Vaccine "Trafficking"
The New York Times Emotes, The President Endorses MMR Safety, But No Mention of the CDC Whistleblower

CNN Covers Measles Vaccine Debate with Celine Gounder and Rebecca Estepp

Dr Gounder
Dr. Celine Gounder's Rebecca Estepp  appeared on CNN with Dr. Celine

Rebecca Estepp
Rebecca Estepp

Gounder.  Rebecca's son has an autism diagnosis, had an MMR Reaction and shows no titers to the MMR vaccine that he had received.

Dr. Gounder discusses the Estepp's family history (seems she did her homework before going on air)  and says Estepp's son is a child who should not receive the vaccine.  That's an understatement, but how does a family know in advance that his or her child is at risk? 

This interview brings up a lot of really good points.  Thank you, Dr. Gounder and Ms. Estepp.



During the time our infant son was experiencing reactions to his whole cell DPT vaccine, we were literally told by one of our pediatricians, (quote), "I hold my breath every time I give a child his DPT vaccine."

This pediatrician was being HONEST with us. He KNEW from his training and from reading various medical journals that the whole cell DPT vaccine was HIGHLY reactive.

Yet, he felt pressured into playing russian roulette with every one of his little patients. What kind of insane practice IS this?

I will never forget that moment he said the above to us. My head was just reeling after we'd had that long talk with him.

For pete's sake, we've got pediatricians that feel cow towed into performing certain medical procedures that they know carry enormous risks. They feel they have no control over the known 'standards of care' creed in their practice of medicine.

Who are these pediatricians answering to? Who's their 'God' they are beholden to?

I've been told that, in part, industries who monitor insurance company stats are responsible for some of this. Pediatricians are told they must keep their vaccination rates up to a certain percentage, else they lose a certain % in reimbursements.

This is all absolute madness. We have a medical/government/political culture which is thoroughly saturated with big pharma.

What's it going to take to STOP this???


Anderson Cooper (pro-vaccine bloodhound) was only too happy to report that the 3 doctors who have questioned vaccine safety lately (Wolfson was shown) are now being investigated by medical boards. Seriously, why isn't someone like Poul Thorsen being reported on or investigated?? Why not the CDC frauds recently pointed at by the whistleblower??


Thank you, Rebecca Estepp and Alisyn Camerota. It was refreshing - and shocking - to hear the doctor admit that families with a history of auto immune diseases are at risk from vaccines. Why isn't this on other news channels? Megyn Kelly do you hear me?


I went on Dr. Gouda's Facebook page and shared my story. Please go there and share your story too. What these doctors don't realize is that autoimmune and immunocompromised is more common than they realize. We need to have tests before these babies at forced to take on the vaccine schedule.

My post:
Dr. Gounder, thank you for your interview on CNN with Rebecca Estepp. I watched the interview you gave and I have to ask about the history of autoimmune in the family and a baby being born immunocompromised. We had both in my family but it wasn't discovered until much later after my son was much older. My question is that if both parents and children are immunocompromised and there has to be some kind of test to find out IF the child can handle the vaccine schedule. My motherly instincts told me to stop vaccinating my son after countless ear infections, rounds of antibiotics and my pleading with his doctor " there is something wrong with my son. His immune system is not working". His doctor would not listen and only recommended more vaccines. Thankfully, I didn't listen to her. I worked on strengthening my sons's immune system and found out later,I had an undiagnosed thyroid disease and automiimue issues including arthritis. So doctor, if I would have blindly listened to my doctor, I would have a very different child today. Please, recognize this and that so many women have undiagnosed auto immune disorders. If these autoimmune women are having children they are passing it on to their child. THERE IS NO TEST TO FIND OUT BEFORE VACCINATING and THERE MUST BE ONE. 1 in 68 diagnosed with autism is really 1 in 68 coming down with encephalitis.

John Stone


In this MMR study by a CDC scientist which I reported on 23% of toddlers were unwell at the point of vaccination, and 17% went on to develop high fever:


Yes, DPT was always Russian Roulette - they knew, they covered up and they just jabbed on regardless. I was recently reading the autobiography of Bill Inman (the founder of the UK adverse reactions reporting scheme) who left our Department of Health in 1980 having failed to halt the use of pertussis vaccine. People might have thought the problem was resolved, that governments would not deliberately do that kind of thing to children, but they do and they made it worse in 1990 by bringing it forward to 2, 3, 4 months instead of 3, 5, 10 months. It was only in 2004 that a milder version of the vaccine was introduced.


Years ago when there was only the polio, DPT, and MMR, a doctor said and I'm paraphrasing--if you removed all the children who could possibly react to the DPT, there would be no mass vaccination program. Hence the "one size fits all".


"I've read that if you waited until the child was healthy with no symptoms of anything, he'd never get vaxed"

And no one wonders why kids always have symptoms! Aren't they ever supposed to be well?

cia parker

How contemptible. Of course encephalitis doesn't always equal autism, it is a syndrome, not a permanent condition. Encephalitis doesn't always cause permanent damage, and it can cause things like seizure disorders, ADHD, language disorders, behavioral disorders, learning disorders, in addition to autism, which is unfortunately a very common outcome of the very common vaccine encephalitis. It can also cause death. But I'll bet that's not what she meant.

cia parker

I have child care books from the '80s that say that a child with close relatives who have an auto-immune disease may be at greater risk for reacting, and it should be discussed with the doctor (meaning you shouldn't vax that child). They used to say that if the child had any illness, even a cold, he shouldn't be vaxed at that time. Now no one brings up the relatives with autoimmune disease and it's considered perfectly all right to vax a child with a cold, in fact, I've read that if you waited until the child was healthy with no symptoms of anything, he'd never get vaxed (and this would be a BAD thing?) Taking away liability for vaccine damage meant the vaccine companies and their henchmen in the medical industry (i.e., pediatricians) have been enabled to deny everything and vax to the max!

