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Dachel Media Update: Boy with Autism Beaten

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Feb 24, 2015, Fox 13 Salt Lake City: Boy with autism beaten at Missouri middle school

Feb 24, 2015, Fox 4 Kansas City MO: Excelsior Springs woman left with permanent brain injuries after vaccinations

Feb 24, 2015, Oregon Statesman Journal: Vaccine researcher Wakefield to testify in Oregon

Feb 24, 2015, Newsweek: Toddler Dies From Measles in Berlin's Worst Outbreak in a Decade

Feb 23, 2015, CBS San Francisco: Law Requiring California Parents To Vaccinate Their Children Likely To Pass

Feb 5, 2015, Huffington: These States Don't Require Vaccinations For Home-School Students

Fox 13, Salt Lake City

Destiny Kitchen’s son, Blake, has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism.

FOX 4 reports Blake eats in the same spot in the cafeteria every day at school. But when he arrived at school on Thursday for breakfast, another student moved his belongings from his seat.

Blake asked the boy to move. It was at that point another boy stepped in and started beating Blake until he blacked out, FOX 4 reports.

The boy who reportedly beat the 12-year-old was also bullying Blake’s brother, Kitchen told FOX 4.

I hope someone will focus on bullying come April when we're all busy celebrating Autism Awareness Month around the world.

Fox 4, Kansas City MO 

 The federal government awarded an Excelsior Springs man $7.4 million after his wife was left disabled from getting vaccines before a trip. But this man says he's still very much pro-vaccines.

Back in June of 2011, Carolyn Schutte came to the Clay County Public Health Center to get vaccinations before her trip to Africa. Two days later she had permanent brain damage.

. . . Almost 48 hours after getting the vaccine, Carolyn lost consciousness, and collapsed. She suffered permanent brain damage caused by Encephalopathy

So the VICP agreed that vaccines permanently damaged this woman and she received millions in compensation.  This happened in 2011 and five years later, they reached a settlememt.  Notice that the woman lost the ability to speak.

Interesting that Sharyl Attkisson  wrote about how Anne Schuchat from the CDC just announced that vaccines don't cause "profound mental disorders" during congressional testimony.

Feb 24, 2015 Sharyl Attkisson

"Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause profound mental disorders?" Sen. Warren asked.

"No," replied Dr. Schuchat.

Oregon Statesman Journa

Andrew Wakefield, the British researcher who was made famous by his 1998 study that linked autism to a childhood vaccine, is coming to Salem next month to testify before the Legislature, a health care lobbyist confirmed Tuesday.

The Senate Committee on Health Care is exploring a bill, sponsored by Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, D-Beaverton, that would ban parents from claiming nonmedical exemptions from their children's school immunizations.  . . .

Dr. Diane Gudmundsen, a Hillsboro chiropractor, testified Feb. 18 that her son reacted severely to his MMR vaccine and eventually was diagnosed with autism. While she couldn't prove the connection between the two events, she said, "As a mother, I feel that my heart knows."

Andrew Wakefield is truly a hero for the autism community.  Many people will use this as an opportunity to attack him, yet he's still willing to speak out!


A toddler has died from measles in Berlin, Germany, amid the worst measles outbreak the city has seen since 2001.

The 1½-year-old boy from the Berlin borough of Reinickendorf was sent to the hospital on February 18 and died later that day, the German newspaper Deutsche-Welle reports. He had not been vaccinated against measles, Mario Czaja, chief of Berlin's health ministry, told reporters on Monday. . . .

German Health Minister Hermann Gröehe said the "irrational fear-mongering of some vaccination-foes is irresponsible" and said they threaten the lives of those with serious health problems who cannot be vaccinated.

