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Greg Dobbs on the Measles Mania

Dobbs Head ShotThank you to Greg Dobbs for this editorial in the Denver Post.  You might recall his name from when he was on HDNetTV and aired Autism Mixed Signals.

Dobbs: In defense of parents who don't vaccinate

"How do you go from bouncing baby boy to all of these problems within three hours?" That's what one mother from San Diego asked when I shot an hour-long program three years ago about the developmental disorder called autism, and the possibility that vaccinations might be a cause.

Her son Eric had been "perfect," she said, until he had his childhood vaccinations. Which were followed by a slide backward. Into autism.

Of course, if it were just that one mom, you could dismiss her question as an anxious inference. But I interviewed about a dozen families with autistic kids, and they all told the same story: My child was developing normally — motor skills, communication skills, social skills — until the vaccinations. Then, a violent reaction, and everything changed. The mother of one little girl I met in Tennessee who is now totally dysfunctional told me, "She screamed like a wild animal," and said, "I pray to God I never hear it again."

Sure, you can scoff at a small sample of 12. But how about a bigger one? More than 5,000 families have filed claims with the federal government's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Are they all wackos? The ones I interviewed certainly aren't. They include a county probation officer, a law professor at New York University, the wife of a lieutenant colonel in the Marines, even the daughter of a former chairman of NBC. Not exactly a fringe group.

Yet anyone who believes that for all their preventive possibilities, some vaccinations might also be dangerous are vilified. A Wall Street Journal editorial called their fears the "vaccine follies." A New York Times columnist referred to "a chilling disregard for science."

I'm sorry, but there still is too little science, from either side, about all this. In fact, the National Institutes of Health wrote on its own website, "The exact causes of these abnormalities remain unknown. There are probably a combination of factors that lead to autism."

Autism is not a "disease" that can be detected by testing a child's blood, or by mapping the genome; it is a disorder of the brain that leads to a set of abnormal, anti-social behaviors. You wouldn't even find it in an autopsy. So if the exact causes remain unknown, how can anyone say with caustic certainty that vaccinations aren't one of them?


cia parker

I don't get why people are still getting the vaccines for their children. It's not like they haven't heard to stories, seen the evidence. Reading the recent hot blog wars, I just don't understand. Totally repellent, ignorant, nasty, lying shills attempting to take out intelligent, well-informed, eloquent and elegant long, detailed, fact-filled, fully referenced anti-vax explanations by our commenters. It's no contest. They are so obviously mercenary wretches lying for profit. Who would believe a word out of their mouths? Who is it that could put their child on the doctor's table, the lamb for the slaughter? So why in the world would they be surprised when their child winds up severely damaged, autistic, seizure-wracked, asthmatic and wheezing for breath? Everyone has a computer, the truth is self-evident and there for everyone. I saw a little of the video from last summer of men about to be killed by Isis, running to keep up with their fellows, and I wondered why they were running to keep up, why didn't they throw themselves on the ground and say No, I'm not going to play your game!


My baby girl screamed non-stop a wild animalistic scream, wide-eyed with a look of complete terror and pain on her face with her body wretching for 6 hours after her routine baby shots...6 frickin hours of pain that I can only imagine. And it all started 30 minutes after her vaccinations were administered.

I'll never forget that, and when people start casting stones at me I'll tell them my story. And I tell them every chance I get that babies and children who react to their shots...

...have never EVER been studied before. Don't you think it would be a priority to uphold the safety of vaccines to investigate deeply those who are harmed.

$3 billion paid out in damages to vaccine injured people and there's not been one single study to prevent this from happening to anyone else.


As I heard a scientist say on PBS the other night, "The plural of "anecdote" is "data."

Kathy Sincere


Thank you for the great editorial in the Denver Post. I posted several comments re your editorial online that day; hope you got a chance to read them. I posted as "Kathy". Now if you go to the online site you'll see where my comments once existed it now say "comment deleted". The Denver Post got really tired of my long, fact-filled commentaries on Vaccination and GMO's and so chose to "blacklist" me. That's the term they gave me. Couldn't site anything specifically that I'd written to have me blacklisted. They removed every comment that I had ever posted in their paper.

Their chagrin goes back to March 2014 when the Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice successfully fought most of HB1288. They wouldn't publish our letters in the print edition, so I took to online commentary.

It's a very sad day in America when not only Medical Freedom is being destroyed, but also Free Speech. I wish I'd saved a copy of my response to you. Thanks again for being a voice of reason.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Anne, for pointing to this reasonable editorial, and Dobbs work on Autism Mixed Signals.

Joy B

Greg, the various crises will inevitably align. The vaccine/autism thing is probably the greatest domestic issue, but it will become immaterial once the grid starts to fail.

RIght now it is smash-and-grab, a few billionaires bleeding us out slowly. The side effects being both poverty, and in this lovely era, iatrogenic illness.

By the time the 'masses' get it, they will be on their own. Really we already are on our own, as evidenced by the lack of government intervention after all these years.

Dr. William Gaunt

How will this era of medicine be viewed in the future? It would be nice to have a time machine so we could go decades into the future and look back. I predict that this era will be seen as very dark primarily because of the completely out of control vaccine situation and the huge amount of damage being caused. A majority of autism is caused by vaccines and autism is just the tip of the iceberg of damage. An objective look at all the data would surely come to that conclusion. The problem is that the data is not looked at objectively. How long will this carnage continue? I hope congress will have the insight and courage fix this tragedy by putting an independent agency in charge of vaccines. It doesn't look hopeful at this time but I believe that we are slowly moving in that direction. I'm thankful for the age of autism people.


Further, to my earlier post, perhaps 'anti-vaxxers' can better appreciate why they fight us so bitterly by seriously reflecting on what the end of vaccination would mean. We welcome pharma failing and losing their shirts, but what about the economic fallout when these large companies fail? Fueling the fire, what about the social and political upheaval when the masses take to the street to protest the vaccination 'holocast'? Is a global economic collapse with accompanying revolutions truly out of the question? Maybe our elected officials are trying to avoid this, but, perhaps, it's inevitable and will only be worse with further delay.

Who is William Thompson ?

apparently for every single case of the 2 week long measles
there are 7000 cases of lifelong autism !

boycott the vaccine

Angus Files

And it continues ..just the other day at the HBOT centre, I had a friend ask me about Autism as they have a neighbour whose boy is aged 3 years and just been diagnosed with regressive autism...and you know ,I always find myself stuck for words when I hear the same story. My first thoughts is a load of expletives' towards the vaccine and manufacturers and then I usually start with diet then ending in Stem Cellsas advice to try and help the child parents and siblings....

You just pray one day the murdering and harm will stop.


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