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Scream nowBelow is a thread from a  general population Mom's group.   Can you imagine anyone buying even a toaster with this kind of failure rate - and a toaster that could electrocute and kill you at that? The myth of vaccination is so strong, even a pregnant woman rationalizes, "Well 30% success is better than nothing when you're pregnant."   If I had posted this SafeMinds link to flu shot safety, the post most likely would have been removed for having been "controversial."

When you hear the ad for CHANTIX smoking cessation drug, the first warning you hear is about seizures, and then the litany of other pretty terrible side effects follows.  Vaccines do not have any such requirements for sharing side effects. Your doc needn't tell you a thing. CVS can simply point you toward the candy aisle for a sweet snack. 

The thread began:

For those of you who have been dealing with influenza this season, did you or family members get the flu shot prior to contracting the flu?

My daughters and I got the flu shot, and my younger daughter got the flu (flu b). She started on Tamiflu immediately and it helped.

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We have the flu vaccine yearly. Hard to know if any of us have had the flu- definitely viral illness, but none of our providers have tested to confirm a diagnosis of influenza. Vaccine is less than 30% effective this year.

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I Never get the flu shot, have never gotten the flu.

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I never get the shot, and my kids haven't in several years. (Knock on wood...) we never get the flu. Just curious about the effectiveness of it.

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My husband never gets the flu shot, and he got the flu this year. It lasted longer than my daughter's flu.

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my son got the shot and got the flu.

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Dr told us only protected 35% of population this yr ... now, that can be a pretty large # still, however, until that percentage gets closer to 90% ... no flu shots for us

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My husband and I never get the shot and we've never had the flu ; my kids always get the shot (or mist this year for my older son) and they've never had the flu either. So who knows!

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Got the flu shot and I have the flu...

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I've always gotten the shot and haven't ever gotten the flu

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Always get the shot; this is the first time I've had the flu in about 25 years (and that was a European strain, so it wasn't in the US shot I had before I traveled). My son & I both had our shots in October; got the flu mid-January.
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We all got the shot this year. Generally, my daughter is the one who gets the vaccine every year (she will be three in May), but I am pregnant and didn't want to take any chances. 30% is still better than nothing, when you're expecting. Nobody here has gotten the flu (knock on wood).

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My son came down with it a few weeks ago. He didn't get the vaccine but his pediatrician said the shots were pretty ineffective this year as it only seemed to protect 20% of the people who took it.

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My son got the mist, and got the flu. High temps for a couple days, but went away soon after without Tamiflu.

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My son and I never get the shot and we both got the flu this year- the last time we got the flu was 15 years ago.

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My son took the flu mist and got the flu.

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My son had the flu mist and came down with it. None of the rest of us did and hubby and I got flu shot, other son flu mist.

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Has the shot, kids had the mist. No one sick. Don't jinx me!!

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CDC reported that overall vaccine effectiveness was 23% (95% confidence interval [CI] = 8%–36% ). http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6401a4.htm

Early Estimates of Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness — United States, January 2015

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I was just going to post what Erin posted. This season's vaccine was not very effective against the strains that are going around

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All 4 of my children had their flu shots in October and came down with the flu.

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I got the shot and got the flu.

My daughters and husband got the shot as well and didn't get the flu.

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My kids got the mist and my husband and I got the shot. None of us got the flu(knock on wood) only colds.

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Yes...3 of us ended up with the flu and all had flu shots

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3 out of the four who had the flu did get vaccinated. Flu shot this year not effective in my opinion. Only one left in my house flu free was not vaccinated. But I have it now so I am praying she is not next.

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Jeannette Bishop

What does 35% percent effectiveness mean? Something like 200 have to get the shot for one case of flu to be prevented?

And then some of those 200 people are more susceptible to flu the next year:




And more susceptible to other types of infections:



Hmmmm, of course - it could be an excuse to SELL Flu vaccines.

But that is just me being paranoid.


I finally understand why the big push to get everyone a flu shot.

It was because the flu shot in the elderly was not effective.
I am not sure what the stats showed? Was it no change or was health out comes were even worse?

So they decided to vaccinate the whole population - every one to reduce the incident of flu.

These are are rear admiral disease fighters of CDC brilliant idea. *&%@ I am sorry but the worse out come would be to receive a brain injury when you are young and have to have that disability all through your life - how ever long that may be. Which may hardly reach into the - 70s

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