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VIDEO: Rep Norm Johnson (R) Washington, Makes Fun of Brain Injury from Vaccines

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Vaccines Uber Alles!

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

There’s a story – make of it what you will – that Joe Kennedy the elder knew it was time to get out JoeKennedyQuoteof the market when the shoeshine boy started giving him stock tips. By that standard, it might be time for the vaccine injury deniers to get out of the marketplace of ideas, because everybody, and I mean everybody, is convinced they have the expertise and standing to tell the rest of us why vaccines don’t cause autism, shouldn’t be debated, and on and on.

The latest to opine on this topic is Mark Zuckerberg, joining Bill Gates as a gazillionaire bootblack who may know how to make a buck but nothing about the autism epidemic, the science of vaccine injury, the role of liability protection, or other topics that you and I talk about every day. As a putative new media czar whose “news feed” includes plenty of pages that disagree with him (like ours), he ought to keep his mouth shut. Instead, he’s recommending “Immunity: An Inoculation” for his book club. When I first heard that, I decided to let it be, because people should read whatever they want, but then I saw that he is weighing in with his own personal vaccine creed:

“The science is completely clear: vaccinations work and are important for the health of everyone in our community. This book explores the reasons why some people question vaccines, and then logically explains why the doubts are unfounded and vaccines are in fact effective and safe.”

I’ve tried to ignore the book in question, but I will have more to say about it later since it seems to be insinuating itself into pop culture. Meanwhile, I’ll just say that Zuckerberg – whose father, a dentist, had his practice in their home – is way too powerful, and uninformed, to be offering this kind of cheap and easy commentary.


From creed to screed: One unfortunate aspect of the Internet – which as regular readers will agree, has been largely positive for spreading the truth about autism – is that legacy print publications, which shrink ever deeper into oblivion on the newsstand, have opened their online portals and attached their prestige to all manner of guest writers, advertorial “sponsored content,” click-throughs, partnerships and so on. (The wack-a-doodle Time online piece about printing the names and addresses of vaccine-exempting families is a case in point. Henry Luce would have had a heart attack on the spot if he weren’t already deceased.)

Anyway, Rolling Stone published a screed online by someone named Jeb Lund, who seems never to have heard of thimerosal or RS Contributing Editor RFK Jr. – or Rolling Stone’s own archive -- when he writes:

“Anti-vaxxer science is science in the same way that saying the word "FUCK" came from "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" or "Fornication Under Consent of King" is etymology. It's science the way "Catherine the Great died having sex with a horse" is history. It's shit that sounds plausible only if you're someone never in danger of double-checking it or stumbling across something like topical expertise. Christ, you could figure out most of this stuff is bullshit just by reading the questions and answers on NTN Bar Trivia at your local Buffalo Wild Wings for more than a few hours.”

Who’s studying at the University of Google now? And who manages to work intercourse (twice), taking the Lord’s name in vain, feces (twice), bestiality (once is enough) and boozy trivia games as a news source into a discussion of vaccine safety? Someone who knows his audience, I guess -- I haven’t been this convinced by a Rolling Stone piece since they reported a few weeks ago on a gang rape at the University of Virginia.


One last gem: “If you’re really concerned about autism, become an environmentalist,” wrote Emily Atkin in ClimateProgress. In theory, I endorse the idea, but her point was a bit different: While there is no link between vaccines and autism, she writes, “there is a scientifically valid cause you can get behind if you want to reduce the risk of autism, and it doesn’t mean potentially exposing anyone to measles. It’s environmentalism.

“Yes, environmentalism, the ideology that life is improved by cleaner air, land, and water. You see, while the cause of autism is still unknown, most scientists believe that it is influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, particularly the exposure to heavy metals like mercury. Genetics are pretty hard to change; comparatively, the quality of our environment is not.”

I’m tempted to borrow a few of Jeb’s epithets, but I’ll just say, that is astonishingly perverse. If autism is triggered in vulnerable children when they are exposed to environmental factors, especially metals like mercury, then what about vaccine mercury (and aluminum?). Pregnant women and infants are exposed to ethyl mercury starting at 6 months via the flu shot.

