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Bombs Away Part 1: Weaponized Analogies and the War on Medical Rights

AG Bombs 1

Although only a few may originate a policy, we are all able to judge it.

~Pericles of Athens

By Adriana Gamondes

Culture Jamming

We seem to be entering a media era that should be called the “Analogy Wars.”  If the looming threat of legislation to remove vaccine exemptions and  jail dissenting parents weren’t bad enough,  we’re also being bombarded with cheap analogies for parents who opt out of some or all shots for their children—like being compared to “Holocaust deniers” or drunk drivers.  In the legislative buildup to compulsory vaccination, the media’s anti-choice proponents put civil rights and a basic comparative accuracy at risk.

As many have remarked, it’s strange to see conservatives arguing the liberty position on this issue while some of worst attacks on consumer freedom are coming from seemingly progressive publications and politicians. Not always—Forbes is an openly neoconservative/neoliberal rag.  But the pseudoliberal mavens of force in the media are more likely to induce mental whiplash by snatching and subverting progressive brand logos—views on civil rights, environment in the form of climate change, gay marriage and all things equality-ecology-peace-freedom—then slapping the symbols haphazardly over their suppressive campaign.

The practice has been referred to as reverse culture jamming.  Borrowing a description of it from UC Santa Cruz anthropology professor Susan Harding’s Get Religion, industry mouthpieces are attempting to pass off corporate and institutional ideology by “appropriating, poaching, channeling, ventriloquism” and “revoicing” the message into a progressive journalistic “pitch” in order to shepherd an errant faction of mainstream progressives back towards the approved and conditioned thoughts and beliefs—or “memes”—from which they’d wandered.

The humanistic and ecological sounding rhetoric means absolutely nothing. For the purposes of the pharmaceutical industry and public health authorities invested in defending the absolute safety and effectiveness of the vaccination program, these journalistic “weapons manufacturers,” whose explosive soundbites and empty allegories—most of which couldn’t legally be issued by industry itself— are uncritically spread through cooperating media  to be detonated by policy makers.

But in general, compulsory medicine proponents tend not to dig too deeply into their intended comparisons, instead reducing them to sound bites when elaborating on the analogies and any analysis of the source would inevitably argue a reverse position. 

For example, vaccine industry PR defender Dorit Reiss manages to make an awkward matching game of humanist-sounding comparisons in one paragraph, starting with Jesus and ending with AIDS. In criticizing a blogger who protested the use of hate speech by vaccine industry defenders, Dorit points out “the notable lack of any crucifixions of antivaccinationists on the news,” then argues, “First, there are no debates about vaccination. These debates are an invention of anti-science people which is similar to false debates in other fields of science, like climate change, GMOs, evolution, HIV/AIDS, and many other areas...”

In Dorit’s game, commercial biotech products are as safe as evolution, HIV and climate change are actual. If you disagree that the proven safety of GMOs and commercial vaccines belongs in the lineup, you’re “anti-science”… and you also apparently believe you’re the Second Coming. 

Consider the source. Before she became a busy crusader within the vaccine-autism controversy with the magical ability to time travel between dozens of media comment threads simultaneously, Reiss wrote a thesis in stealth support of the privatization by multinational corporations of French telecommunications.

What does one have to do with the other?  Long story short, in the 1990s, the transfer of once-public France Télécom to a multinational conglomerate (now Orange S.A.)  was arguably part of the fire sale of public services and management of resources—like water—to transnational corporate interests in Europe. These mega corporations used the European financial crisis and correctable problems in public services as a fulcrum to lobby the corrupt EU to entrench neoliberal globalization in Europe.

Corporatizing media is one thing. Public services certainly have problems but as we know from the organized cable monopoly in the US, so do privatized services. And it gets worse. Remember Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe  saying water should be privately controlled and is not a human right?  Brabeck was remarking on a done deal which has greatly contributed to severe drought in California and elsewhere. And remember the  trade of a sacred Native American site to Australian mining corporation, Rio Tinto?  Rio Tinto, along with BP Oil and others, set the stage for Indonesian death squads in West Papua which suppress labor and land activists.  Add to this the privatization of postal services, TSA, Port Authority and Common Core.  That’s neoliberal globalization in a nutshell—emphasis on “hell.”

There’s nothing “free” about the market ideology of transnational oligopolies which have no loyalty to any country or population, only a legal obligation to shareholders and growth.  It’s foreign conquest—though that’s alright with Reiss, who argues that small domestic telecom companies would not have been able to enact the transfer from the entrenched French public service, so she’s all for globalization.  In light of the general trend, it may not be an accident that Reiss went from one issue to another. The CDC is already partly privatized  (through corruption, conflicts, regulatory capture and revolving door employment practices and the rest) and there have been discussions of fully privatizing public health.

 Reiss doesn’t criticize that it happened to French telecommunications, why it happened or the predictable increase in corporate bias in French media, but divertingly critiques one problematic corporate strategy—suing government to torpedo regulations that hinder profits. At the time she claimed this was going too far—though currently she supports regulatory capture.  In other words, they can buy control, just not sue for it.

What Reiss also didn’t delve into was the chilling number of suicides—now over 30— of French telecommunications workers, which began before she wrote the paper, in response to coercive policies and an environment of fear instilled by multinational consulting contractors overseeing the transition.

