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In the News: Gardasil 9

By Cathy Jameson

I haven’t bought into the Gardasil hype, but because my daughter and her best friends are of the age when this vaccine is heavily pushed, I keep up with HPV vaccine news.  For those who may have missed the latest news, the FDA announced that they’ve approved another HPV vaccine. 

The news release claims  that the new vaccine, Gardasil 9, will prevent “…certain diseases caused by nine types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV)…five more HPV types than Gardasil (previously approved by the FDA).” 

It should be noted that the FDA reports that there are over 100 different kinds of HPV.  Let’s not forget that they also state that not all of the kinds of HPV cause health problems.  Not causing health problems is good news!  So why did the NBC News  senior health reporter make this her final paragraph of her Gardasil 9 article?

All boys and girls are supposed to get three doses of the vaccine, starting at age 11 or 12.  But not enough do.  Only a third of girls who should have finished the series have received all three doses, and the record's even worse for boys.  While 57 percent of pre-teen or teen girls have received at least one dose of HPV, only 35 percent of boys have, CDC says.

All (emphasis mine) boys and girls are supposed to…

Supposed to.

The article makes it sound like getting this vaccine is mandatory. 

Last I checked, parents can opt out of vaccines in all 50 states.  

  NVIC Exemptions

Photo credit: NVIC

Yep.  All 50 states do offer at least one exemption. 

Then do all boys and girls really have to get the HPV vaccine?


The NBC reporter must have thought so though.  I guess she recognized that some boys’ and some girls’ parents knew that they could opt out of the HPV vaccine because she added: 

All boys and girls are supposed to get three doses of the vaccine, starting at age 11 or 12. But not enough do.

Hmmm, not enough do. 

Not enough to whose liking, I wonder?  The FDA’s liking?  Or the CDC’s liking?  Is the FDA not liking that not enough boys and girls are getting their approved HPV vaccine?  The FDA who state prior to administering the series that it takes three doses even though researchers later learn and report that well, maybe one dose of an HPV vaccine was enough? http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2013/11/04/a-single-dose-of-hpv-vaccine-may-be-enough/?hpt=hp_bn13

And then there’s the CDC.  The CDC who adds vaccine after vaccine after vaccine to their recommended schedule without studying how vaccine after vaccine after vaccine react together?  Are they not liking that boys and girls are not lining up for the HPV vaccine?

Surely the FDA and the CDC know that some boys and some girls cannot be injected with that vaccine.  Surely they know and they respect that some boys and some girls may not want that vaccine.  And surely those who write about vaccines understand that, too, and know that they should include all information about vaccines – like the severe side effects, the adverse events, and the required reporting of illness and death post vaccination – in their news reports.  You’d think that they would know that, respect that, and report that.  Right? 

Sadly, they don’t. 

The FDA continues to approve vaccines.  The CDC continues to push vaccines.  And the mainstream reporters continue to write inaccurate pieces about those vaccines.  Those who should be completely honest about vaccines very have kept the most important information about vaccines to themselves.  I find that shameful and why I feel that I must keep up with HPV vaccine news on my own and from more reputable sources than from the mainstream news media channels.

The HPV vaccine is one that I’m keeping my eye on.  My daughter is keeping an eye on it too.  She knows that with this particular vaccine there have been too many too soon. We’re both praying that the parents of her best friends have educated themselves about the HPV vaccine like we did.  While educating ourselves, we learned that too many daughters have become one less – one less independent, one less functional, and one less living. 


Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.






RI passed a law that it is now required to enter school for (i believe) both boys and girls. Please tell me how kids are contracting HPV while IN school?


So will this be in ADDITION to the first Garbagasil shot?
good lord, when will the maiming of our children end?
If this is so wonderful why can't adults also get this cancer preventative? (i'm playing devil's advocate here...)
I think there is one agenda here....population control.

Elizabeth Hart

The co-inventor of the technology enabling the HPV vaccines, Professor Ian Frazer, has acknowledged that the risk of cancer associated with the HPV virus is very low.

Given the low risk of cancer, and the unknown long-term consequences of HPV vaccination, we have to question mass vaccination with the HPV vaccines.

For more background on how this very questionable vaccine product was added to the vaccine schedule in Australia see my webpage on HPV vaccination: http://over-vaccination.net/questionable-vaccines/hpv-vax/

Also see my letter to Chris Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of The Australian newspaper "Is universal HPV vaccination necessary?": http://users.on.net/~peter.hart/Is_universal_HPV_vaccination_necessary.pdf


This is what happens when you allow a right to be taken away because you are afraid and want saftey.

You will find you are still not safe, but in even more danger and you are not free.

Not safe or Free -- Benjamin Franklin.

Not an MD

Well, heads up, New Yorkers!

A Gardasil vaccine mandate which bypasses parental consent is in the works:

Laura Hayes

Thank you for this heads-up-for-parents article, Cathy.

In addition to more than twice the HPV types in this new Gardasil 9 vaccine, there will be TWICE the aluminum. Furthermore, this vaccine contains polysorbate-80. Want to know what that does? According to Dr. Lawrence Palevsky: "Pharmaceutical companies utilize polysorbate-80 in their drug manufacturing to help with the transmission of pharmaceuticals across the blood-brain-barrier. They understand how protective the BBB is against allowing blood contents to enter the brain, and have found a way to bypass the BBB to enhance drug entry into the brain by attaching the drugs to nano-particles of polysorbate-80." He further states, "With aluminum and polysorbate-80 tightly bound in the HPV vaccine, and able to pass freely into the brain across the BBB, regardless of the state of health of the BBB, this can explain some of the fainting, seizures, and neurological sequelae that have been reported in the teenage girls after they have received the HPV vaccine." This wise doctor further asks why in the world polysorbate-80 would be used in the first place if this is what it does? Makes you wonder, unless you're already savvy to the evil machinations of the pharmaceutical industry. This info is from Dr. Palevsky's August 2013 Newsletter, as reprinted in the Autumn 2013 newsletter of VRAN (Vaccination Risk Awareness Network, now known as VCC, Vaccine Choice Canada...check out VCC's website!).