"The vaccination gaps in Germany are still too large," Gröehe said in a statement. Berlin's vaccination rate is currently around 95 percent, AFP reports. National measles vaccination rates in the U.S. are around 92 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Germany has a 95 percent vaccination rate and this has been the measles outbreak numbers:

"There have been 574 reported measles cases in Berlin since October and at least two of those cases allegedly originated from the measles outbreak that began in a California Disney theme park last December. There was also an outbreak in the city of Leipzig in this month."

Were all of these people UNVACCINATED? 

It's clear that vaccine promoters are not going to stop until EVERYONE is vaccinated.

CBS San Francisco 

Last Thursday, a state law was introduced that, if passed, will eliminate the "personal belief" exception to California's vaccination law.

Right now, under California law there are two ways to get out of having a child vaccinated: one is if you have a medical reason, and two is if you have a "personal belief" that prevents vaccination. The law proposed last week would leave that medical exception in place and get rid of that "personal belief" part.

The lawmaker who authored the bill is State Senator Richard Pan, who is also a doctor. He's concerned about the outbreak of measles in California since December and the high numbers of people opting out of vaccines using the personal belief exemption.

The law as it is written so far does not have any religious exemption.

Ending the right to exempt--one state at a time. California to join Mississippi and West Virginia.


Half of U.S. states don't require home-school students to be vaccinated against diseases that include measles, chickenpox and hepatitis B, according to an organization that advocates greater oversight of home schooling.

While public schools require students to get a number of vaccinations before entering kindergarten, there's no mandate for home-schooled children in 25 states, according to the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. About 3 percent of the U.S. school-age population was home-schooled in 2011-2012, according to the U.S. Education Department.

Amid a recent measles outbreak that has infected more than 100 people in 15 states, politicians, public health officials and researchers have called on parents to vaccinate their children.

What's next?  Is no child to be spared?

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



What California reps need to hear is that if they do Pharma's bidding by passing these laws, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, etc., will become ghost towns.


Regarding points to make when calling Calif and Oregon reps -

These laws will decimate not only their states' health, but their economies. The educated and the wealthy will move elsewhere, including physicians and nurses and anyone else who currently work in their health care systems. No one who has the means to get out will stay and no one of means and no business will move there.

They can kiss their home values good bye. They will become just like Mississippi and West Virginia, the only two other states with no way to opt out.

According to this 2011 article in The Business Insider, the three states with the lowest median household income are Mississippi, West Virginia and Arkansas, in that order. If these legislators want to decimate their state economies, they should by all means pass these laws.

Infant mortality rate in the first year of life per 1,000 live births:

California 4.9
Oregon 5.0

Mississippi 9.9
West Virginia 7.6

Why would California and Oregon emulate the disastrous public health policies of Mississippi and West Virginia? They claim that the infant mortality rates in those states are attributable not to vaccines but to poverty? Well, they'll see the same poverty in their states if they pass the same laws.

Godfrey Wyl
They conceded the case conveniently leaving it sealed. Remarkably it only took three years, not five. But presumably it is settled even if it was not "a settlement".

From beginning to end, the claim took almost exactly 11 months. It appears that a few weeks could have been saved. "Five years" of course was a typo, as it has been fewer than four years since the original vaccine injury.

Your description "conveniently leaving it sealed" suggests to me that I was correct in my original reason for commenting: a possible confusion between this and the Poling case. The Schutte documents are no more sealed than any other such COFC case.

What would you care to learn? The media has already disclosed the terms of the life-care plan (whether accurately, I cannot say; there are at least three parts to the final award: attorney fees, economic loss, and care going forward). The public has no more entitlement to the medical records in this case than they do in that of Brian Hooker. These matters may be mentioned in the decision to an adversarial case, but this is not one.

As to whether it was "settled"--as distinct from being a settlement--the docket indicates that agreement upon the life-care plan was both prompt and non-adversarial. Whether there was a discrepancy between documents 23 and 28 I also cannot say.

I must demur on your other two questions, as the scope of my comment was circumscribed deliberately. I am unfamiliar with the latter, and the former seems to be both petitio principii and outside of this scope.