Death did not make the cut for Reiss within that issue, nor does it in the vaccine debate—unless the deaths can be ascribed to those who resist corporate control, which, within the current US vaccination debate, are negligible since, so far, none have died from measles in ten years while, according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, over 100 deaths have been logged in association with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Even the New York Times reported that pertussis outbreaks are largely due to vaccine failure. 

If someone were making a career of distracting from corporate-driven fallout, there’s a whole world of white collar-wrought mortality in the medical field alone, such as the rise in anthropogenic superbugs and medical error, which is currently the third leading cause of death in the U.S.; and prescription drug deaths, which now outstrip car accidents.  Beyond this, there are the 25,900 deaths a year from unsafe consumer products and 33.2 million annual injuries from same at a cost of $700 million. Joel Schwartz of the Harvard School of Public Health estimates that 700,000 Americans die of industrial pollution every year.  And 56,000 people die every year from unsafe work conditions.  There’s a booming market for deft depersonalization and death apologism—enough to keep Reiss busy for years.

What’s interesting is that Reiss is now a champion of the same spirit of tort abuse for corporate advantage that she lightly criticized in her review of European telecommunications privatization —arguing to sue and fine families who fail to vaccinate on schedule.  

To borrow from Hindu scripture, Dorit Reiss is become corporate neoliberalism and the destroyer of consumer rights. 

Striking With a Borrowed Sword

As far as Reiss’s sincerity on the issue of climate change, stumping for GMOs produced by multinationals like Monsanto might spoil the effects a bit.

 Though Monsanto sold its oil company to BPH Billiton in the 1980’s, it maintains powerful ties to the fossil fuel industry. Monsanto’s CEO is simultaneously director of a dominant mining and fossil fuel contractor, Tetra Tech.  And Monsanto—along with petroleum players like Exxon, Shell, Koch Industries, etc., and the pharmaceutical industry—dominates legislative think tanks like ALEC which, incidentally, lobbies to privatize nearly everything. Monsanto and the Koch brothers teamed up to combat GMO labeling.

The reasons for public mistrust of corporate practices and policies run as deep as interwoven industrial interests, though the media usually chalks up the straying of consumers from public health doctrine to fanatical superstition, hatred of science or other problems with critical thinking. So it doesn’t matter if most vaccine safety advocates say they’re not “anti-vaccine” any more than they’d be “anti-water” for hesitating to eat Gulf shrimp after the BP oil spill—for an analogy. It doesn’t matter if most say they’re for choice, the removal of toxic ingredients, more transparency and accountability, a roll-back of industry’s tort protections and fair compensation for injuries rather than the contentious kangaroo court that is the current Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and other legitimate demands.   In the cross-hairs of PR machinery, consumer advocates are not what they say they are, cannot define themselves or their positions. Instead the corporate media are anointed definers, ironically borrowing from gospel to cast aspersions on consumer activists using absurd parables to make stinging comparisons.  

Bottom line, it’s just hard to pin an extremist label on moderate consumer activists for the purposes of casting them as dangerous and analogizing them to terrorists—the better to craft an entering wedge for a rollback of wider civil and environmental protections. Which is the whole point that many are missing.

Actually not that many are missing the point: according to a USA Today poll, 92% of Americans think vaccines should be a choice.  But most Americans didn’t want Citizens United, yet here we are—corporations are now allowed to give unlimited campaign donations to the beltway bandit of their choice. The medical mandate campaign is a direct consequence of this and also a similar wag the dog campaign. Bad analogies—to terrorism, Holocaust denial, AIDS denial and climate change denial, etc. — are the fleas that come with it. 

Bill Maher complained about it recently on Real Time during a discussion about the measles scare and push for forced vaccination:

The analogy that I see all the time is that if you ask any questions, you are the same thing as a global warming denier. I think this is a very bad analogy because I don’t think all science is alike. I think climate science is rather straight forward. You’re dealing with the earth. It’s a rock. I’m not saying I know how to deal with it, but climate scientists, from the very beginning, have pretty much said the same thing. And their predictions have pretty much come true... That’s not true of the medical industry. I mean they’ve had to retract a million things and the human body is infinitely more mysterious.  People get cancer and doctors just don’t know why. They don’t know why and they don’t know how to fix it. They put mercury in my teeth. I remember my father had ulcers and they treated it wrong. And thalidomide… I could go on about all the times they have been wrong. So to compare those two sciences… I just think is wrong.

But the false comparison is no accident.  It was partly to keep the other side from getting to it first. It’s the perfect analogy for autism if you think about it: manmade toxic scourge polluting children’s internal environments and so forth.  My recovering daughter has no problem grasping the connection.  Her personal theory on Snowmageddon, 2015:

AG Bombs 2


From the whole WMD-ish repetition of it, it’s likely the climate change denial/anti-vaccine trope was first crafted in an industry think tank and that it’s about a lot more than human health and virtually nothing to do with saving the planet.

As one of the authors of a recent documentary on anti-environmental PR spin,  The Merchants of Doubt, remarks, the spin is not about the science, but about politics, the role of government and the dark fear harbored by industrialists that environmental regulation will be a “slippery slope to socialism.”  What the most controversial environmental movements have in common—including the vaccine safety/autism movement, which the film carefully does not (include)— is that they’re all campaigns calling for government action. Apparently many industrialists would prefer not to have a government that enforced toxic cleanup, reparations or compensation for victims of industrial fallout because, in other words, this assumption is deemed “pinko.” In the weird, time-warped realm of raw power, apparently the Cold War never ended.

Though it covers “greenwashing,” one tactic the film apparently doesn’t discuss is the use of the climate change platform as a stick to beat other environmental movements with while not actually improving the issue of climate change.

