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Losing Every Battle, Winning the War

Sometimes-you-have-to-lose-the-battle-to-win-the-war-if-you-believe-strongly-in-something-fight-for-it-in-time-things-will-fall-in-place-quote-1By J.B. Handley

The nadir for me came on January 6, 2011, when Anderson Cooper interviewed Dr. Andrew Wakefield live on national television. It was an absurd and painful moment. Anderson Cooper, a journalist I had generally respected, treated Andy like a common criminal. Andy, who admirably stood his ground, did himself no favors by appearing to be standing in a cave somewhere in Jamaica…

I remember feeling nauseous after watching the interview, and thinking that Pharma had finally won and that the movement to tell the truth about what was being done to our kids had just been setback by a decade or two and that we’d certainly see vaccination rates jump back to historical highs.

And I was dead wrong.

Fast forward almost exactly four years and guess what? Andy Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy and our whole community are getting dragged through the mud by the mainstream media once again, this time because measles are lurking down in Disneyland and everyone is pissed off. Or at least that’s what you’d think if you only read mainstream media publications.

Would you believe me if I told you that the Disneyland measles outbreak benefits our community, movement, and kids?

Just nine months ago, a Harris poll survey reported some astonishing news: 33 percent of parents of children under the age of 18 believe “vaccinations can cause autism.”

Ironically, the group that commissioned this survey, the National Consumers League, is very pro-vaccine, and so they positioned the results to mean that “One third of American parents mistakenly link vaccines to autism.”

I laugh when I read interpretations like this. It’s sort of like some of the other silly headlines I have read over the years (and I’m paraphrasing here):

“Richer, better educated parents avoiding vaccinations.”

“Trump mistakenly says too many shots causing Autism.”

“Hollywood elite avoiding vaccines, endangering kids.”

You have to wonder sometimes who is behind the marketing of the vaccine program as most of the initiatives they have created have a meaningful backfire effect (anyone remember Amanda Peet calling us, ironically, parasites?), which is really the point of this article: why does PR like the Disneyland measles outbreak actually benefit our community when the people pushing the campaign are clearly trying to put an end to us?

I have my theory, which is really very simple, but I’ll tell you what the other side says first.

Time Magazine, a publication almost on par with the New York Times for their consistent pro-vaccine stance, wrote a great article right around the time the Harris Poll was released with a really respectful title:

“Nothing, Not Even Hard Facts, Can Make Anti-Vaxxers Change Their Minds”

The article laments that, “Researchers found a backlash effect when presented with scientific evidence that vaccines don't cause autism” and goes on to explain how this Pediatrics study found that many of the pro-vaccine messages seemed to harden, rather than soften, parents’ views about vaccines. The study author, Brendan Nyhan, theorized that:

“People think, ‘what are they trying to convince me? The ‘don’t worry, don’t worry, everything is safe’ approach is not often effective, because they think ‘why are they trying so hard to reassure me that everything is safe?'”

Nyhan and his colleagues tried out different messages on parents to see if any had a stronger effect on the intention of parents to vaccinate with the MMR shot. Interestingly, they found that two of their messages actually increased parental concern about vaccines:

- Disease Narrative: “conveying the dangers of measles, mumps, and rubella”

- Disease images: showing parents “disturbing pictures of infected children.”

Let me repeat this because it’s such an interesting point: an article in Pediatrics, published only nine months ago, found that messaging to scare parents into vaccinating by talking about the dangers of the disease vaccines prevent and showing images of that disease actually hardened the interest of parents in NOT vaccinating. I love reading the results and conclusions of the study:

RESULTS: None of the interventions increased parental intent to vaccinate a future child…

CONCLUSIONS: Current public health communications about vaccines may not be effective. For some parents, they may actually increase misperceptions or reduce vaccination intention. Attempts to increase concerns about communicable diseases or correct false claims about vaccines may be especially likely to be counterproductive. More study of pro-vaccine messaging is needed.

You read this recent study, published in the most mainstream of journals, and you wonder about the folks directing the massive Disneyland-MMR campaign…I guess they didn’t get the message?

Dr. Nyhan and Time Magazine both go out of their way to armchair psychoanalyze WHY parents would react to information in this way.

Nyhan thinks that “these parents are suspicious of the scientists and that the pro-vaccine movement is trying to pull a fast one on them.”

While I think Nyhan is generally correct, I also have a much simpler explanation for why the messaging by the pro-vaccine community is backfiring:

They’re fucking lying.

There, I said it. It really is that simple. You can’t suppress truth forever, no matter how hard you try. Richer, more educated parents vaccinate less because they are smarter and have more resources and their bigger brains and pocketbooks give them the time and money to research the issue and when they do they are scared shitless that vaccines might trigger Autism in their child. They compare that risk to measles and guess what? Bye bye MMR.

Because it really is that simple and because we now live in a world where truth and information are only a mouseclick away, the CDC, AAP, Autism Speaks, and Big Pharma cannot scare the public into behaving. I love this comment from the Time article, by Swtmarie:

“I am trying to get information on both sides of the issue, and yet again, I am disappointed by the Pro-Vax advocates.  Why?? Because every Doctor or Scientist I have read articles from that is Anti-Vax has given educated or scientific hypothesis as to why they feel they are dangerous or have the potential to be dangerous long-term.....and all I want, is to hear a Pro-Vax authority counter those ideas, claims, etc.....but all I come across are Pro-Vax articles that say "the science shows vaccines are safe" and then they don't EXPLAIN why or even link the articles!!! Then they go on to bash Anti-vax usually by way of name-calling such as "uneducated", "ignorant", "stubborn".  This is how you get the reputation of fear-mongering and manipulative.  You call people uneducated or ignorant for putting their trust in someone supposedly without merit or proof; but essentially you want that same blind trust.  I don't think that Vaccines are the sole cause for Autism, but since this article discusses it, I will point out that if you don't know what CAUSES something...then you don't know what DOESN'T cause it!!  Simple as that. The strongest argument from Mainstream Medical Authority seems to be simply that-- that they are the "Mainstream Medical Authority".  In my opinion, something is not true just because the mass majority thinks so.  Where is the ‘heavy scientific evidence’? “ 

The Disneyland story will ebb, a new one will take its place (because MMR and DPT have efficacy issues so outbreaks are permanently guaranteed of measles and pertussis) and every time they do another new parent will ask, “what is this all about?” and they will do their own research and they will discover that: autism, adhd, and a zillion other neurological conditions have all skyrocketed in the last 20 years; that vaccines can and do cause brain injury and that the government has awarded billions to injured children; that literally tens of thousands of parents report regression after vaccination appointments that led to autism in their baby; that here and in other countries parents have been compensated for vaccine injury causing autism; that some “CDC Whistleblower” is saying the CDC knew about this relationship a long time ago and buried it; and that Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield are actually heroic beacons of truth rather than bad people…

…and they will choose to protect their child and we will keep losing every PR battle but slowly winning the war…because truth, in the end, always prevails.

