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Dachel Media Update: "Outing" Unvaxed Children?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Feb 11, 2015, TIME Magazine: Unvaccinated Families' Addresses Should Be Made Public

Feb 11, 2015, WI State Journal: Push for measles vaccine is about money -- Michael Wagnitz

Feb 10, 2015, CBS News: Doctor blames discredited autism-vaccine link research for measles outbreak


TIME Magazine

Every single exemption request should be reviewed in a public meeting and approved by a public body (like a city council or school board). And if the exemption is approved, basic information-the parent's name, address, and the vaccinations declined-should be available on the Internet via a publicly maintained registry.

The virtues of disclosure are clear. Having your family's name published as a potential hazard to public health would be a strong disincentive to obtaining an exemption for all but the most committed (i.e., delusional) anti-vaxxers. And the rest of us would be able to identify our unvaccinated neighbors, and our children's unvaccinated schoolmates. This would be especially helpful to pregnant women and the parents and caregivers of children who are either too young to be vaccinated (the first measles mumps rubella vaccine isn't given until after a baby's first birthday) or have serious diseases like cancer (as in the case of the Marin County six year old recovering from leukemia) that compromise immune systems and preclude vaccination.

In effect, the question of how to handle unvaccinated children and their parents would move from the realm of school administrators to the community at large. And the community level is where the question is best addressed, since we encounter the unvaccinated not only at school but also in parks, churches, and stores.

Actually I have a suggestion for Joe Matthews at TIME: How about requiring every exempted child to wear an arm band with a big capital "U" on it for "unvaccinated."  Then we could ban them from entering public places.

It's been done before to identify those that society deems objectionable.

Jailing parents, revoking doctors' medical licenses, banning unvaxxed kids from public (and private) schools, and a federal law that eliminates all personal or religious exemptions--the media madness over measles has proposed all of these things in the last couple of weeks.  When will the insanity end?

Parental choice is being seen as a threat on a par with terrorism.  Vaccination must be done for the good of the nation.

WI State Journal

I found the multiple opinion pieces about the measles and the pushing of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to be quite hysterical (in both senses of the word). As a measles survivor, I'd like to share my experience with this childhood disease.

In 1962 my entire elementary school got the measles. I had to stay in the house for four whole days! Not one kid with measles had to go to the hospital. Not one kid even had to see a doctor. Everyone survived just fine and came out of it with a healthier immune system.

When I returned to school, it was just me and the teacher. In fact, not one teacher even missed a minute of class time since they all had immunity to measles after getting it as a kid.

I have an idea: How about publishing an opinion piece about a child losing his or her ability to walk after receiving the MMR vaccine. How about a story about a child losing all brain function after receiving this vaccine.

This entire media blitz comes down to one thing: Vaccine refusal is affecting someone's bottom line.

-- Michael Wagnitz, Madison 

My posted comment:

Thank you, Michael for pointing out what should be obvious to all: Vaccines, like any medical product, carry risks.  What parents are not told is that no one has any liability when it comes to vaccine injuries.  Federal law protects both the vaccine makers and the doctor from lawsuits over vaccine side effects.  Instead parents of a vaccine injured child have to appeal to a federal program where they're up against government lawyers defending a government program using government money.  Few parents ever get their day in court, and those who have report that it took between seven and fourteen years to receive a settlement.

Mainstream medicine and health officials and the media all pretend that the science is in on vaccines: Vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives, all the studies say so.  The problem is it's not THE SCIENCE, it's THEIR SCIENCE--INDUSTRY FUNDED.  Each one of the 14 studies used by health officials to prove vaccine safety has been shown to have industry ties.  The go-to agency on vaccine safety, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is not independent.  They're the people that approve the vaccine schedule.  The CDC is also the place where hundreds of individuals have conflict of interest waivers because of their direct financial ties to the vaccine industry.  The last head of the head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, a long-time denier of any link between vaccines and autism, is now head of the vaccine division at Merck.

Unless and until health officials call for a simple study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated children to compare their health outcomes, the debate over vaccines will not go away.  We have the most vaccinated children on the planet and some of the sickest.  Our children have soaring rates of diabetes, seizure disorder, bowel disease, life-threatening allergies, asthma, not to mention a two percent autism rate that no one can rationally explain.

Are never vaccinated kids just as chronically ill and disabled as the rest of America's children?  With so many parents now too afraid to vaccinate, the study group is out there and officials conduct retrospective studies like this all the time, yet they refuse to call for this one.  We all should be asking why.

