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Feb 6, 2015 (HBO): Vaccine discussion with Bill Maher  (My letter follows)

While saying he’s not anti-vaccine, Bill Maher criticized the attitude of the media over the past week.

Bill Maher: “It reminded me of the Iraq War, the first weeks: Don’t ask any questions.  I was wondering if that bothered anybody else, and I was wondering what you think we should do about this problem of parents who may not want to do it, vs the public good.”

Marianne Williamson (Author of Year of Miracles): “It bothered me because the implication was if you had any skepticism whatsoever, you were anti-science.  . . . And I think there’s a difference between having skepticism about science and skepticism about the pharmaceutical industry. 


“Even though my child was vaccinated, I think there is a public health issue that overrides individual liberty here, even though I don’t want the government as a rule telling me what I can do and what I can’t do.  . . .

“At the same time I think the government has earned our distrust; I think the pharmaceuticals have, and I think that there have been a lot of things—this is the problem when institutions lose their moral authority. 

“We know that the government has suppressed information and withheld information.  We know that the medical establishment has suppressed information and withheld information, so that at this point, even when they something that we should listen to, people have a skepticism.  And that’s the real problem.  . . . The answer. . . is for them to get their act together so that they are more trustworthy again.”


Amy Holmes (Blaze TV):  “As a political matter, it seemed like a lot of ‘gotcha’ politics trying to make Governor Christie and Senator Paul look like kooks or anti-science.  . . . states set vaccine policy, and 48 states out of 50 allow parents to opt out for religious reasons and 20 states allow parents to opt out for philosophical reasons, including California.  Although that may change.  I’m not saying we should be praying in the church of Jenny McCarthy.  I think that she’s been incredibly irresponsible and I think responsible parents would vaccinate their children, particularly for measles. . . .”

John McCormack (Weekly Standard): “Rand Paul did go really off the wall this week when he said he’s known people who said they had profound mental disorders after getting vaccinated.  And we know the science is clear on this: Vaccines do not cause autism. They are not risky medical procedures.  They work.  Everyone should get their kids vaccinated. . .

“I think the media coverage was ridiculous in making this a Republican problem, because if you really look closely at it, it’s more of a liberal problem.  Hollywood, Berkley, there are communities where 50 percent of the kids are not vaccinated.  And when you get to that point, I think you really do need to look at limiting or at least narrowing these exemptions.  When Christie said there should be balance, that’s what 48 states basically have. . . . But when things get that low, I think you really have to look at getting rid of these exemptions, or at least narrowing them.” . . .

Maher pointed out that the science is often not clear when it comes to medicine:“They’ve had to retract a million things because the human body is infinitely more mysterious.  People get cancer and doctors just don’t know why.  They just don’t know why and they don’t know how to fix it.  They put mercury in my teeth.  I remember my father had ulcers and they treated it wrong, when I was a kid.  Thalidomide.  I could go on about all the times they have been wrong. . . “

McCormack: “I would say there are no serious professors who are vaccine skeptics out there, that I have seen.”

Maher:“Even if we agree, and we pretty much do, that vaccines are pretty much safe, and they certainly are effective, . . .  Can you do too much of a good thing?  America loves to do that. We certainly went overboard with antibiotics. To the point where we’re going to live in an age where they don’t work. …

“In 1983 they gave a third of what they give now.  Is it limitless? Are there no amount that is too much?”

Williamson: “…It’s a matter of degree.  …All of a sudden we’re taking all of them together in one shot.  That’s’ why people are talking about staggering them.  So absolutely. …I think there’s a skepticism which is actually healthy on this issue of vaccinations.  But on this one, the facts are in about measles being eradicated.  We need to get our kids vaccinated.” 

Maher: “We compartmentalize things.  They do very specific studies: Vaccines and autism.  Okay, I accept that.  There have been no long term studies about groups of people who get a lot of vaccinations, vs groups of people who don’t.  I’m not so sure that people who get a lot of them have as robust an immune system.  And there’s an awful lot of maladies that we didn’t used to have, or have now in much greater numbers: allergies and a lot more colds, and ear infections, and asthma, and autoimmune disorders, and chronic fatigue. . . 

“I’m not saying that vaccines caused them, I’m saying I think there’s a lot of environmental factors that cause this …  And if your immune system is up to par—and when you don’t use your immune system—“

Holmes: “I think the science is in when it comes to measles vaccination. . . . Yes, I think we should have skepticism over these things, but we also have to look at the public health.  Look at the research and make responsible decisions.”

