaves in this does not ultimately have the welfare of ordinary citizens at heart. Perhaps some politicians will begin to see that this is not the way public life should be conducted.


I'm an Independent who leans towards liberal (sometimes)
But Rand Paul just became my new hero. Hope he gets in.

david m burd

Senator Paul's statement is truly a seminal historic blow for individual freedom and alerting the country to vaccine dangers; in a national sense almost like America first attacking the Japanese in the South Pacific Islands in Summer, 1942, WWII, when the Japanese and its ally Nazi Germany had seemed invincible before that.

However, now 73 years later, America's mortal enemies are its own Medical Leaders blinded by their own arrogant power who have allied themselves with Pharma Interests having every motivation to keep America chronically sick and weak.

This "beachhead" on the shore of Toxic Vaccination initiated by Senator Paul's statement cannot be given up and MUST be expanded. AoA and its allies (though relatively small, yet numerous) must be relentless in fighting and defeating the fascism of CDC and NIH and their like.

david m burd

Concerned momma

Who is, it sure does look like we have a game changer. The last elections showed Obama that people are sick of being treated like idiots. Now that a candidate has come forward with some actual integrity over such an important issue, the other candidates will have to decide what their stance is. The fact is, people are fed up with untruths and corruption.


Notice the hysterical panicked demeanor of the *young* interviewer. She can barely keep it together.

Who is William Thompson ?

He'd get my vote everytime .

Great to see politicians taking a punt to see if the vaccine issue can get them elected .

Looks like we have turned a corner .

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