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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Broken Trust

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Back in May 2005, a friend of mine in Washington came home late from work and was met excitedly by his wife, who told him she had just seen the most amazing episode of Law and Order: SVU.  It was about a malaria drug called “Quinium” that made soldiers suicidal and homicidal; the government and drug company were covering up the truth and getting away with it. People were being irreversibly harmed, even dying.

The Quinium drama, she said, was just like the link between vaccines and autism that they had witnessed first-hand – an immediate reaction and regression, and a coverup of the obvious truth that was continuing even now.

My friend smiled and explained to his wife that the episode was a thinly veiled account of a malaria drug named Lariam, and that the episode was based on my reporting. (His wife knew me, but not as well as he did.) The "reporter" in the SVU episode was a somewhat squirrely character named Sherm Hemphill, clearly an amalgam of me and Mark Benjamin – we had written dozens stories about Lariam’s deadly consequences when we were at UPI. Mark went on to where he wrote his own impressions of the SVU episode in an article titled, “Ripped from my headlines! ‘Law and Order: SVU’ pulls details from my reporting for its gripping finale. So why is the ‘reporter’ such an ink-stained wretch?”  (Mark was not as amused as I was that the reporter was portrayed as a tabloid journalist pawing through trash for a scoop. I’ve done worse!)

I recount this story not just to relive my one – and only – moment in the Hollywood sun, but because I was reminded of it this week in quite a remarkable way. A Facebook friend named Hil Down messaged me an article with the note, “vaccines and Lariam, all in one article.”

The piece, which Anne Dachel also picked up in her Media Update, was from the Associated Press and titled, “Anti-vaccine mothers discuss their thinking amid backlash.” The headline was unfortunate, the story better. It portrayed three mothers who  “are among the vaccine skeptics who have been widely ridiculed since more than 100 people fell ill in a measles outbreak traced to Disneyland. Critics question their intelligence, their parenting, even their sanity. Some have been called criminals for foregoing shots for their children that are overwhelmingly shown to be safe and effective.

"'Contrary to the common sentiment, we are not anti-science,' said Michelle Moore, a businesswoman who lives in the affluent Portland suburb of Lake Oswego with her 2½-year-old twin girls. 'I'm not opposed to medicine, and I think vaccines have a place. We think it's a medical choice, and it should be researched carefully.'"

Then came the beauty part: “Moore, an MBA graduate who runs an agriculture-related business, traces her feelings back to the time she took Lariam, a supposedly safe anti-malaria medication. Instead, she said, the drug saddled her with multiple health complications. She questions whether the government knew about the risks at the time. Health officials now acknowledge Lariam can cause severe side effects, some of which can be permanent.

“That experience broke Moore's trust in the medical establishment and launched her on years of research into how vaccines can affect people's health.”

Hey, me too! Our Lariam reporting (which showed that yes, the government and the drugmaker knew the risks at the time) broke my trust in the medical establishment and led to ten years of research into how vaccines can affect people’s health. Actually, it was Mark Benjamin who suggested, after we had seen what an FDA-approved drug could do to people, and how the CDC would recommend it and refuse to face up to the damage it (the CDC and the drug) was doing, that maybe we ought to look at this crazy idea that the vaccine schedule was behind the autism epidemic.And it led to me to conclude that even though health officials won't acknowledge it, vaccines too can cause severe side effects, some of which can be permanent (including autism). 

You have to understand, I had already been a journalist for 30 years when the Lariam story came my way, and I thought I was professionally skeptical in the way journalists are trained to be, especially when they train their sights on big business and big government.

But to actually see up close, beyond any real dispute, how a very bad drug could do such damage, for so long, to so many, and the government could let it roll on and on and on – that opened my eyes in a new way. It can happen here and now.

The point I am leading up to is that one way or the other, the scales need to fall from our eyes before we can really “get” the vaccines-autism catastrophe in the face of the seeming certainty that vaccines have been “overwhelmingly shown to be safe and effective.” As Jon Poling, a neurologist, put it regarding his daughter Hannah's government-stipulated, vaccine-induced autistic regression: “I wouldn’t have believed it until it happened to me.  To be honest with you, as a doctor, until it happened to me, until I saw the regression, until I saw a normal eighteen month old toddler descend into autism, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.”