Maher: “…I made a list just off the top of my head, where I don’t agree with the medical establishment. 

 . . . I’ve never heard of a doctor asking anybody . . . What do you eat?  ….What do you eat?—The thing that is perhaps most influential in whatever may be wrong with us. 

. . . The address symptoms and not root causes.

. . . They’re okay with things like aspartame.

. . . GMOs.  I remember five years ago, if you said, ‘I don’t eat GMOs, you were a nut.’  Well there’s a lot of nuts now. . . .

. . . They overdid antibiotics . . . Not one country in the world does nearly the amount of surgery we do. . . .

 . .  Monsanto.  The ex-Monsanto officers are in our government.  There’s a revolving door going on there.   . . .”

They all agreed, there’s a lot we don’t know.  . . . McCormick defended GMOs for stopping world hunger. “What studies show GMOs are harmful?”

Maher: “If there’s one company I don’t trust above all, it’s Monsanto.”

(Applause) . . .

An open letter to Bill Maher

(and Marianne Williamson, Amy Holmes and John McCormack, the guests on his show):

I listened intently to all your comments about the measles outbreak and non-vaccinating parents, and it’s clear to me at least why discussions like this do nothing to address this controversy.

First of all, every one of the panelist was in agreement that we needed to vaccinate to stop outbreaks of measles.  Everyone was adamant that the MMR vaccine is safe. 

Although there was skepticism of big government and industry, the guests were sure the science is in on vaccine safety.  WHY?

Not one person here asked: Who funded the science?  What were the conflicts of interest of the researchers whose study showed vaccines are safe?  Would it bother any of you to know that the FDA allows vaccine makers to do their own safety studies?  Does it raise questions in anyone’s mind that the Centers for Disease and Prevention is not an INDEPENDENT AGENCY?  Hundreds of individuals who work there also have conflict of interest waivers because they have direct financial ties to the vaccine makers–the industry they’re supposed to be overseeing.  The last head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, a longtime denier of any link between vaccines and autism, is now head of the vaccine division at Merck.

John McCormack said, “Everyone should get their kids vaccinated.”   Can anyone imagine a single medical product in the world that would be safe for every child? 

Has anyone on the panel looked at the ingredients in a vaccine?  There is a whole list of chemicals, many of them known toxins. 

McCormack failed to mention that no one has any liability for vaccine injury.  We have a situation where the government mandates a product and no one can be held responsible if there’s a vaccine reaction. 

McCormack said, “There are no serious professors who are vaccine skeptics out there.”  Has he even looked?  There are now several hundred studies from well-credentialed researchers at leading universities whose work does raise serious concerns about vaccine side effects. 

McCormack was adamant there is no link to autism. 

Then why has the U.S. government compensated over 80 cases of vaccine injury that included autism?  Is McCormack aware that in 2008 it was revealed that medical experts at HHS conceded the claim of vaccine-induced autism in the case of the young Georgia girl, Hannah Poling, and they compensated her millions of dollars over her lifetime.

 Bill Maher mentioned mercury in his teeth.

Has anyone looked here the book, Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak, by Robert Kennedy, Jr.  This book is about the use of mercury in vaccines and it was demonized in the media BEFORE it was even out by people who were unwilling to actually look at the science and talk to the scientists included in the book.

I want to thank Bill Maher for asking the questions we all should be asking:

Are more and more and more vaccines really good for our kids?

Is it a concern to anyone on the panel that we’ve tripled the vaccination schedule since 1983 without a single study of the cumulative effect of so many vaccines so soon on the health of our children?

What is happening to our immune system? 

And someone should ask about the fact we have the most vaccinated kids on the planet–but they’re not healthy.  Studies have shown that half of all U.S. children have at least one chronic health problem.  We never used to have children everywhere with diabetes, bowel disease, seizures, autism, learning problems, sleep disorders, asthma, and life-threatening allergies.

Where is a comparison study of vaccinated and unvaccinated children?

Everyone is complaining about parents not vaccinating.  Let’s study this group of children.  Why has there never been a study comparing the health outcomes of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated children.  The study group is out there.  The government does retrospective studies like this all the time, but they refuse to call for one to settle the most heated controversy in medicine: IS AN UNSAFE, UNCHECKED VACCINE SCHEDULE MAKING OUR CHILDREN SICK AND DISABLED?  IF never vaccinated children also have an autism rate of one in 68, along with high rates of chronic health problems, the debate would be over.  We could look somewhere else. We would know that vaccines are truly safe.

