More Evidence of Harm: Thimerosal Found to Disrupt Mitochondrial Function in Cells From People With Autism
The Washington Post Whips Up Fear And Blames Andrew Wakefield

Is Fox News Promoting Mandated Medicine (Vaccination)?

Fox SeigelManaging Editor's Note:  Forget deflated footballs for a moment, measles

Hedda Get Better, a doll from 1960. She had measles.

is this month's Ebola. Now even Fox News, one of the only news outlets to allow even a bit of conversation about vaccine injury, is seeming to endorse.... forced medicine by blaming vaccine exemptions for the outbreaks. We'll have more on measles over the next week.  Are these wild strain cases or vaccine strain cases of measles? What is the health status of the patients.  We know that this year's flu vaccine has been ineffective and that a small child died of the same strain in the flu shot she received. There are serious questions that warrant answers. Now, back to the PSI on a football. Thanks to Anne for her vigilant attention to these topics.

By Anne Dachel

It seems Fox News has now forgotten all their past coverage by Alisyn Camerota on the link between vaccines and autism.  Camerota reported on Hannah Poling and the 83 cases of vaccine induced autism compensated by the federal government.  Now she's gone from Fox and they're on the attack.  Non-vaccinating parents don't have a right to have their children out in public or in public schools. Fox News medical consultants Dr. Manny Alvarez and Dr. Marc Siegel deny that vaccines carry any serious side effects.  Vaccine injury isn't even a part of the discussion.  All that is talked about is that parents don't have a right to put everyone else at risk by not vaccinating their children.  This is worse than not putting a child in a car safety seat.  When it comes to vaccines, exempting parents are putting everyone else in danger as well.

Fox News wants the federal government to step in.  This is very frightening. If Fox News is talking like this, you can bet that CNN, the New York Times and everyone else in the mainstream news will be joining them.

Jan 22, 2015, Measles outbreak fuels vaccine debate

Anchor: "Getting the measles shot if the only way to prevent yourself from becoming sick, but some parents have been opting out, which means their children have not been vaccinated."

Dr. Marc Siegel:  "Let me be clear on this: I see no vaccine debate whatsoever.  Period.  This is the greatest vaccine that's ever been created in the history of vaccines. We stamped out measles in the United States in 2000.  It was incredible because measles is the most contagious virus known to mankind.  . .  It's so much more contagious than the flu.  . . .  This is a million times more contagious than ebola."

Siegel was asked what his message to parents who are following "celebrities who have jumped on the anti-vaccination bandwagon."

Siegel"  "Celebrity medicine?  Your celebrities did not go to medical school.  . . . In California, there are 13,000 parents who are taking a personal belief exemption, allowing their kids to go to school without that second MMR vaccine. . . .

I think these parents are putting children at risk in schools.  I think schools should consider not allowing these kids in.  . . .Why should my child be at risk because your child isn't vaccinated?"

Siegel went on to say that 10 percent of adults who think they're immune because they were vaccinated, aren't. 

Siegel: "The vaccine can wear off."  Siegel went on to recommend that if anyone is travelling to Disneyland, they should get a booster.

Both Siegel and the Fox anchor agreed that not vaccinating is "irresponsible."

Jan 21, 2015, Pockets of unvaccinated children putting public at risk?

Fox News video coverage on "epidemic" of measles linked to Disneyland.

News anchor: "Are pockets of unvaccinated children putting everyone at risk?"

Fox News lines up three pro vaccine doctors to sound off on the dangers of unvaccinated children. 

Dr. Manny Alvarez:  "The main concern is the trend that we're seeing in many communities where a lot of parents are choosing not to vaccinate.  . . . The measles vaccine, in order for it to effective, the community needs to be vaccinated over 90- percent.  When you have pockets now--dozens of children that do not get vaccinated--they put themselves at risk and they put the community at risk."

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie: "The problem with measles is it's so contagiousThe attack rate is 70 to 90 percent--meaning that if you're exposed to somebody with measles, you have a 70 to 90 percent chance of getting measles yourself.  Also measles droplets can remain in the room hours after a person has coughed and left the room.  So if your child is not fully vaccinated, meaning they've not gotten the 12 month and the four year vaccines for measles, you really have to keep them away from anyone who could potentially have it.  And that's almost impossible to do."

Anchor: "Even if we are vaccinated for measles, we can still get sick can't we for being around people that are carrying the disease?"