J.B. Handley is Co-Founder of Generation Rescue.




Thank God, for you, J.B. Handley - good on you for saying the truth: they're fucking lying.

That's right, that's exactly right.

I watched so many lies told on CNN with Don Lemon tonight I almost couldn't stand it. Lie after lie after lie. Lies about WHY parents don't vaccinate. Lies about the safety of vaccination. Lies lies and more lies.

Thank God you said it. Somebody has to.


Jenny Allan
Anyone is welcome to use whatever I post. I hold no patent on the truth. Truthfully, I am female.

Jeannette Bishop

re Philippines & measles:


"Almost half (22 [49%]) of these importations were travelers returning from the Philippines, where a large outbreak has been occurring since October 2013."

It seems that typhoon refugees created an opportunity to mass vaccinate, never mind vaccine status:



Cases in the Philippines were seemingly increasing before the typhoon:




But this increase comes after what appears to have been another measles vaccine push in 2011:


After a previous push in 2004 and 2007:

"Nationwide mass immunization campaigns such as this have enjoyed a better coverage rate than regular implementation of the Expanded Program of Immunization. Previous measles campaigns conducted in 2004 and 2007 both reached 95 percent coverage, a level never achieved by the regular programs. This prompted the DOH to implement the nationwide door-to-door strategy to fight off the threat of measles."


Is vaccination working in the Philippines?


This just out. If you only have time to read one line, make it the first, "Limited data exists on the safety of MMR vaccine in adults." Then note who the authors are - the CDC and the FDA. Now turn on any MSM outlet and you'll hear ad nauseam all about how the MMR is one of the most studied vaccines.


"Clin Infect Dis. 2015 Jan 30. pii: civ061. [Epub ahead of print]
Adverse events following measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine in adults reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 2003-2013.

Sukumaran L1, McNeil MM2, Moro PL2, Lewis PW2, Winiecki SK3, Shimabukuro TT2.

Author information

1 Immunization Safety Office, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Emory University School of Medicine.

2 Immunization Safety Office, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

3 Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, US Food and Drug Administration.


Limited data exists on the safety of MMR vaccine in adults. We reviewed reports of adverse events (AEs) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to assess safety in this previously under-studied group.


VAERS is the national spontaneous vaccine safety surveillance system co-administered by CDC and the FDA. We searched the VAERS database for US reports of adults aged 19 years and older who received MMR vaccine from January 1, 2003 to July 31, 2013. We clinically reviewed reports and available medical records for serious AEs, pregnancy reports, and reports for selected pre-specified outcomes.


 During this period, VAERS received 3,175 US reports after MMR vaccine in adults. Of these, 168 (5%) were classified as serious, including 7 reports of death. Females accounted for 77% of reports. The most common signs and symptoms for all reports were pyrexia (19%), rash (17%), pain (13%) and arthralgia (13%). We did not detect any new safety findings in empirical Bayesian data mining. We identified 131 reports of MMR vaccine administered to a pregnant woman; the majority of these vaccinations were in the first trimester and in 83 (62%), no AE was reported.


 In our review of VAERS data, we did not detect any new or unexpected safety concerns for MMR vaccination in adults. We identified reports of pregnant women exposed to MMR which is a group in whom the vaccine is contraindicated, suggesting the need for continued provider education on vaccine recommendations and screening.

© The Author 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail: [email protected].
PMID: 25637587 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]"


So right Anne! The media never seems to ask WHY the autism numbers keep going up and that just builds more distrust in them.

david m burd

Correction: In my prior post I was repetitious citing both Health Charlatans and the CDC in the same sentence.

CDC accurately and aptly stands for the Centers for Disease Charlatans.

david m burd

All, It's very clever for Health Charlatans such as CDC and the mainstream media to use the term "outbreak" - because it is guaranteed to incite fear! --- when, in fact, a few dozen cases of an (alleged) disease, having few if any dire symptoms are discovered.

Good Grief! It's ALL about fear mongering, propaganda, and promoting autocratic government authority over individuals!

I strongly suggest to all who contribute otherwise brilliant and documented Posts here on AoA (and other Allies) not to repeat the propaganda term "outbreak" -- I just had to get say it, thanks for listening.

Jenny Allan

Barry says:- "Are you're wondering why I don't trust ANYTHING being fed to us by organizations like the WHO???"

I'm really really sad about your son and my family's own 'Wakefield Babe', (diagnosed and treated at the Royal Free for the same syndrome as stated on the Wakefield et al 1998 Lancet paper).

The WHO gathers up and 'collates' the World data and identifies trends, but the individual countries initially collect their own data concerning notifiable confirmed diseases, like measles. The UK stats then go to Europe for more analyses involving all 30+ EU Members.

In the UK, there were several measles outbreaks which, like the Disney one were blamed on unvaccinated persons and parents put off MMR vaccine by Dr Wakefield. The outbreak in Wales was stated to have more than 1500 confirmed cases, except they weren't. Only one fifth were lab confirmed as measles.

The whole thing became so vile and overhyped, there was a public backlash, following The Independent newspaper publishing Dr Wakefield's side of the story. Yes it got vilified too-but for the first time the gerneral public was permitted to see the other side of the story. A follow up in The Mail on Sunday by Peter Hitchen, also vilified, provided a very fair analysis of what was happening in Wales, and it wasn't pretty.

At the height of the hype there were only 8 actual confirmed cases Jan-March 2013. I always suspected these cases were linked to travellers or gypsies, who mostly don't vaccinate. Child Health Safety and AoA helped to publicise this, and ultimately Wales retreated, only putting out the REAL surveillance figures in September on a hard to access link.

It was only through the Disney cases, and thanks in part to a couple of pro vaccine AoA commenters, that I found the information about the 10 measles infected travellers from the Philippines being involved in (and very likely causing) the 2013 UK measles outbreaks. It has now been officially confirmed infected travellers were the source of the Disney outbreak. The measles genotype has been identified as B3, the same strain involved in the Philippines outbreak.

There are currently around 14 other countries experiencing outbreaks involving the B3 measles strain. They include the Netherlands, Japan and Russia, all countries with child vaccination schedules including measles vaccines.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I really admire JB Handley. I write about him in the chapter of my book, The Big Autism Cover-Up, where I talk about Generation Rescue. He's always combat ready, out there holding people accountable when they try to deny what vaccines are doing to our children. JB gave me a comment for the back cover of my book where he describes things as "the worst medical disaster in human history: the creation of an epidemic of autism and other disorders through overvaccination."