Parents need to educate themselves.  They need to have informed consent before they vaccinate.  They're the ones taking the all the risks.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

CBS News

Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia denies a connection with vaccination and autism. "Absolutely no doubt," he said. "MMR vaccine does not cause autism. It never made biological sense that it would and now we have all the epidemiological studies showing that it clearly didn't."

Offit says since Wakefield's article, there have been 14 studies looking at hundreds of thousands of children on three continents that show no linkage. But why did Dr. Wakefield's hypothesis get any traction at all? "Because we don't know what the cause or causes of autism was," said Offit. "Now he's got a reason, right? He's got a boogeyman." Only in the view of science now, his boogeyman has been widely discredited. "It was just wrong."

I wrote this comment for the CBS story, but despite several attempts, I was unable to do so.:

Jim Axelrod has the same talking points as everyone else in the media: Vaccines are safe, the controversy is Andrew Wakefield's fault, and we should all listen to Paul Offit of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia who says there's no link to autism. 

Last fall a Gallup poll found that only about 40 percent of Americans trust what the media tells them.  Here's why. 

Axelrod omitted anything that would cast doubt on media's message: VACCINES ARE SAFE; EVERY CHILD SHOULD BE VACCINATED.

There was no attempt to be fair and balanced. 

At the beginning of the story, Axelrod dismisses an example of regressive autism following the MMR vaccine as coincidental.  Axelrod cites Dr. Paul Offit as an expert without any mention of his bias-he was the co-inventor of a vaccine for rota virus for which he personally made millions of dollars.  He's an industry insider.  What else would he do but defend vaccines as safe?

Offit cites 14 studies showing vaccines are safe.  Axelrod never asked who funded the studies or what the conflicts of the researchers were.  If he had looked into the science, he'd see the each one of those 14 studies has been shown to have ties to the vaccine industry.  The research that Offit is talking about is not "the science" on vaccines.  It's "their science"-industry funded.

Axelrod didn't bother to look at any of the more than 150 studies by well-credentialed, independent experts from leading universities whose work raises serious concerns about vaccine safety claims.   

Parents in the real world remember the years of outstanding coverage by former CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson.  Attkisson actually interviewed Dr. Wakefield.  She also reported on the Hannah Poling story in 2008.  Hannah was the young Georgia girl whose claim of vaccine-induced autism was conceded by medical experts at HHS. 

Attkisson talked with experts like Dr. Boyd Haley, former head of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky and a leading expert on mercury.  Dr. Haley criticized the government's use of ethylmercury in vaccines, calling it a deadly neurotoxin with no safety record.  (And mercury is still allowed in the multi-dose flu vaccine given to pregnant women and children as young as six months.)

Axelrod should look up her work in the archives at CBS.  He'd find story after story.

If Attkisson were still at CBS she'd have never given us this biased, hackneyed coverage.  However last year she left the network, claiming that they wouldn't allow her honest reporting on certain controversial topics.  We can understand why.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.


Joy B

The US Military is on a vast iatrogenic 'inoculation' campaign as well, under the guise of benevolence, tensions across the globe are purposely inflamed, and the resulting injuries put them in de facto control for years if not permanently. (Some of the South American states are in fact slowly recovering from their injuries)

There have been plenty of leaks which prove this fact, as well.

The system we're forced to plead to must be dismantled. If not, well. The dystopian novel has yet to be written that will compare to our future.


Un huh, this is a great idea, very American.

Let's start with journalists. No press card issued until vaccination status verified.

Next, politicians. Start with Congress. Disclose vaccine status or get the hell out of Congress.

Next, vaccine industry lobbyists, moving on to academia, industry etc. No public disclosure of personal, private medical records- disqualified. Get a job as a toilet cleaner to the vaccinated,

The outing has already begun- CNBC is airing stories about vaccination rates in day care centers in Silicon Valley. The implication is the masses should storm the named day cares and, you know, take some appropriate action, for the good of the herd.

I wonder why the smartest, richest, most educated citizens in the US are low on the vaccine compliance scale. You know- the Silicon Valley over educated types. Pretty soon, these parents will be pushing back, hard, against Offit's lies. The best Offitism so far is he won't share a stage with Mary Holland because he is smarter than her? WTF? That is a God complex on steroids. That is megalomania. Another Offitism, put out on NPR, is William Thompson is mentally unbalanced. Let the games begin! Those Silicon Valley parents would debate Offit into jail, which is exactly where this is heading.