 I’ve noticed a certain pattern of irony involved in the climate change analogy’s misuse (sometimes with the concession of climate change science advocates),  such as the fact that the publications that wield the false “climate change denial” analogy against medical choice advocates in many cases have ties to Murdoch (Vice Magazine) or Bill Gates (Slate, UpworthyThe Guardian’s Global Health blog, guest editor for Gizmodo and The Verge, etc.), both of whom are involved in oil and gas exploration and production—Murdoch in Genie Energy and Gates in in Neos Geosolutions, a mining technology company backed by Goldman Sachs and Saudi investors. At different times, Gates has also had enormous holdings in Shell oil and other fossil fuel producers cited for emissions disasters which resulted in a catastrophic human health toll.  Even Sony, which released Merchants of Doubt, is a member of a type of informal Japanese business collaborative called a “keiretsu” that maintains interlocking business relationships and shareholdings with Japanese petroleum through TonenGeneral Sekiyu (Esso and ExxonMobil Japan) and Kyokuto Petroleum Industries. 

One threat carried by climate change genuinely does relate to preventive medicine—the risk novel disease pandemics as climates shift along with pathogens. But there’s irony within this threat as well, as the LA Times remarked regarding Gates’ oil holdings in Africa:

The Gates Foundation has poured $218 million into polio and measles immunization and research worldwide, including in the Niger Delta. At the same time that the foundation is funding inoculations to protect health, The Times found, it has invested $423 million in Eni, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. and Total of France — the companies responsible for most of the flares blanketing the delta with pollution, beyond anything permitted in the United States or Europe.

Indeed, local leaders blame oil development for fostering some of the very afflictions that the foundation combats.

Oil workers, for example, and soldiers protecting them are a magnet for prostitution, contributing to a surge in HIV and teenage pregnancy, both targets in the Gates Foundation's efforts to ease the ills of society, especially among the poor. Oil bore holes fill with stagnant water, which is ideal for mosquitoes that spread malaria, one of the diseases the foundation is fighting.

Investigators for Dr. Nonyenim Solomon Enyidah, health commissioner for Rivers State, where Ebocha is located, cite an oil spill clogging rivers as a cause of cholera, another scourge the foundation is battling. The rivers, Enyidah said, "became breeding grounds for all kinds of waterborne diseases."

The bright, sooty gas flares — which contain toxic byproducts such as benzene, mercury and chromium — lower immunity, Enyidah said, and make children such as Justice Eta more susceptible to polio and measles — the diseases that the Gates Foundation has helped to inoculate him against.

It’s understandable why passionate advocates for an environmental cause might ignore a few glaring contradictions in their backers or agree to act as fig leaves to make greenwashing corporations look like climate good guys in exchange for an ever-so-slightly constrained platform to air their issues. In this case, Merchants author Naomi Oreskes not only makes the climate change issue more bouyant for mainstream consumption and more attractive to corporate sponsors by disavowing pharmaceutical watchdogs— saying in effect, “I’m not with those guys!”— but loudly defends the perfect safety of vaccination. 

There’s an analogy that comes to mind from Russian folklore called “lightening the troika”— when winter travelers fleeing a pack of ravenous wolves would chuck a peasant off the sleigh to keep the wolves busy before the horses wore out. 

AG Bombs 3


Ditching ballast to get your pet issues heard also isn’t such a mysterious MO. Politics is compromise.  But why are the culprits and their PR throngs flogging a climate change analogy that leads back to their own dirty doorsteps? The same reason the pharmaceutical industry is heavily invested in Autism Speaks.  It’s entryism, pure and simple—a way to fix the game, squat on advocacy campaigns that pose a threat to profits and corporate reputations and to control, divert or destroy those movements while also making money off the disaster. Greenwashing front groups are controlled by the chief emissions culprits who, facing the inevitability of increasing focus on climate disasters, stepped in to at least steer the discourse away from the most costly consequences to industry and to keep that discussion generalized and ineffectual. This is how we get negligibly beneficial incandescent lightbulb bans at the same time as “Frack Gag” laws.

The next evolution of spin—the one Merchants didn’t delve into— is also a form of entryism, which is to hijack a particular environmental platform for the side benefit of fracturing environmental and progressive unity, a tactic which goes back to Plato’s totalitarian moral theory of justice: you can’t fully capture a society unless you hijack the bleeding heart lefties. In The Open Society and Its Enemies, philosopher, political analyst and the father of the “Scientific Method” Karl Raimund Popper wrote:

Summing up, we can say that Plato’s theory of justice, as presented in the Republic and later works, is a conscious attempt to get the better of the equalitarian, individualistic and protectionist tendencies of his time, and to re-establish the claim of tribalism by creating a totalitarian moral theory… And he successfully enlisted humanitarian sentiments, whose strength he knew so well, in the cause of the totalitarian class rule of a naturally superior master race. 

One way to get the better of the humanitarian element is to “strike with a borrowed sword”— one of the 36 Stratagems of battle from the Book of Qi and included in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War—getting one enemy faction to attack another, then conquering both. “If double his strength, divide him...,” “forage on the enemy… use the conquered foe to augment one’s own strength.” 

Analogies and comparative references are shortcuts to making a point culturally accessible. But when progressive-sounding analogies are used by PR entities to jam a particular “culture,” that culture is likely viewed as a foe by the same corporate interests. In that sense, it’s entirely possible that environmentalists are the real targets of the vaccine mandate Trojan horse.

