Since 1938: Autism, The Microbiome and Donald Triplett, CASE 1
Alleged Research Misconduct - Falsification by Omission of Material Results in MMR Autism Paper



I think we should go for a separation of Science and State.

It would be nice that doctors were as humble as they want parents to be.

Pride is the main obstructor of scientific research.

It is funny that how the church didn't want people to read the bible, and now almighty scientists don't want people reading science, yet all scientists like the freethinkers history, but only in theology.

Scientists close to governments are a very sad view.

Great comments on this thread, by the way.

cia parker

Dr. Katz,
You appear to have made dire predictions should people stop vaxing and the diseases come back. What diseases do you think would prove epidemic and disastrous should they come back? When I was a child, everyone got measles, and it wasn't a problem, no one worried about it. We got vaccines for smallpox (dangerous and useless, also needless), pertussis (needless, as the experience of Sweden, Germany, and Japan showed), diphtheria (had died out on its own by then), tetanus and polio. The last two I think had their use. So what is your opinion? What would be so devastating if we didn't vax? Polio is gone, and tetanus might kill, but it still wouldn't be that many.

cia parker

Dr. Katz,
I told our future pediatrician a month before my daughter was born that I didn't want her to get the hep-B vaccine when she was born (or ever), because I had read it often caused autism. He thought it was silly, but he agreed, but forgot to tell the staff at the hospital, and didn't tell me that I needed to be sure to tell them, and they gave it to her anyway at midnight the day she was born, without informing me and without asking permission. She reacted with screaming syndrome, four days and nights of constant, inconsolable screaming, vaccine encephalitis, and was later diagnosed with autism. She's nearly fifteen now, low verbal, will never be independent. People who read can learn a lot that most doctors do not know, or do not want to admit to.

I'm almost completely anti-vax. I have a Ph.D. and a law degree, and have read exhaustively on this for many years, although it's too late to help my daughter with the information. It's not ignorant and not stupid to be anti-vax, but it means not caring at all about going along to get along. Most of the VPDs are usually mild diseases that it is beneficial for nearly all children to get naturally. If parents knew all the facts, no one would choose to give their children most of the vaccines. I'd say the tetanus series as dT for those over two years old, and the polio series if polio were to appear again in the U.S., but not otherwise. Nearly all of our children would have been much healthier without the vaccines.


..."We live in a country where the vaccines given to our infants are considered too toxic for our dogs."

Oh God, that's so depressing...


I'm so sorry about all that you went through. Glad to hear that your son is doing better now. I went to the link you gave. He is handsome! :o)

You know what I forgot to mention earlier...Thimerosol was removed from all veterinary vaccines in this country in the 1980s, but it is in vaccines given to pregnant women and children in this country to this day, and in greater quantity in vaccines that we ship overseas to developing nations, while the AAP swears up and down that it's completely safe. We live in a country where the vaccines given to our infants are considered too toxic for our dogs.


I had completely forgotten that I shared my story about our son's vaccine reactions at the below website, years ago.

I just came across this website and remembered...

I am putting the link up to Ryan's story with the sincere hope that any newbie parent researching this issue for the first time and who may find themselves at this website, may spend some time not just reading about our son's vaccine reactions, but read thru some/all of the other stories here as well.

I come from a generation of parents who were fairly new to this type of activism; back in the days when our infants were experiencing vaccine reactions when the Internet was not so much the phenomenon as it is today.

One of the first things I did when we bought our first computer was to share my story about our son at this website.

Ryan's story - our son - is the first one listed at this website. And again, I hope parents who are new to this type of research will spend some time reading through these stories.

These vaccine injured kids have faces! They are not just nameless, faceless statistics! These children don't deserve to be swept under the rug in the name of 'the benefit of the majority.'


*Our son is now 21 years old, attending college, and is doing beautifully. But as I've said, we went through hell and back, not just medically, but academically as well.




By the way, I LOVED your last comment.




Yeah, I've seen THAT website before. My intuition tells me the information I've just uncovered about Turbutaline on that link I've provided, IS THE TRUTH.