If you don’t have an affected child, if you didn’t see it happen, if you haven’t had some sort of professional experience that makes you deeply doubt the competency – and even the decency – of the public health establishment, you’re just not going to get it. You’re going to buy the “study after study” defense and the “discredited British doctor” distraction or the “mercury is no longer in vaccines” lie, along with the “no real increase” and “geek effect” gene nonsense. You're going to believe vaccines have been overwhelmingly shown to be safe and effective. You're going to take the experts' word for it.

But this is not to say it’s hopeless. It’s to say that slowly but with gathering force, cracks are starting to appear in those defenses. The chairman of a powerful House committee says he hasn’t fully vaccinated his kids and is following the CDC whistleblower story. Presidential candidates stumble forward into a looming debate on vaccine mandates, safety, necessity, and choice -- and autism. More and more kids are vaccine-damaged because the drug companies and vaccine zealots just can’t stop themselves – their fatal flaw. More and more people notice that the “fuss” is far from dying down, it’s getting stronger, and why would that be if there’s nothing there? 

Once trust is broken -- however it's broken -- there's no going back.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.




Editor Stone writes:

"This morning we see that the Washington Kremlin are apparently blocking the petition against vaccine mandates - stuck on 56,791 signatures for nearly 24 hours..."

Today 3-2-2015 has turned out to be a really, really good media day for vaccine injured families.

First- Sharyl Attkisson picked up on the petition story and got it out there The petition started counting votes today around 3pm and it has picked up over 20,000 names since then! Awesome!

Second- apparently the NYT did a story that said a majority of AAP docs will work with parents on Alternative Childhood Immunization Schedules- referred to by Pediatrics as "ACIS." This reinforces the conclusions of a 2011 article in Pediatrics that says 61% of surveyed docs are comfortable with ACIS- and also that pediatricians should work with parents on ACIS.

NYT coming down on AAP docs for agreeing to ACIS is postive turn of affairs. NYT has grievously, for them, miscalculated by introducing this topic to a national debate. The battle lines being drawn here between "medical experts (vaccine lobbyists)" and (a mojority!) of AAP docs. Are docs dealing with the carnage finally starting to say "No!" to the Vaccine/Vioxx medical fraudsters? We can only hope.

Finally, the capper- NBC Nightly News today 3-2-2015 picked up the story. NBC Chief (Substitute) Bimbo Anchor flashed a graphic that said "Vaccine Controversy." Parents were not mentioned. It was strictly (bad!) doc versus "medical expert." Hmmmmm..... I wonder who is going to win that one? I put my money on the conscientious docs who are actually witnessing, and dealing with, the carnage.

One can only hope.


Mr. Olmsted broke the story and it has been the subject of expert testimony in front of the US Senate Armed Services Committee. It is not news however that the US Gov't routinely victimizes military families with half baked medical crap. Think radiation testing; Agent Orange injury denialism (sound familiar?); and more recently, the idiotic anthrax shot containing the poisonous adjuvant squalene- the chemical in H1N1 flu shots demonstrated to cause narcolepsy.

Apparently lariam excites the limbic system causing episodes of homicidal rage. This is a possible explanation for the spate of suicides and murder/suicides among US military forces returning from overseas deployments. I spoke with a couple veterans recently, one in his 60s and the other in his 30s. They said that days that lariam was given out were called "Wacky Wednesdays" because of the resultant behaviors.

I read right here on AoA (and only here-thanks D.L.) that Coleen Boyle of NIH was in charge back in the day of creating junk science for the Dept of Veterans Affairs denying a link between Agent Orange and medical problems. That let them deny payments to injured families. She got away with it until Admiral Zumwalt went to the President and laid out the science. But Boyle has moved up in the world. Now, she is the perfectly inept appearing gov't flack you see at every vaccine hearing o the Hill, pendantically denying the fact that vaccines cause brain damage. She's been doing it since at least 2000. My personal opinion is that she is only about half as stupid, dull, and uninterested in human suffering as she pretends to be.