The Excelsior Springs man also did an interview with the CBS affiliate in Kansas City. In that interview he also mentions that he questioned whether it was giving multiple vaccines at one time that was the problem. He went on to say that his grandson was on an alternative vaccine schedule because of his concern about giving more than one shot at a time. So, he is all for vaccines for everyone but his family will space the shots out. To bad the media isn't picking up on that aspect of the story.


Bayareamom and Linda L. - Thanks for making calls. Please also SPREAD THE WORD!
Autism mom - I would just call and worry about where you live later. They may not "count" you technically, but it will add to the pressure and overall feeling of being inundated with calls.

I think another concise, common sense argument to hit them with (which will also appeal to their sense that they MUST save the vaccine program at any cost) is to point out that there are other less invasive options for increasing the vaccination rate besides trampling on parents' rights. These other options could include tv advertisements urging people to vaccinate and other types of very visible PR campaigns (not that I'm advocating those per se, but it sure beats forced vaccination for every shot coming down the pike). It might make them stop and think if they're asked why our supposed leaders haven't tried any of these other avenues before jumping on the bandwagon to take away the very basic parental right of informed consent for medical procedures on children.


Terrific website:

(Thanks goes to Jon Rappoport for this link, taken off his website.)



To all those calling in various states:

Here are some excellent questions to be asked of the legislators who are pro redacting all our non-medical exemptions. I found these on a Facebook page; don't think they'll mind if I place them here:

What safeguards will you have in place so that I can be assured that my child will not be vaccine injured?

If my child does have a negative reaction to a vaccine, what are my options for recourse?

As a politician can you give me your current health credentials and qualifications that now make you an expert in vaccinations and our children's health ?

How are you prepared to step up if more children become sick and we have an additional astronomical increase in neurological and neurodevelopmental illnesses and our children? Including autism, asthma, anaphylactic allergies, as just a starting point.

Which studies do you believe support safety and you are using to mandate vaccinations?

Have you met with families a vaccine injured children to hear and understand their stories? How it happened to their children?

How do you account for the astronomical rise in autism and neurodevelopmental disorders in our children? 1 in 68 - but those numbers are from several years ago.

What studies support mandating vaccines for already injured and neuro-challenged children?

Have you met with the science experts regarding Thimerasol and aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and the implications in autism?

Are you familiar with the MTHFR genetic mutation and its connection to our neurologically challenged children and adults? And that through testing in advance you can see who might have am adverse reaction?



THANK you for providing the links/phone #'s, above. I just got off the phone after having called all the numbers. The first call I made allowed me to give a brief statement as to what happened to our son when he suffered his reactions. The others, with the exception of the last call, really only wanted to hear whether we were pro or against.

I think it was the third call I made who stated they were getting inundated with calls, so much so that they only had a brief amount of time to talk individually to all those calling in.



LInda L.

I called all the numbers and I do not live in California. They all knew exactly what I was calling on. Lorena Gonzalez phone is going to a voice message. Ben Allen's office conceded that they are thinking of adding a religious exemption. Keep calling folks.


Dr. Wakefield is so knowledgeable and hence persuasive, that Oregonians cannot even be allowed to hear him speak. But if they feel that they have a right to, here's a good talk by Wakefield. (One can skip to 16:00 if time is short):

Autism mom

Are autism parents who live outside CA calling these reps? These mandates could sweep across the country. Just wondering.


The CBS headline is an obvious ploy to discourage Californians from making an effort to stop SB 277.

I received the message below by email yesterday. I called and will continue to do so. California parents - please call the reps listed below and give them a piece of your mind!