They had me so pumped full of this stuff that I was shaking - literally from my head to my toes - so much that I could barely walk from my hospital bed to the bathroom.

By that evening (I loathe hospitals), I really did try to 'will' my heart rate down so I could get the hell out of there. It really was simply a question of calming myself down, in spite of the drug reaction, because I was trying to save my unborn son's life.

Call it divine intervention or what have you, but not only did my heart rate stabilize, my son's did as well, and they released me from the hospital at a time of night when they don't typically release hospitalized patients. At midnight, I found myself walking out that hospital door with my husband in tow.

The next day, at home, I went into pre-term labor yet again. Know what they told me to do this time? I was asked by my OB/GYN if we had any WINE in the house. We didn't - we don't drink. She told us to get some. She told me to drink just a minimal amount, just enough to relax me.

I did as instructed. Later, when my physician checked back in with me, she told me to never, ever tell anyone she told me to drink the wine, else she'd deny it. I asked her what, if anything, my drinking of the wine would do to my unborn son; she assured me that, given I was in my third trimester, no harm would come to Ryan. (Apparently, the wine worked because my contractions ceased.)

My pregnancy was a wild ride during this time. Then we had to watch our son's horrendous vaccine reactions, afterwards. But as I've said, we were fortunate in that we had compassionate pediatricians who willingly ACKNOWLEDGED our son's vaccine reactions and dutifully noted those same reactions into his medical file. That same physicians' staff affirmed our research that we'd uncovered re known vaccine safety issues in peer reviewed medical journals, and were willing to work with us, even after our decision was made to no longer vaccinate our son after his six month check up.

So between the Penicillin I was given during my first trimester (with assurances it wouldn't harm our baby), the DPT whole cell pertussis vaccine given to me during my second trimester for an extremely mild cat scratch, the Turbutaline to quell my pre-term labor (most likely caused by the DPT vaccine), to the Hep B vaccine given to our son just twelve hours after birth, with the ensuing bolus doses of vaccines at two months, four months and then one more DT vaccine at six months...

...I'm amazed our son is here today.

Do most of you understand that OB/GYNs used to be told in medical school that pregnant women should never, ever take ANY sort of medication, unless absolutely necessary, because the health of the unborn child would be at risk, otherwise?

My suspicions? Call me crazy, but the fact that they're now telling PREGNANT WOMEN TO GET VACCINATED with God knows how many vaccines, is downright chilling. Offit has gone on record stating that autism starts in the womb.

Well, guess what. You start shooting up pregnant women with God knows how many vaccines, that kid WILL come out with an autism label. It's a given.

Sounds like a plan to me. This way, 'they' can now say, see? Autism STARTS IN THE WOMB.

Yeah, it'll start in the womb if you keep treating the unborn fetus to an untold cocktail of vaccines and other medications.

I hope the insanity ends soon. This is nauseating beyond belief.

And oh, hey. To those of you here at the Age of Autism who are out speaking/debating publicly on this issue. I would love, just once, to see Dr. Russell Blaylock's name and his research linked to some of these speeches.

Why isn't this man's research and/or any of his lectures mentioned re any of this? He's a Board Certified Neurosurgeon (now retired). He's delivered some of THE best lectures on this subject. Dr. Blaylock's research and/or his lectures ought to be required reading for ANY medical and/or nursing student.


Dr. Katz,
You are so obviously defending a baseless ideology. The minute you start defending the practice of giving hepatitis B vaccine to minutes old infants whose mothers are not infected, when you say how dangerous chicken pox and mumps are to children, when you insist that these drugs that you call vaccines have been rigorously and adequately tested, you lose the educated and those old enough to know better.

