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In Perspective: Measles 2015

Country-doctor-nrNote: Excerpted with permission from Vaccination News. Thank you Dr. Yazbak for your continued service to our children:

F. Edward Yazbak MD, FAAP

Fifty-one measles cases reported between December 28, 2014 and January 21, 2015 effectively started a nationwide contrived scare campaign to curtail parental rights by abolishing philosophic vaccine exemptions in the 17 states where they are still allowed.

Eleven (11) measles deaths were reported in the United States since 1995, the last in 2005.

According to the CDC, only .7% of US toddlers have not received any vaccine.

The current California MMR vaccination rate of +/- 96.1% among pre-K children is the highest ever and it exceeds the national arbitrary goal of 95%.

It is a sad reality that no one mentioned that over 1500 autism cases may have been diagnosed during the 24 first days of the present measles outbreak.

To date, NO ONE including the CDC knows what causes autism (Autism/ASD), the fastest growing disability in the United States, where some 24,000 new cases of the disorder are diagnosed yearly. 

For unknown reasons, less than 5% of the United States research funding has been allocated to autism.     


The CDC’s new logo clearly describes its functions: CDC 24/7: Saving Lives - Protecting People.

In order to save lives and protect people 24/7, the CDC investigates disease outbreaks and propagates vaccination practices.

In addition, the CDC has an essential role in “Emergency Preparedness and Response” including the investigation and reporting of Natural Disasters, Bioterrorism, and Chemical and Radiation emergencies. http://emergency.cdc.gov/

I had the pleasure and privilege to work closely with CDC investigators in 1960 -1961 and I can say without hesitation that they were superbly trained, most knowledgeable and extremely effective.

Through its Health Alert Network (HAN), the CDC regularly distributes official “CDC Health Advisories”.

When I started writing this commentary, the most recent three advisories were:

# 374 (12/3/14): “CDC Health Advisory Regarding the Potential for Circulation of Drifted Influenza A (H3N2) Viruses.” In this advisory the CDC announced that “Influenza viral characterization data indicates that 48% of the influenza A (H3N2) viruses collected and analyzed in the United States from October 1 through November 22, 2014 were antigenically "like" the 2014-2015 influenza A (H3N2) vaccine component, but that 52% were antigenically different (drifted) from the H3N2 vaccine virus.” http://emergency.cdc.gov/han/han00374.asp

# 375 (1/9/15): “CDC Health Update Regarding Treatment of Patients with Influenza with Antiviral Medications.” In this advisory, the CDC reported: “In addition, approximately two-thirds of H3N2 viruses that have been tested at CDC are antigenically or genetically different from the H3N2 vaccine virus.”

The CDC then went on to encourage the early use of antiviral medications. http://emergency.cdc.gov/han/han00375.asp

[Interestingly, the Washington Post published on the same day an article titled “CDC: Flu vaccine only 23 percent effective this season, but still better than nothing.”]

# 376 (1/23/15): “U.S. Multi-state Measles Outbreak, December 2014-January 2015” and in large gold letters:
“This is an official CDC HEALTH ADVISORY” http://emergency.cdc.gov/han/han00376.asp

The first case of the “Disney Measles Outbreak” was reported on December 20, 2014, more than two weeks before the CDC’s Advisory # 375 of January 9, 2015 that was still urging more influenza vaccinations and antivirals. It was evidently felt at the CDC that using some of the unused expensive and not too effective seasonal Influenza vaccine was still more of a priority than a few cases of measles.

Read the full post at Vaccination News.

Dr. Yazbak, a board-certified pediatrician with special training in infectious diseases, has been a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1963. He was formerly the Assistant Clinical Director of the Charles V. Chapin Hospital (Infectious Diseases), the Pediatric Director of Child Development Study at Brown University and the Director of Pediatrics at the Woonsocket Hospital in Rhode Island.

