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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

If the CDC wants to stop the spread of measles, they need to stop spreading autism. It's nowhere near an acceptable tradeoff. 

Repeat after us: Vaccines recommended by the CDC are causing the epidemic of autism and related disorders in America’s children. That is far worse than any conceivable risk from measles or any other vaccine preventable disease any American child could conceivably catch in modern day America.

That is the argument Mark Blaxill and I lay out in our new book, Vaccines 2.0, about the bloated and runaway vaccine schedule, and that is what makes the media and mainstream medicine's obsession with the measles cases out of Disneyland downright goofy. Yes it's also true as we’ve reported here, that the vaccine isn't terribly effective, that vaccinated people are spreading it, that many of the cases may not even be measles, that measles as it exists in a first world country in the 21st century is not a fatal illness (see chart), that catching measles might be an immunologically useful event in a person’s life that it is dangerous to interrupt.

There are good or at least interesting arguments for all these things. But -- and here is the heart of the matter -- whether any of them are true, measles is not worth fighting when it is glued to a public health strategy that leads directly to the epidemic of chronic and developmental diseases now besetting us.

Of course, to use the shorthand by which journalists introduce controversy, others disagree. They say a link between vaccines and autism has been disproven when it has only grown. They say it has been discredited when it has only been confirmed. They say it has been debunked when it has only been suppressed.

But this is where we have to take our stand, on first principles. It's basic logic (I believe it's called modus ponens, and I learned it in junior high). If the current vaccine schedule is responsible for the rise of autism and related disorders, then the conquest of such diseases as measles would need to be evaluated in that disturbing context, and not just on its own merits as standalone public health developments.

Well, in fact, (“well” and “in fact” are not part of modus ponens), the current vaccine schedule is responsible for those things, and therefore, the discussion about measles must occur in that context. And in that context, it's not worth the price, not by a long shot.

The bottom line that needs to be emphasized is that we aren't anti-vaccine (except for those of us who are, which is fine, they're friends of mine and we are pleased to run their posts, but it is not the only skillful means to address the issue at hand). In my view we don't need to end vaccination in general or the measles vaccine in particular to end the age of autism, which is our stated goal here at Age of Autism – to put ourselves out of business by putting the world right. What we are is anti autism- and autoimmune-epidemic, anti-government corruption and cover-up, anti-CDC-pharma revolving  door, anti-big media as stenographic bobbleheads nodding yes and taking notes every time a weird looking Public Health Service bureaucrat with Republic of San Marco-style epaulets on their uniforms opens their mouths.

Why is it important to state and restate this? It’s important because, to reverse the modus ponens outcome, if vaccines weren't responsible for these things -- for creating and perpetuating the age of autism -- few of us would be spending much attention analyzing measles or the measles vaccine. A measles vaccine or MMR that did no harm -- or only the 1 in a million, so rare it's impossible to know if it's a vaccine adverse event fantasyland -- would not be exercising most of us.

Rather, it is the overwhelmingly lopsided toll of the current vaccine schedule on Americas children that makes the MMR’s administration at age 1, as a combination live virus vaccine given on the same day as the live virus chickenpox vaccine, surrounded by the whole bloated, dangerous and untested vaccination schedule, including virus-potentiating mercury and aluminum, that makes measles at Disneyland such a Goofy distraction.

We are winning, and we will prevail, in the marketplace of ideas when the idea we champion is that the current vaccine schedule is the cause of the age of autism and that we can end that, and still prevent the rise or reoccurrence, of deadly diseases. That is not the same as ending all vaccination – though again, that is a view held by folks we respect.

I predicted Ebola would disappear quickly as a health threat in the United States (but watch out for the return of paralytic Enterovirus 68, the looming polio of the 21st century). I will also predict that if Ebola or E68 resurged, and if a vaccine were available, parents would flock to it. You wouldn't need a mandate.

What we need to work toward, and what healthy democracies generally come around to, is more freedom and more choice, more information and more debate -- not more mandates, more central planning and more suppression of dissent because it is too dangerous for the common folk to hear. Right now we are teetering on that precipice, and it is not entirely clear how things will go, which is why so many of us consider this a fight worth waging, not just for public health reasons but for the health of our political system and our world. 