The vaccine nazis are coming off as unhinged, frothing, bizarro grass eaters who a generation ago were lynching black men from a tree for exercising the right to vote. Let them keep talking, and give them a bigger megaphone. A scarier bunch of unAmerican neo McCarthyites have not been seen since, well, at least the run up to Iraq.

The Times piece is funny cause the writer is an ignorant punk.The only way to describe his editorial is ignorant, bigoted rants. To be expected from a pup still wet behind the ears. I notice he did not disclose his own vaccine status. Fascinating.


Since we know that MMR and other live virus vaccine recipients can shed for weeks, can we make sure they all have a giant, red letter "V" spraypainted on their chets, and their addresses publicly listed. You know, to keep us safe?


That TIME piece would be funny if it wasn't true. I think part of what is happening here is that the powers that be must feel as though they are losing the message war with the public regarding vaccines--because nothing else makes sense--the hysteria is just too big. The medical industry doesn't want anyone to think. Period. They simply want the "sheep" to quietly consent to "herd" together. But people are waking up. They cannot have people waking up and so they are going into overdrive attempting to demonize those who refuse to believe what we're being told by people in positions of authority--people who do not deserve our trust.

I find it hilarious that those who claim we shouldn't trust the government about anything, are the ones who screech the loudest about trusting the government regarding vaccines. In my world, if you lie about even one thing, you are suspect in anything you say after that one lie.


Why the worry if this baby has been exposed to measles, mom would have passed on her antibodies to the baby. I suppose the big question here is does vaccination confer the same immunity as did wild measles. Back in the days of no vaccinations against measles it was very rare for an infant under one to get measles.


You know, they tell us to "trust" government officials. They tell us to "trust" the experts. To "trust" doctors.

You know what I'm talking about? THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC.

We are failing completely in the war against obesity, as we get fatter and fatter and fatter, DESPITE all the "expert" advice.


Because we haven't gotten to the SOURCE of the problem.

The obesity epidemic has very LITTLE to do with fatty foods.
It has EVERYTHING to do with sugar and wheat.

The autism epidemic has very LITTLE to do with older parents, living near electrical lines, or genetics.
It has EVERYTHING to do with vaccines.

That's the question I would have for any news anchor that questioned me:

"Why should I trust government officials and doctors? Gosh, they've done SUCH A GOOD JOB with the obesity epidemic...."

/sarcasm off

cia parker

I think community organizing is the only answer. Start by putting up announcements of an informational meeting at the public library, educate the troops, then have tablings to pass out leaflets at events like Earth Day and talk to the people who pick them up, then street demonstrations with signs, then interviews on local TV and radio, talk to local legislators, give talks to the PTA, church groups, and any other interested group.

If anyone's interested in planning and setting up such local groups, email me at

Big Brother is Here

By all means! Anyone with a sexually transmitted disease should have their names put in a searchable database. Just pull out that cell phone to search to see if a person is a possible romantic interest (no), tenant (no), employee (no), friend or suitor for a family member (no), credit risk (no), or societal pariah (yes).

Rachael B

Oh, wah, I'm not healthy. Bottom line, bad parents that didn't build natural immunity.


Anne, thanks again for the update. In response to the Time article proposing 'outing' anti-vaxxers, I say this piece supports my argument that the vaccination battle is evolving. It's no longer a matter of just anti-vaxxers vs pro-vaxxers, but also pro-vaxxers vs pro-vaxxers. And these 'enemy' provaxxers are the ones who publicly extol vaccines and bash us anti-vaxxers, but secretly are not keen on vaxxing themselves or their kids. The agitation at these 'traitors' is brewing, and hence the proposal for stripping away secrecy.

Mr Mathews, I you are listening, I am not usually a gambler but I would ante up heavily that your proposal will never come to fruition. Very powerful figures would be dead set against it -- if you know what I mean!


Labeling non-vaxers by the regime is pure Nazism. Nazis labeled Jews by ordering them to wear yellow stars - they were marked for future extermination. Now US regime follows the same fascist path. Non-vac healthy children will be marked, prosecuted and possibly shipped to extermination camps, while vaccinated maimed lepers will be spreading infectious diseases around.


Is there ANY media rep who can address these type of bullshit articles that are appearing over at the Daily Mail on almost a daily basis? I am SO damned sick and tired of reading these type of articles.