Once Americans lose their right to choose what goes into their bodies or the right to protest lack of safety and effectiveness of commercial pharmaceuticals, they may more easily lose the right to protest what gets dumped or mined or emitted in their backyards. With the Transpacific Partnership looming—a treaty being convened in secret and pushed for fast track authority to circumvent public input, which Robert Reich warns would allow corporations to supplant the rights of states and countries to pass or maintain laws (particularly environmental and consumer protections) that negatively impact profits— it could come to pass.  

Hijacking Einstein—the Speed of Hype

Climate change is only one of the false comparisons being flogged by compulsory vaccine proponents in the media and only one of the progressive factions being sicced on medical choice advocates.  For another analogy, vaccine industry mouthpieces seem to be grabbing up armloads of comparisons, hijacking dead intelligentsia and human rights campaigns from history as supposed emblems for their arguments like battle-primed would-be divorcés retaining all the top divorce attorneys in town to keep the other side from gathering forces.

Max Fisher for Vox thought it was a good pro-vaccine maneuver to point out that Even ISIS Supports Kids Getting Vaccinated, leading one commenter to tweet “Look, all I’m saying is this is the weirdest iteration of appeal to authority fallacy. EVER.” 

But typically the embedded media try to fabricate positive associations for the industries they defend, such as dropping the names of scientific and literary giants throughout their arguments for mandates as a sort of palliative comparison that doubles to set up flattering analogies for use of force against consumers. Using borrowed arguments for a position is fine if the total body of work and social and political ideologies of sources actually supported those arguments.  Corporate defenders could quote from Plato, Edward Bernays or Andrew Carnegie to their hearts content without causing any rolling in graves. But the very reason most humanist icons from science and literature endure in historical consciousness as shining lights of ground-breaking nonconformity is precisely because they would not have supported a corporate power grab.

 PR operatives like Seth Mnookin would have you believe, for instance, that Einstein—who once said, “It is appallingly clear that our technology has exceeded our humanity”—would have been all for using force against those who question some monolithic concept of “science.” Einstein sells mouse pads, mugs… and the snuffing of civil freedoms and free speech!

AG Bombs 4

It’s unclear what Mnookin’s point was by referencing Einstein in Panic Virus – his 24 chapter, bad analogy and dead celeb-laden treatise on muffling press freedom and mandating vaccines—if he had one aside from attempting to dazzle the reader into believing that he himself grasps special relativity and is therefore a credible authority on science and ethics.  Relevant or not, Einstein and special relativity are evoked in a chapter entitled The Simpsonwood Conference and the Speed of Light. In chapter 12, Mnookin lectures on scientific method and rationalism in order to rationalize why CDC officials at the Simpsonwood meeting— a closed-door conference at the Simpsonwood retreat in Georgia which took place over two days in June, 2000— A) sounded more than a little alarmed at the implications of Verstraeten’s first run epidemiological data on mercury in vaccines and neurological impact; and B) appeared to be suppressing data until these data could be spun.

 In reference to the above, Mnookin explains that, because Newton’s second law of motion—though contradicted by Einstein’s theory of special relativity—is still essentially true within earth’s atmosphere, we can consider it both true and not true at the same time. Or something. Was he trying to argue that Simpsonwood participants were being both ethical and unethical at the same time; telling the truth while withholding it? Was he trying to indicate that science is never completely sure and requires further review—therefore never absolute—yet can take an absolutist public position? Clear as mud.

In his footnotes, Mnookin includes some calendar poetry on special relativity, writing “Don’t worry if you’re having a hard time following this oversimplified explanation of physics’ most challenging problem. For most of us, understanding special relativity is a bit like true love. We should consider ourselves lucky if we can grasp hold of it for even one fleeting moment.”

Speaking of true love, you know who had no problem grasping hold of special relativity? Members of the Manhattan Project.  Readers probably should worry their pretty heads over the use of the reference by someone appointed as an authority— not just on science but on ethics in science and the use of force and absolutism in public health. It’s not only the irrelevancy or the pretense of using unrelated science as a sales pitch, it’s also the way in which Mnookin seems to open the door to further ethical questions without delving into them as an ethicist (boringly, unexpediently) would, such as discussing how Einstein’s original vision for relativity—which spoke to the idea of a space-time continuum and peaceful means of generating power—was derailed to the great regret of Einstein himself.

Special relativity brought us the A-bomb, nuclear holocaust and the arms race. As things shift to a penalty phase in the vaccine debate, the analogy actually does work in a sense for what’s happening to the benevolent vision of preventive medicine—though not in the way Mnookin intended.

Braking Bad

On the subject of boomeranging analogies, take this gem in BoingBoing— everyone’s old favorite, the brazen-disregard-for-basic-auto-safety/avoiding vaccination comparison:  Removing the Brakes from Your Car is a Personal Decision:

Scientists may say that brakes save lives, but virtually every car-wreck co-occurs with panicked braking -- did you know that in the old days, cars didn't have brakes?

It's true: engine braking was once the norm. And back then, I've heard there were a lot fewer automotive fatalities (and there were none involving brakes, because there weren't any brakes!). Mechanics get paid to service our brakes; they make our cars sick (brakes can warp your rotors) and then charge us money to repair them. Everyone knows that mechanics, as a class, are crooked -- why wouldn't they do this if they could get away with it?

The government wants to force you to have brakes, but brakes or no brakes is a personal decision. Do your research and make your own decision, for you and your family.