But that is the cost vaccine zealotry and media mindlessness. As my colleague Mark Blaxill points out, in a free market, in which reliable information drove decisions and consumer choice enabled them, nobody would pay this cost, and vaccination, like any other marketplace option, would arrive at a healthy equilibrium.

I always like to invoke the words of Jon Poling in these situations. If the media were honest they would describe him as the father of a child, Hannah, whose autistic regression after vaccination showed that the bloated vaccine schedule does in fact cause autism; and that the U.S. government – the same one that enforces the vaccine schedule! – stipulated this in court. As Jon said of Hannah in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “She was a healthy girl who was developing normally until she received nine vaccines (DTP, Hib, MMR, polio & varicella) on one day at 19 months of age.”

At least half of those vaccines were against diseases that were no threat to Hannah or any other American child-- diphtheria, tetanus, mumps, polio and varicella – because they either aren’t circulating or aren’t worth worrying about. What would have happened if those vaccines weren’t given at all, or given later, if the MMR had been broken up and none of its components given till later? And if children were tested for possible vaccine contra-indications – like the mito anomaly the government claims might have triggered her vaccine reaction. Well, Hannah might have been one of those children for whom the risk of measles was far less than the risk of an autism-inducing vaccination.

I wrote this in 2008 when some cases of measles were leading to similar talk: “Let me tell you one reason why I'm not shy or circumspect about squarely blaming the CDC for this -- because Jon Poling, Hannah's dad, predicted something like this, or much worse, just a few week ago. And he said just what I'm saying. In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on April 11, he wrote:

‘The current vaccine schedule, co-sponsored by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics, injures a small but significant minority of children, my daughter unfortunately being one of those victims. Every day, more parents and some pediatricians reject the current vaccine schedule. In an abundance of caution, meaningful reform must be performed urgently to prevent the re-emergence of serious diseases like polio or measles.

‘As a neurologist, I have cared for those afflicted with SSPE (a rare but dreaded neurological complication of measles), paralytic polio and tetanus. If these serious vaccine-preventable diseases again become commonplace, the fault will rest solely on the shoulders of public health leaders and policymakers who have failed to heed the writing on the wall (scribbled by my 9-year old daughter).’

“Dr, Poling is the real deal," I continued, "educated at Johns Hopkins, devoted both to his daughter and his patients, tempered by reality. He's mild-mannered. He's mainstream. He's credible. To repeat for emphasis:

“He says that if a disease like measles emerges again, ‘the fault will rest solely on the shoulders of public health leaders and policymakers.’”

So we end where we began, bolstered I hope by some logic, perspective, and the neurologist-father of a child whose autistic regression after vaccination shows why measles is not the overwhelming threat we face: If the CDC wants to stop the spread of measles, they need to stop spreading autism. Otherwise, we’re going to end up with lots more of both.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism



The measles chart is good but unfinished. Show deaths and autism from the beginning of the measles vaccine, and the beginning of the MMR.

What happened to children after those vaccines came on the market?

Plot the rest of the chart.


Please provide the source for your graph of Measles Mortality.

Jeannette Bishop


I do agree that tetanus is not a non-existent threat, I've just heard conflicting representations of the value of the vaccine itself.

I couldn't find the correct video, but there is one where Suzanne Humphries goes into great detail about the differences in combat conditions during WW1 & WWII (use of horses in the first war, etc), and they seemed to me significantly different enough in ways that could affect the rate of tetanus without the vaccine, so I guess I want better data?



We've been seeing Randy since our now 21 year old son was 2 years old. So yeah - long time now.

I will definitely ask him about this tetanus issue. And sorry - I know you didn't ask for my opinion about this issue, but in this one instant, I completely disagree with Randy on this tetanus issue.

I will never, ever allow ANY vaccine to enter my bloodstream or that of our son's, if given a choice (and I do hope I never lose that option).