We know that the Japanese have withdrawn approval of the HPV vaccine and do not vaccinate for mumps. We know that the chicken pox vaccine is not routinely used in the UK. We know that most developed countries do not give the hepatitis B vaccine to babies of uninfected mothers at birth because their is no medical justification for exposing a newborn to that risk with no benefit. We know that vaccines are never studied against true placebos. We know that Denmark banned thimerosol in vaccines in the early 1990's and that subsequent studies in Denmark were fixed to make it look like the autism rate rose when in fact it decreased. We know that all mercury is toxic and like lead, there is no safe level of exposure. We know about the illegal meeting in Simpsonwood, Ga. where public health officials and vaccine manufacturers met secretly to face and cover-up what they did to generations of global citizens. We know that while thimerosol use was decreased in some American vaccines, that the AAP successfully campaigned to keep exporting mercury laced vaccines to developing nations. We know that as thimerosol was being phased out in childhood vaccines, public health officials decided it would be a good idea to start giving thimerosol laced flu vaccines during pregnancy and infancy, starting with 2 doses at 6 months of age. We know that William Thompson has stated that the CDC has deliberately fixed a body of vaccine safey research to its own liking, and we know that Merck's virologists have claimed that Merck falsified the reported efficacy of the mumps portion of the MMR. We also know that Dr. Thompson has said that his boss has asked him to lie and that Dr. Thompson would never give a thimerosol containing flu vaccine to his wife if she was pregnant. We know that Dr. Thompson said that thimerosol causes tics and he doesn't know why they are giving it to pregnant women. We know that recipients of live viral vaccines (measles, mumps, rubella, flumist, chicken pox, oral polio, etc.) are contagious and a threat to the immune compromised (and others) for 4-6 weeks after vaccination, yet they are never told to stay home from school or work during that time to protect the community and that outbreaks are blamed on the unvaccinated. We know that the pertussis vaccine does not work for long if it works at all and most importantly, that in baboon studies, vaccinated baboons infected nonvaccinated baboons (so much for cocooning). We know that in the past several years, there is mounting evidence of an immune suppressing effect of annual flu vaccination. We know that serious upper respiratory infection was shown to be increased in mice after the flu vaccine, that in pig studies, vaccinated pigs got much sicker than their unvaccinated counterparts, developing severe pneumonia and lung scarring. We know that multiple studies show that those who are vaccinated are significantly more susceptible to flu and flu like illness in the years following vaccination (see CIDRAP). We know that vaccines are not tested for mutagenicity, carcinogenicity or effect on reproduction. I could go on.

We know. We know that you're not being honest, maybe not even with yourself. We know that you are protecting a vaccine program, the vaccine industry, government bureaucracies and your own place in the scheme, over children and all recipients of these drugs. We know where you get your funding from. We know where the media and government officials get their funding from. We know that the vaccine industry is projected to grow to $57 billion by 2019. We know that that is what you're protecting, not the public.

You have no credibility. And I'll tell you something else - it was criminal of your profession to deny children the chance to develop natural immunity to these infections at a time when they are usually mild, not to mention all the injured and deceased from these drugs. You have pushed the risk much higher by tampering with something you don't understand and you don't know you'll be able to remedy. What if these vaccine boosters don't work in those born after 1957 as they get older, the way that antibiotics now don't work? What if waning immunity leads to recommendations for adult boosters that will be poorly tolerated? We know that you don't know where you're leading. You have no idea. We know that you do not know and have not studied what impact these vaccines have on the human microbiome. We know that you're flying by the seat of your pants, clinging to an ideology and failing to consider or conduct real science. It's obvious.

Mark Blaxill

To David Katz,
It seems (based on your comments here and on your own blog) that you don't like how your appearance went on RT and now have resorted to blaming it on some kind of unfair advantage that I brought to the taping. Just so you don't carry forward a self-serving falsehood, the deck was far more fairly stacked than you claim. When I taped my segment, I had no idea who the "other side" speaker would be, just "some guy from Yale". I had no advance warning on the questions, my pauses at the beginning of my answers were occasions for real-time processing. I didn't know that the segment would be framed as a "debate", I had just heard they wanted a "panel." I most certainly did NOT have your answers in advance, that would have been impossible since my segment was taped a few days before yours.