He has practiced pediatrics and was a school physician in Northern Rhode Island for 34 years. Since 1998, he has devoted his time to the research of regressive autism, its epidemic increase and its auto-immune causes. He has conducted a large study of mothers who received repeated live virus vaccines as adults and has proposed the hypothesis that live virus vaccination of mothers just before, during and immediately after pregnancy, predisposes their children to autism. He presented his findings at a special session of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2001 and has published 3 peer-reviewed papers on the subject. He has also published extensively on the Internet.
His interest in vaccines has been long-standing and he has been certified as an expert witness in vaccine injury cases.

Dr. Yazbak describes himself as being pro-reasonable vaccination.

He and his wife Maureen, a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, now live on Cape Cod. They have 4 children and twelve grandchildren.


John Stone

I was informed by Dr Yazbak that he called CDC-Info (800-232 4636) yesterday afternoon and was told that the statistics in the 2012 Pink Book are still the present official CDC statistics.

The link to that information


was the one listed in the article.

John Stone

Adam McLean

This is a complete waste of time. The CDC, having reviewed the records, have evidently decided there are no deaths and have stated this.

I am glad we are agreed you are not an MD. It is very important not to be misleading about such matters.

Adam McLean

Dear Dr. Yazbak,

Thank you very much for your reply. I would, however, like to haven an opportunity to answer your challenges, and to inquire and/or challenge many of the assertions that you make.

"I stand by my figures obtained from the CDC Pink Book"
I have no issue with the surveillance data in the CDC Pink Book which indicates measles deaths in 2003 and 2005, except that the measles mortality data therein clearly has been updated only to 2007 (i.e., deaths from measles from 2008-2012 are listed as "NA" or 'Not Available' at the time of publishing, 20 January 2012).

"I don’t have measles mortality figures for 2000-2010..."
I provided direct reference to final mortality data from the CDC National Vital Statistics Reports for 2009 (dated 29 December 2011) and 2010 (dated 8 May 2013), both of which indicate two (2) deaths from measles per year. These figures are not, as alleged, "improvised" in any way and vastly more reliable than an alleged email from an unnamed individual responding to inquiries at the DVD. Why do you not acknowledge these data and correct your statement? Furthermore, I also refer to you final mortality data for 2012, here:
Which includes an additional two (2) deaths due to measles.

"Measles deaths are different from measles-related deaths"
Fatal complications of measles includes pneumonia, post-infection encephalomyelitis, encephalitis, and subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE).
All have a root underlying cause of measles; death would not have occurred without the initiating measles infection. I would request that you please explain how you define and differentiate between "measles deaths" and "measles-related deaths".

"Deaths are more likely to be reported than uncomplicated cases"
I would request that you please provide evidence indicating this "fact" to be true. I would, in fact, contend the opposite is true: Deaths with underlying cause of measles were, in the past, less likely to be properly reported compared to incidence due to the fact that the primary fatal complication of measles is pneumonia (accounting for 80% of the estimated 259 deaths in the 1989-1991 outbreak), and typically death occurs well after the measles rash has passed. As such, the single root cause of death without testing for presence of measles would historically be attributed not to measles, but pneumonia. Other fatal complications of measles - encephalitis, SSPE (which can be fatal years after infection), etc. - were each even less likely to be properly reported 100 years ago.

"Do you really think that measles in the US is more serious NOW than 100 years ago?"
Absolutely not; I think that measles surveillance, both for incidence and mortality, was vastly inferior 100 years ago compared to the past 25 years, especially since inception of the National Immunization Program in 1985 and enhancement of the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System in 1989. This is explained in detail in Gindler, et al., JID 2004:189 to which I referred discussing the 1989-1991 measles outbreak. During this outbreak, two independent surveillance systems were in place - NCHS and NIP - with data provided by states directly from death certificates. I reiterate that none of the data I refer to is "improvised" in any way. If you or John Stone have issue with the 1 in 212/299 estimated/reported mortality figures as calculated with data from this paper, I would request that you provide a compelling explanation in response.

"Do you seriously claim that our US measles mortality rate is so much worse than that of the Philippines?"
Absolutely not: I contend once again that, with two independent multiple-cause mortality databases and means of data collection, measles incidence and mortality surveillance in recent history is vastly superior in the US compared to any other country in the world, especially a developing country. Do you claim that infectious disease surveillance is so much better in the Philippines such that mortality statistics in Gindler, et al. can be disregarded in favor of those data?