...not to mention that when one receives a so-called tetanus vaccine, you're always given the Dtap (which is what I have found I was given during my second trimester for a very mild cat scratch).

cia parker

To me it seems as though we can't get a feel for how common tetanus is since close to everyone has had the DPT or DTaP series as children. Unless someone can do a reliable study showing that for some reason there are no longer many tetanus spores in the environment, and I guess it would be possible, all species of everything go up and down, I think it's an ever-present danger. Looking at the 1500 cases of tetanus in 1923, the large number of tetanus cases in WWI as compared to WWII, and the maybe 10 cases a year now, usually in older people, I think the vaccine is effective for a long time, may be dangerous, but is probably worth the risk every forty years or so.

cia parker

You're lucky, I wish he could be our physician. Maybe you could ask him next time you see him. Did he see your children when they were little? He probably realizes that vaccine protection lasts at least forty years and possibly longer. As much as I loathe and fear vaccines, I think for most children at least two, the dT is probably a good idea. Hilary Butler said that the dT seemed to cause fewer reactions than the single tetanus vaccine.



I don't know for sure, so don't quote me, but Dr. Neustaedter's stance on the tetanus vaccine MAY have changed since he published that book.

I say this because Randy is our physician; he has NEVER suggested any of us receive a tetanus vaccine (booster or otherwise).

Having said the above, here is what I found re Neustaeder's stance on the tetanus vaccine (which shocks the heck out of me, I have to say):

"Tetanus is a potentially life-threatening disease; Infection occurs through wounds.

Incidence of tetanus is approximately 50 cases per year for the past 10 years; less than 10 of these cases are under 30 years old, and these cases are rarely fatal;

A series of tetanus toxoid injections does provide protection from tetanus for at least 10 years. Tetanus immune globulin protects unvaccinated individuals if they receive an injection soon after injury;

Immediate vaccine reactions are usually mild, though many severe reactions have been reported, some of them causing permanent disability and a few fatalities. Long-term adverse effects are unknown.."

Jeannette Bishop

re tetanus (I'm still trying to get a feel for whether the vaccine is effective), Dr. Humphries presents some info that suggests we could be attributing causation to correlation inaccurately: (briefly around 23 minutes, more particularly @ 34 minutes & 48:50 minutes, WW1 vs. WW2 info @ 55 minutes)

cia parker

It would be good to wait to get the tetanus vaccine until the child is one or even two, when he's running around outside and falling and getting injured in other ways. No need to do it in the first year.

cia parker

I think that while like, with all vaccines, vaccine failure can occur, that the tetanus vaccine is highly effective in preventing tetanus. Randall Neustaedter in the Vaccine Guide, says: "There is no question that a series of tetanus toxoid injections is highly effective at preventing tetanus (Edsall G., et al, "Specific prophylaxis of tetanus," JAMA 1959; 171: 417-427). This has been documented in several large studies during WWII, and with studies in large groups of horses. The fact that nearly all recent tetanus cases in the US occurred in individual who had not received the recommended schedule of vaccinations provides further evidence that active immunization is extremely effective (257)."
Aviva Jill Romm in Vaccinations, says: "Broadscale use of tetanus vaccine among American soldiers in 1941 led to significant declines in wartime cases of tetanus as compared with rates from WWI. WWI rates were 700 cases per 520,000 wounded; WWII rates were 12 per 2.73 wounded... improved hygiene and wound care (caused a significant decline before the vaccine) (73). "
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn said, in How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, "There is no scientific evidence indicating how often tetanus boosters are required or whether they are required at all. Millions of American servicemen received tetanus inoculations when they entered service in WWII. Although four decades have passed (at that time), the evidence is, with few exceptions, their immunity has lasted to the present. That seems to be a powerful argument against the need for routine tetanus boosters at any scheduled interval shorter than 40 years." (194)

The record for tetanus cases in the U.S. was set in 1923, when there were 1,560 cases. While good wound care can prevent tetanus caused by wound that can be flushed, about half of all tetanus cases are caused by splinters or animal bites, wounds that inject the spores into the flesh, but that cannot be readily flushed. Tetanus is not contagious, being spread by spores which live in the digestive tract of many mammals. When they poop and the poop eventually turns to dust, it can be spread by the wind and land on many surfaces. It was most common in the southeast of the U.S. As far as I know, no one knows if the level of spores in the environment has gone down, up, or remained the same, since most people get the series of vaccine in early childhood and protection lasts for at least forty years and possibly much longer, no one knows how many would get the disease if no one vaxed.

