A Strong Message About Vaccines
Did Merck's Discontinuation of Monovalent M M R Lead to Measles Outbreaks?

Living Whole on Measles-Mania

FearWe've excerpted this post from the Living Whole site.  Megan, the site owner, came under fire for her vaccination choice views last year.  A Response to “Anti-Vaxxers are Stupid and Contagious”

“A one year-old just died. Paramedics were called but he was gone by the time they got there,” the resident spoke softly, obviously affected by the news. “What happened?” I asked. She told me that the child had been seen in the ER two days earlier, was diagnosed with measles and sent home. My heart sank. I had sent home a one year-old child with measles two days earlier. Was this the same child? It was. He had looked so good two days earlier, responsive, alert and in no distress. The careful follow-up instructions that were given were not followed and the child developed complications and arrested. I will never forget how I felt when he died. – Bart Barrett via “One Dead Child, Two Foolish Parents.”

Wow. This sounds scary doesn’t it? A one-year old died from “measles” and who’s to blame? The parents. I was personally shocked when I saw a medical professional (who also claims to be a Christian) casting such severe judgment and blame against parents for deciding not to vaccinate. 

I saw so many fallacies in his emotionally charged argument that I couldn’t help but bring them to light. In all fairness though, if you’re going to base your vaccination decision on manipulated emotions, let’s get a few things straight.

Everything can be potentially deadly but is measles inherently deadly? Absolutely not.

Did you notice that the case mentioned above was from 1990? That was 25 years ago people. It makes perfect sense though. One couldn’t use a case from 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, etc. because nobody died from measles.

Read the full post:  A Response to One Dead Child, Two Foolish Parents



This child could have easily died from the mmr. When my daughter came down with kawasaki after her first mmr, she was extremely ill. When after her second mmr she developed bacterial infections caused by overgrowth of her own flora, the doc tested her and found she had neutropenia. She was put on antibiotics for the overgrowth and kept out of school for weeks until tests proved a normal number. Pneumonia, strep, ear infections, any of the opportunistic bacterial infections often follow the mmr, more docs should check for neutropenia. Neutropenia , as told by my doc, is a side effect rarely noted BECAUSE NO ONE TESTS FOR IT! Children receiving the mmr may need to stay in the house for three weeks , the same as for the disease.

cia parker

What were the careful follow-up instructions the doctor gave the parents that were not followed? You absolutely have to give a measles patient appropriate care. If you do not keep him or her warm in bed from the beginning of the illness until the fever is gone and he is feeling better, then yes, he may get pneumonia, which is the most common cause of death from measles. If you use any kind of fever reducer, it's still not likely, but increases the chances of his getting encephalitis. If you do not give him vitamin A, he may have eye damage or other complications. If you do not keep him quiet at home for three weeks after the rash appears, he may well get a serious complicating infection and may even die of it. It's extremely important to take measles seriously and respect its power. I think many parents don't have a clue as to how to care for a sick child, they have been taught that if they get the child all his shots and take him to the doctor whenever he's sick, then nothing bad is going to happen to him. And this is the doctors' fault, for appropriating for themselves all the responsibility for keeping the child well.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I am heartily sick of doctors who blame disease organisms and now parents, for children's illnesses. Can even one parent tell us that they got a lecture/sheet of information or anything similar from their doctor telling them how to keep their child's immune system in good shape through Sunlight/Vit D ; Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables/vitamins and minerals /Avoiding mercury / Avoiding acetaminophen and paracetamol and other fever/pain reducers, etc. When a child dies , do they ever pursue information on that child's immune status? Maybe that child just got a flu vaccine or tetanus toxoid with mercury last month . Maybe the child's immune system was low due to having received an MMR recently. If the medical system really cared about children they would do more than talk about hand washing. And would anyone here care to add to my list of means of keeping up the immune system?


Good one Taximon5!


Shall we put up the pictures and stories of those that died of vaccine reactions..

Oh, that would have to include all those auto immune disease like lupus, and cancer, and obesity and diabetes, suicide from depression or just foolish chance taken by those in the mania phase of bipolar - drug overdoses; a long lingering vasculities disease or a short child hood vasculities like Kawasaki's disease. Oh, then there is SIDS, and well then; there are those babies that heart beats just fad till they stop - swollen left ventricle perhaps, or electrical conduction problems.

How many ways to die of vaccine injuries are there??? We need to start making a list.

Meanwhile just straight forward death by a vaccine reaction ---what do they call those?? Hmmm? Not sure.


I'd like to know what "careful follow-up instructions" were supposedly not followed by the parents which the doctor claims resulted in the child's death. The implication is that the parents turned down the measles vaccine--but the child was 12 months old, and 25 years ago, the MMR was not offered to 12-month-olds. Did this doctor recommend vaccinating an ill 1-year-old measles patient with...MMR?

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