Dehumanizing Parents of Disabled Children in The Name Of Vaccines
Robert Kennedy, Jr: CDC Scientist Still Maintains Agency Forced Researchers To Lie About Safety Of Mercury Based Vaccines

Kim Stagliano: The Vaccine Injured Are Americans... and So Are Their Parents

Mia Desk Grover
The desk of a beautiful 20 year old with autism, vaccine injured. That Grover doll went to each pediatric appointment. We DID the right thing. Didn't we?

My name is Kimberly Stagliano.  I am the daughter of a World War II veteran. I am a college graduate.  I pay my taxes. I vote in every election. I recite the Pledge of Allegiance including "One Nation Under God," and sing the Star Bangled Banner with my hand over my heart at every sporting event (albeit badly). I am the mother of a vaccine injured daughter, now 20 years old.

Sometimes - sometimes -  things you trust, things that are part of the fabric of America - they Sneetch unvaxedbetray you in the cruelest fashion. They harm. They wound. They change lives.  And then lies follow. Covers ups. IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.

The victims are the criminals. It's an age old "defense." It's how civil wars start and brothers kills brothers. Neighbors turn in neighbors. Someone benefits from that fear. Rarely the brother, or the neighbor. Dr. Seuss wrote "The Sneetches" -- remind me, which were best, those with stars upon thars or not?

My daughter's first word was "Ober," her approximation of "Grover," the furry blue monster from her beloved Sesame Street. She was ten months old.  She was diagnosed with autism at 4.

My daughter is an American. She will never vote. She will never pay taxes. She will cost the nation millions of dollars over the course of her lifetime. She did not graduate from high school.  I am her mother. I am the guardian - morally and legally - of her health.  She will never have another vaccination and risk slipping further into disability or death. 

I made a short video of her watching her favorite song, Sing, from Sesame Street.

This particular version is from the anniversary special titled, Sesame Street, Twenty Years and Counting. Just like my daughter, twenty years old and still counting 1....2...3.    You'll see a familiar person introducing the song, the show host.

Take it away Bill Cosby -  "America's Dad!"

Oh wait a minute...  Bill Cos........

Sometimes - sometimes -  things you trust, things that are part of the fabric of America - they betray you in the cruelest fashion. They harm. They wound. They change lives.  And then lies follow. Covers ups. IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.Sometimes - sometimes -  things you trust, things that are part of the fabric of America - they betray you in the cruelest fashion. They harm. They wound. They change lives.  And then lies follow. Covers ups. IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.Sometimes - sometimes -  things you trust, things that are part of the fabric of America - they betray you in the cruelest fashion. They harm. They wound. They change lives.  And then lies follow. Covers ups. IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.Sometimes - sometimes -  things you trust, things that are part of the fabric of America - they betray you in the cruelest fashion. They harm. They wound. They change lives.  And then lies follow. Covers ups. IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.IT CAN NOT BE TRUE.

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.



All the new vaccines are GMO and alter people's DNA. They are injecting the DNA of other species into people and that material is PATENTED. Skipping past the horrific results to a legal issue that steps outside of vaccine injury and vaccine court, and could bring people to real courts, here is the question: did anyone sign a contract to have their child's priceless, "1000s of generations in the making" intellectual property (their DNA) wrecked without understanding the contract or agreeing to it and without compensation?

You are part of immense violations of contract and IP law which opens up to people a means to sue and in a vast class action suit. The person to reach is Daniel Ravicher at the Cordoza Law School who is an expert on IP and represented organic farmers against Monsanto.

Can you find a 1000 parents or more who want to sue for having their child genetically engineered and filled with patented IP belonging to the biotech industry? Could Ravicher sue for that? Could he sue to make sure they have no legal claim over your children's blood, organs, bones, etc.? Could he sue for compensation for contract violations?

How many people can you bring for a class action lawsuit?

Your genetic heritage and your children's has been stolen. That's an intellectual property issue.

So is the danger they have put people in for putting other species in EVERYONE'S DNA. What happens when people have children now? All those who have gotten the same vaccines are genetically siblings now, with the same "other species" parental line (more than one parent). We all know what happens with siblings mate, even 1st cousins, mate - defects in their DNA are multiplied.

This was done to the IP of anyone getting the vaccines now, creating a situation where their perfect IP "program" now is more likely to "crash" because it has "bugs" in it (and literally because some of the DNA if from insects).

And it fits with this.

They were obsessed about genetics before, during and after WWII. They have gotten rid of their liability in the US for injury and death from vaccines but they are still under contract and IP law.

Notice none of this is about injury. Your children didn't even need to be visibly injured for you to have standing for something like this. All the vaccines are recombinant DNA (GMO) vaccines that shoot other species DNA into a person, exactly as is done with genetically engineering seeds.

Read this for more information.

And this:

And this:


Here is who is doing this to everyone.