Dr. Frank Esper: "No vaccine is ever 100 percent effective. When you vaccinate yourself, you're not only protecting yourself against getting very serious disease from measles, but you're also protecting everyone else around you.  You're protecting those neighbors, those classmates--those people who may not be able to get the vaccine due to medical conditions.  . . .

The anchor brought up the "wave of parents" over the last five to 10 years who are exempting their children.  She asks if they should have the "personal liberty" to make choices for their children and put the community at risk if they're "going to public parks and public schools."  She brought up the difference in waiver laws from one state to another.  She asked, "Should there be a federal regulation for parents to say that if your kid is in public areas, they have to have certain vaccinations because of the return of certain diseases like measles?"

Alvarez: ". . . If we get into the philosophical argument, whether vaccines are safe or not, they are safe.  I think for parents not to vaccinate their children, it's basically, they're putting their children at risk for something major happening.  . . . If this is the trend that many communities are going to have for opting out because they have some weird belief--and I say weird because it is weird to me--that they're not going to protect their children, then maybe we need a federal mandate."

Gillespie: ". . . This goes from just being a personal decision to really a public hazard if you're not vaccinating your child."

Esper: "If we continue to see the trends that we are seeing right now, with measles as well as whooping cough--these vaccine preventable diseases, we will need something from the top down to make sure everyone stays vaccinated. . . . "

Anchor: "Should parents be asking  about, are there children in the class that are not vaccinated?  Are they even going to have access to that information to know if their children are at risk?" 

Alvarez lamented that that information is not readily available. 

What about the past reporting from Fox News on the vaccine-autism controversy?

Who can forget Dr. Marc Siegel on Fox News on Sept 10, 2010,  announcing that Thimerosal  has "actually now been removed from the MMR vaccine"? 

Autism advocate, Becky Estepp, had to educate Dr. Siegel that the MMR, as a live virus vaccine, could never contain Thimerosal, as it would kill the viruses.

Mar 6, 2008, Fox News: Vaccine Autism Link

The United States Department of Health and Human Services concluded that childhood vaccines contributed to the symptoms of one girl's autism, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The family of Hannah Poling, 9, of Athens, Ga., is entitled to compensation from a federal vaccine injury fund, but the amount of money has yet to be determined.

Government officials still say vaccines are not the cause of autism, but advocates think the settlement of the Poling family's court case proves otherwise.

In a court document, the government said vaccines aggravated "a rare underlying metabolic condition that resulted in a brain disorder with features similar of autism spectrum disorder."

Sept 10, 2010, Proof of Vaccine-Autism Link?

Alisyn Camerota: "It is the first ever court award in a vaccine-autism claim.  The family of nine-year-old Hannah Poling will receive 1.5 million dollars, just in the first year alone, just after a decision that the vaccine for mumps, measles, etc., aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder that Hannah had, that did not cause her autism, . . . but resulted in it."

Camerota interviewed Dr. Alvarez about Hannah Poling and agreed that her "genetic disease," (mitochondrial disorder) was "exacerbated by the vaccine." 

Camerota pointed out that "no one knows how many other kids have that underlying mitochondrial disease" and Alvarez agreed, "That's right." 

Sept 20, 2010, Fox News: Hannah Poling's Unique Case

Alisyn Camerota: "Last week we told you about the landmark case of the nine year old girl, Hannah Poling, who was just awarded more than one and a half million dollars for developing autism as a result of receiving vaccines for mumps, measles and other childhood diseases."

May 9, 2011, Fox News: EXCLUSIVE: Government Paid Millions to Vaccine-Injured Kids

A group of parents are saying the Federal government has paid off multi-million dollar settlements for dozens of families whose kids suffered brain damage after receiving children vaccines. As you know the Federal government has denied any connection between autism and vaccines, does this seem like a cover up? One parent speaks out on the autism settlement. 

May 10, 2011, Fox News: Law School Links Autism, Vaccines in Report

Research scholar Mary Holland on government settlements given to children with autism

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Truth is hard to come by

for Jaxter and others:

This link is informative re: who exactly is Snopes:


Vaccine Information wrote:

"The MMR alone provokes a febrile seizure 1/3500 doses, MMR & Varicella in the same visit (per ACIP recommendation) causes a seizure 1/2500 doses, and the MMRV Pro Quad 4 in 1 Combo shot puts 1/1250 kids in the emergency room. "

Even IF giving the MMR was justified, there is absolutely zero justification for approving versions that are more dangerous. These BASTARDS have approved other vaccines on the basis that they save trips to the doctor, not the emergency room which is a lot more expensive, not to mention traumatic, but to the doctor. Meanwhile they approve a drug that CAUSES one in every 1250 children to need hospitalization, when that drug is not necessary as there is another drug that causes LESS adverse events?