While I've been seriously disturbed over the onslaught of media tirades over the last couple of weeks--those damning comments and threats being made against parents who exempt their children from vaccines, JB is right. The pro-vax folks are losing. The calls to end exemptions, send parents to jail, take away the medical licenses of doctors who don't vaccinate, and bar unvaccinated kids from school are all desperate attempts to stem the tide of educated parents rejecting vaccines.

It won't work. More good doctors are speaking out--despite drawing immediate fire for their positions.

JB points out that the Internet gives parents instant information from experts who've done the science and have no pharma connections.

Notice the hysteria over 80+ cases of measles linked to Disneyland. Where was even a minuscule bit of coverage when it was revealed back in 2011 that 83 cases of vaccine-induced autism had been compensated by the federal government? Why did the media totally obliterate the story of Hannah Poling from their memory? Why are doctors like Paul Offit and William Schaffner (both of whom have lucrative ties to the vaccine makers) always presented as if they're just unbiased experts? Why haven't officials ever done a comparison study of vaccinated/unvaccinated children? If unvaccinated kids are just as sick and disabled as the general population, then we'd all be able to move on.

Threatening to end mandates will backfire on all these people. The media acts clueless when it comes to the truth about non-vaccinating parents. They are better educated, yet reporters tell us that they just need more information.

The media never asks why the autism numbers keep going up and up. Parents are truly scared about a debilitating, lifelong condition with a rate that seems unstoppable and that experts are powerless to prevent.

This nightmare has gone on this long because of the collaborative efforts of government officials, the medical community and the media in covering up the disastrous decline in the health of our children. That involves more than just the ones with autism--it's also the learning impaired and the hyperactive. It's the sick kids everywhere--diabetes, seizures, bowel disease, allergies, asthma, arthritis--that no one is ever alarmed about. Half of U.S. children have at least one chronic health condition. AND NO ONE IS WORRIED.

Thank you, JB. You're right. "You can't suppress truth forever, no matter how hard you try."


Barry-I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic! But here's the links anyway.


My son was disabled by vaccines, when he was still just a baby.

Are you're wondering why I don't trust ANYTHING being fed to us by organizations like the WHO???


Wow, Jenny, your point about flu vaccine weakening immune systems and perhaps increasing chances at other illnesses was very interesting. If it increases chances at getting flu, why wouldn't it do the same with other illnesses- the effect could have more general implications. I know my grandmother of any of us ever had one after her case of GB.

Jenny Allan

Barry-I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic! But here's the links anyway.

Ongoing increase in measles cases following importations, Japan, March 2014: times of challenge and opportunity
“Among the 41 cases with recent travel history to the Philippines, 39 were B3, one D9 and another unknown. Based on the available epidemiologic and genetic information, the recent increase since late November 2013 appears to be linked to the Philippines.4,6,7 Other countries have also reported genotype B3 measles cases in travellers returning from the Philippines since late 2013, including Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.”

During the most recent 12-month period (January 2013 to December 2013) the 30 EU/EEA countries conducting measles surveillance reported 10 271 cases. Twenty-five of the 30 contributing countries reported consistently for the 12-month period. Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and the United Kingdom accounted for 91% of the cases in this period. In ten countries, the measles notification rate was less than one case per million population during the last 12 months. Sixty per cent of the cases had a positive result in a measles laboratory test (serology, virus detection, or isolation). Of the 10 268 cases for which information on vaccination status was available, 88% were unvaccinated. In the target group for routine childhood MMR vaccination (1–4-year-olds), 80% of the cases were unvaccinated. Three measles-related deaths were reported during the period January 2013 to December 2013, and eight cases were complicated by acute measles encephalitis. Anthroposophic schools were involved in two 2014 measles outbreaks in Austria and Finland. A new outbreak was reported in Wales in October 2013, in the same area as last year’s outbreaks. The UK has seen ten measles cases in returning travellers from the Philippines where there is an ongoing outbreak. The measles outbreak in the Netherlands is still ongoing but is showing signs of slowing down. Of the EU neighbouring countries, Russia reported several large outbreaks which are still ongoing.


This article is posted on Dr. Tenpenny's Facebook page (chosen excerpt and comments are mine)


Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine Enhances Colonization of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus in Mice

(LAIV = live attenuated influenza vaccine)

"Using a mouse-adapted LAIV against influenza A (H3N2) virus carrying the same mutations as the human FluMist vaccine, we find that LAIV vaccination reverses normal bacterial clearance from the nasopharynx and significantly increases bacterial carriage densities of the clinically important bacterial pathogens Streptococcus pneumoniae (serotypes 19F and 7F) and Staphylococcus aureus (strains Newman and Wright) within the upper respiratory tract of mice. Vaccination with LAIV also resulted in 2- to 5-fold increases in mean durations of bacterial carriage. Furthermore, we show that the increases in carriage density and duration were nearly identical in all aspects to changes in bacterial colonizing dynamics following infection with wild-type (WT) influenza virus...

Here we show, in mice, that vaccination with LAIV primes the upper respiratory tract for increased bacterial growth and persistence of bacterial carriage, in a manner nearly identical to that seen following wild-type influenza virus infections. Importantly, LAIV, unlike wild-type virus, did not increase severe bacterial disease of the lower respiratory tract. These findings may have consequences for individual bacterial disease processes within the upper respiratory tract, as well as bacterial transmission dynamics within LAIV-vaccinated populations."

That is worth repeating: "BACTERIAL TRANSMISSION DYNAMICS within LAIV-vaccinated populations".



From the swine flu study, not about measles but a recognized condition called vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease. What would have happened if they had infected the (poor, undeserving of abuse) piglets with measles instead? Good question:

"The interaction between the vaccine and respiratory disease, called vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD), has been seen before, for example with formaldehyde-inactivated respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccination followed by wild-type RSV infection.

The researchers vaccinated piglets that were younger than 6 months old and hadn't been exposed to flu before against H1N2 to explore whether vaccine-induced antibodies might play a role in exacerbating respiratory symptoms. They found some of the piglets got sick with severe pneumonia and had severe lung damage after they were infected with the 2009 H1N1 virus, suggesting that cross-reactive antibodies triggered by the flu vaccine made symptoms worse after infection with a different flu strain.

The part of the experiments that focused on the mechanism responsible for the effect found that H1N2 antibodies in the sick pigs bound to the hemagglutinin (HA) stem rather than the HA head of the 2009 H1N1 virus, and thus weren't able to block the virus from attaching to cells. Instead, the strong cross-reactive antibodies helped the pandemic virus fuse to cell membranes, which appeared to worsen respiratory problems in the vaccinated pigs."