Maher: “If there’s one company I don’t trust above all, it’s Monsanto.”

Bill Maher should be very interested in the connection between the use of Monsanto’s Roundup, aluminum in vaccines and all our sick kids.

Vaccines and Monsanto’s RoundUp Cause Autism: MIT Scientist Exposes Consequence of Glyphosate and Aluminum Cocktail

Here’s my interview with Dr. Seneff about it….

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

All those educated parents in California who don’t vaccinate know exactly what’s wrong with discussions like the one on Real Time.  This is the problem: Everyone is in agreement that vaccines work and are safe for every child. They love to tell us all THE SCIENCE is in.

 It’s really not about “the science”–it’s about “their science”–industry funded

Let’s have an open and educated discussion about vaccine safety–FOR ONCE.


Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



I think Bill Maher and Marianne Williamson were at least wading into the water and willing to raise a few good points. It is true that they ultimately defended vaccines, but I feel they were miles ahead of the crowd in at least being somewhat open-minded. As for a comedian talking about vaccines: why not? By the way, the Penn and Teller video about the "morons" who don't want to vaccinate was widely shown on TV. No one said, why should we listen to a couple of magicians talking about vaccines? They always bring up the playboy bunny thing with Jenny McCarthy. I mean, why show these idiot magician and not raise the same point? Oh, I get it, it is okay for a man who is a magician to be on TV talking about vaccines, but a woman who has had a son with this problem is disqualified for having been a playboy bunny many years ago. Sexism, in my opinion.


I appreciated that at least Bill Maher knew there hasn't been a long-term vax'd vs. unvax'd study the US. Most people don't know that, and if they did they certainly wouldn't mention it on the media. Then again, there's an awful lot that most people don't seem to know about this issue.

I'm not a fan of Rand Paul per se, but he was absolutely right on this. Encephalopathy is brain damage, and it's a documented side-effect of HepB and other vaccines. He's not a kook or making things up, he just read the insert. I wish *someone* would acknowledge that publicly.


So.. we're getting vaccine science from stand-up comedians now???

Posted by: Barry

Yes Barry---You.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

"So.. we're getting vaccine science from stand-up comedians now???" get it from David Gorski, right?


But I thought Marianne Williamson and Bill Maher made a lot of really good points.

I don't think either one of them made any points. They straddled the fence IMHO. I emailed Marianne and she was quite defensive. She said she didn't state she supported vaccines but I pointed out her statement:

"But on this one, the facts are in about measles being eradicated. We need to get our kids vaccinated.”

This will be heard as support for vaccination. The premise of my long email to her was-don't engage in the vaccine debate when you are unaware of the issues from both sides. I sent her lots of links and data on Autism plus on this False Flag measles outbreak. She's coming from the perspective that measles has been eradicate. Hell, the WHO can eradicate a cheese sandwich if it served their purpose. I pretty much told her she was clueless without using those words. It was not my intention to insult or chastise but to inform her that the information on vaccines has been systematically censored from the public for decades. I gave her some examples: Dr. William Thompson, Merck's Mumps fraud lawsuit that has been given the green light by a judge to move forward, the low down on Poul Thorsen and how the entire premise of Mercury not causing autism is based on the research of an international criminal & extortionist. Anyway, she's not happy with me which means I must have hit a nerve. I ended the email with suggesting that if she's asked her opinion on vaccines she should say, she's not well informed on the subject but Parental Autonomy should be respected.

Bob Moffitt

It must be me .. but .. nothing of import was said during what I perceived to be a VERY superficial discussion .. on a subject that is bereft of serious debate in our nation's media.

There is only one issue to debate .. and .. that issue is "who decides what vaccines a child will receive .. the child's elected State representatives .. or .. the child's parents?

In other words .. this is NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE .. between Liberals and Conservatives .. as this panel wanted to make it .. it is also NOT A POLITICAL PARTISAN ISSUE .. between Republicans and Democrats ..

The issue of "informed consent" is a BI-PARTISAN HUMANITARIAN RIGHTS ISSUE ..

Off topic .. thanks to Bill ...

I was not suprised to hear that Bill Maher has decided there is no debate over global warming .. because .. according to Maher .. THAT issue has been settled by science.

Unfortunately, call me a true science skeptic .. the very same "science" that Bill has so much trust in .. was .. only 40 years ago .. during the 1970's predicting the world was on the brink of an impending ice age .. thrumpted by none other than the same "reliable media sources" .. the NY Times, Time magazine and Newsweek to name just three of the major ones .. that have reported on three or even four different climate shifts since 1985.