"Fox News wants the federal government to step in. "

If Fox News is reporting this, the federal government already did step in.

Re Hedda...a 2015 FDA approved version of this doll would be called Hedda is Dying and would be mandated to come with it's very own coffin. Wouldn't want the public to think that measles is or ever was for most, a mild childhood illness (that everyone born before 1957 had).


I think I detect a big of nervousness as they talk. Sure they speak in a professional manner - but there is still an under current.

And they should be nervous cause it is about to blow on them - and I for one am not going to forget. Ever!


You better believe they're nervous Benedetta.

They know that walls are closing in, and they're about to face a wave of angry parents, seeking justice for their vaccine poisoned children.


"I guess you would expect the CFR to promote government policy even if they are not the originators of it...:

I would suggest that perhaps SOME of the CFR members ARE originators of certain particular policies, including that of our health programs.

I've posted a link to this forum in the past re a link with Dr. Russell Blaylock wherein he defines the history of our medical institutions in the United States and WHO was behind the policies implemented within these institutions.

Rockefeller's name came up, not surprisingly. Not so surprisingly is Rockefeller's name listed on this CFR roster.

John Stone

I guess you would expect the CFR to promote government policy even if they are not the originators of it. It is only very occasionally that you don't find the agencies working in lock-step these days. An unusual occurrence in the UK in the last decade was when our chief government scientist and department of agriculture were correctly insisting that Avian Flu would not cross the species barrier while the Chief Medical Officer and Department of Health were declaring that soon we would not be able to bury the dead fast enough. What was never reported on in our mainstream media was that they were at loggerheads: you just got completely contradictory reports all the time.


Not to belabor the whole CFR media issue, but I just found the entire roster (not sure how updated this info. may be):

Interestingly enough, they do have a media roster/listing:

Take a quick glance at the TOP OF THE PYRAMID roster listing, then check out the media roster membership:

Diane Sawyer, Children's TV Workshop (Sesame Street), Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather and Barbara Walters are but a few of the media names listed on the Council On Foreign Relations Membership roster.


@Joe Sulaco:

Thank you for posting the link re the CFR. Although I would not go so far as stating 'all' media are members of the CFR, many of them do have connections to, and/or are affiliated with, this organization.

Here is a link I found interesting, taken off the CFR website:

Within this article, is a link to this article, entitled "Vaccine Ignorance - Deadly And Contagious":

Noted at the bottom of the above article:

"Laurie Garrett (who co-wrote the above piece) is senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations and the author of "I Heard the Sirens Scream: How Americans Responded to the 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks." Maxine Builder is a research associate for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations."

Also, see the roster re membership with the CFR:

Note: Diane Sawyer - yes, THAT Diane Sawyer, is a member.

Joe Sulaco

You've to see the bigger picture, folks. The question is WHY are all the media outlets (CNN, FOX, Time, Washpo, NYT, etc.) all on the same page?

Why do they systematically refuse to even discuss vaccine injury?

Easy. Go here.

All the media are members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). And the CFR, incredibly powerful, wants YOU vaccinated without any consent.

The "The man or woman behind the curtain" my friends, is the CFR.

The reason I include "a woman" behind the curtain is because most U.S. children receive their vaccinations from ARNPs (nurse practitioners), the overwhelming majority of whom are women.

Yes, there's a shortage of pediatricians, (gee, I wonder why), and young female believers (nurse practitioners) are picking up the slack and jabbing away on our little ones.

Jaxster is posting Dr. William Thompson CDC whistleblower story as false and friends are sending it to me. I in turn sent this to them. Feel free to copy..

Snopes. Com

Your story on Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistle blower, on Snopes is incorrect. You have the story listed as "FALSE".

Dr. William Thompson has released a statement on his attorney's website that you may want to take a look at. On his press release statement, he is confirming that he is in disagreement with the way the study of vaccines and Autism was released.

A quote from the Press Release, "I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed."

Here is a link to the Law firms's website, press release from Dr. Thompson
and the Law Firm, Morgan Verkamp LLC contact information.

Morgan Verkamp LLC
35 E. 7th Street, Suite 600
Cincinnati Ohio 45202
Phone: 513-651-4400
Fax: 513-651-4405


I think I detect a big of nervousness as they talk. Sure they speak in a professional manner - but there is still an under current.

And they should be nervous cause it is about to blow on them - and I for one am not going to forget. Ever!