CNN's pulling out all the stops

I think CNN os trying to juxtapose the very sad murder of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS with Dr. Proffit (a martyr?) That is just sad and disrespectful if they do.

CNN's pulling out all the stops

They just mentioned a doc who's supposedly got death threats for his work. Any bets that'll be Dr. profitt. Of course they'll never mention the Australain skeptics that harassed and threatened a vaccine safety advocate Mel Dorey (Die in a fire)
I doubt they'll mention that he kicked out Jake Crosby from a public presentation and characterized (lied) him as a stalker.


Same thing in my family. No titers to the measles vaccines with or without autism. Why are some of us unable to develop antibodies to the vaccine?


God Bless all the brave people who are standing up to the thugs. Thanks Becky.


Well, if vaccine-induced encephalopathy/brain damage is not autism, then we'd better ask the CDC to announce this year's rate of vaccine-induced encephalopathy/brain damage.


Neuropsychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative conditions are also immune related. Mental illness has been linked to an immune system dysfunction (microglia dysfunction, brain inflammation) so add another 2-3 million kids with family history.

J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2013 Sep;8(4):900-20. doi: 10.1007/s11481-013-9462-8. Epub 2013 May 5.

Evidence for a dysregulated immune system in the etiology of psychiatric disorders. Gibney SM1, Drexhage HA.
Author information


"There is extensive bi-directional communication between the brain and the immune system in both health and disease. In recent years, the role of an altered immune system in the etiology of major psychiatric disorders has become more apparent. Studies have demonstrated that some patients with major psychiatric disorders exhibit characteristic signs of immune dysregulation and that this may be a common pathophysiological mechanism that underlies the development and progression of these disorders. Furthermore, many psychiatric disorders are also often accompanied by chronic medical conditions related to immune dysfunction such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes and atherosclerosis. One of the major psychiatric disorders that has been associated with an altered immune system is schizophrenia, with approximately one third of patients with this disorder showing immunological abnormalities such as an altered cytokine profile in serum and cerebrospinal fluid. An altered cytokine profile is also found in a proportion of patients with major depressive disorder and is thought to be potentially related to the pathophysiology of this disorder. Emerging evidence suggests that altered immune parameters may also be implicated in the neurobiological etiology of autism spectrum disorders. Further support for a role of immune dysregulation in the pathophysiology of these psychiatric disorders comes from studies showing the immunomodulating effects of antipsychotics and antidepressants, and the mood altering effects of anti-inflammatory therapies. This review will not attempt to discuss all of the psychiatric disorders that have been associated with an augmented immune system, but will instead focus on several key disorders where dysregulation of this system has been implicated in their pathophysiology including depression, schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder.'

For Lisa

Or diabetes, Crohn's...


If this doctor is actually saying that no child with a family history of auto-immune diseases should be vaccinated,well first, this is the first time I am hearing someone in the "mainstream medical establishment" say this, and second, this would mean there are literally millions of children in the U.S. who shot not be vaccinated. Think about it.Any child who has any relatives with MS, rhematoid arthritis, auto-immune thyroiditis, interstitial cystitis... and this is just scratching the surface of auto-immunity. This is a bombshell. Where is the smoke!


Dr. Gounder said it wasn't the vaccine to blame, it was the doctor.

Uh, no. It was both.

for For Stagmom

"Don't punish progress!" A great segment - not perfect - but a logical debate where it wasn't "the expert versus the dumb Mommy." I'll take it! Agree on the encephalitis not being autism comment at the end. She was trying to remove the sword on which she had fallen.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you again, Becky, and thank you, Age of Autism, for providing video of the discussion.

for Stagmom

But Dr. Gounder made an ass of herself at the very end when she tried to pull off the whole "encephalitis doesn't equal autism" thing. You could see Becky really wanted to address that but the interview was cut. I think Alison did a good job in being unbiased.


Yes she sure did Stagmom.


AutismMom she sure threw fellow peds under the bus, exactly where many/most of them belong - they KNOW what they are doing is causing harm and they have not spoken out. The 23rd beer doesn't pour itself into a mug at the bar, the BARTENDER does - and he has liability in case of a drunken accident.

Bottoms Up as we get some real raw talk on vax safety and vax choice.


Dr. Grounder is better than most TV docs however I'm still amazed she distances the problem from vaccines and puts the onus on the doctors to screen. While I think prescreening prior to vaccinating is crucial vaccines triggered the adverse reaction. The whole program needs to be reformed. Start with getting rid of the aggressive and dangerous CDC schedule, mandate prescreening to identify at risk kids prior to vaccinating and of course maintain exemptions.

susan amis

Hallelujah. About time.

Karen Woytowitz

"the average child will be able to conquer the virus strain in the vaccine, but not the wild one"

And just how is one supposed to determine if they have an "average" child or an "at-risk child" at an age when the immune system is just forming? My son had a family history of rheumatic fever and low immune globulins, but we NEVER were informed of this. This is the first time I have ever heard a doctor say that some 'at risk' children should not be vaccinated in the "one size fits all" manner that they are. Determining family hx of autoimmunity is easy, but even that isn't considered by most pediatricians. Determining normal immune status is much more difficult, especially in infants who don't even have a developed immune system.


One of the best discussions I've seen on the media. Great job Becky!



Peter Miles

Someone has to ask Dr. Gounder what the difference is between brain damage caused by encephalitis and autism. This is a travesty. The same type of comment was made in Hannah Poling's case, not autism but autism like symptoms. As we all know, autism is diagnosed by the behaviours, if you have the behaviours you are autistic. I'm sure Ms. Estepp would have made that comment if given the chance.

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