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Questions Elizabeth Warren Forgot to Ask

WarrrenBy Julie Obradovic

Senator Elizabeth Warren had quite a moment the other day. In what appeared to be a “smack down” of vaccine safety concerned parents, she asked rapid fire questions to Anne Schuchat, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, in a last minute Congressional hearing on vaccine uptake amidst the apparent measles crisis of 2015 (which includes a whopping 100 plus cases among a population of 350,000,000 people).

On the surface she appeared to be looking for evidence for a reason a parent might be hesitant to vaccinate her child using the typically touted but not actual questions of concerned parents. (In reality, she was really just trying to attack Rand Paul for his comments about vaccines a few days prior. Make no mistake. This was political, not medical.) For less than well-versed veterans in this issue, it really seemed impressive too. A big wallop of “truth” to shut down dissenters, I heard it called.

Take that, you stupid anti-vaxxers!

And yet, anyone with just a little bit of insider information about this issue could have immediately recognized the familiarity of her questions (Paul Offit talking points) and what was glaringly lacking (serious questions about serious concerns).

For the first time ever in my life, I desperately wished that I were a Senator and that I could have asked questions to the same uniformed doctor immediately afterwards. You see mine would have been a bit different:

  1. Has the current vaccine schedule ever been tested for safety in the real world way in which it is implemented? For example, when a child goes in for an appointment and receives 4 injections with 9 viruses, some live, some not, with various combinations of manufacturers at the same time, has that or any of those combinations been tested for safety?


  1. Have we ever studied and compared the long-term health outcomes of vaccinated versus never vaccinated children?


  1. Is there any biological science, not statistical science funded by or completed by industry or government agencies, but independent biological science that has ever shown injecting ethyl mercury into human beings is safe?


  1. Is it reasonable or responsible to continue to inject human beings, particularly pregnant women, with this synthetic form of mercury that was deemed too toxic to inject into dogs in 1935; whose sister products were banned for toxicity in the 1970’s; that was deemed too toxic for chemotherapy, and that has never been tested by the FDA for safety?


  1. Is the insistence in continuing to do so at least in part responsible for the distrust of the American parents and public of the vaccine program?


  1. Is it more accurate to describe the current resistance to vaccine uptake a product of the lack of trust in vaccine policy, policy-makers, product manufacturers, profit motives, industry-apologists, and politicians and not the lack of the belief in the efficacy of vaccines or their value in fighting infectious disease?


  1. Do you believe we should do everything in our power to restore that trust before enacting one piece of legislation designed to strong-arm, threaten, belittle, marginalize, and bully consumers into compliance?


  1. Is it possible those tactics, if employed, will backfire and have long lasting consequences on the program into the far-reaching future that actually could affect public health?


  1. Should or can consumers trust the science put forth by the CDC as evidence of vaccine safety that was completed by a scientist who is now a wanted fugitive by the Department of Justice for allegedly stealing $1 million dollars from the CDC?


  1. Does it make any sense for the Institute of Medicine to state the hypothesis “favors rejection” that Thimerosal causes autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders in 2004, something they claimed in 2001 was “biologically plausible”, without using a single biological study to do so, and using a study to support their position that actually showed this neurotoxin had a neuroprotective effect that was completed by the aforementioned wanted fugitive?


  1. Can and should the CDC continue to be trusted on issues of vaccine safety given their illogical, suspicious conclusions and that one of their own leading scientists has just come forth as a federal whistleblower alleging scientific fraud on those safety studies which seems to confirm that suspicion?


  1. Is the breadth and depth of the studies done on the safety of the current vaccine schedule independent of conflicts and comprehensive in its examination of possible triggers for autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, considering we have only looked at one vaccine and one ingredient of the entire schedule with science done only by those who profit from vaccines and/or are in charge of vaccine uptake?


  1. Have the children who have gotten sick, disabled, or died from vaccine reactions and compensated by the US Government been studied to identify their vulnerabilities, or the vaccine’s defects, so that we may identify other vulnerable children and prevent further tragedies and loss of life in the future?


  1. Do we have a responsibility to those children, their families, and potential vaccine victims to conduct that independent science immediately?


