OC Register Publishes Point Counterpoint RE Measles Vaccination
Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Vaccines Uber Alles!

Dr. Paul Thomas, MD: Parents Rights to Choice in Vaccines Threatened Around the Country and in Oregon SB442-3 Amendment

Parental-rightsWe are excerpting this post from Dr. Paul Thomas' site. Please go to Dr. Thomas' blog to read the full post.

I attended and testified at the Oregon Senate hearing on SB442 on February 18th 2015. The physician, and sponsoring senator, opened with the longest explanation of why she did not have ties to big Pharma or Merck that I was left wondering what was behind that? I then heard the hand picked physicians who were in favor of this bill and were given unlimited time to testify the same old mantra: vaccines are safe, they save lives and we are in a dangerous situation with measles that used to kill hundreds of thousands and so on.

My first response was anger and outrage.  Surely these intelligent well meaning doctors knew that vaccines have also caused tremendous harm and that the risks and benefits must be weighed.  Surely these doctors didn’t want to remove the informed consent process where a medical procedure that has benefits, risks, and alternatives is explained to the patient and the patient gets to choose.  I was wrong.  This bill intends not only to totally remove the philosophical and religious exemptions, but will put into state law mandates that all children, regardless of their family histories or risk factors, get the full set of recommended vaccines.  The only exceptions will have to come from medical exemptions and to make matters worse, they plan to select which medical providers will be certified to give those exemptions!

I heard the OHSU infectious disease doctor share of her near death of a cancer patient who caught chicken pox at school and that OHSU was in favor of this bill.  I wondered how intelligent physicians could be in favor of completely destroying patient’s rights and I can only say that they are so isolated in their experiences of the vaccine side effects that they only see and imagine the benefits.  I know these are not evil people.  I remember early in my career thinking that since the CDC or the AAP said it was the right thing to do then it must be.  Weren’t they the experts on vaccines?  What has become painfully clear is that these so called experts are too far removed from what is actually happening as a result of their vaccine policies.

Most pediatricians average 1-3 babies a months (12-36 babies a year) and at that rate they will see one severe autism case every few years.  If you see as many newborns as I do, over 500 a year now, then the going autism rate of 1 in 50 would equal 20 new cases and probably 5 severe autism cases. These family practice doctors testifying see even fewer babies than the pediatricians, or none at all, so they have no real appreciation for the negative side of vaccines.

Sadly, all I heard from those in favor of taking away parents rights was the usual misguided sound bites we all hear in the media and from uninformed parents and legislators.  Vaccines are safe, vaccines safe lives, and then the denigration of anyone who disagrees.  There was no science presented, just opinions and they are, sadly, uninformed or misinformed.

For all the fear mongering about measles, there has not been a single death in the USA for 10 years.  There will be one, and then another.  The death rate from measles is about 1 in 1000.  Remove the cases that occurred in an unvaccinated Amish community and the 644 cases of measles in 2014 become more like 300 cases out of the 300 million US residents, for a rate of 1in 1 million.  Now compare that to the autism rate of 1 in 50 which means out of our 4 million births each year, we are creating 80,000 new autism cases.

The poisoning of our newborns and infants with the 250 micrograms of aluminum that comes with the Hepatitis B dose (required vaccine) that will be mandated if this law passes is just not mentioned.  When OHSU and these doctors state that they are for SB442 and the dash 3 amendment, all I hear is we are in favor of poisoning newborns for absolutely no reason.

You see we catch Hepatitis B from sex and IV drug use.  Your child with leukemia or other immuno-compromised conditions is not at risk from a child without a Hepatitis B vaccination unless your child has sex with that child (and even then that assumes that person had Hepatitis B – less than 1% of US teens or moms have Hepatitis B.) I presented countless studies that show the Hepatitis B infant vaccine series is associated with increased autism, delayed neurodevelopment, and it damages the immune system. To make matters worse, the vaccine when given to infants doesn’t provide lasting immunity, so it not only directly poisons each of these babies but it sets them up to not be protected when they need that protection as late teens or young adults.


Godfrey Wyl
For all the fear mongering about measles, there has not been a single death in the USA for 10 years.

This is incorrect. Having encountered Vincent Iannelli's "About" post, I checked the data as a matter of course.

For the last 10 years, from 2005 through 2014, data are available for only the first nine. The mortality, with the age field included, is summarized here: http://pastebin.com/FaDfAGhU

The corresponding SSPE data are here: http://pastebin.com/aLf5C1DV

The tables have been edited for readability, but the search criteria are included for each.

Anne J

This is just sickening.


These legislator zombies and the doctors who stoke them are not going to listen to anyone or anything. These hearings are simply for show because they can't do what they are being paid to do without making it look like there was a legal protocol that they followed. There is a lot of money changing hands and that's what needs to be exposed. We are still looking at follow the money. If it's exposed what doctors & legislators are being paid off and publicized, than you have something to fight with.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.
Upton Sinclair

CT teacher

I have been wondering why the medical industrial complex has chosen to use this supposed Disneyland measles outbreak to push forward their agenda of getting rid of examptions. Why now? And why? I thought that there weren't that many exempting parents. Are they worried about the CDC whistleblower? Are they trying to get rid of an unvaccinated population so that the vaxed vs unvaxed study can never be done? I think that the driving force behind this might be those 2 things. Surely, they fear such a study, and depending on what materials Dr. Thompson has turned over to the govt it might be an expected outcome that the govt will demand that this particular study be done. If exemptions are removed in every state and every child has to be vaccinated just to go to preschool, what happens to our unvaccinated population?
We are dealing with an incredible monster and cannot underestimate the planning that goes into their every move. They are fighting for their very survival, not just for money. If the average citizen finally accepts that vaccines are harmful and dangerous, then what happens to their trust in doctors. I think that is the reason that so many people refuse to see the Truth. Then they would have to face the knowledge that the entire medical industrial complex is a sham.

Bob Moffitt

"Vaccines are safe, vaccines safe lives, and then the denigration of anyone who disagrees. There was no science presented, just opinions and they are, sadly, uninformed or misinformed."

Webster's defines Dogma: "a doctrine, tenet, a theological doctrine strictly adhered too".

Which is why there was "no science presented" .. because ..
one cannot allow "science" that may challenge "dogma".

"I heard the OHSU infectious disease doctor share of her near death of a cancer patient who caught chicken pox at school and that OHSU was in favor of this bill.

Instead of the routine "sock puppet infectious disease" doctors that ALWAYS have a prime speaking role in these discussions .. JUST ONCE .. I would like to hear from a "chronic autoimmune doctor" .. who can explain why those types of diseases/disorders have inexplicably increased over recent decade?

After all .. the "infectious disease" experts are the very people who are seeking to deny parents their humanitarian right to informed consent .. because .. THEY will not be responsible for treating the life-threatening, life-long chronic autoimmune disorders of children for the rest of their lives.

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