Presenting ‘Both Sides’ Of Vaccine Debate Gets Tricky During KCBS Interview With ‘Age Of Autism’ Author
Dan Olmsted on Canadian TV: "Vaccines Cause Autism."

Gary Null Show: Legal Scholar Mary Holland Responds to Dr. Paul Offit's Vaccine Stance

PRN RadioFrom The Gary Null Radio Program 2/6/15.

First Guest: Prof. Mary Holland

Prof. Mary Holland is a Director of the Graduate Legal Skills Program at New York University School of Law, specializing in international human rights, public law and vaccine safety law and injury compensation. She also has a son who regressed into autism following the MMR vaccine. Yesterday she was a guest on Democracy Now along with Dr. Paul Offit, the guru celebrity of the pro-vaccine industry.  Since Offit was the last to be interviewed during yesterday’s program, we have invited her on to respond to Offit’s comments.  Mary has degrees  in Russian studies from Harvard, and graduate degrees in international relations and a JD from Columbia University, where she has also taught international law at its Law School. Mary is the co-author of “Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health and Our Children.”  The website is

Second Guest: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical physician who incorporates integrative medicine in her practice for treating allergies, childhood illnesses and women’s health issues. She is also one of the country’s most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians opposing the efficacy and safety of vaccines.  She is the founder and lead medical practitioner of the Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center in Strongsville, Ohio.

She has authored several books on vaccines including, “Fowl: Bird Flu, It is Not What You Think” and “Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages”, and her recent DVD – “Flu and Flu Vaccines: What’s Coming Through That Needle” is an invaluable resource for educating people on influenza and the flu vaccines.  Her websites are  and



I would recommend Dissolving Illusions co authored by Dr. Suzanne Humphries The Forgotten History of Vaccines. And I heard an interview with Dr. Gary Null online about what he has learned about the history of vaccines. As a grandparent and learning how many more vaccines are being pushed by the CDC and invented by the biotech industry supported by PHrma the trade organization and then the California mandated vaccines Holy cow !!

Sara Jane Millard

The link to this show is not working because the station has removed it from their website. Too much truth I guess!

Angus Files

Offit says "it’s important to separate truth from fiction".

Mary tried to bring him back to reality ...


Jeannette Bishop

There is an active radio link on this post that starts playing here and on the main page. And it's not playing the wonderful Mary Holland/Sheri Tenpenny interview.


Here's a fun post taking gov't mandates to their logical extreme, e.g., banning little kids in cars and banning kids' sports:
Eventually the gov't will have to protect us from everything, including bloggers like AoA, and commenters such as myself.

BTW, kudos to AoA for the stellar coverage. Between Thompson's admission and the measles "outbreak," the truth is coming out more and more.

CT teacher

This interview was absolutely terrific!

Mitchel Cohen

Thank you Mary Holland, Sherri Tenpenny, and of course Gary Null. This is an extremely important radio show. I heard Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" the morning before, and was appalled. Gary rightly criticized her sharply by explaining the role of an objective reporter ....

I've initiated extensive online debates on various lists about vaccines, some mostly pro, others mostly critical. I am floored that, when it comes to vaccines and other so-called scientific or medical claims, so many Leftists which is what I'm concerned with, since I am a radical leftist too) salivate on queue like Pavlovian dogs.

If anyone wants to join these discussions (all with different perspectives within the Left), they are located here:

[email protected]
Radical Philosophy Association: [email protected],
ActionGreens(at)yahoogroups(dot)com (I run this list)
[email protected]
SprayNo(at)yahoogroups(dot)com (The NoSpray Coalition listserve)

If you'd like me to send you my latest -- a discussion with Dr. Margaret Flowers -- please drop me a line at MitchelCohen(at)mindspring(dot)com

Good going Gary, Mary, Sherri! You rock!

cia parker

Good comment, but if you read Heather Fraser's The Peanut Allergy Epidemic, you'll learn how vaccines cause allergies. Period. Nearly every allergy is caused by vaccines, caused when the vaccine injected into the body sensitizes the immune system to one or more of the vaccine ingredients. The pertussis vaccine causes asthma, the Hib vaccine causes peanut allergy. Many parents now are refusing all vaccines for their children, and their children are much healthier than vaccinated children.


Damn I had no idea the topic of vaccines was this deep. I'm one of those who just saw vaccines as a normal part of childhood. I've never heard of anyone being harmed or dying, but that's just my experience, I'm not saying it doesn't happen. But when I was born the schedule was different. Kids now definitely get jabbed 30 times more than I did.

But I do believe a parent has the ultimate say on the matter. Medical procedures should not be performed against one's wishes. That's a little bit too Nazi-ish for me.

This country gives women the choice of whether or not to kill their unborn child. A practice that takes 4000 lives daily.

This country gives people the freedom to consume whatever junk food they wish, which results in an obesity epidemic and heart disease that burdens the health care system.

Cigarettes are legal even though the harm is not limited to the user.

This is a country where people's decisions always have an impact on others, yet we deal with it, because supposedly this is a land of freedom.

Forcing vaccines for the supposed wellbeing of the public opens the door to so many other things. Using the fast food example again, we should make it a crime to consume it for the sake of the publics health.

The last thing I want when I go to the doctor is being grilled and intimidated, and especially when the intimidation is about your children.

The vaccine schedule is too crowded, if some parents wish to space out the shots, or if they want to wait until the child is older, that's their right. In my opinion, every child should be screened for allergies before vaccinations just to lower or avoid the chance of a scary reaction.

cia parker

Hans, I agree, are you new here?

Bob Moffitt

I am always encouraged to just listen to Ms. Holland and Dr. Wakefield .. as they remain calm and reasoned throughout the interviews they endure ... mostly by hostile hosts. Personally, I think the demeanor they display .. ALWAYS .. during interviews .. is due to the fact they are confident and assured by the logic of their arguments.

On the other side of the coin .. the hosts or pro-vaxxers .. always seem hostile, angry .. talking very fast .. almost as if they really don't want to give Holland or Wakefield any opportunity to respond.

Consider Offit .. he never fails to mention his favorite "anechdote" .. the tale about his wife just about to administer a vaccine to an infant when the infant suddenly begins experiencing seizures .. which .. had they began immediately after the vaccine .. would have surely caused parents to blame the vaccine.

The man must think we are all daft to believe this very "convenient" scienario just happened to occur to his WIFE of all the pediatricians he knows .. and .. is the perfect example of "correlation" not being confused for "causation".

Indeed, Offit shamelessly dismisses THOUSANDS OF PARENTS .. including Ms. Holland .. who personally witnessed what happened to their children following vaccines .. as ANECHDOTES.

The difference in anechdotes? The man has never produced a single piece of evidence .. not one .. that supports his "wife's" anechdote .. nothing.

Ms. Holland on the other has her son .. as I have my grandson .. as EVIDENCE to support our "anechdotes" ..

Offit .. the Baghdad Bob of modern "medical facism".

Jim Thompson

Thank you Mary Holland and Gary Null.

Perhaps the "Great and Powerful" Offit could sometime come out from behind the curtain and debate the personal and institutional profits and risks of the Rototeq vaccine.

Hans Litten

Paul Offit is losing it .
You need to listen to this .
The man is under pressure .

He is feeling it .
Please all listen to this ! I urge you .
You can hear the panic

Hans Litten

A website that tears apart the so called scientific defence of vaccines :

Vaccines are a crime against humanity , and the vaccine industry is a criminal cartel

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