I have noticed a lot of unfairness and bias with regards to vaccines on Fox. They have the pro vaccine people on all the time and the Fox news people give them softball questions and act fearful like they are afraid of asking hard questions.


My grandmother lived to be 101 years old. During her life she had never received any vaccine and she was almost never sick, but she was killed by the first vaccine which the doctor gave her (flu) in her last year. Therefore, I am convinced that vaccines for elderly are used for euthanasia.


Yes, we demand mandates for all Fox News presstitutes to receive at least 100 vaccines in one year (6-8 at one time). If they don't survive (which is to be predicted), we will say - too bad, you were too stupid to live.


Watch, this Brady Bunch episode (Is there a doctor in the house?); you will see that back in the late sixties people were not panic-stricken over the measles, like they are now-a-days. The threat wasn't exaggerated like it is today and measles certainly didn't make headline news.

@12:13 of the video - Greg and Marcia converse about having the measles:

Greg: "Boy this is the life isn't it?"

Marcia's response: "If you have to get sick you sure can't beat the measles."


Me too, all I remember is my mother saying I had the measles. I don't remember being sick, no weeks in bed (not even a day I don't think), and not even a fever - maybe a low grade, but I don't even recall that. Same with all my friends. No one that I knew had horror stories about the measles.


When I had measles back in the 1960s, I didn't feel sick. I wondered why my mom kept me home from school just for having red spots.

In those days, all children got measles -- it was an accepted part of childhood, as it had been for generations that survived it. Moms shared information about outbreaks and treatment.

In those days newspapers and TV didn't resort to scaremongering. Now that everyone has access to split-second communications, methods of social control have become more primally fear-based and shrill. So much for advancement of the species.


As well as vaccines "wearing off" in adults - there are a lot of us adults who were never vaccinated -- why aren't we just as much a danger to the unvaccinated as unvaccinated children? The whole thing is ludicrous.


Once upon a time FOX News almost went to where ever the truth lead.

BUT then they too fell in line with all the other stations like Vanderbilt descendent Anderson Cooper. They have become another CNN.
Only the are doing the conservative spin instead of the liberal spin of CNN.

Watched the movie Divergent were the world was broken up five groups. Fiction is more complicated than real life -- we only have two groups - Democrat and Republican to keep the masses in check - claiming all the ills of the world is the other sides policies and the other sides fault.

Right now the Democrats are in Power. Sure is not working out for us now is it.

I am not sure that the Tea Party and Wall Street protest are really the same but they keep the whole movement apart by claiming it is a bunch of gun loving red necks against pooping in the street hippies.


First Fox News, now even the Onion is in on it...who can be believed any more?,37839/

Bob Moffitt

Dr. Marc Siegel:

"Let me be clear on this: I see no vaccine debate whatsoever. Period. This is the greatest vaccine that's ever been created in the history of vaccines. We stamped out measles in the United States in 2000. It was incredible because measles is the most contagious virus known to mankind. . . It's so much more contagious than the flu. . . . This is a million times more contagious than ebola."

And .. on what grounds does the "expert" Dr. Marc Siegel defend administering the HEP B vaccine to newborn infants .. within hours of birth .. ostensibly to protect those newborns from a disease that is primarily spread through promiscuous, unprotected sex or sharing of contaminated drug paraphnalia .. hardly the type of exposures a newborn is likely to encounter in coming YEARS?

Perhaps parents would have greater trust and confidence in Dr. Siegel if he would unequivocally pronounce administering HEP B to newborn infants is INSANE .. but .. no fear he won't .. because .. as he says .. "there is no (vaccine) debate whatsoever .. PERIOD."

Yeah .. he is all about promoting "unavoidably unsafe" vaccines to protect OUR children.


Yes, Jenny; I would like to see what the ped that vaccinated my son's and daughter's brains out - and knew it -- Oh, yes - he knew it - but what he hated the worse was - I knew it.

I would love to see his five kid's vaccination records.

Cynthia Cournoyer

"...greatest vaccine ever created..." and in the same interview, "...the vaccine can wear off."

So the best vaccines, ever, can wear off. Sounds like just a push to put MMR boosters on adults.

But the greater point is, if most adults don't get boosters then doesn't that beg the question as to why the "outbreak" was not in every "undervaccinated" adult? I guess the unvaccinated are doing pretty OK without a vaccine that doesn't work.

cia parker

Well, that's what Dorit was hired for, to figure out how to get mandatory vaccination laws passed. The hell with religious exemptions and personal autonomy and freedom of choice. As for what the outcome has been for ALL the measles cases in the US for the last few years, I can say, and it's very unfortunate for their cause, it's obvious that they all made a complete, uncomplicated recovery, as is the norm. Otherwise every single news outlet would be trumpteting the negative outcome in lurid detail.