Official WHO sources states 10 measles infected travellers from the Philippines, were involved in the 2013 UK measles outbreaks.


Well then, it must be true.

A. Fawcett

What happens to a little child when you place broccoli in front of him and say nothing? He looks...he ponders...perhaps he takes a nibble... Decides whether he likes it or not...

What happens to a little child when you place broccoli in front of him and begin with, "Eat your broccoli. Eat it! It's SOOO good for you!! Look! Mommy's eating it too!! Yummy! This is SO delicious! Try it! Try it!! Listen, you eat your broccoli right NOW or you will NOT get dessert!! EAT IT!!!

A war ensues. Your trust from that child had been compromised. Why is mommy forcing me to eat this? It must taste really bad.

Truth & Time.
Bullying is having the opposite effect.
This was an excellent and inspiring article at a time when I was starting to feel discouraged by the news lately. Thank you!!
Oh, also, no offense to broccoli... It indeed is yummy! It was just my analogy!

Jenny Allan

I hope Danchi doesn't mind my repeating his comment on another measles thread:-
"Yes the opportunity to terrorize more people into getting this jab and the pharmaceutical companies, which I'm sure members of WHO have substantial stock in, more profits.

I went to the CDC's webpage on Measles and these are the 19 genotypes detected since 1990:
A*, B2, B3, C1, C2, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, G2, G3, H1, H2

B3 is in this series so I imagine that since they have been able to type the genotypes all of them may be in circulation, theoretically of course.

Here are the Vaccine Strains:
*Vaccine strains Moraten, Edmonston, Zagreb are all genotype A.
There were 2 putative wild-type cases of measles identified as genotype A in 2008.
-During 2011, 8 genotypes were identified by global surveillance:
B2, B3, D4, D8, D9, D11, G3, H1"

According to Dr Vincent Iannelli, measles genotype B3 is the strain responsible for the Disney measles outbreak; this is the same strain responsible for the recent measles outbreak in the Philippines, and there is some suggestion travellers infected with the B3 strain were the source for the Disney outbreak.

Disneyland measles outbreak: Cases not limited to the unvaccinated
Measles outbreak in California: What you need to know
Patients who get both doses are far better protected than those who only got one as a baby.
From above:-
“California's last measles outbreak started about a year ago, also centered in Orange County, and involved residents returning from the Philippines with the disease. In that case, 18% of those who got sick had been immunized, Cherry said.”

Official WHO sources states 10 measles infected travellers from the Philippines, were involved in the 2013 UK measles outbreaks. Does the WHO also know why fully MMR vaccinated persons are becoming infected with the B3 measles strain?


To Linda1foramanda:

I was just yesterday thinking along those same lines, but my question to myself was, does getting a flu vaccine put one at a higher risk for contracting measles, or a measles-like illness, or complications thereof, since pneumonia is an exaggerated complication of both flu and measles. If they've recently shown that getting flu vaccine in consecutive years increases the chances of catching a flu (which are probably actually flu-like illnesses, does it also increase your chance of overreacting to other germs capable of causing extreme inflammatory reactions.

In other words, do the numbers or severity of these little breakthrough epidemics in vaccinated and sometimes unvaccinated individuals coincide with flu vaccine uptake?

Concerned momma

Oh! CNN actually is daring to let both sides speak on the issue and a woman mentioned the CDC whistleblower. An Arizona doctor even stated (and I quite agree with him) that his children are not responsible for the health of children with leukemia etc. I love that he just came out and said it. It seems to me that risking healthy children for all those that have grave health problems and may not live anyhow is not sensible. Survival of the fittest is rough but it is nature's way and it's that way for a reason. Pharma just loves to play on this angle, meanwhile they don't give a damn about none who is vaccine- injured. How convenient for them.


Re-emergence of Measles in Developed Countries:

"measles outbreaks also occur even among highly vaccinated populations because of primary and secondary vaccine failure, which results in gradually larger pools of susceptible persons and outbreaks once measles is introduced [8]. This leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized [8]."



It is always interesting to watch a TV news person, who gets about 70% of their money from the drug companies interview a pediatrician who gets 80% of their money from the vaccine companies.... No vaccine bias there...

Do they ever talk about the anti-Vioxx people ? The anti-thalidimide people ?? The anti-DPT or anti-Rotashield people ???


Sadly the medical industry has fallen on hard times with the loss of all the tobacco industry funds, and certainly needs the ..."liability free, tobacco science"... vaccine program to survive.

cia parker

That's exactly what I've been telling my friends, that we need to spread counter-memes far and wide, short, easy, but truthful factoids. The most important are on how to treat measles if it appears in your family: bed rest throughout except for going to the bathroom in bathrobe and socks, no fever reducers, no baths or showers till the fever's gone, DO take vitamin A, stay home for three weeks after the rash appears. Then an emphatic I KNOW (or just I know OF people, if that's the case) people whose children were developing normally until they got the MMR and regressed into autism, it's all true! Then, measles is very RARELY dangerous and until the sixties 99% of kids got it and no one worried about it (but it DOES need to be respected and properly treated). The death rate by the sixties was EXTREMELY low. Then list the relatives you have who all got measles, probably all of them once you get to the fifties. Then move on to the next person. Counter-terrorism, so to speak.

Carolyn McDonough

The other reason we are winning? Love and anger. Someone asked "but what motivates these anti vaxxers"
And I wrote "we saw it happen to our child. We don't want it to happen to yours"
This is so powerful against the anger and hysteria of a troll. And it's true. And the truth will always out.


Thanks JB. I felt exactly the same way when the condescending Anderson Cooper was nearly yelling at Dr. Wakefield. I thought it can't get much worse than this...how soon we realize it does get worse. Good thing Moma (Gloria) Vanderbilt is not leaving poor Anderson her 200 million but that means he has to drum up controversy and I'm sure he can get Big PHARM to pay him for his efforts! Dr. Wakefield is an amazing man and has always been, like you, the voice of truth. God bless this country and all our vaccine injured babies. I can't believe this is the United States that I have always loved! People turn off your TV's and get connected online. Tell your stories and let them hear the TRUTH!

Vaccinate--cuz we don't want those diseases to disappear do we?

@maurine great points...the point offit made re wanting a diagnosis to get services always cracks me up.
Like anyone would choose to get their kid speech therapy ot etc it they didn't need it ! Like waiting in a dr room while your child struggles to learn to swallow is more fun than say taking them to soccer practice --which isn't an option.


Fear-based consensus is a measure of gullibility and social control, not of an issue's truth.

