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Why Are We Still Injecting Mercury Into Pregnant Women and Infants?

Dachel Media Update: Dr. Boyd Haley Refutes Dr. Paul Offit's Vaccine Science

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Please view and share this video from Richard Milner and Public Affairs Media Group.

Examination of the peer-reviewed scientific literature and interviews with many scientists who conducted the studies tell us that a principal cause is our exposure to poisons directly injected into us in the form of vaccination. Bio-chemist and pharmacy professor Dr. Boyd Haley disputes the claims of vaccine proponent Dr. Paul Offit point by point. Dr. Offit says vaccines are safe and effective. Dr. Haley says they are not. We are seeking funds to distribute “Haley vs. Offit” to a wide audience over the internet, also for additional production and editing of existing footage. In the Pipeline: Dr. Haley talks further about the consequences of mercury exposure in the form of SIDS, Anaphylactic Shock, and Sudden Cardiac Failure. Others to be filmed link mercury exposure to Diabetes and Cancer. Our immediate funding goal is $24,000 to reach 40 million homes where young marrieds, parents with babies or children under age 19, and seniors live. Join us! Stay with us!

This half hour commentary features the often repeated claims by vaccine developer Dr. Paul Offit on vaccine efficacy and safety, along with responses from Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD, Research Emeritus Professor Chemistry/Biochemistry, U. of Kentucky.  Dr. Offit is the head of infectious disease, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Dr. Haley is an internationally recognized expert on mercury toxicity. 

After viewing the video, I called Dr. Haley and asked why he didn't actually engage Dr. Offit in an open debate.  Dr. Haley told me that he's offered to debate Dr. Offit a number of times. but he has never responded to any of Dr. Haley's requests. 

This was similar to what happened to Mary Holland when she appeared recently on Democracy Now with Amy Goodwin.   Goodwin wanted to have Paul Offit and Mary Holland have an open conversation on the vaccine issue, but he refused.  Instead he spoke after Mary, announcing that he wouldn't have debate with her because "she clearly doesn't know the science."

Here we have Dr. Haley views of Dr. Offit's remarks.

I transcribed the first half of the video.

Feb 6, 2015,

Dr. Boyd Haley: "The real problem with people like Dr. Offit, they have no training in toxicology at all.  Medical doctors do not receive training in toxicology to the extent that would qualify them to comment on whether or not an injection of a certain amount of a toxic chemical like thimerosal or mercury in the body would be toxic. They're just not trained to evaluate that."

"There's a big difference in the immune response between an actual infection and getting an injection.  For example, if you get injected with the measles vaccine, you can get the measles.  People do.  If you get the measles, if you get it naturally, you'll never get the measles a second time."

"In the United States, we vaccinate earlier and more often and for more diseases than any other country in the world, yet we have the highest infant death rate of the 43 most modern countries.  We're at the bottom of the heap with regard to being able to protect our children.  And I think a legitimate question to ask, if our vaccines are preventing infectious diseases, and deaths from infectious diseases, what are American children dying of that make them have one of the highest infant death rates in the world?" 

On safety, referring to VAERS, the vaccine safety reporting system, Dr. Haley said, "Less than one out of ten adverse effects are reported.  And I would say, that if you think vaccines are so safe, then explain to me why this country that has the highest and the earliest vaccine rate in the world, has such a high level of infant mortality--much higher than those who give much less vacines and give them a lot later in the child's life."

"Vaccines should be totally safe.  You shouldn't be injecting anything into a baby that is toxic and known to be toxic, that increases the health risks to that baby.  And that's what we're been doing.  We're injecting aluminum...ethyl mercuryinto these children.  In some vaccines, we've seen they have component parts of DNA from pigs, bovine, and chickens. . .  That's not safe to do that. "

"There is a lot of logic as to why we think thimerosal, or mercury exposure to children, caused the autism epidemic.  ...Autism didn't exist before we started using organic mercury in vaccines and biological system.  The first cases reported were in 1941 and we started using mercury in vaccines and biologicals in 1933. . . .