Jeannette Bishop

I don't know whether the trust is instinctive, or a product of years of indoctrination maybe, but once broken other false and corrupt aspects of life seem to become more recognizable (at least that's my experience) and they seem to be more the norm than the exception.

Here's a couple I've recently been made aware of, not related to vaccination, but with a familiar pattern of abuse:

Toxic synergy of Roundup components and inadequate EPA research to quantify the risk:

Investigation required to find out an unelected bureaucrat knew he was involved in harm and his only concern seemed to be to keep it quiet for as long as possible:

I so hope that you are right, that more are in a position to see the corruption in vaccination as well and what's at stake if mandates are allowed to take over.

david m burd

Correction: Of course I meant 1976 was the correct year for Ft. Dix Swine Flu Vaccine Fiasco (with Pres. Ford) - with so many vaccine disasters I need to keep a better scorecard!

david m burd

Cia, and ps to All,

I earlier cited the 2009 H1N1 (Swine) Flu hysteria and the ignorance of our many Presidents.

When Obama declared a National Emergency in 2009, he also had $7 Billion spent for hundreds of millions of flu-vaccine doses to be made/distributed, and injected into 6 month old babies (and again at 7 months) per the CDC guidelines.

The CDC guidelines (on their Official Site - still accessible) clearly stated a full amount of Thimerosal (25 micrograms in infant doses) was in the H1N1 vaccine, and, additionally, that Thimerosal was completely harmless. And, parents were told to get TWO (2) shots for their infants and kids.

I have little doubt this horrendously toxic injection of multiple H1N1 Swine Flu vaccines into American babies in the Fall of 2009 has resulted in yet another increase of autism-spectrum kids that has not YET been reported, since the reporting systems from our corrupt CDC - on purpose - lag by years, and thus obfuscate as much as possible the damage BY vaccines.

The H1N1 flu shots are but one example (and a big one); with the present hysteria prompting/coercing millions of more redundant measles/other vaccines, the CDC thus generates an impossibly complicated Rubics Cube as to pin down any one of their inexcusable crimes they perpetuate to all of us.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Dan - The discussion must now be focused on exactly (not generally) how the brain is affected by toxic substances. Specific effects of a drug on the brain should be required before it is ever given for any purpose. Epidemiological statistics should no longer be cited as “science.”

I looked in PubMed: malaria drug neurotoxicity. Several articles discuss the auditory and vestibular problems associated with anti-malarial drugs, and cite research from decades ago that revealed brainstem damage. The recent article by RL Nevin (2014) is worth reading.

Brainstem damage caused by toxic substances (including mercury) should by now be common knowledge. See the translation by AD Thomson et al. of Wernicke’s case reports. The purest form of Wernicke’s encephalopathy was produced by experimental asphyxiation of newborn monkeys. Such complete blockage of metabolism rarely occurs with survival. However, many reports have been published of brainstem pathology caused by chemical exposures.

Vulnerability of the auditory system is relevant to the language disorder in autism. Injuries within the vestibular system, oculomotor nuclei, and autonomic centers are also relevant to autism. It is time to turn from general comments about vaccine injury, to specific effects on specific areas of the brain.

david m burd

Don't feel too bad about what President you vote for: ALL Presidents after Eisenhower are completely ignorant of medical issues, and go lock-step by what CDC et al. tells them to do.

There's countless examples but the 1997 Ft. Dix panic on Swine Flu is classic. Pres. Ford even had himself injected on national TV, as the vaccine-carnage was unfolding; and then he called it all off; but only after hundreds had died from the flu-shot, and countless citizens paralyzed and permanently damaged. ALL because a single soldier died at Ft. Dix allegedly from a pneumonia-related flu. With a single death the Out-Of-Control CDC swung into action - and this what still happens even more so today with the measles hysteria, completely ginned up by Mainstream Media as stooges for CDC and Pharma,

Obama in 2009 declared a National Emergency when he idiotically promoted even more newly-manufactured flu-shots for the H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic (that was a complete and obvious fabrication to anybody who really checked). This 2009 iatrogenic disaster - caused by the H1N1 flu shots (full Thimerosal preservatives) - is reported to have CAUSED over 3,000 spontaneous abortions in the U.S. alone, and countless serious/chronic injuries - FROM the flu shots. Ford and Obama and all the rest of our recent Presidents, regardless of political party, are led by their noses by CDC and incredibly moronic politically appointed Surgeon Generals.