Today society is sadly witnessing a mass hostile recitation of a common script, by cronyistic people who benefit in some way. Either they want to feel like a health hero, smugly claiming the moral high ground. Or -- as many readers have figured out -- they're government and industry operatives concealing documented statistical fraud that's resulted in health damage to countless children.

As PR gets formatted to fit ever-smaller video screens and ever-shorter attention spans, the lengthy factual content needed to truly understand an issue is reduced in favor of emotion-provoking content. Incriminating information about vaccine adverse reactions is time-consuming to read, whereas the "vaccinate or die" meme quickly pushes one's panic button.

What an ego trip when one's words can turn brother against brother. What a parallel to 1930s Germany and 1950s Washington, DC.

Though the timely emergence of an Edward R. Murrow would provide relief from this frightening wave of hate speech, his voice was not the only one rejecting Sen. Joseph McCarthy's red-baiting. It's time for the fence-sitters of vaccine safety to weigh in, or face the oppression their silence has allowed to grow.

cia parker

Doctors can't treat measles, and that's why they feel so helpless. They can sometimes treat the complications of measles, but the most common complications are routine ones that many people don't go to a doctor for, ear infection, diarrhea, bronchitis, conjunctivitis. Pneumonia can occur in one in twenty measles patients, but it's usually viral, relatively mild, and self-limiting. Antibiotics can sometimes, but not always, treat the pneumonia if it's bacterial. That's why in the early '60s there were three to four million cases a year, but only half a million to one million were officially reported by doctors: most people didn't take children with measles to a doctor. That being said, I'd certainly urge parents to take someone in if they had symptoms which might mean real danger for the patient. Fever is not one of them.

cia parker

I think we will win the war on an anti-vaccine stance. If people knew how relatively mild the most common and feared VPDs, measles and pertussis, were, how mild or rare the others were, and that there were ways to treat them, while every vaccine has killed or disabled large numbers of vaccine recipients, I think we'll see the roof cave in on the liars.

cia parker

Thanks, David, right back atcha!


They are criminalizing illness.

cia parker

Giving the appropriate dose of vitamin A will prevent eye damage from measles. We didn't know that back when measles was common, but we know it now, and it would prevent eye damage and many other ocmplications if people gave it to measles patients.


Maureen, I have heard Art Caplan say EXACTLY the same things that Offit said, regarding autism diagnoses for services, and Vaccine Court compensating cases.

Clearly, this is their official party line right now, so let's all make absolutely SURE to address those lies every chance we can.


Great article!! I really hope you are right. I have visions of a medical dictatorship, or some other malevolent outcome. The media lies about more than vaccines but people still seem to parrot the lies. Maybe when it comes to our children we are more skeptical. The process of waking up is slow but steady. Probably there are parents in California at this very moment who are thinking--oh that's interesting...I didn't realize you could actually opt out..how do they do that? While this apparently harmless but over hyped outbreak of measles has been going on, so have the number of flu deaths from those vaccinated against the flu, and also 100 deaths from entero virus (which also attacks the fully vaccinated). How could the "scientific" community not notice that?

I am afraid, though, that the media has intimidated parents not into vaccinating but into hiding illness from doctors.. I am not sure I would feel comfortable seeking help for a sick child (who might have measles) given the blame game going on. Doctors have to know how to treat measles not just to berate parents who choose not to vaccinate.


I do not believe that this is a coincidence. The timing is too perfect.

Linda1 for Amanda

Studies show that flu vaccine recipients get much sicker. Is it possible that measles vaccine recipients get sicker when they contract measles because of the effect of the vaccine on the immune response? See this study fyi:


I think we have to be careful not to assume that while the vaccine didn't work to prevent measles, that it also didn't make the subsequent illness worse.

Kathy Sincere

J.B. Handley - Thank you for this wonderful article. It is uplifting for everyone involved in the fight for vaccine freedom, as I am in Colorado.

A question for you and other great thinkers on this site. Has anyone ever pondered the amazing, timely coincidence of the measles outbreak and the start of the Legislative sessions in States? States debating new vaccine laws. An outbreak at Disneyland; what could be more "Flag, Mom and apple pie" than Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. How hard would it be to start a measles epidemic there,...but that would be really EVIL, wouldn't it!

Jenny Allan

Cia says :- "Measles immunization is also best achieved by the natural disease."

Tell THAT to my daughter, vaccinated against measles at 20 months, but caught the disease at 3 years old. It was years before her health fully recovered and she still has scarring behind her eyes.

Your anti-vaccine stance is well known and I respect it, but we won't win this war on an anti-vaccine stance. Single measles vaccine wasn't perfect, absolutely not, and the first version had to be withdrawn for causing the same problems as the measles, encephalitis, seizures, deafness etc. Dr Wakefield was originally investigating a possible link with Crohn's disease.

Child 4 in the Wakefield et al 1998 Lancet paper, got a monovalent measles jab at 15 months, after which his 'development slowed'. At 4-5 years he received the MMR vaccine after which (quote) 'his mother described a striking deterioration in his behaviour'. Autism is seldom mentioned by name in the paper, but the children were all assessed by qualified neurologists.

Whatever the merits and demerits of MMR and monovalent measles vaccines, more than 40 years of measles vaccinations has to a large extent caused a population vaccine dependency. Behind the scenes, the scientists are working on better, more personally targeted ways of immunising our children, but in the meantime, if we want to stop autism before mankind becomes untenable, then we should promote viable alternatives to vaccines like MMR which not only cause autism, but are PROVEN to cause it.

Alli Edwards

Andy Wakefield is too right to be wrong.

david m burd

Cia, You tell it like it is - "gloves off". As does JB, and so many of us. Don't stop.

cia parker

Measles immunization is also best achieved by the natural disease. I've been saying on blogs to look at the outcomes. Have any of those who got measles in the U.S. in Texas two years ago, in N.Y., Cal., and Michigan last year, in California this year, had permanent damage or death from the measles? LOOK at that fact. They're reporting that measles symptoms in this outbreak are mild? THAT'S the best news. People are going to see measles again, realize how harmless it nearly always if (death in less than one in 10,000 cases in children over three, if no fever reducers given, encephalitis in one in 10,000 cases, but complete recovery occurs in over half of cases). The benefits of natural measles are MANY: permanent immunity, a stronger, more competent immune system, protection from many diseases in later life, ability to protect infants with placental immunity and breast feeding... It's hands-down, measles is good, the vaccine is bad. The single measles vaccine appears to be safer than the MMR, but one of the Lancet Twelve reacted to the single measles vaccine with autism and bowel disease. It's not safe, even in the single form. And if you get it, you probably won't get measles, and you won't get the many benefits of having measles. This is the most ridiculous and criminal scam of all time, carried out and enabled by thousands of medical professionals.

cia parker

Check out the comments here:

A new commenter, DDanimal, blew them out of the water with links to DOZENS of scientific studies proving that vaccines cause autism. He said that all scientists know that autism is brain damage caused by abnormally stimulating the immune system, which is exactly what vaccines do. He posted many comments, and the shills were reduced to saying: That's a lie! That one too, a vile lie, how dare you? Yeah, that one too, liar liar pants on fire! but COMPLETELY unable to substantiate their accusations.

