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It's Me

If your child is vaccinated, then your child is NOT catching diseases DUE to another parent choosing not to vaccinate their child. So everyone should be able to chose what is right for their family without blame.


"All of you people quoting an anecdote about someone you know who got measles or whatever, and turned out just fine:
For humanity's sake you all deserve sterility."

Tim, the vast majority of the people here are already parents...so your wish is a wasted wish. But thanks for the insight into your humanity.

Secondly, the fact that you exist today, I'd say YOU know people who got measles and turned out fine. Think about it. ;)

Jenny Allan

Tim say's:- "All of you people quoting an anecdote about someone you know who got measles or whatever, and turned out just fine:
For humanity's sake you all deserve sterility."

Typical troll's comment Tim!! You obviously didn't read my comment about my own daughter's very nasty dose of measles. Oh I forgot-she doesn't count, because she was already vaccinated against measles when she contracted the disease.

I assume your mentioning of sterility is in response to some of the comments, including mine, about adult male orchitis, a complication of ADULT mumps, which can cause sterility. The vast majority of young men in the UK, contracting this were fully MMR vaccinated during childhood. NONE of them 'deserved' to be exposed to a risk which could rob them of the chance of fathering children, particularly since mumps in childhood is a medically benign disease, causing very few long term problems.

One obvious benefit of childhood mumps is lifelong immunity, and when I was little, mothers had mumps parties (for sons) and German measles parties (for daughters), to ensure these diseases were safely contracted during childhood.

Please re-read my extracts from the paper below, written more than 8 years ago:-
The Royal Society of Medicine Journal
J R Soc Med. 2006 November; 99(11): 573–575.
PMCID: PMC1633545
Mumps orchitis
M Masarani, H Wazait, and M Dinneen
Even back then, our UK Government was plainly very worried about (quote), "a sharp increase in reported cases of both mumps and mumps orchitis seen recently in the UK". I know that old argument about correlation NOT being causation -HA! BUT, just for your interest, 2006 was 18 years after the introduction of MMR vaccine in the UK, administered between 12 and 18 months. The time interval correlates with young men going to further education colleges and universities, where this disease can be spread easily.

There has been a COMPLETE press/media blackout on this issue, which needs to be addressed NOW!!

Jeannette Bishop

Oh yeah, "sterility" ... something else I hope will be added to list for evaluation between vaccinated and never-vaccinated health outcomes whenever the "health authorities," or probably more like independent researchers, decide we need some basic true vaccine safety data to go forward.


Tim said:

"All of you people quoting an anecdote about someone you know who got measles or whatever, and turned out just fine:
For humanity's sake you all deserve sterility."

That's right. Forget what you've seen. Forget what you know. Don't think. Don't remember. Don't ask questions. Listen to the experts. Do what you're told. Follow.


All of you people quoting an anecdote about someone you know who got measles or whatever, and turned out just fine:
For humanity's sake you all deserve sterility.


That's an easy one. The radiation from cell phones in pockets have been shown to decrease sperm count by 40%. EMF/RFR damages DNA. Kids are being exposed to wi-fi, cell towers, wi-max, tablets, laptops, wireless baby monitors, their own and their parent's cell phones (including their mothers' during fetal life) etc., etc., etc.

Here is a letter sent by scientists to technology CEOs in Sept 2014:

"September 22, 2014

On behalf of the BioInitative Working Group, we are writing to express our concern about the views expressed by CEOs from Google, Dell, Apple, Adobe, eBay, Facebook, the George Lucas Educational Foundation and others to the FCC supporting wireless technologies in schools.

Your letter to the FCC dated July 7, 2014 titled Education Superhighway, states:

“Today, we are writing to you to urge swift bi-partisan action at your July 11, 2014 meeting to adopt the E-Rate modernization proposal set forth by Chairman Wheeler.” “By responsibly investing $2 billion of unused funds and providing predictable ongoing support for Wi-Fi, the plan will make dramatic progress in bringing high-speed connectivity to our classrooms.”

No one denies that bringing high-speed connectivity to our classrooms is important. But it can be a wired connection and does not have to be WiFi. It does not reflect well on the ethics of your corporations to encourage the FCC to provide $2 billion dollars for new wireless classroom infrastructure and devices for school children, knowing that wireless emissions have been classified as a Possible Human Carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (2011). To promote wireless technologies in schools is to
deliberately and knowingly disregard current health warnings from international science and
public health experts.

Saturating schools with wireless technology will likely create unnecessary liability for municipalities and result in a loss of public trust and confidence in the corporations that push their wireless products with a blind eye toward health concerns.
Epidemiological studies show links between radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposure and cancers, neurological disorders, hormonal changes, symptoms of electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) and more. Laboratory studies show that RFR exposure increases risk of cancer, abnormal sperm, learning and memory deficits, and heart irregularities. Fetal exposures in both animal and human studies result in altered brain development in the young offspring, with disruption in learning, memory and behavior. The brain development of a fetus can be impaired by in-utero exposure to a pregnant woman. The evidence for these statements is based on hundreds of published, peer reviewed scientific studies that report adverse effects at levels much lower than current FCC public safety limits. WiFi is schools, in contrast to wired internet connections, will increase risk of neurologic impairment and long-term risk of cancer in students. Corporations cannot avoid responsibility simply by asserting compliance with existing legal, but outdated and inadequate FCC public safety limits.