The vaccine can cause side effects,in those who get it, but in most people it doesn't appear to cause severe ones. In some it does. It is the one vaccine I recommend that people seriously consider. The chances are not great that you get it, but you're around the spores all the time, and it is possible. The disease can be treated, and only 10% die of it these days, but it is painful and requires being in the hospital for several weeks. It seems probable that if no one vaxed, we'd see well over 1500 cases a year, with our population having grown so much since the 1920s. Everyone must make his or her own choice, but I think the disease risk is ever-present, the disease extremely painful and dangerous, the vaccine usually pretty safe, and I think it's extremely effective at preventing tetanus.

Birgit Calhoun

I just read the following New York Times article. It's amazing how strident the tone is, and how much space Seth Mnookin is given considering that he is no expert at all. And do examine this considering how disinformation gets spread.

Jeannette Bishop

The media could be informing the public regarding ways to boost health in so many ways instead of mainly selling vaccines in the guise of reporting. They also could fill reams of screen investigating all the factors in the measles outbreak if there was interest in ways that could also be illustrating.

Apologies that the below is largely a repeat of my last comment on another post.

Measles in the Philippines played a big roll in the early 2014 outbreaks here in the U.S. (maybe still is?):

"Almost half (22 [49%]) of these importations were travelers returning from the Philippines, where a large outbreak has been occurring since October 2013."

It seems that typhoon refugees created an opportunity to mass vaccinate, never mind vaccine status:

Cases in the Philippines were seemingly increasing before the typhoon:

But this increase comes after what appears to have been another measles vaccine push in 2011:

After a previous push in 2004 and 2007:

"Nationwide mass immunization campaigns such as this have enjoyed a better coverage rate than regular implementation of the Expanded Program of Immunization. Previous measles campaigns conducted in 2004 and 2007 both reached 95 percent coverage, a level never achieved by the regular programs. This prompted the DOH to implement the nationwide door-to-door strategy to fight off the threat of measles."

I noted that the year 2012 had a particularly low number of measles cases in the Philippines, so perhaps the vaccination surge (pulse?) in 2011 had that short term benefit (whatever the risk), but the last link also mentions giving free vitamin A capsules.

"Aside from vaccines, some local governments will also be giving out free capsules of Vitamin A, which is an important micronutrient for good eyesight, strong bones, and a healthy immune system."

I don't know if this was a one time dose or something parents could use throughout the year, but it might be possible that this intervention should be given at least some of the credit for the low 2012 measles outcome?

What would happen if disease prevention resources were spent more on such measures? Would we see fewer importations of measles, less reason to be concerned about measles, and less disability due to vaccination?




The may be more to the tetanus picture, than just questionable vaccine efficacy.

This link ( is to an article by Ellen Bolte titled " Does tetanus play a role in autism? "

It points to some eerie similarities between the symptoms of autism, and those of a subacute infection of tetanus.


Great comment, Laura. I hope you will consider adding to your list of evil corporate entities, the telecommunications industry, now the largest in the world, who is deliberately suppressing the science and information about the safe use of their products and technologies while aggressively promoting and funding widespread use.

Laura Hayes

David M Burd: Thank you for making the important clarifications you did regarding reported vs. actual cases of measles, and regarding the past and present falsified reporting by our nation's deception-and-corruption-ridden CDC. I always read your comments with great anticipation, as they are always astute and interesting!

Danchi: Thank you so much for this important information regarding tetanus. I have shared it with my email group. Additionally, Dr. Russell Blaylock has stated that if one gets a deep wound that was caused by something which might have been contaminated with live tetanus, the wound should first be washed well, then irrigated with hydrogen peroxide. When I sent that to my group, someone immediately responded that calendula is even better than hydrogen peroxide because it has stronger disinfecting power without the potential side effect of a burn. I will need to do some research on this, as it's the first I've heard about using calendula.


Weird! The following article 1-30-2015 NYT also has a graph about measles. It is not measles mortality, as AoA posts, but cases of measles. The NYT graph is halfway down the page on the left margin.

The strange part (and I just can't figure out why)- is the NYT graph starts in 1963 but AoA graph goes back to 1900:

I guess NYT could not fit all those numbery squiggly liney thingies going back to 1900- just not enough room to extend the graph back that far. There motto, after all, is Only The Propaganda Approved by Our Corporate/Government Pimps Is Fit to Print.


Dear Dr. Simon,
You have done an outstanding job of speaking out and delivering the information to the responsible parties. They know. They are not acting on that information or on the information presented to them by other experts who have testified before them such as Drs. Rimland, Poling, Wakefield, and Weldon, as just a few examples, because they are criminals.