"The autism epidemic . . . in the United States started in 1988.  It went up in every state in the Union. . . There has to be an environmental toxin because we have established there is no genetic cause of autism.  It didn't exist and you don't have genetics caused epidemics.  You can have a genetic susceptibility to a toxin.  Introduce a new toxin and you can cause an epidemic.  . . . These are genetically susceptible people being exposed to a new toxin.  . . .

". . .We think thimerosal did that [because] it went up in all 50 states at the same time, at the same time we started the CDC mandated vaccine program. 

". . . It has to be something that the child is exposed to before two years of age, because the average age of diagnosis is four and a half years of age.  So they have to be exposed quite early in life.  The vaccine program fits that.  . . .

"Mercury affects the male species much more than it does the female specs . . .

"Dr. Offit is ignorant of the biochemistry involved in autism, if he says mercury or thimerosal exposure can't cause that.  Because what we've seen and what other people have done in research as far away as Poland, Germany, Japan, Korea etc.,

they have shown that thimerosal will induce the same biochemical abnormalities as you see in autism."

"There is nothing but solid proof that thimerosal is incredibly toxic. . . .

Next Dr. Offit was asked about the medical practice of the late Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, a physician who did not vaccinate and who had no cases of autism among his patients.  His response was to ignore the question.  He instead talked about doing a prospective study of children from birth who were unvaccinated.  He called that type of study "unethical," and ignored the diverse unvaccinated population  already out there in Dr. Eisenstein's practice. 

Dr. Haley, "This is something that all the people in the immunology or vaccine program fight totally against--and that's to look at the . . . rate of autism in the non-vaccinated population, the non-thimerosal exposed population vs that of an exposed population.  They will do anything to avoid doing that, make any excuse.   What he's saying is absurd.  It's easy to get a large general population of people that have not been vaccinated, and look at them and look at the autism rate. . .  Our government has that data. . . . But the vaccine manufacturers and the people who make money off of giving vaccine do not want this looked at because what it shows. . . is that the people who do not get vaccinated or who do not get exposed to thimeosal, do not have nearly the rate of autism as do those that do.:"

Next Dr. Offit claimed that the Amish have the same rate of autism as the rest of the population.   Dr. Haley cited the research of Dan Olmstead looking at the unvaccinated Amish population and said they didn't have autism.

Dr. Offit was asked if thimerosal had been removed from vaccinations and he said it had, especially for children less than three.

Dr. Haley:  "First of all, that's not true.  Thimerosal is still used in the vaccine manufacturing process.   They just don't add it as a preservative anymore.  You still have a certain level, about one tenth the level that used to be there, is still there.  And all the vaccines that are used in multiple dose vials, like the flu vaccine, that they recommend for six month old children, still contain thimerosal. They're getting a bolus dose of mercury when you inject your baby with the flu vaccine. at the local clinics.  It's the same as it was in 1985 when we started the CDC mandated program.  It's quite a high level. It's 12.5 mcg per dose of mercury.  That means it would be safe for a baby to take, according to EPA standards eating fish, if the baby weighed 275 pounds."

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



"Who is William Thompson"


Who is William Thompson,

Sorry I misunderstood what you wrote. Thanks for your comment.

I hope soon that you'll need to change your name because everyone will know.


Flu vaccine in mult-use vials contain thimerosal supposedly to prevent bacterial growth from the vial being entered more than once. Flu vaccine in single use vials does not have thimerosal because it is only entered once. However, hopefully someone else can clarify this last point because I'm not sure: that is that there may still be a trace amount of thimerosal even in the single use vials and no amount is safe.

Nanci Nerone

Does anyone know what they supposedly replaced Thimerosal with as the preservative? Thank you for posting this interview.


I wonder what Dr. Offit thinks is going on with the research with the mice, rats, baboons, etc. Are scientists studying mice to cure the mouse population of what ails them? Someone should ask him why he thinks scientists are doing research on mice if it has no application to humans. The way he talks it's as if vaccines are preventing massive disease from breaking out all over the place, uncontrollable plagues descending on mankind, a disease apocalypse of unimaginable proportion. In fact, many of us haven't gotten a vaccine for decades and yet haven't succumb to the plague. I realize, though, that this is what many people actually think: well, I had better get a flu shot so I don't get the flu when in reality most of us rarely get the flu. I think I have had the flu twice--I did have the H1N1 because I was in Vegas and that is a good place to catch a plague. I barely could drive home, yet I survived and went on with my life. Still, I would rather have the flu than narcolepsy... Many parents would rather have the measles than autism, or the chicken pox rather than autoimmune disorder. I'll take acute illness any day over chronic illness. Can I vote on that?