And yes, the interviewer was probably more friendly to my argument than yours. Imagine that!! A lot of us who are representing a rational parent perspective get crucified when we go on regular media, but we do it anyway and don't whine. I know you think the Gods of Science have spoken and shouldn't be questioned, but a lot of people who are just as smart and just as well educated as you actually think science is spelled with a small "s" and have views contrary to yours. Get used to it.

david m burd

Like most of us commenting on AoA, members of my immediate family AND friends have been iatrogenically crippled, mentally disabled via Alzheimer's or Parkinson's via such as repeated flu shots, or have been plain killed by drug-caused strokes/hemorrhaging. All this in addition to the catastrophe of the autism spectrum, by any rational thinking, directly caused by vaccines. And, now we find ourselves as outcasts by even broaching this to otherwise sensible fellow citizens.

Author James Bradley in his book Flyboys cites an American WWII vet who endured and by Fate survived captivity by the Japanese while so many of his fellow prisoners died via terrible means, to quote: "I have forgiven the Japanese --- I believe any culture can be indoctrinated into any attitude that the leaders want to teach them."

One of AoA's contributors (I think it was Bayareamom who said it first) used the term "indoctrinated" referring to typical American doctors, AND our typical neighbors. It applies timelessly to culture after culture, and it's what we are up against.


Dr Katz,

You said, "...epidemiologic research says "let's look at equal numbers of people who do or don't get vaccinated and see what happens to them over equal time periods and compare that".

One of the reasons I don't trust you or any other doctor on the subject of vaccines and autism is that you all pretend that a vaccinated vs completely unvaccinated study has been done, when you must know that it has not.

To compare the health of vaccinated vs completely unvaccinated children and adults would be REAL science and, to my knowledge, "Anti-vaxers" have been asking for this study for more than twenty years.

Another reason is the fear-mongering you all do. Many of us are old enough to have had measles, mumps, chickenpox, as did most of the children we grew up with - brothers, sisters, cousins, classmates - as did our parents and grandparents. What these childhood diseases meant for us was a few days in bed and a break from school and yet doctors have literally terrified young mothers today because they think their healthy children will become brain-damaged or die without a vaccine to protect them. This is not true.

How can doctors expect parents to keep trusting them when they are so economical with the truth? And when they don't acknowledge vaccine reactions when they occur, or bother to report them to the authorities, or even record them in the child's notes? Under any other circumstance, the fevers, irritability, diarrhoea, anorexia, somnolence and seizures would be taken seriously, but not after a vaccine. Right? Health professionals tell parents that these symptoms (of ill-health) on the heels of multiple vaccinations are common events, certainly nothing to worry about, and very likely caused by something else, not the vaccines. Then when the child loses language, loses eye-contact, appears deaf, stops communicating and engages in meaningless repetitive activities, doctors call it "Autism", a mental disorder, and assure parents that vaccines don't cause autism and say we must have missed the early signs that our children weren't developing normally!

And yet, if a child's personality drastically changes after measles infection, and he or she develops similar behaviours, then what would you call it?


Thanks Mark for speaking our eloquently on this subject.
An article that was in the New York Times a few months ago crossed my mind this morning. As I recall, it stated that a study showed the US had the worse health outcomes of 10 developed nations while spending the most on health care. I was talking to a friend over breakfast and asked, "If you had ten plumbers and one was the worst and also charged the most, would you think that you should take his opinion on all plumbing decisions with no questions asked?" The American medical establishment has far from earned the respect it desires based on results produced.


It is a shame for US as supposedly "free, democratic country" that this important discussion about vaccine safety must be carried out on foreign TV station. US is not free - it is under occupation by big pharma and military industrial complex, which bring deaths and diseases to American people.

Teresa Conrick

Well done, Mark! Sensible and reasonable wins.




I might add to my last comment that I was INJECTED with Turbutaline, NOT given any sort of 'Turb' tablets.

They injected me repeatedly - whenever I would go into contractions.

You know, words completely fail me at this time. What the hell were they thinking?