Actually, comparing pharmaceutical pushers to auto mechanics works—if you’ve ever considered sprinkling graphite dust on your engine to see if the mechanic did what they said they did or if you’re going to pull out of the lot with a huge bill and more problems than you started with. And the only way the concept of “brake dissent” actually plays into the debate on vaccine mandates is the following:

Transnational auto makers X, Y and Z are the only car manufacturers licensed to sell cars in the US and, through their lobbying and influence of the legislative process, have gained total tort immunity from injury and defect lawsuits.  This has increasingly become problematic since a percentage of the cars off their lines contain a flaw in the braking mechanism: the brakes may lock up at any moment, particularly when these cars exceed 20 mph. That is, if anyone is strong enough to press the brake pedal, which is designed for individuals exceeding 350 LBs.  

For some years, commuters began using public transportation in larger and larger numbers. Over time, many started seeing the health benefits of reducing carbon impact, walking greater distances and not dying in a fiery crash, though most still longed for safer and more reliable cars. When the eco trend dented auto manufacturers’ profits, city after city began shutting down subway, bus and commuter rail systems, even outlawing bike riding and walking in many urban business districts. Left with no other way to get to work, some Americans brought their cars to alternative mechanics or attempted to repair the brakes themselves.

These commuters were widely reported in the press to be flagrantly attempting to drive their cars without any brakes at all, whipping up artificial public outcry against this purported disregard for basic safety.  Mechanics caught attempting to redesign brakes were stripped of their business licenses and called “anti-transportation,” though in their own defense, several pointed out that if only Americans could opt for models sold in Europe with more conservative and reliable braking systems, there would be less auto fatalities. Meanwhile, a well known media defender of auto safety, who had famously goaded Americans to “Just drive your damned cars,” was caught getting takeout in a German model SUV deceptively fitted with a minivan body model sold in the U.S. 

Eventually disaster capitalism grew around the increase in traffic accidents, disincentivizing any hoped-for improvement in auto safety.  Sales of pain medication, prosthetics and funeral services exploded. And due to criticism over the ineptness of American drivers in the media, a massive “driver screening” industry boomed and a neoliberal scheme descended to privatize drivers ed for the purpose of channeling taxpayer funds to multinational corporations.

And all along, car makers and regulators argued that brake-related car accidents are caused by genetic “restless leg syndrome,” resulting from the poor breeding choices of old, ugly and otherwise defective ancestors. In fact, industry and regulators claimed that there had not been a 10,000 fold rise in auto fatalities and severe injuries related to failing brakes: instead, they argued, Highway Patrol had developed “increased recognition” of fatal accidents whereas, years earlier, smoking wrecks filled with rotting corpses had simply been bulldozed to the side of the road and called “modern art.” The missing were assumed to be hidden from public view in institutions or merely camouflaging their fidgety legs in professions that involved pedal-driven machinery or kicking things—like footballs, soccer balls or clods of dirt.

And that’s why the corporate media puts dibs on analogies.

Adriana Gamondes is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and one of the blog’s Facebook administrators.





I was wondering the same thing. I've had very little in the way of feedback about her lecture at Pepperdine tomorrow.

Perhaps a few (in our camp) will show up tomorrow, but it's being kept on the down-low. Hope that's the case...

I'd LOVE to be there myself, but we're too far away and can't make it. I'm positive there will be some sort of mainstream press on this when it's finished, though. It'll be interesting to see what makes it into print...


So is anyone going to Pepperdine tomorrow?


These motherfuckers are committing Genocide. Autistic people can't work, and generally don't breed. America is such a hellhole.

Jeannette Bishop

This is all I've found, probably not different than mentioned. I didn't realize these surveys were conducted in August-Oct 2014: (We've had William Thompson, ebola, EV-68, flu vaccine fail, and this measles focus since--that's all my memory can dredge up anyway--though I'm not sure how much any of that might weigh in?)

http://www.pewinternet.org/files/2015/01/PI_ScienceandSociety_Report_012915.pdf (p. 88)

"Q.25 Thinking about childhood diseases, such as measles, mumps, rubella and polio... [READ AND RANDOMIZE RESPONSE OPTIONS]

68 selected: "Should all children be required to be vaccinated [OR]

38 selected: "Should parents be able to decide NOT to vaccinate their children (30)

1 selected: "Don't know/Refused"

I agree "forced to vaccinate" alone instead of "required" (in juxtaposition with "should parents be able to decide NOT to vaccinate"...while thinking about childhood disease) would change a lot of answers.

Jenny Allan

"It is of course debatable whether Reiss is a lawyer."

Well John - This woman is all about 'legalities' and she makes a great deal of noise. I am not the slightest bit interested in her qualifications, but prefer to call her a 'lawyer' rather than a 'science' or 'medical' spokesperson.

Reiss is plainly every bit as pig ignorant as Brian Deer on science and medical subjects, although most of her rhetoric, like Deer's is about 'science', including medicines and vaccines. No doubt Reiss is just as loudly voluble about GMOs and climate change, particularly if a fat cheque is on offer from the likes of Monsanto, or the manufacturers of wind turbines and solar panels, but she is NOT about 'science', which is all about questioning, evolving new thinking, and informed debate.

This woman is about SHUTTING DOWN any questioning, evolving new thinking, and informed debate. She has absolutely NO REAL power, that belongs to our elected representatives. It's up to us to make just as much noise as Reiss, and to make it to those who DO have legislative and other powers.