Who is William Thompson ?

apologies Linda1 - not what I meant at all

Who is William Thompson ?

Not at all . Apologies for the confusion .
I simply respect your investigative skills .
Its easy to come on here and say Vaccines cause Autism , but the commenters I like are the ones that further educate me (like you) . Thank you .

But yes I do believe we have all the science to prove our case , we have the numbers , and yet we still struggle .
and that is due to classic spoiling techniques in my view .
And yes the Govt & Pharma use all there power and resource to infiltrate our side (and the perfect clear example of that is Autism Speaks - but there is much more going on than that) .

As everyone can see though , we have had some recent succeses. Our opponents have addressed us like never before . Melinda Gates made a 20 minute film to address us , then the White House no less made a statement , then the President himself , and the president in waiting Hillary Bluesky Clinton . They have run the Ebola Hoax , a faked mumps outbreak , a meningitis scare , a faked measles outbreak in both the US & Europe (a death in Germany who of course we all have great sympathy for , but we can find no details on whatsoever) .

And then Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat steps out of the shadows for a fake TV question and answer .
Then they try to introduce tens of new laws to MANDATE ALL vaccines . See the size of the opposition .
They are ALL powerful . They are Goliath and we are DAVID.
We knew it wouldn't be easy , but they ARE NEVER going to get away with poisoning our babies . NEVER .

All of this because of Brian Hooker at Autism ONE (Chicago)
And the CDC whistleblower William Thompson .
WT was never happy about all of this , from the start , and I salute him .
I salute Brian Hooker .
I salute Boyd Hayley & all the other heroes .


I also think it is very wrong to hold information back for $24,000 ransom.


Who is William Thompson,
If you think that I am an agent "deliberately infiltrating chaos & disorganisation of our resistance", you are mistaken.

I think that it is not right to ask people whose children are in need of medical care, most of which is not covered by insurance, for $24,000 for this purpose. To make a full length film, yes. But not to put an interview between two individuals on youtube.

Who is William Thompson ?

Such is the deliberate , infiltrated chaos & disorganisation of our resistance , I doubt we could raise $24 much less $24,000 .

This should be a small sum of ca$h to raise amongst so many of us . However there are dark forces amongst us whose goal it is , is to cause fractions and disunity (in the true Rockefellor style) . Meanwhile the traitors at "Autism Pukes" are trading in millions of government assigned money to take science down endless bling genetic alleys .

Linda1 - keep up the great work .

Anne J

Watching the two of them, it's so obvious which one has our children's best interest at heart (thank you Dr. Haley)!
Sad that Dr. Offit is the best the CDC can do. He certainly does not reassure anyone who is familiar with this issue. No wonder he won't debate anyone, as he'd never be able to pull it off (saying the same thing over and over doesn't work well in a debate, nor does it make it true).


Starting at about 22:30 Offit states he prefers epidemiological studies (tobacco science) ... over the “animal model studies” (real science) to prove or disprove a medical issue.

Offit also states that “If you want to know if something is harmful to children, TEST IT IN CHILDREN.”

....which simply means, his favorite lab animal is the American BABY.

Many Thanks to Dr. Boyd Haley once again.


I don't understand why $24,000 is needed to put already existing video footage on Youtube. Footage that has been in the possession of these individuals for quite some time now. I also don't think it would cost much to film Dr. Haley talking about diabetes and cancer and putting that on youtube with the potential to reach millions of viewers. If advocacy is the goal, then this would have been released a long time ago. I'm sorry.

Angus Files

Offit running scared again surprise..he can run but he cant hide.The world is a very small place.

Well said Dr Hayley to well said for Offit



..."Instead he spoke after Mary, announcing that he wouldn't have debate with her because "she clearly doesn't know the science."

Well, gee...why then doesn't he choose enlighten her (or anyone else who has offered to debate him, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield)?

He'd never stand up to the scrutiny, that's why. What a coward...

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