Today, corporations that deal with educational technology should be looking forward and helping school administrators and municipal leaders to access safe, wired solutions. Your corporations can reasonably foresee and offer alternatives to potentially hazardous exposures to wireless radiation by choosing to support wired educational technologies.

Thank you for your attention to this letter.
Cindy Sage, MA, Tel: (805) 969-0557 Email: sage@silcom.com
David O. Carpenter, MD, Tel: 518-­‐525-­‐2660 Email: dcarpenter@albany.edu
Co-Editors, BioInitiative 2012 Report For the BioInitiative Working Group

Copies: CEOs signing Education Superhighway letter to the FCC
Federal Communications Commission
The White House, President Obama
US Secretary of Education Secretary Arne Duncan
Contributing Authors of the the 2007 and 2012 BioInitiative Working Groups
Jitendra Behari, PhD, India
Carlo V. Bellieni, MD, Italy
Igor Belyaev, Dr.Sc., Slovak Republic
Carl F. Blackman, PhD, USA
Martin Blank, PhD, USA
Michael Carlberg, MSc, Sweden
David O Carpenter, MD, USA
Zoreh Davanipour, DVM, PhD USA
Adamantia F. Fragopoulou, PhD, Greece
David Gee, Denmark
Yuri Grigoriev, MD, Russia
Kjell Hansson Mild, PhD, Sweden
Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Sweden
Martha Herbert, PhD, MD, USA
Paul Héroux, PhD, Canada
Michael Kundi, PhD, Austria
Henry Lai, PhD, USA
Ying Li, PhD, Canada
Abraham R. Liboff, PhD, USA
Lukas H. Margaritis, PhD, Greece
Henrietta Nittby, MD, PhD, Sweden
Gerd Oberfeld, MD, Austria
Bertil R. Persson, PhD, MD, Sweden
Iole Pinto, PhD, Italy
Paulraj Rajamani, PhD, India
Cindy Sage, MA, USA
Leif Salford, MD, PhD, Sweden
Eugene Sobel, PhD, USA
Amy Thomsen, MPH, MSPAS, USA


For scientific evidence, see section 18, Fertility and Reproduction Effects of EMF:



Michelle wrote...
"Case in point is Ebola. If you are in a modern society you have a very high chance of survival just because you know to hydrate and eat good when you are fighting something. There is something to be said about natural immunization which is almost 100% effective and now we are changing the demographics of who gets these diseases."

And speaking Ebola, thre is the waiting in the wings, knight in shining armour, Ebola vaccine. Researches are a 'little' concerned that declining ebola cases are not so good for the vaccine. Could this be evidence that there was indeed a real motivation to hype Ebola, such as the prediction of over a million cases by now that never materialized.



Also on an interesting note, it appears from a quick review of google scholar that decline in sperm count and sperm density has been increasing in western countries, with some studies talking about worrying trends of increasing infertility.

What environmental trigger (s?) could be causing this, I wonder?

And how many of this current generation are already infertile or have diminished sperm count?

Our birth rates are also dropping, particularly amongst the young.

I wonder whether we are going to discover that the drop in birth rate amongst the young, who are being variously credited, depending on the source, with choosing not to have children yet, with abstaining more, or with using better birth control, is actually because they are simply becoming more and more infertile?



I'm so sorry about your kids. You're right. My husband's uncle, even though he became sterile from having mumps as a young man, he did go on to marry, has step and grandchildren, and is still going strong in his 80s. It altered, but didn't destroy his life.


Benedetta; yes, just what I was thinking too. When vaccine injury leaves someone so disabled that they are non verbal and self injurious, or even just results in them being socially unable to connect with the opposite sex,then having a family of their own never was on the cards..

Not any different in practical terms than being sterile, though the peer reviewed journal article from Jenny A. seems to suggest that in at least some cases where there is an effect, it is only a temporary reduction in sperm count. That would appear to suggest that for some of those men, future children would still be an option.
And if your only issue is sterility and you want children at least you can adopt.

Given the incredibly poor efficacy of the mumps vaccine and the fact that the illness is so mild it is hard to identify in children, my own guess is that there may well be a lot of the natural infection going around anyway, and that many kids, whether "vaccinated" or "unvaccinated" may actually have already had the mumps.

Cia parker; a friend was telling me about one of her unvaccinated friends who had titres run and even though she did not think she had ever been exposed to the measles, she found that she had developed protective antibodies to them.
Also, thank you for the vitamin A info you gave on the other thread!