The public outcry which followed Rep Norm Johnson's ill considered 'banter' over brain damaged persons, resulted in a public apology. I am HOPING he also loses his position on a House Health and Wellbeing Cmmittee. You all have votes and strong opinions. It's up to you US citizens to make yourselves heard.


Bayarea mom-- will post the link so more see it.


Jeannette-- saw the Pew research report but could not find how they phrased the question, which makes a big difference. One publication did two different polls. Asked simply if vaccines should be forced, most said no. Asked a more emotionally charged version of the question mentioning children getting sick, and it was 50-50.


How about they call us "Nurembergers?"

Our motto: "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential."

Diane W Farr

So Dorit the Exploiter is informing lawyers on how to organize class action suits against parents who have children that were once "pro-vaccine" and now "anti-vaccine" after their child developed autism. Heartless, just adding insult to injury.


I think we all know who and what Dorit is all about; no need for debate about that, here.

I was hoping that someone reading over here will see my posts about her so-called debate/lecture/bullshit - whatever you may choose to call it - and perhaps be willing to confront her face-to-face at this event.

Ten to one the news media will be covering this event. It concerns me deeply that Dorit has been asked to speak at this event, given the events now spiraling out of control out here in California...

@John Stone

What an interesting point, perhaps Dorit is less constrained or held to account in that she is not an actual lawyer. Queen of bullshit indeed!
I notice that fed up victims of vaccine injury are speaking a lot more bluntly these days, not tiptoeing around worrying about being politically correct. I think this is the right approach by and large. Cheers!

Angus Files

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss

A Pharma Bullshit Vaccine Tale Teller

Law,don't make me larf...seriously!!


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Adriana. I hope you're right. Any idea of how reliable Pew is for accurate sampling? This poll has been somewhat concerning to me:


But maybe we're seeing the result of two plus weeks of over-the-top propaganda in the difference between the two?

John Stone


It is of course debatable whether Reiss is a lawyer. She isn't - while a lecturer in law - qualified to practice it and presumably is less constrained by the ethics of her arguments than someone who is.


Perhaps the Queen of Bullshit would be an appropriate title.


Dorit will be presenting her 'lecture' at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA this coming February 27, 2015. This event is being presented under the auspices of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy.

We can't make it to this presentation, but I would urge any Californians who CAN make it to this event, to please do so. I don't know if they'd be open to a REAL debate on this issue with their beloved Dorit, but I would love to see someone take her on, either directly, or as a seated attendee who can ask some pertinent questions, etc.

Jenny Allan

Dorit Reiss is a joke!! (Quote from above) “First, there are no debates about vaccination. These debates are an invention of anti-science people which is similar to false debates in other fields of science, like climate change, GMOs, evolution, HIV/AIDS, and many other areas...”

I suppose Prof Reiss is actually debating about NOT debating. She is cetainly very busy with the multiple rhetoric about NOT debating vaccinations, GMOs, evolution, HIV/AIDS and those other mysterious 'areas' she alludes to. Whatever these 'areas' are they must also NOT be debated. We can only guess!!

The bottom line is very simple. Parents WANT to choose the vaccination schedules for their own children.

(From above) "Actually not that many are missing the point: according to a USA Today poll, 92% of Americans think vaccines should be a choice."

Whatever the arguments or 'non debates' about climate change, GMOs etc etc etc, they are IRRELEVANT to the issues of parental rights, including child vaccinations. Reiss, who is a lawyer, paid to defend the indefensible, is attempting to 'muddy the waters', with all these spurious analogies. Her aim is to confuse, bully and vilify anyone who dares to challenge vaccine safety, efficacy or necessity.

Hopefully those 92% of parents will make their presence felt, if any attempts are made by politicians to force through legislation, preventing them from refusing vaccines for philosophical reasons. Use your voting powers wisely and appropriately, making sure your own political representatives know your views.





"This Article asks whether parents who choose not to vaccinate their child should be liable if that child, at higher risk of infectious disease than vaccinated children, transmits a vaccine-preventable disease to another. The Article argues that a tort remedy in this situation is both
desirable and appropriate. It is desirable to assure compensation to the injured child and the family, who should not have to face the insult of financial ruin on top of the injury from the disease. It is appropriate to
require that a family that chooses not to vaccinate a child fully internalizes the costs of that decision, and does not pass it on to others.

This Article argues there should be a duty to act in the aforementioned situation, since the non-vaccinating parents create a risk. Even if not vaccinating is seen as nonfeasance, there are policy reasons to create an exception to the default rule that there is no duty to act. As an alternative, the Article suggests creating a statutory duty to act..."


..."Finally, the Article focuses on disputes between individuals. Families that choose not to vaccinate might not have the resources to cover the care, let alone pain and suffering (an issue addressed more in detail in
Part II.E), of an injured victim. This could create a temptation to sue either organizations promoting anti-vaccination misinformation or a broad community of non-vaccinating parents. Both those potential
claims are beyond the scope of this Article, and the latter has almost incurable problems. In the case of anti-vaccination organizations distributing information, there may be a tort of misrepresentation, but that
presents issues of freedom of speech that warrants discussion not included here. Briefly, a First Amendment defense would argue vaccination policies are matters of public concern, the most protected form of free speech.

While some anti-vaccination statements can be subject to
actual verification and demonstrated to be false, which would potentially permit a tort of misrepresentation, other statements cannot be demonstrated as false or true, although they are still misleading. This dispute between tort and freedom of speech deserves its own independent treatment..."