We're winning, even though the moderators there moved my first replies to their shill doctor to the bottom of the thread trying to hide them.

Sandy Gottstein

Thanks, JB, as always. It's almost funny how they can argue, without any sense of irony, that it is those pesky educated parents who don't understand how great vaccines are. Hey, maybe it's because they are, er, educated.

Professional Educator

I must agree with the commenter that the dearth of the “pro”- side’s response to valid questioning is a huge driver of continuing mistrust of the system. For example- that somehow the mercury in thimerosol, “vaccine mercury”, is the “good, organic kind of mercury, not like the dangerous mercury in your tuna sandwich”.

Higher educated parents are more comfortable confronting a doctor. “Look Doc, I have letters after my name, too, and even if they aren’t MD, I can read and understand a safety study. I know that using the same vaccine without the viral component, or another vaccine as a placebo is bullshit. I know that when a study says, “26 serious adverse events, including three deaths, were observed in the test group, but researchers determined they were unrelated to the vaccine”, is bullshit.

“Listen Doc, I work in a big corporation. This tray you have brought in here with 5 hypodermics represent 3 different competing companies. Do you really think these companies obtained product from, tested and guarantee compatibility with their competitor’s products? That Merck tested it’s vaccines to be compatible with Sanofi Pasteur and GSK’s? Give me a break. In my company we would never risk our certification on another companies’ product”.

Involved grandparents are jumping in and saying, “We had all of these infections with very few complications, as did all our kids. Out of all of the extended family and acquaintances, I don’t remember any kids getting as sick from the infections as they are from these vaccines”.

And mostly it is parent’s direct observation of their own and other children, which the medico’s try to explain away. As stated in a famous movie- “Don’t piss down my back and tell me its raining”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4e8iAofnrw


I would like to address a statement in this excellent article, “…and see vaccination rates return to historical highs.”
Vaccination rates are at already at historical highs- right now. According to the CDC, from the Measles vaccine licensing in 1963 through 1986 measles coverage never exceeded 70% in the surveyed population (toddlers). Rates only broke 90% in 1996- a convergence of the NVICP indemnifying manufacturers and providers (1986), Vaccines for Children (1994), the funding scheme that provides all “required” vaccines free of charge, and the dusting off and expanding State School attendance small pox requirements to include the routine childhood infections (late 70’s). Only then did rates reached today’s near universal levels. In the case of measles we had 23 years where 30% of the population was not getting vaccinated by 36 months, yet there were not the raging epidemics of the type we are warned will occur if today if the 96% drops to 95.8%. http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/G/coverage.pdf
California Rates https://www.scribd.com/doc/107086647/AoA-CA-Slides
The idea that there was a “Golden Age” of vaccination in the past when parents were more rational, less hysterical, and vaccine rates and acceptance was higher than the stupid parents of today are creating is absolutely false.
The “Golden Age” meme was created by the Vaccine Industry to push state legislation to eliminate non-medical exemptions, by pointing to rising exemption rates and misrepresenting that vaccination rates are falling. The rates simply are not falling- the expanding schedule, and the way exemptions measured, (a student who is fully vaccinated for all requirements but one dose of one vaccine, or opts out of chicken pox), is measured as both “vaccinated”, and “exempt”. In Vermont, Washington and California Vaccine Industry proponents lobbied the legislature with CDC 431x314 “only 65% coverage” statistics - an assessment of 35 month old toddlers (not in school therefore not subject to requirements) to a dream, kitchen sink schedule of everything by certain age milestones, so exclusionary that it calls anyone missing a single dose or date as “unvaccinated”. The Vaccine Industry pretended it was the school age rates and vaccines, and implied that 35% of kids are completely unvaccinated. When in reality in all states exceed 90% kindergarten adherence, and 95% 7th grade adherence to school requirements. Fear mongered California and Washington legislators fell for it, Vermont legislators figured it out and rejected the legislation. Anyone without young children has no idea of the schedule today, and that a child borne today will have more vaccines by the time he is two years old than anyone over 30 has had in their whole life
Vermont vaccination rates were going up and exemptions declining when the VT DOH said the opposite to try to push the bill through- https://www.scribd.com/doc/114630984/Vermont-Vaccine-and-Exemption-Rates-2011-2012-Vaccines-Up-Exemptions-Down
WA bill didn’t work https://www.scribd.com/doc/211912227/WA-SB-5005-Exemption-Rule
Part of the current assault on non-medical exemptions is because of the doubling of the exemption rate from 1-3% to 2-5% caused by adding Chicken Pox. This put the Vaccine Industry on notice that even pro-vaccine parents have a threshold of compliance. I have often heard voiced, “Look, I get Polio, and Diphtheria, but Chicken Pox? Really?” The Vaccine Industry is rushing to create a regulatory framework in which it will be near impossible to opt out of any of the 200 plus vaccines that are in the pipeline, for conditions equally minor as Chicken Pox, or as rare and difficult to contract as Hep B. The Vaccine Industry wants to force you to get your child injected when their common wart vaccine is ready. The number of people exercising exemptions today is within the margin of error of most CDC surveys.
Vermont detailed https://www.scribd.com/doc/80383332/S199-Commitee-Submission-With-Exhibits

John Skurnowicz

From the Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing on the flu vax.


Who is William Thompson ?

@Maurine Meleck
Thank you we have been waiting to hear the views of the Profitt. My god the man is the lowest of the low :

"He said that the Vaccine Court has never really paid out money or a vaccine injury, but for something else because vaccine injuries don't ever happen. The other was regarding the CDC whistle blower. Offit said that the study was meaningless because the n umbers were high in the African American children only because in order to receive services one needed an autism diagnosis. Therefore these kids were being diagnosed who really didn't have autism."

Offit you are a BARE FACED LIAR .

Can we prove if Offit ever cited the WT study as evidence to prove vaccines do not cause AUTISM .
I bet he has done it .

Offit you are a BARE FACED LIAR .
Offit you are a BARE FACED LIAR .
Offit you are a BARE FACED LIAR .
Offit you are a BARE FACED LIAR .
Offit you are a BARE FACED LIAR .
And that makes you both a criminal and mass murderer

John Stone

This is very well said. What we have now is the pharmaceutical industry's equivalent of toxic debt - poisoned just about everything. And no wonder they are going crazy because enough people are onto them. They don't know how to make a single product without hurting loads of people: they just have to have aggressive systems of denial, but it is bound to come to an end.


