Dan Olmsted on Canadian TV: "Vaccines Cause Autism."
No, Hillary Clinton, the Science isn't Settled

Autism Speaks: Sock-Puppet For the CDC

Autism speaks puppetBy John Stone

Many people will have seen Robert H Ring of Autism Speaks endorsing the vaccine program amid the present controversy. While Ring - who is not a medical doctor -  is a pharmaceutical industry insider (formerly of Wyeth and Pfizer)  Autism Speaks was itself endowed at its inception by CDC Foundation board member emeritus and billionaire Bernie Marcus to the tune of $25m with the probable intention to defend the vaccine program.  Marcus, creator of the DIY empire Home Depot stated in 2006, the year Autism Speaks was founded, in an interview:

“The worst thing I could imagine is to be the CEO of a pharmaceutical company today. I can’t think of an industry that has done more to alleviate suffering and improve the human condition than pharmaceuticals. Yet the industry is under a withering assault from plaintiffs’ lawyers and is depicted by some in the media as a pariah. I don’t think that Jonas Salk could have developed the polio vaccine in today’s legal environment.”

This was an either an ill-informed or disingenuous claim when litigation over vaccine damage against the manufacturer  had already been made impossible for two decades following the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act and with pharmaceutical domination of the media at its financial height. The remark was also made in the immediate aftermath of the Vioxx affair in which MMR manufacturers Merck had been taken to the cleaners for its lethal painkiller.  Among other things Merck had paid Lancet publisher Reed Elsevier to promote the drug in a fraudulently created academic journal  and plotted to “destroy” medical critics “where they live”. In 2009 CDC director Julie Gerberding left her job to become president of Merck’s vaccine division. It seems unlikely that Marcus would have backed any enterprise that called vaccines into question.

Any statement by Autism Speaks about vaccines not causing autism should be regarded in this light. Whether or not these views are shared by Bob and Suzanne Wright, who were head-hunted by Marcus to found the charity,  they have never been able to do anything about it – and the position has become more explicit since the appointment of two senior officers, pharmaceutical veterans Robert Ring and Paul Wang and the creation of an industry consortium including  possibly Pfizer, Lilly, Roche, Novartis and Janssen to discover pharmaceutical treatments for autism : population screening for autism could become big business. In 2011 as Ring was transferring from Pfizer to Autism Speaks its then Science Director, Geraldine Dawson, was boasting about an alleged rate of 1 in 38 discovered Goyang City, South Korea in a pilot project although more than three-quarters of the positively screened cases had been withdrawn by their families before the study was complete.

There is no escaping the impeccable logic that creating/detecting more neurologically impaired children would benefit Autism Speaks’ business partners.


John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.



It's a shame that autism became the only vaccine issue. In my house vaccines have caused the death of my mother in law, autism, an array of autoimmune diseases with crohn's ,arthritis, asthma under my roof. Vaccine's cause lifelong disease and disability . If the docs were forced to compare the damage in the vaccinated against their unvaccinated kids this would be settled. As example,the common ubiquitous ear infections and strep following measles , dtap, and hpv vaccines, arthritis, ITP,neutropenia following mmr, a new artery issue leaving young girls unable to stay conscious after hpv, and an interesting epidemic of mrsa that the unvaccinated seem protected against. These "rare" conditions are being faced by every family that vaccinates, to deny this is the LIE.I know three families that have young adult children with MS . This is insanity to allow this maiming to continue, while the pro vaccine group continues to believe it was "one" fraudulent study that swayed people into believing vaccines were dangerous. The susceptible, those with family history of autoimmune disease should be granted medical exemptions immediately, and others have their right to protect their children as a constitutional right.


@CT teacher:

Thank you for the 'kudos' re my comment; just want to make sure everyone read the 'Author Unknown' at the end of that comment I made. I didn't write that (but it is interesting that the writing style IS somewhat similar to my own...go figure).

And yes, CT teacher, I am very well aware of not only the Pelletier family's issues with Justina, I am also aware (not as much however) of this young gal in CT with cancer and her ordeal.

Yes, this country is indeed traveling on a very slippery slope. Our civil rights are being eroded, bit by bit, on a daily basis. Most, however, are vastly unaware of this reality. They go about their daily lives, completely oblivious...

I don't have all the answers. I wish I did. I know SOME things, but I realize I cannot share some of what I know along that route, because it's just too far out the box we've all been conditioned in.

BELIEVE ME when I say that I have had some things slammed over my head these past few years to get me to awaken on a certain 'enormous' level. These things have left me literally - at times - sitting in our overstuffed chair in our living room, staring into space.

It's been rough; I think it's probably what you'd call shock. I've been left sitting in a stupor at times, not quite accepting, nor believing, what I'd just been shown/told. Talk about having reality (and lack thereof) slam you over the head...