"This will be my last exchange."
Such a divisive statement is dismaying, especially from a doctor and pediatrician. I sincerely hope that I am given this opportunity to answer the challenges you presented in your comment, and that you will explain and defend your positions.

Adam McLean

Ed Yazbak

Dear Bodhie

Thank you for your note.

The 2015 CDC adult vaccination schedule is at

Answering your note:

I believe that this measles outbreak will be limited and that it will not reach the 600+ cases of 2014

The nasal live influenza vaccine is really live and administered intranasally

The MMR is live attenuated and injectable

For years, people born before 1957 were considered immune (from disease) and not in need of a vaccination. Because of the passage of time since this recommendation, the MMR is recommended as you see on the chart through age 55

I do not know for sure and I don't have time to look it up today, but I doubt that MMR trials were ever done on people older than 50 because it was felt that they already had cellular immunity from disease. Some 55 years old individuals have received monovalent measles vaccine or MMR vaccine and their immunity will never be as good as that following cincal illness.

I presume that before long, some more specific recommendation will be made.

I had a great advice from my pediatric director when I started practice. It was: "Never be the first or the last to do anything"

This rule may be worth considering.

I hope this answered your question.

Have a great week!


John Stone

It is interesting to note that in the answer given to Meryl Nass that the estimated mortality rate from measles at the point of the introduction of the vaccine was about 1 in 8,000 which also puts Adam McLean's improvised figures in perspective. I don't think 500 annual deaths is alright but I also don't think any amount of collateral damage aggressively swept under the carpet is alright either.

Ed Yazbak

Dear Dr. McLean
I stand by my figures obtained from the CDC Pink Book and available at http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/G/cases-deaths.pdf

There are several facts to remember: 1. Deaths are more likely to be reported than uncomplicated cases 2. Measles deaths are different from measles-related deaths
3. I was talking of pediatric vaccinations and exemptions not of adult and elderly disease /deaths

I don’t have measles mortality figures for 2000-2010 but I happen to have the official CDC tables starting in 1912 and I will list the 1912-1922 figures and let you compare them with your notes:

1912 95331 155798 163.428 3974 4.169 2.551
1913 97227 203690 209.499 7446 7.658 3.656
1914 99118 169844 171.355 4149 4.186 2.443
1915 100549 142837 142.057 3246 3.228 2.273
1916 101966 417445 409.396 7663 7.515 1.836
1917 103266 527136 510.464 9906 9.593 1.879
1918 103203 428018 414.734 8546 8.281 1.997
1919 104512 180265 172.483 3251 3.111 1.803
1920 106466 465048 436.804 7600 7.138 1.634
1921 108451 282074 260.093 3694 3.406 1.31
1922 110055 265905 241.611 4026 3.658 1.514

The 7 columns are: Year –Population ,000- Number of measles cases-Attack rate- Deaths- Death Rate- Death to Cases ratiox100

Do you really think that measles in the US is more serious NOW than 100 years ago?

You mentioned calculated mortality rates of 1 in 299 (1989-1991) and 1 in 94 (2000-2010).
On 5/29/14, Anne Schuchat MD (RADM, USPHS), our Assistant Surgeon General, stated: “The Philippines is reporting over 32,000 cases and 41 deaths from measles between January 1st and April 20th this year” http://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2014/t0529-measeles.html

Do you seriously claim that our US measles mortality rate is so much worse than that of the Philippines?

On 2/24/2015, the MOST recent CDC Physician Information included: “One or two out of every 1,000 children who become infected with measles will die from respiratory and neurologic complications.” http://www.cdc.gov/measles/hcp/index.html

Don’t you think that by now, the CDC would have mentioned your much higher statistics?

I wish you the best.

This will be my last exchange.


Jenny Allan

How effective is that (MMR) booster when given to a person of an advanced age?

Off topic and irrelevant Bodhie. If you examine the US and UK measles surveillance statistics, you will find almost zero cases in the over 55 cohort. Why? We all got the natural measles when we were children. This confers effective lifelong immunity.