I realize those of us in either the pro-safety issues camp re vaccines, or God forbid, the anti-vaccine camp, are in the minority, but surely there can be a coordinated effort by SOME group(s) out there that can counter-attack the so-called journalists that spew this type of garbage.

I realize this backlash is a coordinated effort by big pharma and its minions to counter the ever increasing numbers of parents either questioning vaccines and/or refusing to follow the CDC schedule.

For some reason, whenever I try to sign up as a commenter over at the Daily Mail, I get blocked. I've never posted a comment over there, but for some really odd reason, I am unable to sign up.

Has there been any sort of organized effort to try to stem the tide (other than the efforts I've seen thus far)? Any professionals (physicians/nurses) who have spoken out publicly on this issue want to gather in numbers to combat these attacks on individual rights?

I'll participate in any sort of group effort to help get the ball rolling.

cia parker

Hear, hear! The first two times someone with a noticeable cold sets foot in a public place, a $500 fine (payable to Merck), the third time, too bad, six months in jail, for endangering the public health! As you say, the old, the young, and anyone immunocompromised (quite a few now since vaccine damage is the number one cause of immunodeficiency, taking steroids number two). A new school policy should go in effect immediately. Up until now a simple cough or cold was NOT an excused absence from school, but now all that has changed, ANY simple cough or cold puts everyone around the hapless sick person at risk, enforced quarantine at home for EVERYONE with a cold or any symptom that might indicate flu. What the hell, sinus infections too, lock 'em up! If ANYONE gets ANY illness, the culprit who infected him MUST be found and jailed, and the sick person too, since obviously he broke some rule or he wouldn't have gotten sick. Anyone remember A Wrinkle in Time, where a scared housewife tells Meg that anyone who gets a cold is instantly executed? That's right, all of society will slowly grind to a halt, since everyone will be peering anxiously at everyone else, to detect the least deviance from perfect health, in order to turn them in before they themselves are accused of shielding the criminals!

Not an MD

That's right, Hera. Right now, I am working my way through the scariest book I have ever read. I had put it off for two years, and am only now finding the courage to read it (and I used to watch lots of horror movie, years ago).

The book is Edwin Black's "IBM and the Holocaust". I had long wondered how six million Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and others were so easily rounded up for execution. Just how did the Nazi's find them all, and proceed to execute them in such an organized fashion? Turns out that good old IBM made tons of money off the use of their new Hollerith hole punch devices (they sold to the Nazis) through monthly machine maintenance fees, and supplies. IBM even designed the hole punch cards for the Nazis. The information used for the hole punches was gained from a German Census to determine who was Jewish, etc. How sick is that?

Are you scared yet? What we need is a big "reveal" of who is funding these awful articles and bring that to the public's attention. This kind of discriminatory use of computer technology to reveal confidential medical information cannot be permitted. Like you said, Hera, those with known infectious diseases would have to be "outed" first, as they are the ones most likely to infect others-- not the unvaccinated who might never, ever contract a particular disease.

The author of the Time article states that "anti-harrassment" laws will need to be instituted. Wow! I guess those laws will be as about reliable as a restraining order is for a person who wants to murder his/her spouse. We all know how well a piece of paper works to protect battered women and men from physical harm, don't we now?

We are as Unbelieved  as Cosbys victims were --at first .

I think when each injured child was brought up to the shaming court with his or her injury and loved ones eyewitness account to how it happened Times' .brilliant idea would backfire,
Still, I just canceled my prescription --oh I mean subscription --to the pharma ad vehicle known as Time


For the Times; I think we should follow this through to its logical conclusion. Anyone who has an actual transmissible disease should then be "named and shamed" too. HIV, Hep B, Herpes, cold sores, sexual diseases, all are transmissible and these people actually do have an illness not just the "potential' to one day get sick. A potential unvaxed kids share with vaccinated kids, who can also get sick..

But why stop at kids? Adults can be contagious too.Any adult who chooses not to get an annual flu vaccine is of course an anti vaxxer and should be labeled as such. Armbands ( or perhaps a Star of David; it is after all the traditional way to identify those one wishes to humiliate) for all those too, one assumes?

Anyone with a cold, flu or any other virus is potentially a risk to the child with a diminished immune system. And those recently vaxed with the flu mist are potentially very dangerous. Should they stay home for 6 weeks to prevent them from infecting others? It seems logical. And what about adults or children with a flu or the cold? Should we insist on quarantine? Lots of potential for infection there...

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