Concerned momma

If CDC wants to stop spread of measles they need to stop spreading autism. It is nowhere near an acceptable trade off. Well said!


"I think tetanus is a potential threat to everyone. Its spores are ubiquitous in the environment"

Just some things to think about:

"Did you know there is NO diagnostic test for tetanus? So how do we know a person actually has tetanus. Symptoms of tetanus are similar to symptoms of some other toxic poisonings. We have no test to prove the person has tetanus. And good wound care is far and away your best treatment for dirty injuries. And the risk for tetanus is not the same in every area of the country. And tetanus vaccine is one vaccine that I get many many emails on from people telling me of damage to themselves or their children that doesn't go away - tetanus like symptoms. The vaccine is so extremely toxic its been diluted and diluted.........and still causing problems in some. And does it even work? Questionable."--Sheri Nakken RN

"How can the Tetanus vaccine induce immunity, when contracting the disease naturally does not give immunity?"--NVIC

"Wounds that bleed will never result in tetanus because the tetanus bacillus is anaerobic. It is absolutely silly to vaccinate boys who cut their knees. The only reason behind that is money."--Dr Buchwald MD

"Tetanus is a very rare disease in developed countries: there are only about 12 cases of tetanus per year in Australia, and half of those who got it were vaccinated. Perhaps the most interesting thing about tetanus is that those who get it do not develop immunity to it.........Far from immunising, tetanus (and other) vaccine injections make the recipients more susceptible to diseases. ......the New England Journal of Medicine published in 1984 that tetanus booster injections result in the same derangement of T4 and T8 cells as seen in AIDS patients. A 'mysterious' new syndrome emerged in the US: thousands of children are developing AIDS symptoms (with deranged T4 and T8 cells) without being HIV positive My well-considered opinion is that it comes from that T (standing for tetanus) in the DPT vaccine."---Viera Scheibner

The tetanus vaccine over the decades has been progressively weakened in order to reduce the considerable reaction (fever and swelling) it used to cause. Accompanying this reduction in reactivity has been a concomitant reduction in antigenicity (the ability to confer protection). Therefore, there is a good chance that today’s tetanus vaccine is about as effective as tap water. Dr Mendelsohn MD
(The People’s Doctor Newsletter 1976-1988)


Eileen Nicole Simon

Vaccination is the most visible possible "cause" of autism. Investigation of brain vulnerability to vaccination and vaccine components should have been aggressively undertaken more than a decade ago. Vulnerability of the brain to other possible perinatal "causes" of autism should likewise have long ago been considered.

Concerns of parents should always have been taken seriously, but medical authority has always refused to discuss questions raised by "ordinary people."

The autism epidemic could have been prevented. Autism is diagnosed on the basis of clear neurological signs: (1) Diminished level of consciousness (LOC), aka social indifference, (2) Language disorder, (3) Repetitive (choreo-athetoid) movements, and (4) Oculomotor defect, aka lack of eye contact.

Much evidence on brain damage by asphyxia at birth was published between 1959-1974. This should have stimulated research on how to improve safety of childbirth. No, what happened? To measure oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the umbilical cord, a protocol to clamp the cord immediately after birth was put in place. Where did these wizards learn physiology???

Brain damage caused by valproic acid was reported in 2011 in nine cases of autism, and in laboratory rats. This excellent research has been deliberately ignored. I know, because I repeatedly asked for this to be discussed by the IACC. The brain was affected by this toxic substance in a pattern very similar to that caused by asphyxia at birth.

I have cited research many times on AOA, and in comments to the IACC, about brain damage caused by mercury, lead, chemotherapy drugs, herbicides, nerve gas, and other poisons. The brain is affected by these toxic substances also in patterns very similar to that caused by asphyxia at birth. What could I do to promote discussion of these findings???

I will continue to try for conversations about brain damage that should be considered as the cause autism.

david m burd

Laura Hayes, thanks for Lyn Redwood ref presented by SafeMinds. BUT, just like Dr. Poling insinuating measles is a dangerous disease to still be vaccinated against (as quoted by Dan), so does Lyn's article ambiguously say measles is a serious disease that parents naturally fear.

