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ACTION ALERT: Oregon SB 442 Seeks To Make Vaccine Exemptions More Difficult for Parents

Hoop on FireFrom Autism Action Network:

Oregon, you need to get on the phone now if you want to protect your right to exemptions from mandatory vaccines for your children to attend school. State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward has introduced Senate Bill 442 that would force all parents to have either a signature by a healthcare provider or a certificate verifying a parent has completed an online vaccine-education module.

Amendments could eliminate the online module option or even the non-medical exemption altogether. Steiner Hayward, a Democrat from Portland, is using her position as majority whip to fast track the bill with a hearing scheduled for this Wednesday in Salem.  Rep. Knute Buehler, a Republican from Bend, has stated he will submit a companion bill in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Here’s what you can do to protect your rights. Click on the link below to send emails to your State Senator and your Representative telling them that you support vaccine choice.

Oregon Action Alert
A hearing of the Senate Health Care Committee on Senate Bill 442 is scheduled to start at 3 pm, Wednesday, Feb. 18, in the state Capitol, Room HR A, 900 Court St. N.E. in Salem. Please attend.
And the name and phone number of your Representative and State Senator should appear below. Please call them and let them know politely that you oppose Senate Bill 442.
Senate Bill 442 has been sponsored by the following State Senators. Please give them a call and politely let them know that you do not appreciate their attempt to make healthcare decisions for your children.
No coherent case has been made why parents’ right to chose should be taken away. Instead of taking away Oregonians rights in response to vaccine industry induced measles hysteria there should be a complete and honest review of Oregon’s vaccine policies.
The majority of Americans live in the 19 states where parents have the absolute final say in what is injected into their children’s bodies. Parental choice is the standard in the developed democracies. Parents have final say in Canada, the UK, Japan, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. And it is ludicrous to say that Oregon would have better health outcomes than those countries and states have
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This is not a matter of whether or not you agree with vaccination. Government should NEVER force any medical care. Bill 442 is a complete violation of our rights for sure. If you still wish to vaccinate your child, then do so. Don't make others do it if they don't agree. The unvaccinated children won't get the vaccinated children sick..that is unless they fear a vaccine isn't effective.


What are "childhood imitations"?

Dr. Kozel does not wish to stick around to discuss her position. How Offitesque of her.

John Stone


Who are the Autism Project when they are at home?

The trouble is that while arguing about who is rational you are just engaging in abuse. At a certain level standing up against powerful interests may appear irrational, but when you confuse those interests with rationality that is irrational.

It would not be the first time in history when very powerful people have been wrong.

maggie kozel

Does your readership know that the Autism Project strongly endorses adhering to the current guidelines for childhood imitations? Arguing with you about the facts - vaccinations do not cause autism - is like arguing with global warming deniers. So I am not going to spend any more time doing that. Just going to keep getting the message out to rational, responsible people who want reliable information. Check out Autism Project. Get your children immunized. Its the safe and responsible thing to do.

Maggie Kozel, MD

Katharina J Johnson

Taking away constitutional rights (freedom of religion) etc. is not something that the State has the right to do. If there is a change to the first amendment it needs to happen at the Federal level and not the state level.

Katharina J Johnson

This bill violates the Nurnberg Treaty which the United States has signed.

Peter Miles

What a laugh - "an online vaccine-education module". Maybe one of the items in the module could be Merck's insert for MMR, or a list of possible adverse reactions to Gardisil, or what to do if your doctor refuses to submit a VAERS report.


When i called the receptionist didn't want any info or anything...kinda dont feel that message will be passed along or that they even care. I however will not vote or support or donate or volunteer for anyone who aligns with taking away my medical choices


I think there needs to be a correction in reference to the bill number. I called and the gentlemen said it was bill number 442 Not 422.

Angela Warner

This is the original column that ran on Oregon Live. They ARE going after the religious exemption. The philosophical you can pretty much kiss goodbye unless ... well that's obvious.


Representative Buehler is in the House, not the Senate. He has agreed to sponsor the House Bill but won't be part of the committee hearing tomorrow.

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