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NYC Preschool Vax Mandate Begins 1/12/15: Religious Exemption Is An Option

American FreedomFrom the Autism Action Network.  

Tomorrow (1/12) New York City’s new mandate requiring annual flu shots and a pneumococcal injection for children enrolled in pre-school, daycare, Head Start and pre-K between the ages of 6 months and 59 months goes into effect.

In a decision that is both a stunning abdication of responsibility, combined with a shocking violation of parental rights, Mayor de Blasio announced that there will be no consequences for schools and programs that enroll children who have not received the shots, however, directors of individual programs can use their discretion to either admit or turn away children who have not received the shots. The Mayor will not make a consistent policy, but he will take away parental rights, and in essence give that decision to random administrators.

If your child is denied enrollment please contact us at:

New York State law allows for exemptions from vaccine mandates for families who have “religious beliefs which are contrary to the practices herein required”. For those of you who want an exemption for religious beliefs you must submit a letter in your own words, not a letter written by a lawyer or member of the clergy, stating your religious reasons against immunization, and provide that letter to the school or program director.

The school or program director will probably have no idea what to do with the letter so you should include a reference to Section 2164, paragraph 9, of the Public Health Law of New York:

 9. This section shall not apply to children whose parent, parents,  or   guardian  hold  genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary   to the practices herein required, and no certificate shall  be  required   as  a  prerequisite  to  such  children  being admitted or received into   school or attending school.

See it here:

Any mention of a concern about the side effects of vaccines, toxins, autism, lack of efficacy or any potential health effects of the vaccine will probably be used to dismiss your application. New York City policy is to use any reference to health concerns as evidence of non-religious beliefs. Keep it strictly spiritual.

New York allow also allows for medical exemptions, but do not apply for a medical exemption. You will not get it. And the physician who signs a medical exemption letter will probably find him or herself under investigation by various public health authorities.

According to New York State law a child who is not in compliance with the law may remain in school for up to 14 days. Program directors will probably not be aware of this aspect of the law.

Further directions on applying for a religious exemption may be seen here:

In the last two years New York City has increased the barriers to getting a religious exemption. There are two advocates who we recommend who specialize in assisting families negotiate the religious exemption process:

Gary Krasner, contact info at

Rita Palma, contact info at

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Laura Hayes

I hope and pray that not even one parent will succumb to this rights-stripping, discriminatory, dangerous, possibly deadly, mandate.

New Yorkers, better to keep your children home and/or home school than to allow any vaccine to enter your child's body. Once in, you can't get it/them back out, and you have just allowed neurological, immunolgoical, GI tract, and nervous system damage to earnest...for your child's lifetime.

Far better to focus on that which will protect, maintain, and enhance your child's health (and that most certainly does not include vaccinating). Then, if/when your child gets ill, he/she will be equipped to ward off and/or fight incoming illnesses...and gain natural, lifetime immunity to certain diseases he/she might encounter...thus priming, fine-tuning, and equipping his/her immune system to be successful and functioning well in the years ahead!

As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated: When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. New Yorkers...RESIST...and REFUSE the flu vaccine, and all the rest, too!


So sorry Kim. Sounds really rough.


Was it your dog, Kim that kept them going?


God never wanted our children to be disabled, he never wanted them to suffer from autism, to die from asthma, to struggle with arthritis, and autoimmune disease, but we can't say this? When did God turn our children over to the profiteers who lie to maintain soaring stocks on an exchange. When they lie to us, we know one day they will be outed as were the tobacco companies, but at this time we can't say "stop smoking", we have to turn over our infants in a kind of sacrifice. If my kids were to get just one more shot, I fully expect any gains we've made over these last eight years would be extinguished. Already, my boys have had their rights to reach their full potential taken from them, they aren't the children God had intended, they are wounded in a drug for profit war. The shots do not work, this whooping cough epidemic has proven that the priming for catching the very disease it was designed to prevent is found within that pertactin positive vaccine. This will be the future, more of this bad medicine will be proven clearly dangerous, but before we can get the information how many more kids will suffer debilitating bad health. As the doctor from MIT stated, half born in 2025 will be autistic, and many, many more will be physically disabled. Congress knows this, they want to brick by brick dismantle social security disability, yep, our kids are already showing up on the rolls.Is this what God wanted? Those such as the whistleblower , in effort to maintain their careers will simply shut up, and that's when God will come into it, we all have to answer to our sins.


This mandate is so wrong!!!

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