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The Remarkable Progress of Two Sisters with Autism

2015 startPlease enjoy this uplifting article from the Morris County (NJ) Daily Record to launch the new year at Age of Autism. Sisters Jenny and Flora Rose are the daughters of AofA contributing writers Dr. Jonathan Rose and Dr. Gayle DeLong.    Their posts include:

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Sibling Perspective: What Autism Awareness Month Doesn’t Mean to Me

Progress and recovery are possible with hard work and yes, a bit of serendipity. We're delighted to celebrate the Rose girls' succecss.

Read the full article at the Morris County (MJ) Daily Record.

Ten years after their journey began, a Morris Township family plagued by a growing global health crisis — autism — has made remarkable progress on an unconventional path.

Jennifer Rose, 18, has improved more than her sister, Flora, 14, blossoming from a quiet child who struggled to speak and make friends to a Drew University freshman who dreams of being a writer and actor.

She's already started on a book that she hopes will inspire other kids of all abilities to overcome challenges and realize their own ambitions.

"It's called '50 Life Lessons: The Ups and Downs of Being a Teenager with Mild Autism,' " Jennifer told the Daily Record during a recent family interview. "I've written several chapters."

Her parents, Jonathan Rose and Gayle DeLong, still worry about their kids, as all parents do, but are encouraged by the progress they have witnessed since teaming with Stuart Freedenfeld of Stockton Family Practice in Hunterdon County a decade ago...


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