My parents, who greatly feared diptheria, polio, smallpox and TB and made sure myself and siblings were vaccinated, would have been amazed by government attempts to vaccinate against measles, mumps and rubella, the latter two were pro-actively spread to infant sons and daughters, in order to prevent adult complications.


Dr. Yazbak-
Considering the results so far in this latest measles outbreak, it would seem that many people over a certain age are starting to lose their immunity from their childhood MMR and are now due for a booster. How effective is that booster when given to a person of an advanced age? I know the flu vaccine is nearly worthless when given to the elderly. Could this be a possibility as well for the MMR? Is the MMR even recommended for someone of an advanced age? The live virus flu shot isn't recommended for anyone over the age of 50.

John Stone


Dr Yazbak linked to a CDC source. I also have this from Merly Nass's site (posted 18 February 2015):

"Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding measles deaths. Measles data available to the public can be found in www.cdc.gov/measles, MMWR (http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/), and other publications such as those listed on http://www.cdc.gov/measles/resources/ref-res.html.

The last documented deaths in the US directly attributable to acute measles occurred in 2003. Before the measles vaccination program started in 1963, we estimate that 3-4 million people got measles each year in the US, and 400-500 of those died (http://www.cdc.gov/measles/about/faqs.html).

Kind Regards,

Division of Viral Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"


I don't know whether the cases cited in other documents are patients with complex health problems who also contracted measles but the CDC are saying that these were not acute measles deaths.

PS Adam, are you saying that you are an MD?

Adam McLean

Hello John,

Thank you for posting my comment and your reply. You make the point:
"My understanding is that you are citing provisional data which was not ultimately confirmed."
As you say, one of the links I sent was in fact preliminary data (for 2009; "National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 59, Number 4 March 16, 2011 Deaths: Preliminary Data for 2009"), however the two measles deaths reported there were confirmed in the final data for 2009, here:
"National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 60, Number 3 December 29, 2011 Deaths: Final Data for 2009".

The link in my message showing two additional deaths due to measles in the US in 2010 were also final data.

Additionally, here is the final data for 2005 which confirm the death of a 1-4 year old white male from measles complications:

I apologize for similar postings on other articles; I did so, however, due to prevalence of the assertion that measles has not caused unnecessary death in the US in recent times: It has, and unfortunately will continue to do so. I would urge you to correct these statements with the final mortality data throughout your web site so to present measles mortality as accurately as possible.

Thank you once again.
Dr. Adam McLean

John Stone

Hi Adam,

I note your several very similar comments in these columns left overnight. My understanding is that you are citing provisional data which was not ultimately confirmed. During what might be called the current episode the CDC have never suggested that there have been deaths. I have seen government statements in private correspondence agreeing that there have been no deaths confirmed since 2003.

John Stone, UK Editor Age of Autism.

Adam McLean

Dr. Yazbak, your statement that "Eleven (11) measles deaths were reported in the United States since 1995, the last in 2005" is incorrect: There were two (2) deaths in each of 2009 and 2010; see mortality data from 2009 here:
And data from 2010 here:
Final data is not yet available from 2011-2014.

Your statement is also very misleading as to measles mortality. From 2000-2010, there were 8 deaths from measles complications, but only 777 cases; i.e., a mortality rate of 1 in 94.

This is a relatively small sample size, however not out of line with mortality seen in the 1989-1991 measles outbreak in the US where at least 184 deaths were reported (259 estimated) out of 55,000 cases (mortality of 1 in 299 reported / 1 in 212 estimated):
In this past outbreak, 90% of those that died were unvaccinated. As well, approximately 80% of cases were unvaccinated; in 1990, for example, 22,532 out of 27,632 measles cases were unvaccinated:

British Mum

@Dr Yazbak, Do you have any idea when the words "acquired autism" were replaced by the words "regressive autism"? I think this is significant because it means that old references to "acquired autism" will gradually move down the Google results until, effectively, they vanish, taking old research with them.

FYI I've been following your work since the old Red Flag (of warning) website of the late Nicholas Regush. Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of vaccine-damaged children.