If the above link doesn't make your blood boil, I don't know what will.

Dorit will be speaking at Pepperdine University on February 27, 2015:


"Anti-Vaxxers and Tort Liability"
Friday, February 27, 2015
12:30 PM - 1:40 PM

Event Location:
Pepperdine University School of Law
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90263

Lawyer Chapter(s):

Student Chapters:

Details: "VACCINES! Measles, Anti-Vaxxers, and Tort Liability; what's really going on?"

"The American Constitution Society is proud to welcome Dr. Dorit Reiss, Professor of Law at UC Hastings. Dr. Reiss contributes to various articles, blogs, and law journals, utilizing her expertise to examine the social policies surrounding vaccinations.

We will be discussing the constitutional implications, tort liability, and both sides of the issue. All are welcome to join. Lunch will be provided."

Anyone else here aware of this? Someone needs to debate this woman. Would love to see some tort attorneys and/or Constitutional Law attorneys take this woman on...

Who is William Thompson ?


"Themiserol is toxic at any concentration - trace or otherwise"

Frank B Engley - a true hero for leaving this legacy for us .


Jeannette-- Did you read Greenwald's Snowden leak about security contractors hacking online polls? That's why I was surprised that the USA Today poll showed what I thought was the case from my general impression of people's attitudes-- that the force campaign was launched precisely because biotech spin is failing with the public. I assumed all the polls on mandates would be hacked to wag the dog. But seems that didn't work, and so for the moment the real numbers are being used to rationalize force-- since the public doesn't know what's good for it.

So far the spin only seems to work with trolls and your local loudmouth Mrs. Jellybys.


Thank you for the powerful insights-- road kill and drinking games, failure making things work, angels and angles and that really chilling story of snow and human wreckage.

John-- it's true, doesn't make a difference with some. They'd be filtered out and replaced if that was the case and know it. But while their shoes are nailed to the floor, why resist the urge to give them a little shove?

Jeannette Bishop

The closing analogy is, well... I'm torn between admiration of how well that depicts the insane vaccine reality we are living under and appalling awareness of how potentially threateningly real something that convoluted sounds to me. It's supposed to sound somewhat ridiculous right? So, why do I feel the need to do background checks into our brakes...

I fear (I hope unjustly) the incongruous corporate media analogies are going to work because the official vaccine narrative is just too comforting and reality is something too close to sucky (sorry, no good word) and people might be motivated by whatever resonates in the sludge of it all to abandon more shards of liberty just to simplify things.


This week with the deep snows and then rain; there have been a few roofs around the town collapsing.

The post office roof - collapse. It was a rather new building. Someone must have made it cheap!
The awning on the Drug Store collapsed.
The roof to a cheap police department building in the neighboring town collapsed

And the roof on the back part of the appliance repair store caved in. It was the older part built back in the 50's. Bill the appliance repair man does all his work there while the attached front is for sales of new appliances and paints.

I hate that more than anything; Up to this point I have enjoyed the snow. We don't get foot snows often, once every few years. So, I had a good time laughing at the geese trying to swim through the snow, the thousands of red birds and blue jays that turned our chicken run into a giant bird feeder and just the joy of clearing roads and shoveling snow. Just having fun. But now I am sorry for it all for the family that owns the appliance store don't need anymore trouble

Bill and his wife are second generation owners of the store. Steve; Bill's Dad opened the shop back in the 50's, and it was very successful for he was very good at repairing appliances and gas motored engines, like lawn mowers, tractors, and such.

Bill took it over from his father in the 70's and proved himself as just as reliable. He is well thought of over the entire community.

He thought his son Greg would take it over after him. Greg aced all the test of Briggs and Stratton engines, and loved working on engines and motors. . Greg was handsome - friendly -and Bill's golden child. Scott the other son - well he has mild autism. Most people don't even know it. He helps his Mother with sales in the store. She watches him as she tries to steer it all in the right direction with customers and Scott

Greg was not affected?? Remember brain injuries are co morbid mental illness and mental illness is co morbid with drug addiction. And that is what happened to Greg.

Bill spent 20,000 dollars to send Greg out west to a drug addiction place. He came back and got on drugs again, and so Bill spent 15,000 to send him down south to a different place. One that was not scientology based but Christian based like AA.

Greg came home clean and sober and ready to work - cause during all of this he had three children by three different women and two of those women cannot take of themselves because of drugs too, let alone small children. Bill, his wife, and Scott take over the raising of two of the children. Cause Greg is again addicted.

Greg died last year. Some say it was the drugs, cause he was on them. Some say he died of complications of being on drugs - heroine I believe was his choice. It had something to do with blood clots in his legs.

Bill was called to a friend's house where Greg had staggered in and collapsed. Bill picked his son up in his arms like a little baby. Bill was aggravated, angry, hurt, broke with two grand kids to raise and a son with mild autism to support. His son dies at the University hospital the next day.

So Bill and his wife now have four dependents. I wonder if she vaccinated the three grandies????

I don't ask.

Peasants thrown from the sled- well at this point it is time to leave reality cause we have entered an unreal/unreasonable world. So it might be better to say they threw off a peasants to be eaten by wolves, but the too did not get away cause when the sled arrives home - they all have been bitten and all have were wolf antigens and really all are affected except they just don't know it until the next full moon.

Full moon shows up and they turn into were-wolves; well not all entirely turns to were wolves - it all depends on how many bites and how deep. Some just grow hair, or a tail or an ear or two. But they all join the wolf pack, and hunt down all those that have yet to be bitten.

