Officials Covered Up “Massive” UK Measles Outbreak in Highly MMR Vaccinated Children & Adults – Officials Withheld The Evidence – Parents Not Warned – Children Unprotected – BBC Directly Implicated
Autism Speaks Tells Families to Vaccinate: Katie Wright Tells Families to Learn About Robert Ring

Bud Bundy Spread Measles for Laughs on TV. Bud... Not Ted Bundy.

MWC 7Check out the last 30 seconds of this short clip from the sitcom Married with Children.   This episode ran on September 20, 1992.  Hardly the dark ages of death and disease in America, correct?  Here's the episode synopsis.

Seven gets some. Bud gets some, never mind she has measles. Al and Peggy get some because it's quicker than talking. Only Kelly doesn't get some but that's by choice because the guy is a jerk. And then he disrespects Kelly so she disrespects his face with her fist. Bud meets up with Kelly's date who insults Kelly by calling her a tramp, not realizing that Bud is her brother. Bud responds by hugging the date and coughing in his face as he has measles which are highly contagious and tells him to consider the measles a gift from Kelly. 

 Cue the laugh track.  What has changed since 1992? Well autism and pediatric chronic illness have skyrocketed.  Ask yourself how measles went from sitcom fodder to ISIS-level danger in  two decades? Then ask why.

Oh, that singing in the background at the beginning of the video I taped?  My vax injured 20 year old with autism, born just two years after this episode ran.  Thanks to AofA reader BSK for the heads up.  KRS



If measles were so serious why am I trying to catch them as part of the documentary I am doing called "SPOTTING THE TRUTH!"? I most certainly don't have a death wish. They sell the measles vaccine by using fear, I know from first hand experience just how POWERFUL fear can be and how it can make you make really bad choices because you are scared. These people should be ashamed for preying on new parents and for preying on the stupidity of the masses.


Please check out the Donna Reed Show from April 1, 1959 Season 1 Episode #28.Here is the story line from IMDb:

"Buzz Berry, Mary's favorite rock singer, is coming to town for a show. On the night of the show, however, Buzz comes down with a bad case of the measles, and is taken to the Stones' house to be treated by Alex, and is forced to stay there for a few days to recuperate. When word leaks out that he is staying there, the Stones' house is besieged by his adoring fans."

The best part however is when Buzz Berry's manager begs the Pediatrician not to let the public know that the big macho rock star has a sissy kid's disease like the Measles. Apparently his manager and the millions of viewers in 1959 who were laughing at the episode didn't get the CDC memo that the Measles is a killer. After all the public in 1959 had only dealt with millions of cases of the measles so how would they know whether it was deadly or not.


Thank you, Kim. You are on-target as always. Those Flintstones and Brady Bunch clips making their rounds were two examples. This Married ... with Children episode - this happened decades after those. All represent popular culture. All show what we have been conditioned to fear.
What is most painful about this episode? My son - whose life was forever altered by the MMRV - will never get to make the 'choice' that fictitious Bud Bundy did. He will never walk home alone (from a date or anywhere else). :-/

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