Also reprinted in VRAN's excellent article, titled "When Vaccine Ingredients Cross the Blood Brain Barrier - A Formula for Disaster", is this chart:

HPV Vaccine VAERS Reports up to June 2013
Description - Total
Deaths 140
Disabled 952
Did not recover 6,032
Abnormal pap smear 531
Cervical dysplasia 214
Cervical cancer 64
Life-threatening 562
ER visit 10,557
Hospitalized 3,065
Extended hospital stay 234
Serious 4,091
Adverse events 30,352

Now, bear in mind that at best, 1%-10% of all adverse vaccine reactions are ever reported, and furthermore, those reported directly to the pharmaceutical companies themselves (which is what the parent or doctor who is unfamiliar with VAERS would most likely do) are NOT included in these VAERS numbers (from what I have been told, pharmaceutical companies are not required to forward reports they receive to VAERS). Can you say multiply, multiply, MULTIPLY each and every number on that chart in an attempt to try to get more accurate numbers!

Clearly, FEAR versus informed consent is being used to push these HPV vaccines, as who would want this vaccine injected into them after being apprised of the appalling facts regarding it?

As always, parents beware! And in some states, like CA, where CHILDREN as young as age 12 can choose to receive the HPV and Hep B vaccines without parental knowledge or consent, parents need to EDUCATE their children to STEER CLEAR of anyone trying to convince them to get this vaccine. Parents, do NOT leave your children unattended at doctors' appointments once they hit age 12. Discuss with your child beforehand why it is important that you be in the exam room with them, and the importance of them agreeing to that. Also, don't even frequent a doctor who tries to separate you from YOUR CHILD during an exam. Warn your children to be on guard at school, too, and to immediately call you if anyone at school starts talking to them about needing any vaccine. Teach them the words you want them to say, to call you immediately, and to immediately GET AWAY from whomever is talking about vaccines to them!


It is important to note that, although the HPV vaccine is on the CDC's recommended schedule, it is not on the list of vaccines required for school in most states. I believe it is only mandated in Virginia and Washington D.C., so those are the only places where an exemption would be needed.

An article was published by the National Conference of State Legislatures which stated "legislators in at least 42 states and territories have introduced legislation to: require the vaccine, fund or educate the public or school children about the HPV Vaccine." This is misleading because it can be misread to mean that 42 states mandate the HPV vaccine, but it actually says either "require, fund, OR educate the public or school children about the HPV Vaccine". Also, most of the legislation which was introduced to mandate HPV vaccines did not actually receive enough votes to pass. This article has been quoted in a misleading manner on some blogs, with people making the argument that "our state should mandate the HPV vaccine because almost everyone else is mandating it". This is false.

Googling to confirm my memory -

This is a 2011 article, but it is still accurate:

"Virginia and the District of Columbia remain the only two jurisdictions that currently have school-based mandates."

D.C. and Virginia have medical and religious exemptions, but not philosophical exemptions.

Unfortunately, some states have passed (or are considering) laws saying that this vaccine can be given without parents' permission or knowledge, which is crazy. California passed this, NY is considering it - not sure if any other states have done this. Scary! Even if you decide to opt out, your child could be influenced by school or medical staff, and if s/he suffered adverse reactions you wouldn't even know why unless your child told you.

Jeannette Bishop

One study:
"A randomized, controlled clinical study was conducted in the U.S. and internationally in approximately 14,000 females ages 16 through 26 who tested negative for vaccine HPV types at the start of the study. Study participants received either Gardasil or Gardasil 9."

Another study:
"The effectiveness of Gardasil 9 in females and males ages 9 through 15 was determined in studies that measured antibody responses to the vaccine in approximately 1,200 males and 2,800 females in this age group. Their antibody responses were similar to those in females 16 through 26 years of age. Based on these results, the vaccine is expected to have similar effectiveness when used in this younger age group."

Third study (or perhaps using data from the above)?
"The safety of Gardasil 9 was evaluated in approximately 13,000 males and females. The most commonly reported adverse reactions were injection site pain, swelling, redness, and headaches."

I have a headache thinking about how they probably "evaluated" the "safety" of this vaccine. And we'll know how well it really works in terms of cancer prevention in 30+ years (or possibly sooner if they start claiming boosters are needed)? I have a really hard time believing TPTB and their faithful servants think they will prevent any cancer with a vaccine. Why was this pushed and legislated so aggressively? They don't push hepB on all of our vaccinated-as-infants teens who probably have no immunity against that STD now.


The following DNA test, coupled with the pap test, on top of a good long talk about responsible personal hygiene, I would think offer a darn good combination of risk reduction - if you can recognize that you have a less risky HPV infection, you could avoid potentially unnecessary additional surgery or cancer treatment. And, for those that have bought into the hype of getting the vaccine, they would be able to recognize whether they have already been infected by certain strains, so that you don't get the shot which can make things worse in those women.

"Using a sample of cervical cells, the cobas HPV Test detects DNA from 14 high-risk HPV types. The test specifically identifies HPV 16 and HPV 18, while concurrently detecting 12 other types of high-risk HPVs.


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