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I Will Accept Your Surrender

White-flagBy Kent Heckenlively

I've made this offer several times in the past.  I'm making it again.  I am willing to accept the surrender of those who have perverted science, harmed a generation of children, and even as of this late date are willing to harm more children so as to not to upset the balance of their lives.

It must be truly troubling for those who continue to fuel the epidemic of autism and other chronic diseases that even though you still maintain the trust of those in the media, the scientific community, and most of the people in politics, an amazing 39% of the population in a recent Fox News poll believe parents need to have the right to decide how and whether their children can be vaccinated.

You see, I've interviewed enough scientists that I understand the world in which you operate.  Although you tremble in fear when you confront the dark questions at the heart of why so many children and adults suffer with chronic diseases, you feel quite comfortable making others cower as has been done to you.  It must really annoy you when you fulminate against us as if we were some extremist group, that somehow you can't get the rest of the population to fully buy it.

Oh sure, you can get some lackey journalist to say foolish things, like let's publish the addresses of the parents who have deviated from the CDC approved vaccination schedule, but it's just not having the desired effect.  It's a bit like have the beef industry threatening to publish the home addresses of vegetarians.

The typical American is going to watch that and say, "I don't know what to think about vaccinations, but I know a bully when I see one."  And then you start to lose them.

Because there are only a few ways this thing can go.  You need to keep parents and doctors and scientists like us who share the same concerns off the air, but if you do and keep acting like we're the domestic equivalent of ISIS, people are going to notice.  That 39% is where our numbers begin.  That's the number who remain unconvinced, despite you having an overwhelming advantage in the media, the journals, and the politicians.

So, the choice is to continue to keep us off the air, watching that 39% increase as people start to notice WHO is not being allowed to speak, or you can risk trying to look BALANCED and actually put us on the air.  Either way, you are walking across very thin ice.  The public wants to know that children are safe.  And 39% of the public doesn't think the the whole story has been told.  Are you going to publish the addresses of 39% of the population?  I doubt that will win many converts.

Maybe you've been able to push CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, out of your mind for a while and not think about the THOUSANDS of documents he has turned over to Congressman Bill Posey.  Maybe you haven't really thought much about what it means that Dr. Thompson has been granted CONGRESSIONAL IMMUNITY.  Maybe you think they give those out like White House tours.  And you don't consider the implications of Dr. Thompson having one of the country's best whistleblower attorneys.

Napoleon said that one should never interfere with an enemy when they are in the midst of committing suicide.  I'm sure that many people in science believe the CDC is doing that at this very moment.  Is that something you want to join?  Isn't it time to come clean?

The system you need to defend is one in which a separate court system provides complete immunity for pharmaceutical companies for their vaccines.  Think about that.  Close your eyes and imagine saying that to somebody like Megyn Kelly and watching how America reacts.

Let's all say it together.  I BELIEVE IN A SEPARATE COURT SYSTEM THAT PROVIDES COMPLETE IMMUNITY FOR PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES THAT PROVIDE VACCINES TO CHILDREN.  I don't think that's going to be a winning slogan.  It isn't how you protect children.  You protect children by having a legal system which demands that the truth comes out, regardless of who it hurts.  That means pharmaceutical companies produce documents, government agencies give us data, and scientists are put under oath.  Anything else is a sham.

And so I'm offering you a way out.  A complete and unconditional surrender.  You can't ask what we're going to do to you.  You're just going to have to trust in our good graces.  Maybe sometime in the distant future your children and family might believe you had a shred of courage if you act at this very moment.  But the time for choosing is drawing near.  Choose wisely.

That number for Congressman Bill Posey is (202) 225-3671.  I hear they're making their way through the Thompson documents, so if you could help them wrap up a couple loose ends, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.  The clock is ticking!

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.   Visit his website at Plague The Book. You can order the book HERE.



What I didn't appreciate when I made my earlier post here is that the CDC cover-up of elevated blood lead levels in D.C. children was happening at the same time (March 2004) as the CDC was phonying up their MMR-autism data (Feb. 2004).

According to the Congressional report, when the lead author of the blood lead level report was asked (in an email, I think) how the report was received, she replied that for the first time there was no article in the newspapers about lead in D.C. drinking water so "it worked."

This is a very good read: http://www.dcwatch.com/wasa/100520.pdf

cia parker

I don't think the ideologically entrenched deserve to be released from liability for the horrific damage they were aware that their actions were causing. I'm not going to say in millions, though it's true, because even if they knowingly caused horrific damage in just one person, they should be severely punished for it. Right now I think they're riding high, without a care in the world or a thought for those whose suffering they have caused. Yes, this will come to a bitter end for them, but many will have already retired on very large pensions and investments by then, so who cares? They will be judged harshly, if not in this world then in the next.