But yes, Emily, mercury in the environment can in fact trigger autism, as Mark Blaxill and I demonstrated conclusively in The Age of Autism. The first three cases of autism reported in 1943 show clear links to the first uses environmental ethyl mercury via pesticides and fungicides, just as other cases in the same series point to the first use ethyl mercury in vaccines. The fact that mercury in the environment is implicated in autism corroborates, rather than conflicts with, the concern that vaccines containing mercury cause autism.


But then, there’s not really any mercury still in vaccines anyway, right? When I was on KCBS radio in San Francisco, that was the argument I was faced with.

As my interviewer later wrote in a blog post about me: “When he floated the generally-debunked claim that the vaccine preservative thimerosal was causing autism in kids, I challenged him, pointing out the fact that thimerosal is no longer used in childhood vaccines. He rebutted, saying it's in the flu vaccine-again, KIND of true, because it is used in the multi-shot version of the flu vaccine that the vast majority of people don't get-but nowhere else.

“It's a clever tactic: calmly suggest that the flu vaccine we all know and love might be dangerous, too. And it puts us in the position of having to play the "heavy," which of course only plays into the belief of many that the "mainstream media" are part of the problem. And on it goes.”

Well, around 50 million doses of the flu vaccine we know and love have mercury in it, same as it ever did, and since the CDC explicitly declines to recommend a thimerosal-free version for pregnant women and for infants, who’s spouting nonsense?


Snap out of it, my fellow journalists! You’re laying down a permanent track record that is going to haunt you for the rest of your careers and beyond, while, as RFK Jr. put it, betraying a generation of children who needed you and still do. There is no excuse for not mastering the subject and instead relying on the received wisdom of vaccine zealots and pharma shills, and becoming the intellectual equivalent of shoeshine boys.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Birgit Calhoun

I would not be in Mr. Zuckerberg shoes. He is way too fortunate for me. As to killing his own food, who helps him pluck the feathers and who helps him skin the pig, and who helps him cure the leather he makes his own shoes with? He is so lucky. Does he have a body guard? Does he walk without being noticed? He is so lucky.

Birgit Calhoun

When my husband was given a Tetanus shot at Kaiser, they gave him an accompanying piece of paper about the vaccine. They said there were two available vaccines, one for people under ~62 and one for the elderly that supposedly didn't contain Thimerosal. My husband is 84 years old. When he checked on what he actually got, they told him that he was given the one with Thimerosal. Not only did they give him the vaccine with mercury, they lied in their brochure about what they had available. My husband found out that that Kaiser facility did not have a mercury-free vaccine available at all. So much for Thimerosal-free.

cia parker

What a clever, accurate observation! I can just see them, huddled in their enclaves, hammering out slogans that could be supported in court if it came to that. Benefits outweigh risks? Let's see, Sweden had one death a year from pertussis in the seventeen years they didn't give the vaccine. Measles? Less than one death in 10,000 cases in children three to ten in 1960. The others all mild or rare. Asthma deaths from having gotten the pertussis vaccine, over 3,300 a year. Autism, now in one in 36 American children. Hmm, maybe we'd better retire that one. Vaccines save lives. Well, the acellular pertussis vaccine doesn't work at all on infants, doubles their chance of asthma if started at two months, a recent Oxford study found that it protects less than half of toddlers and less than a quarter of school-age children, who continue to get and/or transmit pertussis, which is only dangerous in a small percentage of the youngest newborns these days, continues to cause SIDS, all the vaccines can cause death. Maybe we'd better stop using that one too, they might very well make comparisons as to whether the vaxes or the diseases cause more deaths. Vaccines work! Brilliant! No one can contest that! If they cause autism, seizures, diabetes, bowel disease, peanut and other allergies, asthma, well, there you go, it worked! We don't have to mention exactly what it often DOES when it works!

Jeannette Bishop

"The benefits far, far outweigh the risks," gave way for the most part to "Vaccines save lives." Now it seems like we're getting, "Vaccines work." I'm thinking, "Work to what end?" and wondering if this means some off the public record data crunching shows they aren't really saving lives, all things considered?