  1. Is the revolving door between industry and government, which includes federal liability protection for industry, combined with the alleged criminal activity of government leaders and paid researchers at our vaccine safety agencies, such that we can no longer trust either to have the best interest of the consumer at heart?


  1. Should anyone be forced to participate in this program until we can?


  1. Is it “anti-vaccine” to take that position?


  1. Is calling concerned vaccine consumers and critics of the medical industrial complex and their illogical, illegal, criminal, and suspicious behavior “anti-vaccine” a way to control the discussion about vaccine safety by marginalizing them?


  1. Is the current measles outbreak hysteria possibly a disguised way to use fear to take away religious and philosophical exemptions, sell more vaccines, and take attention away from the fact this year’s flu vaccine failed miserably to protect anyone from the flu?


  1. Are you up to date on all 69 plus doses of vaccine currently recommended for kindergartners throughout this country?


Last question.

  1. Do you think we’re stupid?

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


Who is William Thompson ?

Mercury Toxicity: Has it caused one of the worst health crises in American history?
“We found out that the Thimeresol would be toxic down to – not grams, not mg’s, not mcgs, but nano grams – parts per billion – which was almost unbelieveable. This was published in the American Journal Medical Society, in the New York Academy Sciences and in the Journal For the Chemical Speciality Manufactures Association and it didn’t make wave, there wasn’t even a ripple – no one seemed to care.” – Dr Frank P Engley PhD – Blue Ribbon Panel Member 1948 AMA meeting regarding Thimeresol’s concerns

Angus Files

Poppycock Alex...

Same old,same old,usual ploy, try this for size showing measles decline ..


Then again I don't need the WHO to tell me who and what I should inject into my kids.I have a vaccinated Autistc son thanks to trusting vaccines once never again,ever again..

2 unvaccinated boy and a girl.
Never been to a doctor.
Never taken even one antibiotic in their life.
Never had even 1 ear infection.
No skin issues.
No digestive issues.
No allergies.
No medication, ever.
No symptoms.
This is normal; this is how God designed it to be.
This is very typical of unvaccinated children Alex.

M.M.R. R.I.P.

Who is William Thompson ?

Dr Alex Knuth

You pity us all here , do you ?
You pity our children ? (well you should do , if you actually came out and saw the carnage vaccinePoison has ravaged upon us !)
I've heard that before , from Harriet Hall of the CDC .
Friend of yours is she ? Are you another military uniform wearing doctor by any chance ?

Where do I start with you ?
Are you aware of the SimpsonWood saga 2001 ?
Are you aware of the Poul Thoresen Fraud\Bribe saga ?
Are you aware of the freezer failure at Yale\Hopkins ?
Are you aware of the GardaKILL killings\maimings\sterilisations (photos available)?
Are you aware of the Chad incident ?
Are you aware of India Polio 49000 NFAPF ?
Are you aware of the Phillipines tetanus 1995 ?
Are you aware of Kenya tetanus 2014?
Are you aware of the Maurice Hilleman recording ?
Are you aware of the Gerberding Polling quote ?
I really can go on & on endlessly .

As far as I can see the difference between the Pro-vax & anti-vaxx stances is that the Anti-Vaxx movement buys and reads books endlessly , we research our position , we examine the scientific papers , we question everything .
We are NOT parrots like you , repeating verbatim the story for the Pharma owned MSM .

We will resist the vaccine criminals , now and forever .

John Stone

Hi Alex,

I made the mistake of thinking you were a scientist (of the same name), but you are making the classic error of comparing apples with oranges. You are comparing global figures for measles deaths with deaths in the US from MMR. Of course, you didn't leave a link for Health Impact News with the graph which show how measles mortality tumbled in the US prior to the introduction of a measles vaccine in 1963.


The only source for US vaccine deaths is the passive reporting database VAERS so actual deaths are likely much higher (possibly x 50).



You also didn't respond to my point that the MMR vaccine was failing.

Also, if you vaccinate an immunologically compromised population in the developing world, the vaccines are not tested for that, and you won't necessarily get straightforward gain. Mortality declines primarily because of superior living conditions - clean water, sanitation, nutrition etc....