I have also been wondering if the attacks are going to back-fire. I live in Michigan, and recently our online rag newspaper MLive ran a series of articles attacking vaccine exemptions. The articles were infuriating and slanted, but I did notice a common refrain in the comments section. Many commenters posted things like "I thought vaccines were required to go to school? Is that no longer the case?" It made me wonder if MLive, by attacking vaccine exemptions, was actually going to create a whole new wave of exemptors. People who were vaccine-hesitant now realize they have choices, and that they have been lied to about vaccine requirements.

Laura Hayes

Thanks, J.B. I always love reading what you write.

Here's a link to show just how unconvincing the pro-vaccine message is (heated debate on CNN between 2 doctors, one of whom is the bold AZ doctor, Dr. Wolfson, who has been speaking out loudly against vaccines this week...GO DR. WOLFSON!):


Anne J

"They’re fucking lying."

Thank you for saying that!!!
It IS that simple, and everyone who actually researches this issue knows it.
Gestapo techniques are pretty much all the CDC/pharmaceutical industry has left at this point.
It's insane, and the public (and a rapidly growing number of healthcare workers) is seeing through all the BS continually reported in MSM.


You mean, you get to have worlds like BS & F------? Oh my gosh! LOL Hysterically. Hadley nailed it because reading the plethora of articles on the deadly devastating measles outbreak that is now over 80 people across several states, that basically say the same thing, the only way to characterize them is BS. I've read some comments from folks who live in California and they say that locally the news is saying the symptoms are mild. Of course the MSM will never post that online. Yahoo is running an article about Doctors in California firing families who don't vaccinate. Multiple comments stated the article failed to point out that tactic is more about finances than medical choices. The media doesn't want people to know that.

It pains me to say it but the dumbing down of America has put everyone at risk. For years people believed the chant "unvaccinated children are infecting vaccinated children". I challenged Dorit Reiss last year when many of her comments played this. After the abusive bullying to get me to back off, which never works on me and I told her that, she had to admit that she meant if an unvaccinated child was sick that could happen. I challenged her and told her it wasn't what she meant and I post the same comment from other sites she posted on. She never responded after that. However, the seeds had been planted. Which was the point. The masses bought into it. I challenge them everytime I see it. Except on Facebook because I don't have an account.

I think what is happening now is the over saturation of articles is having the opposite affect. Even people who are sheeple have got to begin to wonder what's the buzz here? Why is the MSM sailing this ship over and over and over? The adage "me thinks doth protest too much" starts to come to mind. The trolls are now using the "yea, lets just bring polio & smallpox back, we'd all be dead if there wasn't a vaccine for polio & smallpox, I'd rather have an autistic child than a dead one and my favorite, "when I was growing up in the 40's we didn't have all these vaccines and lots of people died, thank God we have them today". I read that one a blog yesterday.

As serious as this matter is, sometime you just have to laugh at the level of ignorance of people. Even "editorial staff" from the LA times that write editorial pieces that profess the science says vaccines are safe & effective. I commented to the editorial staff to please provide the studies and data that confirms that. I doubt if my comment gets posted because the LA times, owned by the Tribune empire out of Chicago, is in the pocket of big pharma. So censoring is a matter of policy when the heat is on. So, keep on laughing and posting what you know in your being to be the truth because the people who are truly seeking will find it.


I have the same experience when I observe the arguments from both sides on fairly moderated blogs/websites (where irrelevant insults,character assasination and trolling are discouraged) the pro-vaccine side is almost never able to counter scientific evidence presented by the anti-vaccine side. It seems like both science and common sense are not on their side.

Maurine Meleck

Thank you JB for this post. You really made my day already.
Two particular comments yesterday by Paul Offit on a LA radio station were so preposterous that even a stupid person would find hard to swallow. He said that the Vaccine Court has never really paid out money or a vaccine injury, but for something else because vaccine injuries don't ever happen. The other was regarding the CDC whistle blower. Offit said that the study was meaningless because the n umbers were high in the African American children only because in order to receive services one needed an autism diagnosis. Therefore these kids were being diagnosed who really didn't have autism. If you can swallow that statement you can swallow a live crocodile..

david m burd

JB, You say "we now live in a world where truth and information are only a mouseclick away."

I wholeheartedly agree, and I always urge the many friends/relatives to do so, usually after they have expressed trust in years of Mainstream/CDC propaganda.

When they say 'why should anyone believe what's on the Internet' I reply why should anyone believe the mainstream media when they profit many $Billions of dollars every year from Pharma ads? And that U.S. pediatricians make the bulk of their incomes from the dozens of vaccines they inject into infants.

Additionally I provide some actual medical papers that are NEVER aired by Mainstream, and many times provide them with hard copies of the printed U.S. CDC Immunization Schedule, that ALWAYS shocks them, seeing the incredible onslaught of children's shots.

The truth is what counts, and like a rising tide, is surely coming in - thanks for your incredible work and stamina, nourished by truth.

no more Disney

I would guess those suspicious of the Autism/ vaccine program is far above 33%.

We had Ebola 24/7 until the world gave the drug dealers a few billion dollars to try to come up with an Ebola vaccine. Now Dr. Manny of FOX wants the president to simply mandate every shot for infants and toddlers.

Still looking for any doctor who will take the Hannah Poling vaccine cocktail adjusted for their body weight…

Which came first… the DPT shot or SIDS ???


For the first time in history, most U.S. infants were required to receive several doses of DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus), polio, and measles vaccines.[6] By 1969, an alarming epidemic of sudden unexplained infant deaths impelled researchers to create a new medical term -- sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).[7]

By 1972, SIDS had become the leading cause of post-neonatal mortality (deaths of infants from 28 days to one year old) in the United States.[8] In 1973, the National Center for Health Statistics, operated by the CDC, created a new cause-of-death category to document deaths due to SIDS.[9,10]


Fox News calls yesterday for federal laws mandating vaccination, this morning The Today Show leads with measles hysteria.

Note: Nancy Snyderman was not the medical correspondent for NBC. Snyderman famously adopted a "let them eat cake stance" by deliberately exposing her community to possibility of Ebola. Dr. Natalie Azar reporting for NBC described a California pediatrician's comments that he would not treat unvaccinated patients as "inflammatory."

