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Mother Knows Best

No, Hillary Clinton, the Science isn't Settled

Safeminds HillaryFrom the SafeMinds blog. Thank you to Lyn Redwood.

By Lyn Redwood, R.N., M.S.N., co-founder of SafeMinds

"The science is clear."

"The science is settled."

"There is no debate about the science of vaccines."

These are just some of the claims about "science" lighting up the Twitter-sphere. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's February 2nd tweet has been spreading like a wildfire in southern California:

The science is clear. The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let's protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest.

It's a good sound bite. The media this week has been loving it.

The problem?

Hillary Clinton is wrong.

Science is a process of inquiry that constantly questions itself, refines itself, and reaches new understanding. Science is never fixed and unilateral. Something unquestionable and that cannot be challenged is called dogma, not "science."

It may allay the fears of new parents doing their best to make the best medical choices for their children to pretend there is only one side to the vaccine question.

It may make Hillary Clinton, now a grandmother, feel better to assert that "the science is clear."

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"The Center for American Progress, the preeminent liberal think tank in Washington, is poised to exert outsized influence over the 2016 president race and — should Hillary Clinton win it — the policies and agenda of the 45th President of the United States....Other donors to CAP — a leading advocate of health care reform — include the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America...."

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated between $500,000 and $999,999.


Has she looked up lately? The sky is no longer blue.

Who is William Thompson ?

"Grandmother knows best"

William the T'hird (is that how you pronounce it)

I have to tell you this "ordinary woman who lies best" could be your next president unless the US stops her in her tracks .

Your comments Hillary make us all see the depth of the criminal deception you perpetrate .
industrially poisoning innocent babies - it just doesnt get any lower than that.

Who is William Thompson ?

Fair play Danchi ! Love it .
Lets get that out there far & wide .

Less than 30% of Congress Admits to Vaccinating Their OWN KIDS!!!

john sullivan

I was woundering wheather the clintons would advise that thier grandchildren would get vaccinated.I remember how hillary was addiment about every child be vaccinated or the would not be let into school what a push in the early 90s. she really went to bat for the pharmacutical companys.I kinda also remember bill giving free vaccinations to china and they later had a autism epidemic.


Posted by: go Rand

Vote for Rand????? Seriously????
Rand, who posted a picture of himself getting a hep A vaccine and basically giving the finger to liberals and people who want to maintain Parental Autonomy over their children. Yea, right. Not in this lifetime.

david m burd

Eileen Nicole Simon; You raise yet again a valid warning about Vitamin K injection, especially with one of its excipients being benzyl alcohol along with other toxic chemicals.

BUT, ALSO, in every (insane) injection into a newborn there is ALWAYS a possibility of terrible contaminants, and no way to know beforehand.

The injection of any substance into infants, other than rare circumstances, cannot be condoned.

david m burd

Laura Hayes, Thanks! Yet again for summarizing the consequences of vaccines' toxic outcomes, that I 'copy and paste' to send others.

best regards and never stop, david m burd

Eileen Nicole Simon

Lyn, thank you. How cruel to blame parents of autistic children for measles. Autism disables its victims for life, and parents bear the burden for life. Vaccination is a highly visible intervention. Parental concerns should long ago have led to research on long-term effects.

Hillary Clinton did not cite any specific evidence that "the science is clear." The arguments cited in support of vaccine safety are all based on epidemiology, but what about outliers on the tails of the Bell Curve?

Thanks for pointing out the error of diethylstilbestrol (DES). Perinatal medicine is full of errors. I will continue to point out that clamping the umbilical cord before the first breath is unsafe, and often leads to the need for resuscitation. Evidence is abundant that even a brief period of oxygen insufficiency causes injury to the blood-brain barrier. Giving the hep B vaccine or vitamin K to infants immediately after birth is especially dangerous for babies who needed resuscitation.

William W. DeLaney III

You guys trying to attribute this to vaccines fail to understand either vaccines or autism. Your child's mind is a terrifying place for the person who lives there. We need your patience, not your guilt. Teach us patience and forgiveness. That is the path to life.

go Rand

2016 bumper sticker

Re-elect the Clinton's:
1) I did not have sex with that woman
2) Vaccines are safe
3) Lying to America, is good for America


Less than 30% of Congress Admits to Vaccinating Their OWN KIDS!!!

Laura Hayes

Another great article, Lyn...thank you.