John Stone

Hi Jenny,

But surely we can only say that it is not vaccine derived in the 30 cases where they have published the info, supposing it is true.


@Jenny Allan:

Thanks again!


"saving lives , protecting people"

I think what the CDC actually means is :

Saving our skins , protecting our reputations .


@John Stone,

I thought I'd read somewhere that one of the strains was wild, but wasn't sure about all the strains found in this outbreak.

I realize this issue is, at best, a moot issue, because it's now full steam ahead to rip away all the non-medical exemptions and to restrict any and all medical exemptions.

Still, it would have been lovely for some of the physicians speaking out on our side of the fence on this issue, to have pointed out some of the issues with shedding, etc., so forth.

I'm just sickened with all of this. It's absolutely disgusting what's happening to this country of ours...

Jenny Allan

"Specimens from 30 California patients were genotyped; all were measles genotype B3, which has caused a large outbreak recently in the Philippines, but has also been detected in at least 14 countries and at least six U.S. states in the last 6 months (1)."
This strain was also implicated in the UK measles outbreaks. It was stated to have been introduced by infected travellers from the Philippines. This measles genotype is NOT vaccine derived.

John Stone


I think we have been told that it is a wild strain but not sure whether this is certain for all the cases.


@Ed Yazbak/Jenny Allan:

Thank you so much for responding to my queries. Much appreciated...

I still have one question, however. Forgive me if I'm somehow misreading any/some of what you've both commented on, but do we have any confirmation as to whether or not these measles cases are VACCINE RELATED or THE WILD VERSION? What strain was found in these serum samples?

Jenny Allan

Dear Ed Yazbak,
Thank you for everything you do and have done to promote the truth about vaccine safety. The truth will eventually prevail as it must.

Ed Yazbak

Dear Ms. Allan

Absolutely superb and helpful entry. Thank you.

FYI: MMWR for Feb.27


"The two measles cases reported for the current week were imported."



Ed Yazbak

Dear Ms. Bishop


Keeping in mind that I did not hear the discussion, Dr Paul's question is not specific and is therefore difficult to answer. Here is a list of "mental disorders" we use with their codes

Which of those mental disorders is he talking about?

If the question had been: "IS THERE ANY SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM- sometimes with profound deficits?

Dr. Schuchat correct answer should have been: “May be? This is why we don’t want to find out.”

Ed Yazbak

Dear Bayareamom

According to the CDC

"A measles case is considered confirmed if it is laboratory-confirmed or meets the clinical case definition (an illness characterized by a generalized rash lasting ≥3 days, a temperature of ≥101°F [≥38.3°C], and cough, coryza, and/or conjunctivitis and is linked epidemiologically to a confirmed case. Measles cases are laboratory-confirmed if there is detection in serum of measles-specific immunoglobulin M, isolation of measles virus, or detection of measles virus nucleic acid from a clinical specimen."

In general, the first cases of an outbreak are better investigated.

I don't really know how many California cases are still being laboratory-investigated.

I hope I answered your questions

Jenny Allan

Measles Outbreak — California, December 2014–February 2015
Early Release
February 13, 2015 / 64(Early Release);1-
From above:-
"Among the 110 California patients, 49 (45%) were unvaccinated; five (5%) had 1 dose of measles-containing vaccine, seven (6%) had 2 doses, one (1%) had 3 doses, 47 (43%) had unknown or undocumented vaccination status, and one (1%) had immunoglobulin G seropositivity documented, which indicates prior vaccination or measles infection at an undetermined time. Twelve of the unvaccinated patients were infants too young to be vaccinated. Among the 37 remaining vaccine-eligible patients, 28 (67%) were intentionally unvaccinated because of personal beliefs, and one was on an alternative plan for vaccination. Among the 28 intentionally unvaccinated patients, 18 were children (aged <18 years), and 10 were adults. Patients range in age from 6 weeks to 70 years; the median age is 22 years. Among the 84 patients with known hospitalization status, 17 (20%) were hospitalized.
The source of the initial Disney theme park exposure has not been identified. Specimens from 30 California patients were genotyped; all were measles genotype B3, which has caused a large outbreak recently in the Philippines, but has also been detected in at least 14 countries and at least six U.S. states in the last 6 months (1)."