I think the biggest lesson I've taken away from all that's been happening is to simply learn to trust myself. That level of trust you can call your inner conscience, your gut instinct...whatever. If I'd done this back in 1993 as I was holding down my infant son for his vaccines, he wouldn't have had to go through all that he has.

Yet, on the other hand, I wouldn't have learned these lessons and I wouldn't be where I am today, if I hadn't held our son down that day. So there you are.

I'm really not trying to snipe at anyone here for their belief system re vaccines. But from my perspective, I truly believe that cognitive dissonance keeps many of us from fully grasping what is really going on here regarding this vaccination issue.

It's really not just about vaccines; it never has been. It has to do with individual sovereignty and our God given right to determine for ourselves how we choose to live our lives, and that would of course include the ability to think for ourselves and the right to determine what we want to inject, or not inject, into our own bodies and the bodies of our loved ones who are too young to make that determination for themselves.

FREEDOM. That's what this is all about. I don't know how the masses can fight back on this. It's like asking a handful of people to fight back this trillion dollar industry. From one perspective, it seems futile. But from a more heart felt level, it seems possible, but only if enough people awaken to what is really happening...

Sorry. I'll get off my soapbox. It's been a hard week...

CT teacher

Bayareamom-You have hit the nail right on the head. Since you live on the West Coast you might not have heard about what is going on here in CT with that very frightening scenario of a young person being forced to take a very toxic treatment against her will by the medical mafia. A 17 yr old girl, Cassandra C, who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and who did not want chemotherapy was taken away from her mother who also did not want her daughter to receive chemo. The state removed her from her home and placed her against her will at Hartford Children's Hospital where she is being forced to undergo chemo, even though she has had to be restrained at times. Her mother has been stripped of her parental rights. A judge has ruled that Cassandra is too young to make her own health care decision to pursue an alternative treatment even though she will turn 18 in June. She has already been given 3 treatments and they are moving her to a nursing care facility for the remainder of the 6 treatments against her will.
Last year,the Pelletier family from W. Hartford,CT had their daughter taken away by medical authorities in MA. This girl was chronically ill and had been diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder and other illnesses that I believe were autoimmune. They took her to Tufts medical center in Boston. From there, the story gets so strange that I'm not exactly sure what happened. She somehow ended up at Boston Children's Hospital where 2 psychiatrists disagreed with her original diagnosis and claimed she had a psychiatric disorder. They refused to release her. They had the state of MA step in and placed her in foster care. Her family tried for months to get her back without success. Months went by and this poor young teenage girl was essentially kept in captivity by doctors at Boston Children's Hospital. She had no contact with her family. She is home now but there are ongoing problems with her medical condition and treatment.
I cite these cases because I fear that we might be headed in this direction in this country. Do we want to lose control over our medical decisions? Do families not have the right to make medical decisions that affect their children? Do we want medical authorities to take these rights and freedoms away from us? This is a debate that is about more than vaccines. This is about our right to choose our medical care and the right of families to decide what is right for their children. We cannot be a free country without these rights!


Jeannette Bishop:

Thanks for the chuckle - charity foundation for pharma CEOs. Autism Speaks.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Bayareamom.


This 10 minute video is a must see; another terrific Sharyl Attkisson lecture on the artificial reality of consumerism:



Ha! The worst thing he can imagine huh?....the words I have for this are too offensive for print.

Jeannette Bishop

“The worst thing I could imagine is to be the CEO of a pharmaceutical company today. I can’t think of an industry that has done more to alleviate suffering and improve the human condition than pharmaceuticals. Yet the industry is under a withering assault from plaintiffs’ lawyers and is depicted by some in the media as a pariah. I don’t think that Jonas Salk could have developed the polio vaccine in today’s legal environment.”

Oh, golly-gee, why didn't Bernie Marcus go and form a charity for pharma CEOs? Oh, wait...


Barry, I just wonder how they can say, ".. Keynote addresses will feature latest in therapeutic gaming and venture capital opportunities that serve the growing autism community... ", when they along with their business partners (CDC, Pharma, shills)say that its just better diagnosing. So what they are saying really is that autism is growing, and hasn't been here at the rate we are seeing today, thank you vaccines.

John Stone


Or as I put it in my 2011 article: "1 in 38: Autism Speaks’ New Normal is the Biggest Business Bonanza Ever"


Take a look at 2015 business opportunities for AS


Just opened the website, and was greeted with a headline that included

".. Keynote addresses will feature latest in therapeutic gaming and venture capital opportunities that serve the growing autism community... "

Nice. Autism Speaks sees the exploding number of vaccine injured children as fertile ground for "venture capital opportunities'.

It doesn't get more sickening than that.


Take a look at 2015 business opportunities for AS


I think it's appropriate to post this comment here:

"Whether you're pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, or fall somewhere in the middle, the questions you need to ask yourselves are as follows: Do you want to live in a world, where you cannot freely refuse a medical procedure that carries risk of injury or death?