Also, many times (erroneous) measles death figures cited by Lyn are reported as valid, though small compared to the carnage brought by the measles & MMR vaccines, still arouses unwarranted fear.

I say "erroneous" because virtually all mortality figures spouted by CDC, etc., are biased and exaggerated, and have no validity to real history. For example, when CDC says there were 500,000 yearly measles cases back in the 1950's the truth is perhaps 500,000 were reported by doctors, but in fact virtually 100% of the 4 million kids passing annually through the "measles years" had such mild cases (if detectable at all) there was no reporting of such. Also, as done today, a recording of a "Flu" death (or a "measles" death" by CDC is completely corrupted and not the truthful cause of death.

We certainly are at an historic crisis, the future of a sane and healthy American Culture in utter peril.

Thank you Laura for your exhaustive work in exposing the vaccine world.


Why was the Urabe vaccine sent to Brazil having been hastily withdrawn from the UK market because of the same adverse reactions.I note one of the researchers was also involved in the North Thames study so widely quoted as proof MMR and autism are not connected.


The only way measles vaccine makes sense is if it is less harmful than measles and it isn't--obviously. I'm with the previous commenter who found injecting babies with toxins inexcusable. And now a recently reported study on the neurological effects of pain on infants during vaccination showed that pain alters brain patterns. It's hard for me not to think of infant vaccination as a form of child abuse with very long lasting consequences. We torture babies as we inject them with poisons, and call it preventative care.

Jeff C

@cia parker

Here's a paper Dr. Wakefield has mentioned regarding this very subject. It discusses the high incidence of meningitis seen in Brazil after a mass vaccination campaign using the Urabe-strain MMR vaccine:

The final sentence of the paper lays it out:
"During mass immunization campaigns a great number of individuals are vaccinated in a short period of time. Therefore even rare adverse events can readily be detected, and a causal link be established using appropriate methods."

The authors don't come right out and say it shouldn't be done, but there is much hand-wringing in the Discussion section regarding the toxic effects this has on "public confidence" in the vaccine program. The implication is pretty clear.

Laura Hayes

Dan, thanks for another thought-provoking and discussion-stimulating article to end a crazy and exhausting week for those of us fighting this vaccine mania and madness. And speaking of that mania and madness, Lyn Redwood wrote an excellent article for SafeMinds this week, to which I posted a lengthy reply. My reply is applicable to both her article and yours. Here is the link to her article followed by my comment in response to it:

Perhaps this is the level of vaccine mania and madness that our country needs to reach if the ship is to be righted. I spent over an hour on the phone today with a mother who was forced to vaccinate her foster child (a toddler) yesterday, with multiple vaccines, some of which were trivalent vaccines. Her foster child is presently in the midst of having terrible adverse reactions, plural, to the vaccines that were forced upon him as I type this. Her heart is breaking, BREAKING, because she knows better, and did not want him to be vaccinated. But thanks to state laws, the choice was not hers to make as his foster mother.

Hearing her story on the phone today, and thinking back to what vaccines did to our children when they received the newly-and-greatly-increased vaccine schedule of the 1990s, which included levels of mercury and aluminum that could and did kill, not to mention permanently disable as happened to our middle child, the following words immediately sprang forth in my mind:

Vaccination is tantamount to child abuse; homicide when it ends in death. There is no other way to put it. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are in fact physically abusing, and in some cases killing, fetuses, infants, toddlers, young children, teens, right on up to octogenarians and beyond, when they vaccinate them. I am done mincing words about this. Time to call a spade a spade.

There is now vast information out there about the HUGE dangers and inefficacies of vaccines (check out GSK's "highly secret document" that was released to an Italian court during the 2014 case to which Lyn refers in her article and see if you think there might just be a few HUGE dangers of the hexavalent Infanrix vaccine that was nonetheless incredulously approved for use in infants...and don't miss the "placebo" that was used...a pentavalent vaccine plus a 6th monovalent vaccine to equal all of the components in the hexavalent vaccine), and ALSO about the massive corruption and fraud behind their approvals, recommendations, use, and promotion...even after their ghastly effects are conclusively proven. New to this? Look up the CDC-sponsored "Simpsonwood Meeting" in Atlanta, GA in the year 2000 for a good starting place.