Concerned momma

There has to be some kind of highly visible action ( protest? Demonstrations? Full page ad?) since the news cannot be relied upon to truly reflect the parents' concern. Also the Congress action is not certain, they have backed out before.


Everyone going to Disneyland needs a second MMR? Hopefully they will fair better than Holly, who died from vaccine induced encephalopathy, prompting her parents to create, lobby for and pass "Holly's Law", which permits a titer test in lieu of a second dose of MMR.

The MMR alone provokes a febrile seizure 1/3500 doses, MMR & Varicella in the same visit (per ACIP recommendation) causes a seizure 1/2500 doses, and the MMRV Pro Quad 4 in 1 Combo shot puts 1/1250 kids in the emergency room. "Best Vaccine Ever"


Before we have vaccine propagandists discussing whether people should have access to other childrens' private medical information due to classroom contact - a place where the majority of children are not in ill health (acute), I say we try and pass laws that all pediatricians must post their full vaccination records just outside their lobbies and in their lobbies and on their websites so that parents may see what vaccines their child's doctors have been given before they are allowed to breathe in the same room as a child. That way we can see not only if they are vaccinated, but which products they chose! And, because they go home and see their kids, we'll need to see their kids' vaccine records as well. And when that is in place, lets have the hospitals be required to do the same. Let's see what professional organizations ooze out of the woodwork in the face of these kinds of requirements?

Hey newscast folks, are you still into the messed up germ theory origins? Then be all means, talk about how sick kids stay home from school, but they sure don't stay home from doctors offices, do they? They go into the pediatrician and hang out for 20 minutes in the waiting room contaminating the healthy kids who are there for their "wellchild" visits, who then go back to their families and spread pediatric office germs all over the place, vaccine strain I'd bet. Which is the more serious vector of contamination, the school or the pediatrician? Are there studies out there that have sampled & catagorized germ types on the chairs and doorknobs and stethascopes and scales and toilet flushers and sinks and water faucette knobs in a pediatricians office? Would make for a nice news story!

And I'm not sure I'm totally against masks on nurses, doctors, or teachers who choose not to vaccinate, because WOW! wouldn't that be putting a HUGE public face on the true rates of civil vaccination rights supporters. No way to say it's a fringe minority if there are non-vaccinated mask wearers all over the place, and most frequently seen on doctors! And can you imagine the conversations it would spur? How many times a day would a doctor or nurse or teacher get asked why they are wearing a mask? And the response would be "No, I'm not sick, but I don't think getting an ineffective flu shot is worth the risk of an autoimmune disease." "No, I'm not sick, but I'm 55 years old and I have so much natural immunity at this point that I don't need some fake temporary partial immunity that might give me asthma for my remaining 30 years on the planet." "Well, the flu shot 5 years in a row has been shown to increase the risk of alzheimers so I'm skipping it this year." "No, I'm not sick, but we have an outbreak of chronic fatigue syndrome in the hospital and it seems to be all the vaccinated doctors so I decided to skip it . . ."

Not an MD

No vaccine has ever been, 100% effective. Not one of them-- ever. Therefore, there is no such thing as a "vaccine preventable disease", which is merely a stupid, scientifically unsupportable catchphrase spat out by the vaccine industry.

Measles has been spread by the vaccinated as well as by the unvaccinated.

This media frenzy is an attempt to make people hysterical about a usually benign childhood illness. Problem is, only the paid pharma trolls are the ones hysterical about the measles, and they are being paid to be hysterical, so they shouldn't even count. I have long wondered that if children eat carrots (chock full of Vitamin A), do they become less susceptible to Measles, considering the treatment previously used for Measles was Vitamin A. Does Vitamin A, along with the naturally occurring flavonoids in carrots and other vegetables high in Vitamin A, suppress the disease? I would love to know the answer to that question.

Is that enough published science for the skeptics and trolls? How about this quote from a published article: -
"Vitamin A deficiency is a recognised risk factor for severe measles."

How about mandated carrot/asparagus/bell pepper/collard greens/spinach/mustard greens/sweet potatoes/winter squash-eating, instead of mandated MMR vaccines, or at least doing a comparison study comparing the MMR vaccinated against those who were not vaccinated but ate a Vitamin A rich diet? I'd like to see the results of that study for sure. Would children eating such a healthy diet even be susceptible to measles?

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