Of the 110 California patients 49 were unvaccinated (known status)

12 of these patients were babies too young to be vaccinated.

Of the remaining 37 patients, 28 were unvaccinated due to personal beliefs

Of these 28 patients, 10 were adults (so were old enough to be responsible for their own vaccination status), and 18 were children< 18 years)

One patient was on an alternative vaccination schedule, (so might have been measles vaxed with monovalent vaccine).
We are NOT given any details about the reasons or ages of the remaining 8 unvaxed patients, so we can only make assumptions here. My guess is these persons were all too old for MMR jabs, but the CDC should come clean about this.

So if we leave out the 47 persons without vax documentation, (since we can’t make any assumptions here), then we have a grand total of 18 children, whose parents did not vax due to personal beliefs.
In percentage terms that’s a rounded 16%

13 persons had 1-3 measles containing vaccine doses, and one had antibodies indicating a prior measles vaccination or dose of natural measles.

That makes 14 persons vaxed or a rounded 13% of the total.
Not a very good percentage of measles vaccine failure.

The 47 persons with unknown status MIGHT be unvaxed, but equally a fair proportion of them will almost certainly have received measles vaccinations. It is not at all unusual for vax documentation to be lost or missing.

Jenny Allan

@Bayareamom "I've really wondered if all these measles cases were, indeed, true measles cases. And why the hype over THIS so-called outbreak when there have been far more egregious outbreaks in the not too distant past?"

We had a similar situation 2 years ago in Wales, a tiny UK country with a size and population smaller than many US States. The hype and misinformation was similar in many ways to the US Disney outbreak, and there was definitely a Government sponsored campaign to put the fear of death into parents about the (remote) possibility of their children catching measles. Yes, once again Dr Andrew Wakefield was 'dragged out' like a disinterred corpse, to blame for Welsh 'teenagers' getting infected because parents were discouraged from MMR vaccine.

The BBC, our public subscription funded TV and radio media corporation, promulgated all the 'doom and gloom'. It was claimed in April 2013, at the height of the hype, there were
more than 1500 measles cases.The TRUE figures were released almost 6 months later with NO fanfare. The hard to access public Welsh surveillance confirmed measles cases, came to around 250, of which 200 were allegedly 'confirmed' in April. We were initially TOLD all cases were unvaccinated against measles; this was later quietly changed to 'not fully vaccinated', or status unknown (as in Disney). Those 'teenagers' (almost certainly nearly all MMR vaccinated), refused wholesale to get any more 'needles' and the Swansea health authority was left with more than £100,000 ($150,000) worth of unwanted MMR vaccine, but new parents WERE scared into getting their >6 month old babies vaccininated, contraindicated on MMR vaccine inserts. I'm angry about this, not least because those babies were still to get another MMR jab at the usual time.

The trouble with misinformation and hype is the TRUTH leaking out. Even when the press and media are compliant with Government and corporate sponsored interests, they cannot control independent news and information sources, particularly those internet websites, like AoA and ChildHealthSafety.

Dr Wakefield, still very much alive and kicking, got HIS side of the story published in the Independent Newspaper, and he also issued a challenge to debate Dr David Salisbury, in charge of UK child vaccine schedules at the time of MMR introduction 1988 -Salisbury refused. He is no longer involved with child vaccine schedules.

Later, ChildHealthSafety revealed there was a far bigger measles outbreak in the North of England, happening at the same time as all the Welsh hype. This was suppressed by the media. Why? Most of the child measles cases were fully MMR vaccinated!

I wrote a breakdown of the Disney cases, including vaccination status, on a previous AoA thread. I will repeat on another comment, but what was glaringly missing from the official released figures, was a breakdown of the AGES and ORIGINS of the nearly half of total cases, stated to have 'no vaccine documentation'. These persons could be too old for MMR or single measles vaccine, vistors or recent immigrants. WE ARE NOT TOLD. Also missing, were similar age and origin details about 8 of the cases with KNOWN unvaccinated status. AGAIN WHY?