Poison for profits, people, time to wake up. I have come to the conclusion that vaccinating doctors are either feebleminded (as I said, the information is out there, and it's not that hard to read and interpret..or to notice the evidence of vaccine harm in our sickly and disabled children), immoral (don't care about the harm they are inflicting, just want that money to keep flowing in), inexcusably lazy/unethical (refuse to make time to educate themselves utilizing resources other than those from the vaccine-making companies and their counterparts in crime, the FDA and CDC), or a combination thereof. No more excuses. Injecting pregnant women, newborns, babies, and children with these toxic and heinous ingredients that overstimulate, inflame, and destroy the immune system, while also wreaking havoc on the nervous system, the brain, the GI tract, organs, and more, during highly critical times of development, CAN NO LONGER BE TOLERATED.

We are literally allowing our children to be poisoned, abused, and killed...not only by those who administer vaccines...but by all types of big corporations: pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, Monsanto (evil enough to get its own billing), the big "food" companies, the list goes on. Parents can either spend their time and energy waging war against their peers who are choosing not to poison their children with vaccines and other harmful/deadly products, or they can focus their attention on where the true dangers lie...with the likes of Merck, Monsanto, Dow, our corrupt government regulators, our beholden elected officials, our big-business-supported media, our corporate-controlled colleges and research institutions, etc.

There's not a lot of time left for people to wake up to what is happening. Not only are we allowing others to poison everything we need to survive, we're allowing them to poison our children directly, via syringes. Nothing more than common sense is needed to see that sticking needles filled with goodness knows what (and believe me, we really don't know what all is in those syringes, but that which we do know is hellacious enough) into tiny babies is asinine, cruel, and abusive beyond belief. Bet if someone bottle-fed those same ingredients to your baby you'd have them thrown in jail. Yet, you allow your child's doctor to inject them directly into your baby. Think about that, and think hard. Once in, you can't get those vaccines back out. You'll understand the consequences soon me.

cia parker

I read that the reason they don't give vaccines pulse style, the way they do polio vaccines in India, where every child gets the vax on such a day, even twice a year, is that then they couldn't deny the vaccine damage. If every four year-old child in America got the DTaP, polio, Hib, varicella, and MMR vaccines on January 2 of the year he turns one, then the ensuing vaccine damage would be impossible to deny. Just think, millions of normal one year-old children regressing into autism, bowel disease, asthma, etc., within weeks of each other! The rest of the year all placid and uneventful.


One very obvious void in the vaccine program is its lack of product follow-up.

And the dodges and excuses used in place of scientific analysis when vaccine adverse events are reported by consumers.

"Just a coincidence."

What kind of mind lets a mountain of similar vaccine injuries pile up, without clinical investigation or the slightest hint of scientific curiosity?

The ever-increasing vaccine juggernaut lurches constantly forward, never looking back. Only a mandated product protected from liability could continue on such a disastrous ethical path.

Angus Files

A good starting point me is I always say to my self ,how many parents would knowingly give a child autism through a syringe...

If we take the Autism rate to be 1 in2 in 10 years time as people predict...How many out of that number would re vaccinate a new born...My own personal experience is that meeting people that have a damaged vaccinated child the percentage is high who would not re vaccinate...Time is running out for Pharma and they know it ..that's when I think forced vaccines shall come into play 10 years time world wide for everyone, if not your bank card will be stopped, you will not eat, you will not buy gas, are they going to do it implants...all us objector's will be left to starve as all our records will be on the chip data...



"I will also predict that if Ebola or E68 resurged, and if a vaccine were available, parents would flock to it. You wouldn't need a mandate.."

Precisely. The same is true of any and all VPDs.....if, as and when a particular vaccine seems necessary, the problem would be to keep people from killing each other to be first in line. Money would be no object.

The current "recommended" schedule is about 47 does of 14 vaccines by age 5- hard to determine precisely, but this estimate excludes flu shots. If a parent chose to inflict any number of medically unnecessary procedures on a healthy infant, it would escalate to Childhood Protective Services.