One thing I am hearing often that I don't think is at all accurate is the notion that vaccines only cause harm in "susceptible" children. By considering just one aspect of the harmful inherent nature of vaccines, the ingredients in them, and not even the many other problematic features of them, the ingredients alone are going to cause some level of harm in each and every child who receives them. For but one example, no level of mercury, aluminum, polysorbate 80, or formaldehyde is safe to inject into any human, much less an infant, whose blood-brain-barrier is wide open (to at least age 2 most likely, and perhaps far beyond)...some amount of neurological injury will be sustained...and that's not even taking into account the negative impact those ingredients will have on the child's thymus, immune system, nervous system, and GI tract.

A more accurate statement is that due to the very nature of vaccines, including their many health-damaging ingredients, not to mention the viruses and retroviruses from humans and animals that they contain, or the many proteins including food proteins that they contain that the blood is incapable of breaking down which then result in inflammation, vaccines cause some level of damage to each and every recipient. The amount of harm, the type(s) of harm, and the onset(s) of the harm, will play out, over the course of the child's lifetime (think SV40 in the polio vaccines of the late 50s and early 60s resulting in many kinds of cancers today in middle-aged, SV-tainted-polio-vaccine recipients). The problem is that the harm might not be immediately recognizable. Some of the harm will take time to manifest itself (Type 1 Diabetes and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, for but 2 examples). And let us not forget that the majority of vaccines are given to a population who cannot speak to describe the symptoms they are experiencing. How convenient for vaccine manufacturers...not that they're liable anyway.

The proof is in the pudding. 1 in 6 with a neurodevelopmental disorder (i.e. BRAIN damage); 1 in about 10 with asthma and/or allergies, both of which can be life-threatening; 1 in 68, or is it 1 in 50, or is it really more like 1 in 30, with Autism, a SEVERELY disabling disorder leaving the majority dependent on others for life; 1 in 300 or 400 with Type 1 Diabetes; don't know the exact stats for seizure disorders, tics, childhood cancers, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, but whatever they are, they are deeply troubling as well; an inexcusably high infant mortality rate; escalating numbers of students requiring IEPs; etc. It does not take a math degree to assess that these numbers reflect GRAVE problems with the health and development of our children, and that it's getting more and more difficult to find a child who doesn't have health and/or development issues, especially among the vaccinated.


I wouldn't believe anything Hillary said. It must be all that sniper fire she had to duck that has left her so confused she actually thinks people trust her.


The Daily Caller recently reported that none other than Dr. Mark Hyman, co-author of Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak is the Clinton's family doctor. More hypocrisy to go around.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm somewhat in agreement with Joe. I don't know if it's a comforting perspective, but I'm pretty sure that anyone most of us would be truly happy to vote for, if we knew all, would have to be elected despite the mainstream media, "both" party leaderships that maintain a dual-monopoly against "third" parties and run interference for powerful agendas, and despite the electronic vote counting machines (and the media that "coordinates" the vote count) owned by the same elite that own our government.

And knowing just a little of the background of families like the Clintons, the Bushes, etc., it's actually the endorsement by such that for me what makes it most difficult to have confidence in vaccination in general.


I also very much doubt that Hillary Clinton's grandchild is going to get any vaccines. And I'm very happy for the baby. But how evil is that, to try to get everyone else to vaccinate. I was going to vote for her, but not anymore.

cia parker

Between this garbage on the safety of vaccines and the garbage uttered by Obama about how Americans were the moral equivalent of Isis and shouldn't flatter ourselves otherwise, I'd have to say that my vote, after many years of voting Democrat, is up for grabs. I am profoundly shocked and disappointed.

Joe Sulaco

Bill and Hillary are in the Council of Foreign Relation's pocket. The global agenda is to mandate all the toxic vaccines to depopulate the world.

There is no way in hell that Clinton grandbaby has received ANY vaccines. Nor the British royal family. Nor the elite.

I remember when Misha Barton (Zbignew Brzezinki's daughter) got her "flu" shot live on her morning show "Cup of Joe."

What a joke. Like she's going to allow a mercury shot into her elite body. I'm sure it was normal saline or something.

Sorry people. Wake UP.


I gave up on Hillary & Bill J when I read how much they were involved with Monsanto and also Hillary encouraging Bill to pass NAFTA. Not a good move for the US.

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