Rolling Clone

The rant from Rolling Stone-- too much. Seriously-- any time a feminist writer wants to get a break, she apparently has to write about her vagina and doors open, so to speak. Meanwhile, every other slob with a laptop has to plug shots to get a shot at publication to the point that the inroad has become glutted. And so it follows that there are so many obscure bloggers and journos clustering at the anti-vaxxer-bashing portal to publication that now they also have to throw vaginas in there on top of it. Snicker.


Linda1, Have you seen John Oliver's video about Marketing to Doctors ?It's great.

Sallie O. Elkordy


Responding to other comments posted, I too have promoted John Oliver as clever and he proves himself to be, BUT in a way you might not expect. Here he does a piece that destroys his credibility (even as a comedic newscaster). He covers Oz, who is already disrespected for recommending other children get vaccinated while not vaccinating his own and then John performs an HOMAGE to DRUG COMPANIES and their AGENCIES in GOVERNMENT.

Watch: http://disinfo.com/2014/06/john-oliver-vs-dr-oz-nutritional-supplements/

Even the link posted in a comment on this stream ends with a "REAL" news story about Ebola, which was infused into a Diet Coke commercial. The premise this was set up in, gives credibility to the Ebola Ruse. It's at the very END of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_F5GxCwizc

Here are other examples of Comedians serving Pharma:
~ Samantha B of "The Daily Show": http://www.mediaite.com/tv/the-daily-show-tears-into-liberal-idiocy-on-vaccines/ (OFFIT is in this segment)
~ Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/yhq2cw/preventable-diseases-on-the-rise


Uber Alles German for: More than anything else.

Words from a poem and used in Nazis Germany's - national anthem.

Above anything else vaccines save lives.

National Anthem of the CDC, NIMH, NIH - Senators.

There are more kinds of death than just stop reathing and buried in a box - isn't there?

I mean brain injuries - leads to all kinds of things that is kin to death. Death of dreams when we see that our children will never live up to their full potential, for one thing.

It is treated as a nothing.
Tom Insel says that the worse outcome of disease other than death was brian injuries and so vaccines did not take care of it - and hinted that we are coming out even steven on that. Meanwhile he gets on TED Talks and tells us the stats on the rise of mental illness. He tells us he being the head of NIMH should be fired and it is a great joke and they all laugh --

Linda; I just love John Oliver; he may be saying it in a funny way but he is not joking.

John Stone


Very good point.



I'm interested in an issue of timing and I'd like to know if I'm understanding it right.

On January 28, 2004, William Thompson writes himself a note which says "IOM presentation--unresolved issues. What should we do about race effect?? Shows large effect for blacks and no effect for whites"

On January 30, Thompson presents the draft slides for the IOM presentation to two colleagues. He tells them he's concerned about presenting this information to IOM.

On February 2, Thompson writes a letter to Julie Gerberding reminding her about the IOM meeting to be held on February 9 and tells her that he is concerned about presenting problematic results about the relationship between receipt of the MMR vaccine and autism.

On February 9, someone else gives the presentation to IOM and these problematic results are not included.

So it seems like maybe the study results were reformulated sometime between January 30 and February 9 (and perhaps in as narrow a time frame as February 2 to 9) to remove the finding of an association between early receipt of MMR and autism in black males. Is that possible? If so, that timing is especially damning. You radically rework your study in the week before you present it?


John Oliver about native advertising:


cia parker

I'm reading Eula Biss' book On Immunity, it's very dull. She is musing over hundreds of pages about her civic duty to protect everyone else's child as well as her own by getting her son all his vaxes. I skipped ahead to see if it was ever going to pick up, and found that her son is going to get FOOD ALLERGIES! Yes, he's going to get food allergies CAUSED BY THE VACCINES! But I'll bet my bottom dollar that Biss is never, ever going to admit that she severely and permanently damaged her son by her obedience to her pharma masters and the pharma state.

cia parker

Even when mercury is completely gone from vaccines, there will still be a lot of autism caused by them. Live vaccines have never had it, but look at all the autism caused by the MMR. All vaccines can cause some people's immune system to react with, not the desired moderate, always safe for everyone (?) level of inflammation, but with so much inflammation that it inflames the brain and causes vaccine encephalitis. Look at the package inserts of nearly all vaccines: you'll find encephalitis as a recognized possible reaction.