Alex Knuth

"In fact, I firmly believe that the parents of any unvaccinated child that dies should be charged with negligent homicide." - Alex Knuth

"But not the manufacturer's who made the vaccines of all the vaccinated dead kids." - M.M.R. R.I.P.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2013, there were 145,700 deaths attributable to measles. http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs286/en/

Most of these were in under-developed regions that either don't have the resources to provide comprehensive vaccination programs or are dominated by backward-minded relics of the 19th Century.

Perhaps you would like to provide a VERIFIABLE number of children who died of measles vaccinations in the same year. If you're having trouble, I'll give you a figure from one of your own (Health Impact News): 108 -- IN THE 10 YEARS FROM 2004-2015!

Or maybe you just believe the WHO is a subversive communist organization bent on destroying your preciously insulated way-of-life.

But go ahead, bury your heads in the ground and ignore the obvious. The ghosts of Pompeii will be glad to greet your children as they leave this existence because of your stupidity.

John Stone


Overwhelmingly, the contributers to AoA are here because their children were the "anomalies". Yes, we all bought into pseudoscience once, but unfortunately the statistics when we looked into it were blatantly rigged in study after study. Recently, we had the revelations - excluded from the mainstream media - of CDC whistleblower William Thompson who has made over thousands of documents toCongressman Posey and plans to give evidence. But even before Thompson came out into the open we knew they were lying.





I feel very sorry for those of you buying into this pseudoscience. I believe you want to protect your children. But you seem to have latched onto anomalous cases to justify a hasty generalization against all vaccines. The overwhelming statistical evidence says that vaccinating your children is the responsible thing to do. Your child's chances of being harmed by the vaccine may have seemed scary back in the days when responsible parental vaccination was almost ubiquitous. Now that there are so many of you folks refusing to vaccinate your kids, your unvaccinated children are now in much greater jeopardy. In addition, you are putting the lives of untold American children who are either medically unable to be vaccinated o are too young to be vaccinated in jeopardy. Please get a grip.

Angus Files

"In fact, I firmly believe that the parents of any unvaccinated child that dies should be charged with negligent homicide."

But not the manufacturer's who made the vaccines of all the vaccinated dead kids.

M.M.R. R.I.P.

John Stone

Dr Knuth

There probably isn't any reason why we should publish your comment since it is just a piece of ad hominem and otherwise contains no argument, nevertheless I have put it up as we have put up others. We are only too keen to engage in tolerant debate. I don't see it coming from your side.

You cannot eradicate measles with vaccination - the vaccine itself is failing and it also sheds. Eventually all natural immunity to measles will be eradicated and the vaccine itself will not be effective. In the meantime the collective government, industry, media complex will continue to shut out the families of the injured (which is one way of fixing the science).

Alex Knuth

Reviewing your comments, I am certain that you will not permit this to reach your forum, as, mysteriously, ALL of the comments are in your favor. Obviously, you are biased and wish to show only your side of the argument and those that support it. Comments that must be "approved" are no better than propaganda.

I pity the poor folks who read and believe your "evidence". But more importantly, I pity their children. This country had nearly eradicated measles entirely until your kind arose to frighten the misguided. I place the blame for the current outbreak, and any deaths that may occur, firmly at your feet.

In fact, I firmly believe that the parents of any unvaccinated child that dies should be charged with negligent homicide.

But then, this comment will never see the light of day - on your forum.

Robert L Bell

I just read that the peanut oil that vaccine manufacturers place directly into their vaccines is responsible for the massive increase in peanut allergies and elephantiasis of the Glands of Dueness. What horrible, horrible thing to do to our precious children.


It was hard to watch these 2 women engage in such scripted, deceitful theatre knowing they were condemning more children & families to the harming of their children.

It's criminal.




A. Fawcett

BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! Exceptional questions! My heart is sad that this wasn't real life.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I am personally DISGUSTED that I voted for Senator Elizabeth Warren, a woman, mother, and grandmother. I feel betrayed. Well, like the song says, "I won't be fooled again..."

mary w maxwell

Senator Warren, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame on you. Shame on Massachusetts. Shame on the United States.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm a little annoyed that one can't comment on the substance of Senator Warren's clip from the hearing:


But I noticed the comments here (while often frightened by youTube comments, I'm occasionally comforted) and wanted to share:

Former Congressman: Vaccines linked to autism


I had hoped Elizabeth Warren would be different.

mary w maxwell

To Lisa,
Asking a court for an injunction is an excellent idea.