@Ed Yazbak,

An addendum to the questions I've recently directed at you regarding the measles outbreak in Californnia:

I do very much appreciate your written statement regarding the measles issue here in California. But at the same time, I've not seen (truly) ANYONE address any of the questions I've put forth...to-date, at any rate.

I've really wondered if all these measles cases were, indeed, true measles cases. And why the hype over THIS so-called outbreak when there have been far more egregious outbreaks in the not too distant past?

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Dr. Yazbak, for putting much of this measles focus into perspective.


http://www.c-span.org/video/?324253-1/hearing-childhood-vaccination (around 43:46 time stamp)

I'd like to know what the rate of "profound mental disorders" in U.S. children were prior to our vaccinating against whichever diseases can cause them. We have so much today of "unknown" origin, I'm tempted to ask health authorities if they attributed causation falsely to a correlation.

Seriously though, there is in my mind a real question of how much pharma intervention in infections and other chemical based environmental exposures deserve credit for the morbidity we assign to infection.


@ Ed Yazbak:

A few more questions; do you have answers for any or all, of the following (from Jon Rappoport's website):

Regarding the current measles “outbreak” (a mere purported 150 cases, no deaths), where is the ironclad evidence that cases in more than a dozen states all stemmed from Disneyland—as opposed to occurring naturally in separate areas of the country?

Where is the evidence that the current 150 cases of measles sprang from the natural wild measles virus, as opposed to the measles virus contained in the vaccine? Vaccinated children can shed and spread the measles virus in the vaccine to others.

Among the potential adverse reactions to the measles vaccine is measles. Where is the proof that this has not happened?

Where is the proof that the 150 cases of measles are all actually measles? For instance, conventional research indicates that an adenovirus (not the measles virus) can create the symptoms of measles.

Where are the lab tests (and which tests did they use?) to confirm that all the 150 current cases of measles are actually measles?

Angus Files

No doubt ,no coincidence, at all,as the year is rolling out Disneyland,onto the meeting below like a new carpet..for Pharma to solicit its poisons..and cordially update on the human lab rats.



Great article Dr Yazbak and many thanks.


John Stone


I believe that what happened was that Senator Warren asked:

"Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause profound mental disorders?"

To which Schuchat replied:


I suppose she is eliding the question whether there is any evidence with whether she accepts any of it - which is not the same thing. Particularly when many cases have been conceded or settled. What is shows of course id how anybody in an executive position can deny anything.

Thanks for the great review of the DPT. I recently read a book by Bill Inman, founder of the UK Yellow Card scheme, who remarked on the savage treatment of Gordon Stewart by the UK Department of Health , saying something like he was more shabbily treated by government than anyone else he'd ever come across. Inman himself had detected an injury rate above 1 in 30,000 with DPT and this had professional consequences for him.



@Ed Yazbak:

How are they testing/confirming these measles cases? Are all of these cases out here in CA TRUE CONFIRMED cases of measles?

Ed Yazbak


I did not know that Dr Schuchat had made that statement. It certainly seems very carefuly worded.

If she was only referring to U.S. studies and publications, she may be somewhat correct. Many of our investigators tended to report that the evidence was limited and that more studies were required. That argument was used in VICP litigation but was apparently not too convincing and many DTP cases were compensated.

There were more publications in the British and Japanese literature and indeed as you recall, the Japanese delayed starting DTP vaccination until age 2.

I reviewed many of the available studies some years ago in http://www.vaccinationnews.org/node/19938

I hope this answers your question.


John Stone

Hi Ed,

I note your very last comments in the addendum:

"I will respectfully comment:

"*Autism is not an important public health concern. Autism is the most important public health concern

"*If our best and brightest still don't know what causes autism, could it be because they did not look at everything?

"*When I needed to understand what happened to a sick baby, the first thing I did was to ask his parents: “What happened?”

"May be it is time to try that?"

I wonder what you also make of Rear-Admiral Schuchat's statement before Congress to Senator Elizabeth Warren that there is no "scientific evidence that vaccines cause profound mental disorders"?

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