At this rate, I feel abject sympathy for any new parent out there, for for anyone young enough to consider starting a family. At this point, I'm glad I had just one kid. I don't think I could have put myself through any of what I experienced with my first pregnancy, with another.



I'm so upset right now, I can't see straight. I know many of you have read some of my comments re what happened to me during my pregnancy back in 1993. I've explained on a few occasions what type vaccine reactions our son experienced and I've also remarked on one or two occasions what happened to me when I went into pre-term labor shortly after having received a 'tetanus' vaccine for an extremely mild cat scratch (unbelievable).

When I went into pre-term labor, I was given the drug Turbutaline. It caused a life threatening reaction in not only me, but in our unborn child. Both our heart rates soared off the charts. I can remember my treating OB/GYN sitting to my left, on the side of my hospital bed, looking anxiously at the heart monitor I was attached to.

I could see the worry on her face. She told me that I could not receive any more 'Turb' because of both our reactions. I was told at that point that I would be released from the hospital ONLY when my heart rate and that of my son's was back to normal.

Eventually, after almost willing my heart rate to go down, it did and I was released at around midnight that night under strict precautions that I was to have complete bedrest for the following three weeks.

Here's what I've JUST found:


..."Terbutaline should not be used to stop or prevent premature labor in pregnant women, especially in women who are not in a hospital. Terbutaline has caused serious side effects, including death, in pregnant women who took the medication for this purpose. Terbutaline has also caused serious side effects in newborns whose mothers took the medication to stop or prevent labor.

Why is this medication prescribed?

Terbutaline is used to prevent and treat wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness caused by asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. Terbutaline is in a class of medications called beta agonists. It works by relaxing and opening the airways, making it easier to breathe..."

Excuse my French, but dammit. I can't believe this. What were they doing, giving me this medication off label? This was back in 1993, so maybe they didn't KNOW the above?

I'm surprised our son made it through all of this; I was given Penicillin during my first trimester for an upper respiratory infection (which did absolutely nothing helpful whatsoever); I was given a DTP (tetanus) for a very mild cat scratch (didn't break the skin) during my second trimester; and now I find THE ABOVE.

THEN they shoot our son up with the Hep B vaccine at just 12 hours of age after I'd just TESTED NEGATIVE FOR HEP B PRIOR TO GIVING BIRTH THAT DAY.

God, no wonder he suffered so much! And these medical authorities want us to TRUST them?

I'm absolutely furious right now. Just unbelievable...


I am the first to say I am against vaccines and I am pro natural immunity. The reason that I am pro natural immunity is because ALL of the childhood diseases have been shown to have health benefits and there is evidence that mumps, measles, chickenpox, and rubella build the immune system so that it is fully formed. Why are we not talking about that having the measles lowers cancer risk and auto immune disease and that now a modified version of the measles is being used to fight cancer? Could it be that the person would never have needed a cancer treatment had they had measles? Similar benefits arise from the other childhood diseases. There is also the issue of vaccine failure which no one wants to talk about. The media has made it cool to bash and target non vaxers and I have a very real fear that one day soon we will not only be denied freedom of choice but that some fanatical person will see fit to cause physical harm to a person who refuses or questions vaccines. There is no debate or rational discussion in the media about vaccines or the childhood diseases.

Angus Files

Say no more ..

Who-Won't Get Fooled Again


Tim Kasemodel

Dr Katz,

I feel for you that you might have been misled by a journalist - happened to me a few times (see DateLine NBC - A Dose of Controversy). At least this interviewer did not start out with the premise you are crazy before you even speak like most who question vaccines.

You say "Unfortunately, the true costs of exaggerating the risks of immunization and disrespecting the diseases they prevent will be clear enough, soon enough, if this trend persists. Alas."

I say "Unfortunately, the true costs of exaggerating the BENEFITS AND SAFETY of immunization and disrespecting the PARENTS OF THE CHILDREN THEY ARE INTENDED TO PROTECT will be clear enough, soon enough, if this trend persists. Alas."

As far as having a true debate, I am willing to bet my life that Mark Blaxill would meet you in a public debate, anytime, anywhere.

