Democracy Now Presents Inside the Vaccine War: Measles Outbreak Rekindles Debate on Autism, Parental Choice & Public Health
Presenting ‘Both Sides’ Of Vaccine Debate Gets Tricky During KCBS Interview With ‘Age Of Autism’ Author



@Cia Parker here are the CA rates a year ago for school age kids.


Here's Dr. Reddy's correction.
I don't know how visible it is on their website (if at all).
I found it by doing a Google search.



"For the record did Dr. Reddy ever publicly correct it?"

Posted by: @Greg | February 06, 2015 at 04:10 PM

She's probably lying about that too.
How could she possibly correct it unless they put her back on tv. People like her (probably paid to lie) can go on tv and spit out bold faced lies knowing that if they retract it later the retraction will only be a little paragraph somewhere that few people will see, meanwhile many thousands of people have heard the lie and the naive ones believe it.


Why is anyone shocked? It's the typical sheeple response to something they know nothing about.....these are idiots. Morons of the first degree. They can't be trusted. Case closed. Fight for your right not to have dangerous chemicals injected into yourself or loved one. It's that simple. You can no longer trust the government to tell you the truth because the truth has become a lie and the lies have become truth to those who are sheeple.


Yes, let's let government make all our individual health decisions.

Because they're DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB handling veterans' health care.
[treatment delays, homeless, mentally ill]

And handling senior citizens' health care.
[broke, deprived, isolated in understaffed nursing homes]

And handling health data privacy, insurance reform, distribution of benefits.
[computer breaches, data theft, high premiums, high co-pays, few benefits]

Never mind the countless ignored vaccine adverse reactions and the CDC/Pharma statistical fraud. Let's have bureaucrat strangers and their revolving-door industry cronies force us to pay for as many vaccines as they want to mandate.

cia parker

I've been thinking, and I think there's a good chance she just thought that if so much fuss is being made over this outbreak, and from all the hype, that she was perfectly safe in assuming that there MUST have been some deaths from it. Think about it. Why in the world would this be in every news outlet in the U.S. in the most dramatic terms if it were only a relatively mild, formerly universal disease that 99% of kids got, and NO ONE WORRIED ABOUT IT! I don't think she would have said something so egregious if she didn't assume that it MUST be a serious, often deadly disease! And it's not. No deaths, no encephalitis, no disability, just permanent immunity and the ability to protect future infants, a stronger immune system, protection against numerous diseases and cancers in later life... But SURELY that can't be true, because then how bankrupt and corrupt would our system have to be to just throw so many thousands of babies under the train? It would throw her into an existential crisis!

Christina Schmidt

Wow, I cannot believe she got as desperate as lieing on TV! Just, wow!

Jeannette Bishop

Autism $$$ Peaks (my uninvited 2 cents)


And how criminal to get away with saying there had been measles deaths in the current outbreak, just despicable liars the lot of them!


Lies are all they have.

david m burd



david m burd

John Stone.

How about "Autism Specious"?


cia parker

Wow, I wish I could take on these jerks! Reddy said that vaccination rates in California were down to 70%. Is that true? Is that just for the MMR if it's true at all? I hadn't heard that anywhere. If it's true, then they might as well pick up their marbles and go home, they've lost the game big time and there will be no replay allowed.

How idiotic to say that the Spanish flu caused many death! Why didn't she just throw in the Black Plague? Diphtheria! She didn't have anything on any disease threat occurring in the last eighty years! And there are statistics showing that deaths from diphtheria in several countries in WWII went UP when the vaccine was mandated and given to everyone, and DOWN after the war when large numbers of people no longer gave it to their children. And how criminal to get away with saying there had been measles deaths in the current outbreak, just despicable liars the lot of them!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Adriana.

It's beyond frustrating to watch vaccination pushed with success claims that are mostly temporal associations that ignore all the other industrial contributions to the improvements to health we seen, while ignoring with reverse-prejudice all adverse temporal problems even with research and sometimes quiet official acknowledgement that supports vaccine concerns. It's completely disrespectful of an individual's right and ability to make the best (not necessarily the most profitable for some in the short term) decision with all the data.