But if the CDC fudged its data on MMR and autism, it would be the first time such a thing had happened, right?

Actually, not so much. How about this Congressional report from 2010, "A Public Health Tragedy: How Flawed CDC Data and Faulty Assumptions Endangered Children's Health"? Here are some of the bullet points:

"CDC Failed to Include Key Data When It Published the Results of a 'Cross-Sectional Study.'"

"CDC Cannot Produce the Raw Data Used in the Cross-Sectional Study."

"In Its Hurry to Release 'Good News,' CDC Ignored Decades of Its Own Research and That of the Scientific Community When It Claimed That Elevated Water Lead Levels in the District of Columbia Did Not Significantly Impact the Blood Lead Levels of Children."

"CDC Failed to Provide Reliable Public Health Guidance When It Published an 'Emergency' Dispatch Based on Known Missing Data."


Angus Files

We would like the UK`s position clarified also. We never got our day ...

Dr Andrew Wakefield, The Lancet Study and My Two Boys – Isabella Thomas -



Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Kent. I am happy to accept and support the efforts of anyone who finds themselves a part of something they don't want to be, in terms of forced vaccination, denial of informed consent, or ending any level of governmental & corporate corruption, and courageously speaks out.

I can't tell if those who value vaccinations, for the masses anyway and for agendas of mass social engineering, feel backed into a corner or just motivated to maintain the level of profit they've taken in from a rather voluntarily propagandized and fleeced population and machinate for more power while they are at it. I can't tell if they are cornered or just very confident (justifiably or not). I'm hoping this mandate push backfires spectacularly...but I'm afraid it's an attempt to gain as many inches possible through claiming right to a mile, when in reality we should see some major reform (a mile or two IMO) in the opposite direction.


Have you ever seen a wild animal backed into a corner, and its only escape is through you?

Even the smallest of vermin will mount a ferocious defense, hissing and baring their teeth.

The ideologically entrenched need a safe way out of their self-made ethical dilemma.


So 61% of the people have no idea what they are in for, and probably will not be happy when they find out.


I like it. An appeal to common sense and conscience!

Denise Anderstrom Douglass


Angus Files


Brill just sticking it on Facebook..


Who is William Thompson

Dr. Anne Schuchat of the "US Navy-CDC" in full military regalia (just like the honourable Harriet Hall) .

Why is the military in charge of the vaccine schedule ?

I suspect this all might end very badly for us . The lies are so totally blatant now (shamelessly so) .

William Thompson's life has to be in jeopardy .
The statements already made are conclusive.
And everyone else who knows too much is at risk .

They don't look like they are ready to fold quite yet .
We need to redouble our efforts and our pressure .


Thank you for a ray of hope. I recently wrote a letter to all the Senators on the California Senate health committee, plus Boxer, Feinstein, my Senator, and Assembly Member concerning this draconian bill that would take away California's religious AND philosophical exemptions. I quoted Jon Poling as saying that there has been no systematic study of children who have fallen ill after vaccination. The government has not sponsored one study of a child who came down with brain swelling after vaccination. It seems all the CDC has are these big studies that are too broad to identify subgroups (and if they do find a subgroup as with William Thompson's confession the studies are quickly tweaked to get rid of it). This is horrible news for those seeking a medical exemption because there are no subgroups that are more susceptible in the one size fits all vaccine schedule. So take away the medical exemption too unless we want to just buy off doctors to get one. If anyone reads my letter to the Senators, and brings up the lack of post vaccination studies for discussion those defending vaccinations would not be able to answer. Does the CDC know why so many children become ill after vaccination? No You mean you have no studies about what happened to these children who say they were injured by vaccines. No. I think Jon Poling was right in 2009 when he said government's 10 years were up...they have used up their time. Science needs to move forward away from these big fraudulent studies to the heart of the matter. But maybe the CDC science was never as much science as smokescreen for a military/medical dictatorship--very creepy thought. I really don't see why the media is fighting the fight so heavily for the vaccinators. Do the owners of the newspapers also own big pharm.. I wonder what the deal is.


Superb Kent. As a long time non vaccinating parent, it is long past time to clean house and provide a new direction from this obstructive, malevolent nonsense.