What is happening is huge forced human experiment.


This is a powerful message. I too have a twenty year old who still watches Sesame Street, loves Cookie Monster and all of is heartbreaking but what makes it even worse is this will continue to happen if something does not change....walk a mile in my shoes and you will think twice about your opinions on so many jabs so early in life!! I hate how they lump parents into the "anti-vax" camp when it's more about lets do this safer and make sure the immune system can handle so much at one time! God Bless....

Bob Moffitt

@ Cia Parker

"In addition to mercury in vaccines, just the assault on the immune system of any vaccine injected often causes the immune system to react with too much inflammation."

I agree wholeheartedly with your comments .. but .. I am very angry the CDC has deliberately created the mis-perception that autism continued to rise .. AFTER thimerosal was removed. THEY ARE LYING AND THEY MUST BE EXPOSED FOR IT........

I strongly suggest you view the interview between CNN Anderson Cooper and former Rep Dan Burton to see how that misperception is not being CHALLENGED AS IT SHOULD BE.

cia parker

In addition to mercury in vaccines, just the assault on the immune system of any vaccine injected often causes the immune system to react with too much inflammation. It has to react with some, that's what makes the immune system produce antibodies to neutralize the pathogens injected. But when the inflammation is excessive, as it often is, then it causes the brain to swell, encephalitis, and cutting off or reducing blood circulation in the brain for however long it lasts causes damage similar to that caused by a stroke: autism, ADHD, seizure disorders, and learning and behavioral disabilities. Think how stroke victims often lose the ability to speak. The MMR has always caused a lot of autism for this reason, even though it is a live vaccine and has never had mercury or aluminum. And then, of course, there are all the autoimmune diseases caused by vaccines sensitizing the immune system to ANY of the vaccine ingredients, pathogens, chemicals, proteins from the pathogens or the culture media. There is and can be no safe vaccine.

Bob Moffitt

@ Taximom

I apologize .. my computer is terrible .. the correct link to CNN Anderson Cooper interview with former Rep Dan Burton is below .. hope you can see it because it was very disappointing to hear Cooper badger Burton about autism rising AFTER thimerosal was supposedly removed

Bob Moffitt


Greatly appreciated your cogent explanation of why autism appears to have increased .. AFTER thimerosal was supposedly removed from vaccines. I will be using it at every opportunity.

Don't know if you happened to see former Rep Dan Burton's disappointing interview with CNN's Cooper Anderson .. Burton's FAILURE to addresss this very issue was infuriating to watch .. as Cooper kept asking him to explain why autism increased after thimerasol was removed.

Here it is .. watch it an weep ... hope the link works as my computer is TERRIBLE........

david m burd


You are so correct. BECAUSE vaccines were indeed preserved with Thimerosal their shelf lives were indefinite. And, CDC's MMWR Reports in year 2000 explicitly directed vaccinating WITH the Thimerosal vaccine if doctors had not received a new supply of non-Thimersal vials. In other words (my words) use up the millions and millions of mercury-loaded vials - damn the kids.

And, as so many have pointed out, more vaccines have been added having Aluminum adjuvants, other preservatives such as formaldehyde (formalin), antibiotics, processing oils such peanut oil, on and on, are listed in the CDC "vaccine excipients" list, easily googled (peanut oil is not actually listed but is in proprietary processing oils).

Last but far from least, there is no doubt whatsoever that unknown contaminants get into vaccines, only belatedly realized when such batches create havoc and death. NO vaccine is a safe vaccine.


Very well said Kim. Thank you for all you do.

A song for the season...


@Bob Moffit: We need to keep correcting the statement "we took thimerosal out of vaccines in 1999 and autism is still climbing" WHENEVER WE SEE IT.

It's amazing how many people believe it to be true. I even know some serious vaccine critics who believe it's true.

Please copy this and share it far and wide:

The current official rate of autism, as announced by the CDC in 2014, (1 in 68), is based on data from 2010, of children BORN IN 2002.

INFANTS BORN IN 2002 WERE STILL BEING GIVEN THIMEROSAL-PRESERVED VACCINES. Thimerosal-preserved vaccines continued to be distributed and sold in the US for as long as their shelf lives were good, which was sometime in 2004.

In addition, infants born in 2002 were also given 25% MORE vaccines than infants born in 2000, as the new PCV vaccine (4 doses in the first year of life) was added to the schedule. These children were given higher numbers of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines than any children previously.


Jan R

so sad... so many American's who don't count.

I went to a training yesterday where there was a keynote speaker on the abuse and the disabled. The speaker, a Massachusetts state trooper, asked those in attendance why abuse cases don't make the news like other cases of abuse do... it was quiet until the state trooper said quite loudly THEY DON'T VOTE!

Same thing with the vaccine injured...