We've got to get beyond the idea that there's this one problem with vaccines, mercury, and once that's taken care of, vaccines will be safe to get. No. Vaccines will never be safe, the whole purpose is to inflame the immune system so it will produce antibodies. Why take the risk? It's just not worth it. Asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, learning disabilities, and autism are VERY common reactions to vaccines, and preventing the diseases is just not worth it. The diseases in well-nourished population in the last hundred years NEVER killed or damaged as many as are being killed or damaged by vaccines.

The Refusers


This is our Refusers song Vaccination Uber Alles, from our First Do No Harm album.

Vaccination Uber Alles Free streaming and download link.


First they fought the polio
Then they made the smallpox go
Then they beat the measles down
There are no germs left around
No germs and vermin

Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccinate the whole damn nation!

They will wipe out all disease
With the glorious might of the CDC
Every kid gets each vaccine, no exemptions
They’ll destroy your immunity
With mercury injections

Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccinate the whole damn nation!

Big profit in the vaccine market
Drug makers got doctors in their pocket
Every kid is a customer
School is their ATM
Drug marketing department

Big profit! Big market! Vaccine profit! Obscene profit!

If you get sick from their vaccines
They will blame it on your genes
If vaccines cause your kid’s autism
They will blame it on the victim
They will blame the victim

Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccinate the whole damn nation!

Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccination Uber Alles!
Vaccinate the whole damn nation!

Angus Files

But Mr Zuckerberg is one of us,he eats organic,he kills his own food..so why would he not know about vaccines when he is so clued up on diet??silly me,never thought, he is being paid shut up puppet money...

"Mr Zuckerberg is being advised on his new diet by Jesse Cool, a Silicon Valley chef and advocate for sustainable organic agriculture."



Bob Moffitt

I have been hearing two arguments recently .. both perpetrated by Anderson Cooper against former Rep Dan Burton .. that MUST be challenged whenever and wherever they are raised:

#1 .. Thimerosal was removed from vaccines in the USA due an "abundance of caution" by the pharmaceutical industry even though there was "no evidence" it was causing any harm.

Give me a break. The pharmaceutical industry acted with the same altruistic "abundance of caution" .. as did the gasoline companies when they were forced to remove "lead" from gasoline .. or .. the tobacco industry when they were forced to put warning labels of "cancer" on every cigarette pack they sold.

In other words .. it was SIMPSONWOOD (1999) .. not an "over abundance of caution" .. the industry had NO CHOICE BUT TO ACT UPON.

#2 .. Autism INCREASED after thimerosal was REMOVED from vaccines in the USA.

Give me a break. Thimerosal's removal was recommended in 1999 .. and .. the current official rate of autism .. as announced by the CDC in 2014 (1 in 68)is based upon 2010 data of CHILDREN BORN IN 2002.

In other words .. INFANTS BORN IN 2002 WERE STILL BEING GIVEN THIMEROSAL-PRESERVED VACCINES. Thimerosal-preserved vaccines continued to be distributed and sold in the US for as long as their shelf lives were good, which was sometime in 2004.

In addition, infants born in 2002 were also given 25% MORE vaccines than infants born in 2000, as the new PCV vaccine (4 doses in the first year of life) was added to the schedule. These children were given higher numbers of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines than any children previously.


(Thanks for that explanation which I received from an AoA contributor .. by the way .. my non-verbal 15 year old is now 15 years old .. and .. he was born in 2000 .. which means .. ONLY LAST YEAR DID THE CDC BEGIN TO COUNT HIM AMONG THEIR STATISTICS!!!!!)

tony bateson

There's a saying that empty vessels make the loudest noise and it is being played out daily by people who believe they know stuff and feel they must inform the rest of about such specialised subjects as vaccination. I commend Mark's imperative, "master your subject" then tell us. There's another saying these people should know too. It's one thing appearing foolish but it's best not to open your mouth and remove any doubt.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.

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