You can also file a civil RICO suit declaring "the lot of them" to be racketeers.


Sen warren wrote a letter requesting mandatoray fda approval of all laboratory testing,specifically lyme testing. This will protect patents of cdc employees among others and promote misinformation and misdiagnosis and restrict diagnostic innovation for lyme patients.
She also wrote a letter to prempt mandatory state gmo labeling laws.

Good article

"Don't Vaccinate to protect my Cancer Kid," Jean Ghantous.
Fantastic article at Thinking Moms Revolution, the blog. This mom wonders about the high numbers of cancer in US children and the real dangers for these kids (including shedding from live virus vaccines).

Jeannette Bishop

I wonder with about a 15% approval rating for Congress and 37% for the CDC if this type of show helps assuage vaccine safety concerns.


..."if you don't ask the right questions, the answers are irrelevant"."


Anne J

The "Hearing" was a joke. This is certainly not going to fool anyone (and I am STILL waiting for a vaccinated vs never vaccinated study, using REAL PLACEBOS please).
When are the REAL Congressional Oversight Hearings going to be rescheduled (the ones they cancelled at the very last minute last time, giving no good reason whatsoever)?! They can obviously schedule hearings anytime they want them (or cancel any that might reveal inconvenient information). No mention of Merck or CDC Whistleblowers or Paul Thorson? Really?! This is inexcusable and I'm sure will not convince many. We need to keep the pressure on all of our congressmen and women. Surely Rep Posey is not the only one with integrity and courage on this issue?
Maybe the Dept. of Defense would like to do a proper study? They complain kids are "Too Fat to Fight" now (only 25% of males are even qualified for military service these days, according to one of their recent articles). What are they going to do when 1 in 2 has autism?! Will each soldier require diapers and a seizure helmut in the future? Don't forget some kind of augmentative communication for all the nonverbal ones. The "walking wounded" will take so much care, even the ones who ARE fit to serve won't be able to, as they will be caring for family members. Really, this madness cannot continue or God help this country!
(PS: I'm not trying to make fun of anyone. I have a 21 yr old who is still nonverbal and in occasional diapers, so realize it's not a joking matter).


Another board certified pediatrician speaks out:



"Mapping Out The Revolving Door Between Gov't And Big Business In Venn Diagrams"

from the crony-capitalism-is-corruption dept

Via Larry Lessig we get series of Venn diagrams showing the revolving door between big business and government. When people talk about regulatory capture, this is what they mean. When people talk about corruption and crony capitalism, this is what they mean. If you want a quick visual idea of why so few people trust this government to do the right thing for the people, rather than the big companies, this is why:



Everyone in Washington in government, in the corporate media, wherever, is afraid of these questions which why they go to great lengths to not ask them. They are more afraid of asking the questions than they are of hearing sworn-under-oath answers. As has been said elsewhere "if you don't ask the right questions, the answers are irrelevant".


Julie Obradovic - I am pretty happy with this piece .

My only criticism is being Anti-Vaccine is nothing to be ashamed of in my view . I'm anti-vaccines and proud of it .
I have done the research everyday for the last 8+ years .
Vaccines are at best a fraud and at worst Hg-enocide .

Why does everyone pretend the recent Kenya story didn't happen - the surreptitious sterilisation of 2.5M AFRICAN BLACK ROMAN CATHOLIC women . That is Eugenics .
The Catholic church (for once) has come out of the HCG story in glowing terms
-in the Phillipines too Sister Peroza 1995


I think we need to go on the offensive -- pull together all the studies and court cases, worldwide, showing the damage from vaccines. Then go to courts throughout the nation and file INJUNCTIONS stopping the mandatory vaccine programs. I think that if even one real court (not VACCINE COURT) were willing to review all the evidence, honestly, the judge would have to conclude that there are way too many legitimate questions being raised about the safety of these products to be mandating them for entry into any school or work environment.

On that note, I read today that states are likely going to start mandating up-to-date vaccines now for all teachers.

you'll never convince these narrow minded people


Warren is just clueless like so many others. Here's Susan Senator coincidentally also from the pathetic state of Massachusetts with her "it's not the vaccine" stance.