"Great news, everyone. It's working! Below is an update from someone who called Assemblymember Lorena Gonzales, one of 3 legislators pushing for SB277, the new personal exemption elimination bill. She also provides direct numbers for the 3: Pan, Allen, and Gonzales. I'm going to call them tomorrow, as well as my reps. It was most important to call the health and ed committees today so the bill has to go through those committees before a vote - it adds time to the process and allows us to rally support.
I was just asked by Lorena Gonzalez’s aide if there was an organization I was from, they are getting inundated by calls today. I told him no, I’m not ‘with’ anyone, I’m a mother who is taking action.

They obviously think it’s an organization behind the calls. I was also asked if this had ‘gone out in a newsletter or something’. I told him duh, it’s all over the news and parent groups, parents are horrified and angry.

Everyone, please, call, call, call. Do it today, it matters, they are obviously being inundated, we need to keep up the momentum. I’ve never done this before, but it was easy.

To help anyone finding phone #s, I cut and pasted from other emails these phone #s,

Ed Hernandez- head of health committee: 916-651-4022

Carol Liu- Head of education committee: 916-651-4025

Politicians pushing this bill:

Sen. Richard Pan, Phone: (916) 651-4006

Sen. Ben Allen, Phone: (916) 651-4026

Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, Phone: (916) 319-2080

In addition, call your representatives, even if you have already emailed: find your reps here:"


The March 9th hearing on Oregon exemption elimination bill SB 442 in which Wakefield was scheduled to testify has been cancelled.


Kazakhstan has temporarily suspended its measles vaccine campaign.

"After vaccination against measles 18 out of 178 vaccinated Temirtau medical college students were hospitalized. According to media reports, about 60 teenagers in Mangistau Oblast were admitted to the hospital, seven of them still remain in the intensive care unit. In Atyrau city and Beineu village six cases of hospitalization after measles vaccination were recorded. In addition, in Zhanaozen 35 people remain hospitalized."

John Stone
John Stone

Hi Godfrey

They conceded the case conveniently leaving it sealed. Remarkably it only took three years, not five. But presumably it is settled even if it was not "a settlement".

So, if Tdap vaccine can do that to an adult what can it do to an infant at say 1/20th of the bodyweight?

And what about the testimony of Anne Schuchat? Garbage, lies?


"MEASLES OUTBREAK....? + MMR Vaccine & Autism (Can You Handle The Truth?)"

Who is William Thompson ?

Fair Play Andrew Wakefield !

Giving it to the MAN - in this case Offit .

Wonderful news - they had to cancel because an EXOCET missile was coming in FAST .


Give me a break that the Excelsior Springs man is "still very much pro- vaccines." There's got to be more to that story. So maybe Michelle Bachmann isn't so crazy.
Hepatitis B is not a contagious disease in the simple sense. Why would it be mandated?

Anne J

I cannot believe how willing people are to just throw away their medical freedom. Makes me sick to my stomach to think what's coming if all of these exemptions are removed. BF has zero liability now. Just imagine what they'll unleash once no one is even allowed to skip ANY vaccines. Getting a medical waiver will be impossible as the only doctors who will be allowed to give them will be paid off industry docs. What a crime.


So re what I just posted, proof that Offit from Pennsylvania is attempting to influence legislation in Oregon.


Meeting on vaccine mandate bill canceled

"Steiner Hayward, a family physician, declined through a staffer to be interviewed for this story, saying she was unavailable.

Her bill has bipartisan support among physician legislators, who argue that vaccines are safe, effective and have no links to autism. Wakefield's study sparked a series of studies on the MMR vaccine that showed no connection with the onset of autism.

The bill also has the support of Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Medical Association, Providence Health & Services, as well as The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia via its vaccine education center director Dr. Paul Offit."

Godfrey Wyl
"This happened in 2011 and five [sic] years later, they reached a settlememt."

There was no settlement; the petition in this case (COFC 1:14-vv-00239; incomplete docket) was filed March 28, 2014. HHS conceded the Table injury (Tdap), and the ruling finalizing entitlement was entered July 31, 2014.

To clarify, there are three categories of compensable cases: (1) concession, (2) court decision, and (3) settlement.

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