I bet that wont happen - you might choose to use the cowardly excuse that Paul Offit chose to use when offered a seat at the table with Mary Holland - that even simply sitting with anyone who questions vaccines offers them credibility they dont deserve. I think anyone who refuses to debate face to face is the one who does not deserve the credibility.

Angus Files

What do you have to be,to be not a anti-vac kook (like me)and be a KOOL person..

1.Think Paul Offit is the bollocks saviour to man kind and brown nose it for all your worth .

2.Get your child every shot going and come back for a booster if an outbreak disease

3.Never repeat that you know someone who claims they have a vaccine injured child.

4.Mercury,Aluminium,live viruses directly into your blood stream are good for you and your well being..yeah!!sure is..

5.The entire population of the world is here and survived millions of years because of vaccines...

Could go on...



Excellent job, Mark Blaxill! And the post from "Mom to Dr. Katz", thank you for posting those stats. What people are not aware of is this debate is not just about autism.

I wish parents of peanut allergy kids would be as passionate as autism parents to find out why their kids have an allergy. Most parents just behave as if life has dealt them a bad hand and why question it.

Thankfully, my children have none of these issues BUT if I were not paying attention to the the rate of autism, peanut allergy, asthma going up and not listening to other parents sharing their stories, my kids would be one of those statistics. I listened to other parents, integrative doctors and not mainstream doctors pushing the vaccine schedule and so thankful that I did.


Dr Katz, thank you for posting here.

I'm glad you did, because I was wondering if you were trying to make a joke when you talked about trusting long term comparison studies?

You do know there has never been a long term study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated ,correct?

We have been asking for the type of study you describe for years. .
And yes, science is only as good as the quality of the research.

My personal favorite for "ridiculous science that actually got published in a peer reviewed journal and was used to discredit the autism vaccine link" was the study that followed 100 vaccinated children until the age of 2 found no autism diagnoses at that time and said that meant vaccines were safe. No control group. Numbers small enough to hide any statistical correlation, and the capper; designed to end before any child could get an autism diagnosis anyway.

Hilarious, but in a bad way.

I trust science, but I expect it to be science.

But if there is truly a published vax/unvax study that followed children long enough to get a diagnosis, please quote it for us ( with a link to the methodology..)

( By the way, if any study is supposed to be a representative study of the population at large, then as the population at large has autism at a rate of 1 in 68 boys,, then obviously the combined autism rate of the vaxed and unvaxed children used in such a study would have to be 1 in 68,or else your study is not actually representative of the population/and or can't pick up autism diagnoses.)

Right now you have a chance to say what you want here and have the debate your are interested in; and even "convert us" with the science ( if it exists.)

Go for it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



I heard him desperately trying to explain why we should always trust "science" Katz.

PROOF Chesterfield Cigarettes have no adverse effects on nose, throat, sinuses

More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette

What Cigarette Do You Smoke Doctor?

Doctor Says Smoking Not Harmful to Heart

When Doctors, and Even Santa, Endorsed Tobacco

-Doctors, American Medical Association hawked cigarettes as healthy for consumers

The hypocrisy of all of this is-Science has evolved to reveal that smoking can kill you. So pre-1960's onward scientist did research, testing and studies to come to that conclusion because SCIENCE EVOLVES-IT IS NOT STATIC. Yet, in regards to VACCINES-THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED. I'd like all the people who have chanted this lie to line up, pull up their sleeve and take the 69 DOSES OF 16 VACCINES BY AGE 18, because they are all over age 18. All at once because Paul Offit says a baby can take 10,000 vaccines at one. Let's start with him.

A Mom to Dr. Katz

Typo - should be "since" not "in" 1983

How many measles cases "in the US in 1983"? How many are diagnosed with autism in the US since 1983?

IOW Dr. Katz and medical professionals who do still truly care about the health of their patients and not insuring more profits for big medicine and pharmacy:

Since 1983: How many have died from vaccine preventable diseases, how many are permanently mentally disabled due to vaccine preventable disease, and how much did those diseases cost the US ecomony?