As bad, or worse, are virtually all Congressional Members and it doesn't matter what political party; the "doctors" in Congress are all Indoctrinated Fools.

However, there are HEROES in Congress but they are not degreed doctors; heroes like Posey, Burton, Maloney and others.


Rosy curler,
I too have tried to vote on both white house vaccine realted petitions but as you say they are stuck. Could someone contact the whitehouse about these phony petitions that are stuck. They should be fixed and have the period extended to make up for the days they stopped showing votes.

Anita Donnellly

Everyone call the whitehouse comment line next week and report that the petition is stuck.
The number is 202-456-1111.
Great story about Latium.
Maybe we can get forensic files to text toxicology and find out about the stuff in shots.


Now I'm doing to see that Law and Order episode.

The real life episodes? I've seen one too many.


Obviously Dr. Sanjay Gupta knows there is more to all this than he will admit on air. He has chosen, like so many others, to put money over integrity.

cia parker

You're right, I had several friends tell me today that they signed it when I sent it to them last night, and yet the figure has not budged, and, obviously, thousands more besides them have since signed it. Will Obama read complaints about his system of listening to the concerns of his populace not working, or perhaps being deliberately sabotaged? It would appear that Muslims are the only group he's concerned about. I'm not holding my breath, I am so disappointed in him, I wish I'd just stayed home and not voted the twice I voted for him.


On 2.28.2015 I googled White House Petitions and found that the petition had only 361 signatures and 99 639 yet to go!

we petition the obama administration to:
Require Vaccine Makers Submit Annual Independent 3rd Party Evidence Their Products Are Safe To Remain Protected by NVICA...

Anne J

The White House petition to Prohibit Any Laws Mandating the Force and Requirement of Vaccinations of Any Kind" is STILL "stuck" at 56,791.
This is such BS! I seriously doubt this is an accident (I'm guessing it will mysteriously be fixed March 7th).
EVERYONE should be writing their Congressmen and Senators and letting them know what is going on.

Angus Files

When they used yours and Marks story was that Hollywood's kiss of death to your factual news?As we know, Hollywood influences a lot of people from toddlers up.

By using a factual story would the viewers like to believe the happy ending or the factual ending.

As we know vaccine damage never unfolds in a neat,entertaining ,amusing narrative Hollywood style,and must adapt our shit stories into a story that does entertain and amuse.

At the same time blurs real factual life of vaccine conundrum


B Gregory

I thought vaccines were always oversold but really didn't investigate them until about 2010 when the peanut allergy epidemic was front page news. The Internet makes research easy. And I found the direct cause of the allergy epidemic. Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to self-affirm GRAS ingredients. They do a study. Pay some experts to read it and approve. Then the ingredient becomes GRAS. GRAS ingredients can be used in any pharmaceutical and nothing is ever submitted to the government and it is ILLEGAL to divulge these trade secret ingredients that are protected by international law. But they did list plenty of the ingredients in patents....


Dan, I began researching vaccines several years ago when my youngest son was diagnosed with Asperger's. With all my research, all the books and DVD's I have studied, all the classes I have attended, and all I have been through with therapies and the school system, even my relatives don't buy the idea that vaccines are causing harm. I even have a nephew who just had a child who had to be hospitalized after vaccines were administered at a well check, and still no one wants to acknowledge the elephant in the one wants to hear there may be a problem with vaccines. Now they are recommending that grandparents get certain vaccines in order to be around their grandchildren. The blinders seem to be on, and if people don't see it when it is happening right before their eyes in their own family, then when will they see it? My heart aches for the children coming down the pike who will be subjected to even more dangerous vaccines. The bottom line seems to be that - yes, like the tobacco companies who denied any connection to cancer - perhaps once enough children are damaged people will get a clue....then perhaps there will always be those who will have every excuse not to see what is right before their eyes. I pray every day that the truth comes out in a way that is undeniable. I appreciate more than you know all the work you do at Age of Autism to stay on top of this issue.....and to keep plugging away to inform the public. Thank you so very much!!!!!


