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I Believe the Words You're Looking for are "Thank You"

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I Believe the Words You’re Looking for are “Thank You”

By Julie Obradovic

On November 15, 2002, we went out to celebrate my husband’s birthday. My aunt had kindly offered to watch our two children for us while we celebrated. It was generous of her to do so, and we gratefully took her up on it. We had a wonderful evening…. until we returned.

She was standing in the hallway just coming down from the stairs of our split level home as we entered around 1 a.m. Even though it was dark, her face was clear as day, and it was not displaying a good expression. If anything, she looked as if she had just witnessed a horrible tragedy.

Immediately, without asking us about our evening, she urged us to go upstairs and check on our daughter. According to her, our baby had let out a scream unlike she had ever heard only moments before. She truly thought someone had entered the house and had stabbed her, and she was just about to call 9-1-1.

After racing upstairs, she scooped her up out of the crib still mid scream. The way she described it, Eve was screaming so hard that she couldn’t breathe, her face red with excruciating pain, arching her back as if to fall back into the crib the whole time. Eventually, she stopped, but not in a normal way. She collapsed in my aunt’s arms, as if to pass out. Although still breathing, she wouldn’t wake. My aunt feared she was dying.

Right then, we got home.

Because I didn’t hear the scream, something I have only heard in my dreams since, I couldn’t gauge the seriousness of what had happened accurately. I knew my aunt was the last person to over-react, and given her panic, I realized something was very wrong. We ran upstairs to find Eve just as she had left her, appearing to be sleeping peacefully in her crib.

I called her pediatrician immediately. Eve had been suffering from repeated and chronic ear infections for over 14 months at that time, at least 11 at our last count, and had been on at least that many rounds of antibiotics, each one a stronger, harsher version than the next, none of which ever did anything to alleviate them. In fact, her gums, her lips, her vagina, and her butt were covered in yeast as a result, and patches of eczema were popping up on her elbow and knee creases as well (something that finally cleared with an anti-fungal).

I suspected she had another ear infection, which often made her scream at night, and tried not to worry too much. I also tried to calm my aunt who said she knew what a baby crying from ear pain sounded like, and this was not it. She was adamant we go to the hospital.

When the doctor finally called back, he believed it was likely ear pain too given her history, told us to give her some pain reliever, and to bring her to the office in the morning. If anything else happened, we were to go to the emergency room, but he didn’t believe it was worthy of a trip right then.

Because over a year’s worth of my instinct that something was seriously wrong with Eve had been disregarded by my pediatricians, and twice, had been criticized for it, I chose to obey the doctor’s orders. I was tired of being made to feel like I was a bad mom by wanting to do other than what they said.  Read the full post HERE.




The only "crazy" people are those who continue to allow doctors to inject their children with dangerous vaccines....

WHY hasn't the medical community upheld their oath to protect life?

Andrew Foss

Julie, Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you especially for citing all of your sources. As I sit here tonight Chennel 3 News is reporting a story that an official from Autism Speaks declared that vaccinations do not cause autism. The headline in the local paper screamed about "The Facts" and "the truth" about the safety of vaccinations. From my position, I am sickened. We have an FDA owned by the pharmaceuticals industry, and an AMA just waiting to implement. And now a government poised to force its medical will on the populace. And a population drooling in its own torpid stupidity waiting to be fed its Kool Aid. Land of the Free???


Wow! Wow! and did I say, Wow! Ours was earlier - 1993. I have really worked on letting go of the guilt because I truly did believe I was doing the best for my daughter. She went over the edge at about 8 months old. Hep B at birth. I would love to meet the dim bulb who thought that was ever a good idea. We have been on a very, very long journey. She is such a fighter! And a love. I am so sorry that all of us who have been on this journey have had to be here. We could have met at a PTA meeting instead! I don't think I would be looking for the words "Thank You." I would be looking for "This should have never happened." Or maybe even, "I believe you." I am sick to death of defending my decisions. I no longer say anything when anyone talks about vaccines (unless it is my newly expecting nieces!) I am tired of becoming so emotionally charged about this. I now only care about my family. I know that is selfish, but I need to survive.
Thank you for your eloquent words. That moment when you know that your life will never be the same - I had such a moment like that. Detroit Children's Hospital - September 1995 - After hours of testing, they told me they did not know what to do with my daughter. Maybe she could use some speech therapy, although none of the them could look me in the eye. One of the therapists there was talking to me on my way out the door to go home and she kept rubbing her hand up and down my arm while I was holding my daughter. I had only met her a few hours before this. After I had loaded my daughter into her car seat and then got into the driver's seat, I put my head down on the steering wheel and started to cry. It hit me in that moment that the news must be so bad that they could not tell me in their words, but they were telling me in their actions. My daughter is now 21 and about 70% recovered. I know what you mean about thinking what they will be like in heaven. Effortless living and no more stomach aches. Thank you Julie.

Words fail me

Julie this is amazing. You said it all.

Birgit Calhoun

No words are good enough to respond to this article. There is a synergistic effect between Thimerosal and antibiotics, particularly Erythromycin or other -mycins

Anne J

So well said. Thank YOU for this heartfelt post!
I have a very similar story, only I was too naive to recognize vaccine injury as the cause until all three of my kids had problems (2 of the 3 are now healed through biomedical interventions. We are still trying to heal the third, who remains severely damaged). The MMR was the worst "offender" for us (though they also had problems with the Hep B at birth and the thimerisal containing vaccines as well). My kids will NEVER get another MMR! If the government is so worried about measles (rarely fatal in the US) then give parents a choice to separate the MMR!
The CDC is guilty of SO much. The truth will eventually surface. Until there are vaccine hearings and a complete overhaul of the CDC, public trust will never be restored.

Thomas Torocco

Words fail. Just an amazingly thoughtful and insightful look into what all us "crazy anti-vaxxers" truly believe. Beautiful, and THANK YOU!

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