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San Diego Screening of Trace Amounts: Two Days Left to Buy Tickets!

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SAN DIEGO, CA – A new documentary Trace Amounts that details the harmful effects of mercury in everyday flu vaccines and the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) response will screen at Edwards Mira Mesa 18 on January 27, 2015.   

Trace Amounts, a film directed by Eric Gladen, explores the science, evidence, and historically significant actions during the decade-long debate of vaccine safety. The film tells the story of Gladen’s personal experience with mercury poisoning, which he believes resulted from a mercury-loaded tetanus shot, and the research that lead him to learn of the global health crisis that links thimerosal, a mercury-based vaccine preservative, to the autism epidemic.

“Eric Gladen was vaccine injured as an adult and recovered from his injury. My son was vaccine injured as an infant. Eric Gladen speaks for my son and the countless other infants who couldn't speak at the time they were injured,” said Becky Estepp. "Mercury never should be allowed in anyone's vaccines, especially in infant's vaccines. They can't tell us how they are feeling.”

The film and its makers adamantly call for the removal of thimerosal from all vaccines, including flu shots in the U.S. and abroad. A portion of the film’s proceeds will support a newly formed non-profit organization, Go Mercury Free, which promotes the removal of mercury from a variety of products and environmental factors.

Trace Amounts is written and produced by Eric Gladen; executive producers Jake Wood, Kristal Wood, Jason Merck, James Gladen, Debra Fenner and Rita Pasiciel; and producer Shiloh Levine.

For more information about Trace Amounts and the national film tour, visit  TraceAmounts.com

Purchase tickets here for the San Diego/Mira Mesa screening.


Laura Hayes


Go to www.traceamounts.com to check out already-scheduled screenings to see if there's one near you already on the calendar. If there's not one scheduled in your area, consider being a screening host yourself! It truly is so simple to do. Click on hosting a screening on the website to see just how easy it is! If there's no Gathr-affiliated theater in your area after you type in your zip code/city, contact the Trace Amounts team, let them know, and hopefully they can connect Gathr with one of your local theaters. There is no associated cost other than your ticket cost, and even that will not be charged until you reach a "tipping point." Hope this helps...and inspires you to host if needed in your area!


Very interested, any info on when this may be screened in the northeast? Thank you!

Laura Hayes

I have had the pleasure of previewing this movie since Sylvia Pimentel and I are co-hosting a screening in Sacramento on Feb. 16th at the Tower Theater in Sacramento (a stop on the Trace Amounts cross-country tour!). This movie will be jaw-dropping and life-changing for each and every person who watches it. It truly is a MUST-SEE movie!

AoA readers, what can you do? Consider hosting a screening in your area. It is SO easy to do and can be done from your computer. Just go to the movie's website for more info. If there's already a screening scheduled for your area, then take a day or two to personally invite doctors, nurses, chiropractors, PAs, pastors, priests, rabbis, school principals, school board members, superintendents, school nurses, neighbors, co-workers, and those you see in your everyday activities to attend the screening. Hang a flyer for it at your local library, church or place of worship, favorite coffee shop, workplace, etc. And don't forget to invite your local, state, and national elected representatives, and those at your state department of health!

This movie shines a bright light on why we are living in The Age of Autism. Hoping and praying that this movie will be another nail in the coffin of this tragic age of autism, and many other needless childhood disorders and illnesses, in which we find ourselves.

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