Dan; I am so impressed that it was your work that to Lariam story on "Law and Order". I did not know that!


Michelle F

Truth can only be hidden for so long. Like you, many are becoming untrusting of the medical establishment and their incestuous relationship with the CDC and our Elected (and appointed) Officials. Keep sharing!

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you, Dan, for this insightful piece.

Jon Poling said that to Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN in 2008. Gupta didn't challenge ANYTHING that Dr. Poling said about Hannah's regression into autism following her vaccinations.

However, it didn't take Gupta long to forget all about Hannah Poling and the concession from government medical experts at HHS. Following that he berated Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 2011, and he spent the next few years denying any link between vaccines and autism.

It's hard to understand this kind behavior. How can so many who know the truth turn their backs on the suffering of a generation of children?

Anne Dachel, Media

Maurine Meleck

Many people don't want to see the truth for lots of different reasons. For two months I have been sending out flyers to doctors, other medical personnel, autism support groups etc in order to bring "Trace Amounts" to Augusta Ga. The response have been nothing short of dismal. The medical community in my opine refuses to be confronted with anything other than their previously held ideas. A leader of an autism support group sent out a link to the film and prefaced it with "this film is not anti-vaccine" which tells me that even many have those who have experienced autism up close and personal are still reluctant to blame vaccines. "Trace Amounts" is hardly a flag waving celebration to run and get vaccinated. Am I irritated with the poor response? Yes. Am I surprised? No.

Bob Moffitt

@ David

That is a great cite for information on "excipients" .. thanks for posting.

david m burd

Dan, Parents who need confidence when questioning the real dangers of vaccines need only to have this list of what is actually in that vaccine vial about to be injected into their baby:

This comprehensive List is from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. I might add (brought up by others in earlier posted Comments) that a "trace" of an excipient such as Thimerosal may comprise up to 3 Billion Billion atoms of ethyl mercury; of course it should be obvious that NONE of the other excipients are anything BUT positive nourishment, and can only do some degree of harm.

Last, but hardly least, the vaccines' injection doses for babies are usually but 1/2 the dose-volume injected into adults who are 20 times larger. Roll up your sleeves, anyone?

Bob Moffitt

"Presidential candidates stumble forward into a looming debate on vaccine mandates, safety, necessity, and choice --and autism"

I believed .. given the opportunity .. I would have voted for Dr. Benjamin Carson .. former neuro-surgeon thinking of running for President as a Republican .. UNTIL .. he unequivocally stated ALL children MUST be vaccinated .. appearing outright hostile to .. and .. arrogantly dismissive of .. parental "informed consent" rights.

This from a candidate that speaks with passion regarding our Constitution .. written specifically to protect the rights of the individual over the power of the state.

As far as I am concerned .. if the candidate cannot "get it right" on parental informed consent .. the candidate simply does not deserve my vote. PERIOD.

To say I am extremely disappointed in Carson would be a gross understatement.

John Stone

Hi Dan,

Well said. A fundamental of bureaucracies seem to be that they lie and cheat knowing that even if they are momentarily exposed there isn't very much we can normally do about it. I remember Robert Redford at the end of the card game in the Sting walking away with the explanation "I cheat better than you do!". For the most part these people do not cheat very well and it is not even a matter of science it is a matter of cheating (and lying) but even when they get exposed it doesn't result in anything being reversed or changed. David Lewis's recent book is a testament to that.

This morning we see that the Washington Kremlin are apparently blocking the petition against vaccine mandates - stuck on 56,791 signatures for nearly 24 hours when it just seemed to be taking off with a deadline of 6 March to get 100,00 signatures. It is beyond belief that they don't have the technical resources to run a petition website so we can only assume that they are doing it deliberately. Cheating, that is.

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