Anita Donnelly -apologies for phone typos

What an incredibly excellent article. Dorit's bullied me online using expert propaganda methods before I knew she was everywhere. Damn I am now proud to say a sociopath like her went after me. I feel like Roosevelt being proud of who hated him. She and Offit and others are getting fame and wealth on by destroying the brains and bodies of infants. Do they giggle about this late at night in sick sociopathic phone calls?

The lie that gets me the most is the lie that all of us suddenly became "anti - vaxxers" due to the apparently magical power of Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy, etc . When the truth is that we saw this happen in our own lives and they were the only ones talking about it. It's like we were on the side of the road after being in a hit and run. Everyone else drove by "coincidence" they said, or "fat mother caused this" but only dr Wakefield and dr Geir and a few others bothered to stop and try to figure out why and how to help us. Only Dan Olmsted and Sheryl Atkinson and Rfk jr and a few brave others --- bothered to wonder why there were suddently so many on the side of the road injured--and continue to ask despite ridicule and derision from the vaccine-injury deniers. We are the Parents Against Toxic Medicines and the crazy offits are the ones heedlessly driving drunk--except this time it's a child getting 1000 shots in a crazy reckless game --I picture a Merck conference where they drink a shot everytime some parent says autism. It's okay 10000 shots are okay in one day --it's okay to hit someone and leave them on the side of the road. The bodies and lost futures and broken families pile up-- And the drinking game making them
Wealthy is on pharma. And if money doesn't work to control
The more ethical Or smart public shaming and schoolyard bully tactics and obvious threat to career will. But We parents have the living evidence and any of us who can needs to bring our child and our proof and our stories to our state and local representatives and ask if they believe us or an industry lobby. Even if we only see junior staff--they are the age with siblings and about to have babies. . We are being lied about and when they meet us and see who we are they will have to start turning around their tjoughts. They are trying to define us as the new group its okay to hate. The only way to overcome that is for the members
Of the hated group to start reaching out. When people found out that sweet woman next door was a lesbian they realized anti-gay was cruel And what they'd been taught to believe was bogus. When they realize that women who struggles with multiple special children has
Harrowing stories to tell about their vaccine injury they will start to realize that either the
media and doctors are lying or their friend is. When they hear it from 3 friends --inevitable as the cdc ramps Up the schedule and reduces exemptions --they will begin to support us and it will start to change .

When you see your representative, if they treat you rudely, ask if the blood money they got from pharma telling them to ignore you is worth this tragedy eventually visiting their homes as this insane vaccination policy spirals out of control. .ask them if they would be willing to add a dr liability section to vaccine exemption legislation. If not why not if vaccines are so safe? Dorit and her media minions are grooming families to accept grievous harm and not recognize it in time to stop.
What an awesome article !! Well researched and brilliant. Thank you!!

Who is William Thompson ?

I'm fairly certain Bob Moffit, that no child is entirely escaping the toxic effects of these vaccines .
They are dumbing down the populace at best , and killing and maiming millions at worst . Lots of smug parents out there who THINK they understand this , & who havent the slightest idea of what is occurring (lets call them lemmings for simplicity's sake) .

Thimerosal in the flu jab for pregnant women can leave no sane person in any doubt that this is global Hg-enocide .

Vaccine manufacturers make the tobacco industrialists look a positively honourable bunch.

Bob Moffitt

Saul D. Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

“It is a world not of angels but of angles, where men speak of moral principles but act on power principles; a world where we are always moral and our enemies always immoral;”

In other words .. the "powerful" are always "moral" .. while the "less powerful" are always "immoral".

As an example take your analogy .. from Russian folklore called “lightening the troika”— when winter travelers fleeing a pack of ravenous wolves would chuck a peasant off the sleigh to keep the wolves busy before the horses wore out."

In my humble opinion .. "lightening the troika" is no different than modern-day "protect the herd" theory .. wherein the weaker, vulnerable .. innocent toddler is required to be vaccinated .. and .. the toddler who suffers disastrous consequences .. including death .. is simply "tossed off the sleigh" .. so the "herd" can proceed intact.

John Stone

I long ago discovered that environmentalists are anti mercury in the environment but pro mercury in babies (at least they won't lift a finger to stop it). Of course, if an unused batch of vaccines has to be disposed of it becomes an environmental hazard again.

When I sent my first article on thimerosal - a critiique of the British government Andrews study - to a prominent environmental campaigner/journalist he said he would take note if it was in a peer reviewed publication. I sent him the documents but it made no difference.

Angus Files

There is a saying "failure makes things work" very true.

With vaccines its "flogging a dead horse".

Has Offit ever phoned even the help desk technician at the Pentagon ,silly me he probably has “Uh, hello? I’m having a problem with this vaccine program were not killing enough poor people …”

Adriana thanks great article.


Who is William Thompson ?

Mercury Toxicity: Has it caused one of the worst health crises in American history?

“We found out that the Thimeresol would be toxic down to – not grams, not mg’s, not mcgs, but nano grams – parts per billion – which was almost unbelieveable.
This was published in the American Journal Medical Society, in the New York Academy Sciences and in the Journal For the Chemical Speciality Manufactures Association
and it didn’t make wave, there wasn’t even a ripple – no one seemed to care.”

– Dr Frank P Engley PhD – Blue Ribbon Panel Member 1948 AMA meeting regarding Thimeresol’s concerns

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