John Stone

Well said Kim. If a country expects its citizens to make sacrifices it should be open about what they are. These sacrifices would not be deemed acceptable if people understood them.


Lisa B.

Thanks Kim for keeping it real. I played vaccine roulette too, my son lost.


Cognitive dissonance. Perception versus reality.

The current attack on American parents is backfiring; it's forcing people to confront the uncomfortable feelings they've been squelching about government and industry intrusion on their civil rights. Censorship and faux patriotism are everybody's problems.

As Americans spend increasingly more time in front of video screens, they as consumers need to use critical thinking skills to recognize corporate influence on all forms of public messaging.

Angus Files

Thanks to Pharma very much the jilted generation.

Thanks Kim


Words fail me

Awesome and powerful and heartbreaking, Kim.

Dr. Nancy's quarantine violation much worse than Brian Williams embellishments.

Bob Moffitt you are so right about that. It just goes to show you how pharma influences the news.
Kim you and your beautiful daughters are a growing army.

Jenny Webster

Gavin does the same thumb in mouth, finger on nose pose.
Thanks for writing this Kim.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Kim, for this excellent writing. Our son, Ryan, soon to be 21, has many similar interests as your daughter. He loves all things Sesame St., Muppets, Land Before Time, and Spot. He has large collections that he treasures of plush toys, finger puppets, action figures, movies, music CDs, computer CDs, and books...all children's items.

He didn't graduate from high school. He didn't go to college. He doesn't vote. He won't be working, paying taxes, getting married, or ever living independently. He is a sweet boy in a 6' 3" tall man's body. He must be supervised at all times. He has cost the state of CA an exorbitant amount of money, and will continue to do so as long as we live here.

Why, you ask? Because he was greatly harmed (nearly killed) and permanently disabled by his "routine" childhood vaccinations. No one can EVER say to me that vaccines are safe or effective. We have living proof in our own home that they are neither. Our son should NEVER have been subjected to vaccines...NEVER. Not one has ever been proven safe or effective (as a matter of FACT, they have a long track record of being neither), they have never been studied as administered, and evil men and women have been lying about their ingredients and ability to harm and kill for hundreds of years, even more so in recent decades.

To those who have no compassion for what was wrongfully done to our children, who ridicule and mock our children and their vaccine injuries that have left them ill, unable to communicate, in pain, vulnerable, helpless, and dependent on others, and who refuse to listen to and believe our eyewitness accounts, I can only say that one day you will have to answer for your actions, attitudes, and heartlessness, to the One who will execute perfect justice.


Thank you for this beautiful essay. I needed that now with Time magazine wanting to classify the unvaccinated along with sex offenders. (Well never mind the millions of us too old to have been vaccinated and got the measles cure the natural way) Living in California I talked to the three authors of the bill that proposes to take away the philosophical AND religious exemption, making California the same as Mississippi and West Virginia; they have so much sympathy for the immune compromised kid that can't go to school because of the unvaccinated. But where is the sympathy for the vaccine injured. This amazes me! Where is the sympathy for those compliant parents who lost in the vaccine lottery? I don't really know what is going on with the media. It is as if they took an hysteria pill. It seems like the worse the news is for the CDC the worse the media behaves. I really hope this will end soon.

Maurine Meleck

Profound reality. Love you and your girls.

Bob Moffitt

Our precious little guy .. now 15 .. non-verbal .. fixated on ELMO .. is also an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

Unfortunately .. his "regression" followed numerous vaccines that contained thimerosal .. and .. I suspect he is among the "1 in 48" cohort of boys the CDC has JUST RECENTLY announced .. all the while claiming .. see .. it wasn't the thimerosal because we removed it in 1999 .. and .. yet .. autism continues to climb.

Duh .. of course it continues to climb if your counting BACKWARDS towards the years when thimerosal was in MOST VACCINES.

The dirty little secret in all of this media hysteria over a 130 isolated cases of measles .. in a country of 300 million .. is the fact that most parents who choose "not to vaccinate their children" .. are parents .. just like Kim and my lovely daughter-in-law .. who at one time VOLUNTARILY VACCINATED their child .. only to see that child become "collateral damage" in the Public Health's "war on communicable diseases".

While the "war" itself may be considered a "just war" .. treating parents of the "collateral damage" it has caused as the enemy .. is a cruel violation of their rights as a citizen of the United States.

I don't blame the media .. for waving the names of Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Wakefield as if they were "bloody shirts" .. presenting them to an uninformed populace .. as enemies that had inflicted a bloody defeat of American forces on the field of battle .. just don't ask the parents themselves .. lest the true reasons for the widespread and growing "all volunteer" army of "non-vaccinating" parents become known.

Personally .. Brian Williams "embellishment"of his "combat" reporting was far less damaging to NBC than was Dr. Nancy Snyderman violating her "EBOLA quarantine" .. but .. that's just me.

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