The vaccine schedule demonstrates a sort of reverse Munchausen by Proxy. Health authorities demand medical procedures, lots of them, on healthy kids, so they won't get sick. The health authorities then bask in the glow of attention and authority as they care for the kids they made ill. Oh yeah- they also make gobs of money off the well kids and the sick ones. Anyone claiming vaccines are not a profit center needs to explain why national chain grocery stores, pharmacies, and burger joints are flogging them out the door.

cia parker

I agree that diphtheria and polio were no threat to Hannah because they're not around in the U.S. anymore, and that mumps and chickenpox were no threat to her, because they're nearly always mild, though both used to be very common. I think tetanus is a potential threat to everyone. Its spores are ubiquitous in the environment, but nearly everyone in the U.S. has received the primary series of vaccine against it, and Dr. Mendelsohn thought that protection from the vaccine lasted at least forty years, much longer than the ten they say. That means that we don't have any idea how common tetanus would be if nearly all children weren't routinely vaccinated for it. It can be treated, but still has at least a 10% death rate (much better odds than just a few years ago), and can be effectively treated with vitamin C if you can get the doctors to give it by IV in the hospital. But it's still painful and requires weeks of intensive, expensive treatment at the hospital when it occurs. I've been discussing with Linda and Sandy how dangerous the vaccine may be, we've all known people made ill in varying degrees by it, and it caused my MS, but that may have been a reaction to the mercury in it then (or maybe not, since tetanus also causes paralysis).

I don't think it's just the bloated vaccine schedule that is to blame for autism and all the other disabling conditions caused by vaccines. All the thousands of children killed or disabled by the DPT were not getting the many shots since added to the schedule. Autism occurred in the U.S. and the U.K. at a rate of three per ten thousand all through the '50s and '60s, before the measles vaccine (in the first part of this period) or the MMR. You could say that's not many, and you would be right, but is it too few to worry about? Especially when permanent disability or death from natural measles averages lower than three in 10,000, and would be lower still if everyone knew to give vitamin A and not give fever reducers, and to allow three weeks at home for recuperation to avoid secondary infections.
E68 is going to be an interesting new development, it will probably, like polio, be most common in the late summer and early fall, the way it was last year. If it's as like polio, another enterovirus, as it appears, it will mean 90% get immunity through subclinical infection, 10% will have severe respiratory infections, and less than 1% will have paralytic symptoms, which could be temporary or permanent. My daughter had it last August-September, and it caused an extremely severe and persistent cough for about a month, but then she got well, no paralysis. It infected thousands of kids here in the Midwest, and I read that a handful had been paralyzed, and the paralysis at that time showed no signs of wearing off. Is that the way polio was? How would parents decide whether to risk this kind of summer flu, which just gives permanent immunity in most cases, or get the future shot to prevent the what? one in a million, one in 100,000, one in 10,000 cases of permanent paralysis from the disease? And what if you could avoid that outcome by avoiding the use of pesticides, insecticides, and lawn chemicals?

We have no idea at this time if susceptible children would still react to the MMR with autism even if it were the only vaccine they received. Why would that be the only vaccine they received, why put all your vaccine-protection eggs into that one basket, when all three diseases are nearly always mild when they occur in children?


It has been painfully obvious to me for the last 30 years that the CDC can not find their way out of a wet paper bag.

It is up to the population.

Everyone wants the vaccines.
How do we educate everyone about all of this - when all we have is the internet?

And Fox News doctors like to curl their lip as they tell about parents getting information from the internet.

As my Father's doctor at the veteran's administration said last week.

"Where did you get your information"

I was not stupid enough to say the internet- I said Pubme and the vaccine insert.

Which made her mad

"Do you have a medical degree?"

Sigh, I can read on pubmed, and the vaccine insert - but like the rest of the masses out there -- I am too stupid to understand.

Except I do - more than she - that what she thinks she knows - she does not.
And she won't know untill her child is damaged. As Poling said once:

"I would never have believed it, untill it happened to us!"

As Dr. Wakefield said:
"That is a terrible way to find out that all this vaccine controversy is real!"

david m burd

Dr. Poling's family has my sincere compassion as do the now millions of American families cruelly stricken by corrupt medical leaders with their toxic, mandated vaccinations.

Yet, Dan, you and Dr. Poling keep implying and contradicting about measles being actually beneficial, then turn 180 degrees to say in so many words measles could yet again be a threat (as shown conquered BEFORE vaccines over 60 years ago).

Injecting vaccines and their extremely toxic excipients into fragile infants is NOT a coin of two sides. It's inexcusable no matter the contorted rationale of vaccine proponents. IF parents actually demand a vaccine then it's on themselves and their doctor's head.

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