I'm not questioning your comfort level with today's vaccine schedule, because today's vaccine schedule will change. New vaccines and additional doses are added all the time. Children today receive as many as 49 doses of 14 vaccines before they reach age six, which is roughly 12 times higher than the number of vaccines administered to children back in 1940.

With more than 220 new vaccines in the developmental pipeline for children and adults...and no end in sight..the question you must ask yourself is ARE YOU CERTAIN you will be 100% comfortable when 200 more vaccines are added to the mandated list in the future?

If you say that yes, you're comfortable, then you're either:

a) not expecting to be a parent or grandparent,

b) don't think about it much because your kids are grown and out of the house, or

c) lying to prove a point.

No critical thinker, no honest person, would ever sign off on the sight-unseen vaccine schedule of the future. And yet that's what you're doing when you condemn the people who are fighting for your right to refuse. YOU have the right to refuse, should you ever choose to use it, because the very "anti-vaccine" people you demonize have been fighting for us all.

Right now, the burden of "herd immunity" falls on small children, but that is changing. Vaccine manufacturers see an untapped market in adolescent and adult vaccine. They are coming for you next. What will you do if your state, your employer, or your insurance company forces you to get a vaccine that you simply don't want. It hasn't happened to you yet, but if the right to refuse is eroded, it will happen to you sooner than you might think. Who will you turn to? Your legislators who get campaign donations from pharmaceutical companies? The CDC that has former pharma executives sitting on the board? Who will you turn to if you ever want to say no?

What if it harms you, even kills you or your family member? There will be no recourse. No one to blame. You absorb all the medical bills. Deal with all the anger, all the guilt. Alone.

Once we enter the slippery slope of removing and individual's right to refuse medical procedures that carry a risk of injury or death, once we remove an individual's right to speak for him/herself and his/her children, we open ourselves up to an insidious new era, where other drugs and other procedures can be mandated.

I heard (on NPR, interestingly enough) that there are people who want to test for a gene marker that's been found in mass shooters in the hopes that they can put the carriers of that gene on medications in early childhood. Sounds great, right? But many of us carry genes that will never be expressed. You could be a carrier of that gene. Or your child could be a carrier.

So if we follow the "for the greater good" mentality behind vaccines (or the Nazi's "for the greater good" mentality behind eugenics - the breeding out illness. We are looking at forcing people who may never express a sociopathic gene to take antipsychotics, just in case.

Because that's what forced vaccination does. It asks children who may never come into contact with a particular virus to accept a vaccine, just in case. And that's what eugenics was all about. It sterilizes people who can pass on a genetic disease - just in case.

Forced vaccination is a human rights violation. To support it when you know that the government's own National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has paid nearly $3b to damaged persons. The government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) lists people who have died as a result of vaccines. Vaccination is unethical at best, sociopathic at worst.

What can we do?

1. The ethical thing to do is to allow people their right to refuse. Let doctors and big pharma - who has marketing budgets larger than the GDP of some countries - to do a better job of convincing parents that vaccines are safe, protective and harmless.

2. Reverse the law that grants vaccine manufacturers total immunity from vaccine injury lawsuits. You can't sue a vaccine manufacturer if your child is injured or killed by a vaccine, even in cases where a safer vaccine was available and not chosen.

Think about that. You can't sue the manufacturer. What other product has legal and government protection? The complete immunity from liability does more to shake a parents' confidence in vaccines than anything else. Be sure they know that with an adverse outcome from a vaccine, they are completely on their own."

Author Unknown


One of the virtues our parents that had been raised up in the depression - lived and fought through WWII and the Cold wars tried to teach us their children as we grew up that we had to stick with it.

Successful business men do have to work hard and stick to their dreams and maybe it will come off.

I have stuck to some things in my life, when I should have let them go.

There is another lesson - I don't think our parents coming out of WWII taught us very well --- to know when to quit and cut our losses!


I think you are correct it is probable that it was never what Bob Wright intended


If it wasn't what he intended, than Bob Wright has had plenty of time to distance himself from it. But he has chosen not to do that.

Autism Speaks is an absolute disgrace. And I for one have no intention of defending people like Bob Wright.

Angus Files

Autism Pukes


John Stone


I think you are correct it is probable that it was never what Bob Wright intended - I suspect it may be what Bernie Marcus intended - but the Wrights have stayed with it neverless. And it is very sad because it has become a bad corporate dream (like so much else).


Ed Yazbak

Thank you John

I am unable to guess who “Autism Speaks” speaks for.

I know that it certainly does not speak for me, for all the children with autism I know and for their parents.

I cannot imagine that what is going on now is what Bob Wright envisioned when he launched the charity.

I am so sorry and so sad!

Ed Yazbak


Marcus Head hunted the Wrights?

Just to smart and evil.

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