Also, since 1983: How many have died from vaccine injuries, how many are permanently mentally disabled due to vaccine injuries, and how much have these vaccine injuries cost the economy?

There is NO CONTEST when comparing the two - not in deaths, not in permanent injuries, not in cost to the economy.

A Mom to Dr. Katz

Two quotes for Dr. Katz:

"As a neurologist, I have cared for those afflicted with SSPE (a rare but dread neurological complication of measles), paralytic polio and tetanus. If these serious vaccine-preventable diseases again become commonplace, the fault will rest solely on the shoulders of public health leaders and policymakers who have failed to heed the writing on the wall (scribbled by my 9-year old daughter)." - Dr. Jon Poling

"Vaccines have now caused (in the super-vaxed US) one in nine to have asthma, one in ten allergies, one in fifty peanut allergy, one in 36 autism (U of Minnesota study), one in ten ADHD, one in eighty a seizure disorder, one in 450 diabetes, one in ten a bowel disorder. All of these figures are many times more than they were in the era before vaccines, and have climbed steeply just since the vaccine epidemic began in 1988." - an AoA commenter

How many people have died as a result of vaccine injury since 1983? How many people are permanently disabled as a result of vaccine injury since 1983? Now, ask the same questions about "vaccine preventable" diseases?

I would rather be sick for 2-3 weeks with measles than be permanently disabled for the rest of my life. I know people wheelchair bound due to polio who still have productive lives - IOW they aren't permanently brain damaged as some with vaccine injury.

No "cure" should create a situation worse than the disease it is designed to prevent.

The lifetime cost of caring for someone with autism: $1-3 million dollars. And what was the quoted cost for one case of measles I heard recently, on C-Span - a little more than $100,000 per case? And no one died and no one is permanently disabled. How many measles cases in the US in 1983? How many are diagnosed with autism in the US since 1983?

The medical community at large is allowing themselves to be made fools of - on the backs of our kids and families.

John Stone

Dr Katz

I doubt whether the media have been giving people on our side of the argument an even break, so I wouldn't complain if I was you. Mostly "the debate" has been tilted against people who speak from their experience of what vaccines have done to their family, and it is skewing the evidence to try and shut them out. Vaccines can harm, and if you were listening to people who talked about it rather than made fun of them (and made spurious cheap comments about their powers of critical observation) you would be more impressive. Unfortunately, there is also plenty of evidence that the rigging of the sample in the 2004 De Stefano paper by CDC officials was not a one off.

Yes, seven and a half minutes is not long enough.

John Stone, UK editor Age of Autism.

Jenny Allan

"The true costs of exaggerating the risks of immunization and disrespecting the diseases they prevent will be clear enough, soon enough, if this trend persists. Alas."

Dr Katz - We are already experiencing what happens when vaccine damage concerns are denied or ignored, and the risks of grossly exaggerating the dangers, of what in my youth were not considered serious diseases -alas!!

Dr. David L. Katz

News to me that there was a debate, folks; I never spoke to, heard from, or heard of Mark Blaxill. I don't think that's how "debates" work. And if an interviewer starts out with- "isn't it true you should stop beating your wife?"- it is not really an invitation for an informed discussion, let alone a debate. It's clever showmanship, and flim-flam. Enjoy it as such if so inclined. Unfortunately, the true costs of exaggerating the risks of immunization and disrespecting the diseases they prevent will be clear enough, soon enough, if this trend persists. Alas.


Wow! The journalist was imo fair! GREAT INTERVIEW, thank you Mark!

Bob Moffitt

I know it is impolite to characterize the comments of Dr. David Katz, the founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, on vaccine safety, choice and exemptions as "comical" .. but .. I must confess to laughing out loud when I heard him desperately trying to explain why we should always trust "science" .. after all .. if it were not for "science" we wouldn't have skype or facebook, etc.

Thanks Mark .. as usual .. you are a great representative for my family as well as our larger community.

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