Recently in NYC .. warning of an impending "blizzard" of historic proportions was fast approaching .. causing city and state officials to take drastic measures .. costing millions of dollars .. to keep everyone safe .. only to have the "blizzard" bypass NYC making the expenditures of millions seem a total waste.

If the "science" cannot predict the weather accurately in the day before a blizzard hits the city .. how am I supposed to believe they can predict what the weather will cause a hundred years from now?

And there you go .. myself .. whether Bill intended it or not .. being distracted from the only issue that matters .. INFORMED CONSENT OF PARENTS.


Amy Holmes and John McCormack were totally party-line (the vaccine/CDC/pharma party that is). And it was interesting how Amy Holmes kept changing the subject, as if she'd rather talk about something else.

But I thought Marianne Williamson and Bill Maher made a lot of really good points. Considering that they are not parents of vaccine injured kids, they've got a wee bit of awareness and insight and knowledge which is refreshing.

Bill Maher has voiced vaccine skepticism before, but also said that he didn't want to be "the vaccine guy".

Yes, Maher apparently got snowed by the "vaccines don't cause autism" propaganda. But compared to the other garbage we've been seeing in the press lately, this was great.

Media personality telling the truth!

Check out John Oliver's piece. Very funny, and we could all use a laugh.


So.. we're getting vaccine science from stand-up comedians now???


When you compare this discussion with virtually every other media panel discussion on mainstream television, this one was pretty damn good. McCormack was uninformed, but if there were more discussions like this one, I think the mainstream hysteria would be significantly less crazy.

cia parker

Apparently Obama is against a federal mandate. He says they must educate parents to use common sense, because EVERY intelligent person who looks at the facts will CERTAINLY vaccinate his children, and for that reason no mandate is necessary. I've written to him twice, but he has turned out to be extremely clueless.

I adore Bill Maher, and he got into the vaccine debate five years ago when he was very against the flu vaccine. I heard this Real Time the other day and was very disappointed. Everyone just patting each other on the back as being true science and vaccine believers, not into Monsanto, but we all know that measles is a killer disease and those who talk about vaccine damage are paranoid losers. Not feelin' as much love, here, Bill. Now if he were to come over to speak out for the vaccine damaged, I think it would be all over for the Dark Side.

Anne, I hope you'll send him this letter,, and tell him how many of us agree with it.

Jan R

Thank you for this!! EXCELLENT!!

Jenny Allan

"Maher:“Even if we agree, and we pretty much do, that vaccines are pretty much safe, and they certainly are effective, . . . Can you do too much of a good thing? America loves to do that. We certainly went overboard with antibiotics. To the point where we’re going to live in an age where they don’t work. …

“In 1983 they gave a third of what they give now. Is it limitless? Are there no amount that is too much?”"

I rather liked this comment and was pleased Anne commended Mr Maher in her letter:-
"I want to thank Bill Maher for asking the questions we all should be asking"

I was also impressed with Marianne Williamson, for pointing out the deserved public distrust of governments and pharmaceuticals. This earned a round of audience applause:-

“At the same time I think the government has earned our distrust; I think the pharmaceuticals have, and I think that there have been a lot of things—this is the problem when institutions lose their moral authority."

Those with a vested interest in defending vaccines do everything in their power to 'polarise' the issues. For them any attempts at 'consensus' or even reasonable debate, must be shut down, demonised and abolished. Sens Christie and Paul were widely criticised for their moderate views, but their concerns, in particular those regarding parental rights and choices, are plainly shared by a majority of US citizens. After all, the Neuremberg Convention, enshrined such basic human rights into international laws.

The media storm, generated by a few cases of measles linked to a visit to a Disney park, has escalated to what amounts to a war against parents or indeed ANY citizen, who dares to question vaccine safety, efficacy or necessity. Jail them!! Remove their children!! Sue them off the Planet!!

This has all the same manufactured hype and hysteria which collectively hanged the innocent citizens of Salem, and in medieval times also burned alleged witches and heretics.

Someone, somewhere needs to say 'enough is enough'. Are you prepared to LISTEN to your citizens Mr President?


this is the problem when institutions lose their moral authority.

See that is us poor citizens talking -- there has never been a mora institution and never will be. Our founding Fathers knew this - I am so sorry my children - that I did not truly understand this and protect you

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