It seems currently easier to demonize those simply asking questions and requesting some integrity be infused into the process, but 39% supporting choice is awfully close to 50%. I would guess that the margin for error is 5%, which means that over 1/3 to nearly half the parents support choice. That's a pretty big voting bloc to ignore, likely politically diverse, and won't be amused with bread and circuses much longer... or a jab before riding the Matterhorn at D-land.

Pretty soon, the worm will turn completely and might be full scale revolt over forced vaccination. Have fun enforcing those mandates when we all claim choice & refuse. Folks will tell states to shove it no matter what the laws say about exemption.

Uhh, we're all vegetarian, homeschooling Amish...

I'd bet that a lot of PR dudes are gaming this out to mid May while CDC et al. pimps MMR II, HiB, DTaP boosters to reduce stockpiles. What is the next panic- EV68, Ebola 2.0, Chickenpox, Mumps, parvovirus; this is just becoming ridiculously predictable.


hmmm, maybe they have gone too far trying to get the vaccines mandated.

I do remember some one here saying the elite would never want these mandated - they have enough knowledge to let the masses vaccinate their kids' brains out while the elite, and those with access to knowledge like the press and keeping it to themselves - WANTS a way out of them for their loved ones.

Which is sick but an advantage.


Bob Moffit;

I saw that too, today and I too was shocked and suprised by this turn around.

One of the women said something about the Hep B at birth and asked the other woman a rhetorical question about how she had had some problems with that one for her baby recently.

And the fact that one of the women had a brother with autism!

cia parker

BUT...five million for the perpetrators and criminals, even if they come clean? What is my vaccine-injured daughter going to live on for the rest of her life? The criminals continue to rake in the big bucks, beam as they proclaim Mea culpa! and then say they're so sorry that they can't begin to provide for and support the millions among the collaterally damaged? Is that what Jesus would do, forgive them if they help to incriminate the rest? Don't they have to clean up the damage they've caused to the extent possible before getting anything for themselves?


Thanks for this. The American public didn't support Citizens United--but we got it anyway. People had trouble translating how that ruling would impact their day to day lives so the public response was scattered and confused and the pushback was vague and ineffectual. I hope it's true that this will change now that that the ruling is manifesting itself in ways that have a direct impact on a wide swathe of Americans.

Jeff Ransom

Love, love, love this Kent, I read most of age of autism everyday but I always make sure I read yours. Hey AOA we need a easy to share on facebook button.


Absolutely brilliant, Kent.

Keep'em coming!

Bob Moffitt

Surprise of all surprises .. today .. at noon .. on Foxnews "OUTNUMBERED" .. four women .. I believe all parents themselves .. agreed that parents have a right to question why so many vaccines are given in the first six years of life. And questioned why so many vaccines are given at the same time. One even stated the reason they do it that way is because "it's cheaper".

The only male guest .. who I think stated he didn't have any kids .. couldn't tell because most of his contribution to the discussion was jibberish .. sounded a lot like Nancy Snyderman .. just get your kids vaccinated.

Kent .. you may be right .. the white flag may .. hopefully sooner rather than laters .. fly over the CDC headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. Wouldn't that be a wonderous sight to see.


This is a ray of sunlight. Thank you, Kent.

Zoey O'Toole

There aren't enough words for how much I love this. :-)

And as a vegetarian, this one gave me a laugh:

"Oh sure, you can get some lackey journalist to say foolish things, like let's publish the addresses of the parents who have deviated from the CDC approved vaccination schedule, but it's just not having the desired effect. It's a bit like have the beef industry threatening to publish the home addresses of vegetarians."

Who is William Thompson ?

Kent - love this .
Why dont you do the TV interviews ?

mary w maxwell

Do I spot a chink in the armor? Do I hear someone at ageofautism website suggesting that a crim is a crim is a crim?
Well done, Kent. And your private confessional is perfectly appropriate. And I, for one, offer to join any effort to get amnesty, or some sort of protection, for persons who come forward and thereby help humanity, no matter what their freakin’ past looks like.
Now hear this. A few years ago, when Condoleezza Rice was at State, she maneuvered a five million dollar reward for someone (Clarence Prevost) because he blew a whistle on a terrorist (or some such tomfoolery – I imagine it was just an insider gift). Apparently Congress had created this program, called Rewards for Justice.
Well, wouldn’t you just know the terms could maybe be stretched a bit to help those who fight for justice in the a-u-t-i-s-m area. Or even in the c-a-n-c-e-r area which is where I hang out. It would be nice to get five m-i-l-l-i-o-n.

Marco CAceres

Excellent piece... I think you've hit it on the head. Keep pushing. Many thanks for your courage and honesty.

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