Regarding the "nine deaths," was Dr. Reddy was possibly briefed in a way that confused her just before going on, conveniently in a way that might sound particularly frightening? She did seem to me, though, to look like she either knew she was misleading, or just a little too unnaturally pleased, as some have already pointed out, to have that "fact" to put out there. Are these the same 9 deaths Offit was talking about on Democracy Now? Talking point from a script?

I don't know how it looks to someone who doesn't believe they've been touched by vaccine harm (I wish I could step back in my mind to a point where I was naive to judge), but it often looks and feels to me now like vaccine proponents approach this like it's a contest. The truth, and the real lives adversely impacted on the "losing" side don't seem to matter much.


For the record did Dr. Reddy ever publicly correct it?


The amount of vaccinated teens in that "one" high school in Quebec, who got the measles was still considered very unusual. Dr Gaston De Serres, an infectious disease expert did a follow-up study in 2013 that concluded:

"A significantly greater risk of measles among 2-dose recipients whose first dose was given at 12 to 13 months rather than ≥ 15 months of age is confirmed in the larger Quebec data set. The mechanism remains unknown, but vaccine failures in 2-dose recipients could have substantial implications for measles elimination efforts through 2-dose vaccination. The optimal age at first dose may warrant additional evaluation."

The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends MMR at 12 months of age. So, I wonder how many children are fully protected from the measles?


Could AoA create a new certification for medical experts?

I would suggest “CVSP” which would stand for “Certified Vaccine/Vioxx/whatever... Sock Puppet.”

Obviously, the founding members would be Offit, Dr. Nancy, Reddy, Besser and Anderson Cooper.


As far back as 94- I think was the year - a whole bunch of college students in the United States, that had been vaccinated as children, caught the measles and the schools all geared up and had every 8th grader - my daughter included revaccinated. So, that has been going on for a long time. Worried me -- I don't mind them getting the measles as a child -- but the image of my friend at church - whose little brother is buried a few feet away from my only sister - leapt to my mind -- and all that about the child bearing years and rebella.

Adrienne: Ohhhhh The last photo; What a chuckle -- till it caught in my throat because it is so true.

I think of my friend-- She and I found each other in another city in Lamaze class together She and I are now on face book together and she commented just this weeks that she came home to celebrate her daughter's 10th year of getting her angel wings and that she was so glad that God had given her to them for 23 years at least.

Good God - do you hear that!!!!

prescription overdoses - Cause of death toooooo close to the mark from so many - even young people going to pain clinics for neuropathy--- I am sure it is coming from vaccine reactions.

And on top of that - undetected brain injured people seeking relief from depression (self medicating) or worse finding that they can easily go into those wonderful manias so easily with many common drugs; that in a normal person - the immune system - endocrine system would not let them go there.

Bob Moffitt - My guess is that Megan and Bill O'Reilly likes their job.

That is sitting in front of the camera saying they are for the folks out there.

But as you said they are really just Murdoch's sock puppets, and they get a well paid, with money, prestigious glory jobs in doing so. Even the lowly untalented Brian Deers of the world; Murdoch can help them with their careers.

They better tow the line cause really talented mouth pieces are still easy to find, and easy to replace. Well right now -they are but I have to wonder how much longer the supply will out strip the demand since language problems are linked to vaccines and it all is on the rise - in Biblical proportion.

I was shocked we got a whole show on the vaccine controversy from Glen Beck--- the whole hour.. I like Glen Beck -- you could listen to his conspiracy theories -that -- well -- right or wrong, he would give you some history lessons to at least think about. By the way; I thought it strange how he left, and the reason he left -- really never quite filled the bill on really -- why?

And then Alisyn Camerota, Sigh!. But I saw her on CNN and she was still at it. Some people like her and Dr. Wakefield cannot be bought. Now that I know what ruining your career and money is all about -- they are fearless, brave people and I am pretty certain I would fall short - were as they stood up. That is heroes - isn't it. Almost comic book it is so brave and unselfish.

Murdoch had good, decent people and he let them go..