Birgit Calhoun

About injecting Thimerosal, it is unethical to test toxins on children. That's why they haven't done that. The reason why Merthiolate (Thimerosal) was grandfathered in is so that they don't have to test the substance. Getting all the grandfathered-in substances tested would take maybe an act of Congress?


Thank you, this is excellent!!


What kind of sick game are they playing? No mention of the whistleblower? Elizabeth Warren and Anne Schuchat are fooling NOONE.


They are a sick bunch in Washington.
They play their games.
They have two big deals against vaccines - the mumps manufacturer falsifying test and the CDC MMR study manipulating data fraud thingy.

And what do we get - Ebola for about two months straight on the news and then a Disney out break of measles on the news for a month straight and then -- out of the blue Congress is on the case of Ebola and the measles outbreak.

You know what scares the heck out of me the most??? Hmmmm, I know all the ins and outs of this subject well and all of this switch, and bait, lie and cheat, fool the masses, trick the people, play games with the people and the truth -- and it just makes me wonder what else they try and do succeed in making me believe.


That whole exchange between Sen. Warren and CDC's Ann Schuchat seemed scripted. Was this staged to make her look good? Did someone just hand her THOSE questions for which there is only a yes or no answer?? She is not exactly a hard interrogator and comes across like a neophyte in this issue. She could use some tips on how to ask tough questions from Congressman Posey.


It sounds like Warren is just another corporate wolf in shill's clothing.


Thanks Julie- spot on as usual. I suppose that the devil is in the details or, in this current iteration of crisis management for CDC/govt/pharma, the misapplication of truth seeking and performing necessary due diligence.

Rhetorical questions perhaps: does this all mean or indicate that the fix might be in...again? That the Senate or Congress has essentially been bought, provided with a road map or marching orders to basically find nothing/hear nothing/uncover nothing?
Are we to now conclude that, for whomever is interested in having some rational discussion about _true_ vaccine safety or exemptions or CDC malfeasance, that this _was_ the discussion of some or all of these issues?

Because I can see this being now spun as "hey, the CDC and Senate/Congress had a hearing, pointed questions were asked, and they didn't find anything"; so you agitators and reckless parents shaddup & stick out your kid's arms, etc..."

Bob Moffitt

Julie .. like you .. I would have loved having the opportunity to question the "panelists" supposedly "testifying" in front of the "bi-partisan" Senate Committee.

I say "supposedly testifying" because I did not see anyone "swear" an oath to "tell the truth"? I can see the second panel not being sworn in .. since they were only giving their "opinions" .. but .. Rear Admiral Anne Schuchette was testifying as a high government official .. and .. as such .. should have demanded to take the oath.

Without the oath and no penalty for lying .. I don't think you would have gotten the answers to YOUR questions .. as you know those "truthful" answers should be.

I may have misheard her comment .. but .. I believe I heard Schuchette say: "The CDC tracks very closely the percentage of children who are not vaccinated by two years of age".

If they closely tract the "percentage" .. at some point in their gathering of information to identify the "percentage of unvaccinated by age two" they must identify each unvaccinated child .. no?

I don't know which was worse .. Senator Warren's "smack down" of the reasons parents are reluctant to vaccinate their children .. or .. Sen Lamar Alexander of Tennesee .. who began with the usual "demonization" of Dr. Wakefield .. ending with Schuchette's final words .. to paraphrase .. he lost his license to practice medicine and is considered a "fraud".

It was encouraging to see Lamar so interested in uncovering .. once again .. the false allegations of "fraud" against Dr. Wakefield.

Odd that Lamar .. so very interested in "fraud" .. didn't mention Poul Thorson? Dr. William Thompson? Or .. even worse .. the whistleblowers from Merck accusing Merck of deliberately falsifying data and results .. including substituting rabbit blood under the pretense it was human .. to make it appear their mumps vaccine was far more effective than THEY KNEW IT TO BE.


I am certain Rear Admiral Schuchette is working very hard to substantiate the whistle-blowers allegations .. after all .. the CDC would likely recover BILLIONS in money that Merck gained by FRAUDULENT MEANS.

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