In crisis lies opportunity. It would be a wonderful thing to see Congress debate compulsory vaccination. Dr. Poland of Merck and Mayo clinic would be afforded a national forum to describe in detail the concept of vaccine failure. Credentialed medical experts at last would be allowed to answer the notorious propaganda put out by the vaccine fascists. Dr. William Thompson could be subpoenaed. Instead of pro vax doctor debating parent, it would finally be expert versus experts on equal terms. For this reason, it is dubious that Congress will ever take this up. Perhaps an executive order or some other extra-constitutional ruse could be attempted- but again this opens the door to actual examination of vaccine safety and efficacy data.

Further- a call for mandatory vaccination brings up the uncomfortable subject of the absolutely dysfunctional and completely corrupted Vaccine Injury Program.

Yes, let's have the debate. In Congress. Should America jail individuals seeking to exercise medical informed consent?


Millions of people are waiting at that truth, waiting for everyone else to get there.

Who is William Thompson ?

"The Disneyland story will ebb, a new one will take its place"

I agree with you but for different reasons .
William Thompson's name has had approaching up to 1 billion mentions on twitter .

Are we looking at an "Arab Spring" for vaccines ?

Since august 2014 (& William Thompson) we have seen a supposed Ebola Pandemic that has not materialised .
And now we have a measles Pandemic at disneyland.

The crimino-authorities who manage the lies that support everything vaccine are under pressure .

Melinda Gates spoke out against us yesterday , and in defence of the undefendable "Gardasil" .

Jenny Allan

Yes - we ARE getting through to our young generation, via internet sites like AoA and information and support sites like Generation Rescue. Remember, more than 16 years have elapsed since the 1998 Wakefield et al Lancet paper, almost a generation, and of course, in the UK at least doubts were being expressed about the MMR vaccine many years before this. Jackie Fletcher set up the support site JABS, during the early 1990's after her son Robert was left severely disbled by the dangerous Urabe mumps containing MMR vaccine. Robert was finally compensated by the UK Government more than 18 years later, after papers about this version of MMR vaccine were released in 2010, having been officially suppressed for 20 years.

In many ways the 2013 much hyped Welsh measles outbreak, resembled the Disney outbreak. Dr Wakefield was once again dragged out to blame for 'teenagers' getting the disease, due to their parents being put off MMR vaccine. For once, Dr Wakefield managed to persuade a mainstream newspaper to publish his side of the story, and our grateful thanks to The Independent, which was hugely vilified by those other press and media outlets, in the UK Government and Big Pharma's pockets. The Independent's comment thread was removed shortly afterwards after we all commented, and challenged the Reiss and Deer brigade, but the article remained.

Thanks are also due to The Mail's Peter Hitchens who wrote this blog in response to the Swansea measles outbreak. He too was threatened and vilified-but the 'message', like Dr Wakefield's got through to the public. The Mail is hugely popular in the UK, and is profitable enough to question vested 'establishment' and corporate interests and misinformation. Please read or re read Mr Hitchen's blog.

Some Reflections on Measles and the MMR: Peter Hitchins http://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2013/04/some-reflections-on-measles-and-the-mmr-.html#comments

The Welsh Health Authorities, like those in California, recommended 'blanket' MMR vaccinations. Sadly many babies over 6months old got an 'extra' MMR jab after their parents were persuaded this was necessary-it WASN'T. Vaccinating such young babies is contraindicated on the vaccine inserts.

The 'teenagers' were old enough and intelligent enough to question the necessity of MMR vaccines for them. In the UK MMR boosters are given around age 4-5, and most teenagers will have remembered getting this 'needle'. Their mothers will have been able to tell them about vaccinations in infancy, all recorded in the little red books issued to new mothers. (Brian Deer called these 'baby books!!). The truth is most of these teenagers WILL have been vaccinated against measles, some with single jabs, still available privately in the UK. The Welsh NHS was left with more than £100,000 worth of unwanted MMR vaccines. Us taxpaying mugs picked up the bill!!

One startling difference between the Disney and Welsh measles outbreaks, was the information released about vaccination status. The only public statement issued from Wales was a terse one, stating all measles cases were not fully MMR vaccinated. No breakdown, and nothing about single measles, except to say it was 'ineffective'-a bit rich that, since the MMR efficacy is VERY MUCH in question. The Californian info gives us a breakdown of the known vaccination status of measles cases. This reveals a significant percentage of cases were FULLY VACCINATED!! This is a very significant MMR vaccine failure rate which cannot be explained away by blaming unvaccinated persons, or dragging out Dr Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy for more blame and vilification.

Since the MMR mumps component is demonstrably ineffective long term, and the Disney measles outbreak has revealed the deficiencies of the measles MMR component, it is time to DEMAND this unsafe, ineffective vaccine is withdrawn IMMEDIATELY to be replaced with a single measles vaccine. Mumps immunisation is best achieved by the disease, which is benign in infancy, as is rubella. Girls can be checked for rubella antibodies pre puberty, and vaccinated if necessary.
These actions are sensible and cost effective. I haven't even mentioned autism, but I'm sure there would be fewer child co-morbidities too.

This is EXACTLY what Dr Wakefield recommended more than 16 years ago.

Adam Mortenson

Thank You JB! This is such a refreshing article. To know that already at least a third of parents are questioning the propaganda. That commenter nailed it :

Because every Doctor or Scientist I have read articles from that is Anti-Vax has given educated or scientific hypothesis as to why they feel they are dangerous or have the potential to be dangerous long-term.....and all I want, is to hear a Pro-Vax authority counter those ideas, claims, etc.....but all I come across are Pro-Vax articles that say "the science shows vaccines are safe" and then they don't EXPLAIN why or even link the articles!!! Then they go on to bash Anti-vax usually by way of name-calling such as "uneducated", "ignorant", "stubborn". This is how you get the reputation of fear-mongering and manipulative.

They just don't get it that PR in the mass media can't be done like it was 25 years ago. Information can't be contained and managed like that anymore. Everyone can check everyone else's facts and discover new info along the way. THEY WILL LOSE!

Bob Moffitt

There are so many "silly headlines" to remember .. someone should write a book about them .. such as ..

"asthma has dramatically increased because our homes have become too clean ..."

Imagine that. My first born grandson suffered terrifying asthma attacks at the age of two .. which continue to be a concern today at the age of 24 .. because he lived in a "clean house". Who knew?

Consider .. for decades .. pro-vaxxers talking points have not changed one bit .. such as .. the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks .. there is no evidence of a link between vaccines and autism .. herd immunity doesn't work unless (pick a number) get vaccinated .. on and on.

During those same decades .. the only changes pro-vaxxers have made is to call non-vaccinating parents even more vile names .. and now .. urging their arrest and jail for not vaccinating their child ..

Yet .. the remain outraged and perplexed that the numbers of non-vaccinating parents continues to grow.

Someone (Einstein?) once said .. the definition of "insanity" .. is to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time.

I rest my case.

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