But what did we expect from the guy joined at the hip of pharma. And by the way have you noticed just how many advertisements for psych drugs there are on FOX NEWS???

Latuda all the time. Wonderful drug for bipolar depression Thank God for the drug companies making of Latuda.

Well Latuda made my daughter gain all kinds of weight on her small frame. Which you have to wonder how it does that - since it makes her throw up. The only way she could take it was eat a bit - take it quick and head straight to bed. Oh, yes the best stuff or bipolar depression ever.

Better than Seoquil that also made her gain a ton of weight and made her fell drugged all the next day.

It takes time for the inflammation of a vaccine to die down a bit. About a year or longer. Maybe she did need these drugs to begin with after another drug made her need them.

But now - that time has passed we are finding that mood is very much tied up into how many carbs you eat and if you eat gluten or MSGs. ------- hmmmm and no telling what else out there


Well done A. I'm telling you, this hype, it's backfiring. I've been in contact with 3 parents just yesterday who then ordered Dan Kirby's Evidence of Harm. It's getting harder for them to cover the truth.


The CDC states that "more than 95% of the people who receive a single dose of MMR will develop immunity to all 3 viruses. A second vaccine dose gives immunity to almost all of those who did not respond to the first dose."

Then I would like this explained. Back in 2011, in Canada, 52 fully vaccinated teens in "one" high school in Quebec caught the measles? 52 fully vaccinated teens (two shots) caught the measles, 46 unvaccinated teens caught the measles in the same high school; 98 students in totlal caught the measles. This wasn't a scattering of people all over the place who became ill. This event happened in "one" school. So, what happened? Why did the measles vaccine fail so miserably?


Great job Lyn on the other hand Dr.Reddy comes across as haughty and cites century old data not recent data. Scary to think a doctor would supports government mandated vaccination. Only a fool gives up their freedom to choose.

Anita Donnelly

The sick part is how the dr is SMILING as she reports the (phony) deaths from measles. We need to start responding about deaths caused by vaccination, the SIDS cases that were misclassified. THAT would be their worst nightmare. When your opponent out and out lies, it can throw you, and skew the debate. Lyn, good for you to challenge that.

The other thing is this: EVERY TIME someone says "We should enforce vaccination" we need to respond with this "IF we do that, let's restore liability to the doctors, their practices, the insurance companies that promote this, and the manufacturers. Right now they have no liability in case they think its good for your child to get a vaccine, but your child happens to be one who responds with neurological damage, seizures, or encephalitis. Right now if that happens, you're on your own. "

John Stone

'Who is William Thompson?'

I have tried all sorts of variants. I think maybe Autism Spooks.

Who is William Thompson ?


John Stone

go Rand

I will be writing again but

Let's agree that whatever Bob and Suzanne Wright believe they have never been able to change anything.

go Rand

As expected, Autism Speaks has come out with a statement “vaccines do not cause Autism.”

Does Katie Wright have a brief statement on what happened to her son and why she does not support the Autism Speaks organization that her parents started ?

John Stone

They just go on spilling out the most amazing lies knowing that there is little we can do about it. It is so like the run up to war in 2002: a power grab based on deceit.

Bob Moffitt

Andriana .. you have proven .. once again .. that a picture is worth a thousand words.

If foxnews opinion makers (MEGAN KELLY) really want to learn why parents are refusing to vaccinate their children .. ask THEM .. not the "sock puppet" she interviewed .. who .. after congratulating Ms Kelly for taking the position that every child must be vaccinated .. spewed the same, tired, worn-out, unsuccessful "talking points" .. such as .. if you or your child get the flu or measles .. even though you have been vaccinated .. you or your child probably got the illness from an "unvaccinated" person .. but .. the good news is .. your illness would have been much worse had you not been vaccinated.

Why is it that Megan .. to the gleeful suppport of every guest she has on her show .. manages to ridicule Jenny McCarthy, Robert F Kennedy and Dr. Wakefield at every opportunity .. yet .. cannot find a single author of the many books that disagrees with her?

Nothing like the controversy over childhood vaccines makes "fair and balanced" reporting disappear on Foxnews.

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