For 4bobby: Yep, that's what I'm getting from all this, too.
Measles and mumps and whooping cough vaccines only appear to work, until they don't.
And the CDC floats along, changing ICD9 or 10 codes whenever they feel the whim, dedetailing and redetailing their reports.
One thing can be counted on, nature will always try to correct itself. If a few adults or young adults are getting mumps,etc, at least you can be sure that kids are getting it, too. It's probably just milder or asymptomatic in kids so you don't hear of it as much. Just because there aren't overt symptoms doesn't mean they aren't being exposed. Just means some people have more efficient immune systems than others. And of course now, they are handling both wild strains and vaccine strains, since both contagion sources are now present in our environments. There's one breakout tracking catagory you can be sure will never show up on a CDC report anywhere: number of vaccine strain illnesses vs wild strain illnesses.



The vaccines seem to cause about the same thing -- I mean - My sister-in-law only has one grown young man out of four - married with two kids (don't worry - the vaccines got both of them and they are not talking) so that is taken care of.

Meanwhile I have two grown children --not married - not social - not going anywhere or doing anything.

Sounds like the same thing - as mumps only a whole lot worse.


My husband's uncle was sterile after catching mumps as a young adult. I was told he caught it from the kids in the family and that's why he never had any of his own.

Michelle G

If you look at current CDC charts you will see the decline in deaths and cases since the vaccine was introduced. That said, if you look at the disease charts from the 1900's to when the vaccines where introduced you will see that deaths and cases had already dropped by more than half and have been declining since we fingered out how to wash hands, sanitize, quarantine and just modern medicine in general. Case in point is Ebola. If you are in a modern society you have a very high chance of survival just because you know to hydrate and eat good when you are fighting something. There is something to be said about natural immunization which is almost 100% effective and now we are changing the demographics of who gets these diseases. Big money will always go with the fear factor because....fear sells BIG! Another issue I have is the one size fits all vaccine and vaccine schedule. We are not all built the same and I'd love to see some research going in that direction. Sorry for the long rant. I just like to keep an open mind and ask questions because remember, at one time top scholars thought the world was flat and they top physicians bled people to get out "bad blood"! There is always something to learn:)

Jenny Allan

Cia says:- "It would be extremely rare for it(mumps) to cause sterility."

Don't you believe it!! 50 years ago with my future husband, we visited, pre-wedding, a family planning clinic. The nurse in charge first asked if my future hubby had been infected with mumps as an adult. He hadn't, but the nurse was very matter-of fact, explaining contraception advice would have been a waste of time if he'd had mumps after puberty, since he would almost certainly have been rendered sterile. (We have two lovely daughters and a BIG anniversary coming up!)

More recently, my oldest Grandson reported no less than FIVE of his male 'mates' at university contracted mumps -and YES- they were ALL warned about sterility! The MMR vaccine has simply transferred mumps cases from childhood, where the disease is benign, to adulthood where it is nastier. This is borne out by the UK England and Wales published confirmed mumps cases 2012-13, where case numbers far exceed measles cases.

However, I can understand where Cia is coming from. My own attempts to 'google' mumps came up every time with 'sanitised' information, which appeared to 'play down' the risks of sterility in adult males, contracting mumps. This is an interesting article which demonstrates my points:-

The Royal Society of Medicine Journal
J R Soc Med. 2006 November; 99(11): 573–575.
PMCID: PMC1633545
Mumps orchitis
M Masarani, H Wazait, and M Dinneen

Extract 1:-

Although the incidence of mumps orchitis has dramatically declined since the introduction of the childhood vaccination programme, a sharp increase in reported cases of both mumps and mumps orchitis has been seen recently in the UK. There are great concerns about mumps outbreaks and the associated risk of infertility; it remains an important clinical condition. Immunization is the best policy to avoid this viral disease." (Me- written before the current US Merck court cases where they are accused of fiddling their mumps vaccine efficacy figures).

Extract 2
"Mumps orchitis rarely leads to sterility but it may contribute to subfertility. It can also can lead to oligospermia, azoospermia, and asthenospermia (defects in sperm movement). Unilateral disease can significantly, but only transiently, diminish the sperm count, mobility, and morphology. Impairment of fertility is estimated to occur in about 13% of patients,2 while 30%-87% of patients with bilateral mumps orchitis experience infertility."

Extract 3
Small mumps outbreaks and their complications continue to be identified, and it remains an important clinical condition. There are great concerns about subsequent infertility in these patients. Immunization is the best policy to avoid mumps-related complications. Treatment remains conservative"

Cia- One sided orchitis is neither pleasant nor harmless. I don't think young men would want to put themselves at risk of it!!


Just so we are all clear.... the measles vaccine works so long as the vaccinated person doesn't come in contact with the measles. And the lemmings keep buying this idiocy?

Thank you Rebecca for all you keep doing. Some day the world will wake up.


Barry - the stats do confirm measles cases declining steeply in the Western World, following the introduction of measles vaccinations in the 1960's.

By stats, do you mean the ones that have been furnished by the same medical establishment, who want us all to believe that we're NOT in the middle of an autism epidemic?

I guess Mark Twain had it right when he said “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

cia parker

When I was a child, 99% of everyone got measles before they were twenty. I refused the MMR for my daughter, hoping she'd catch all three diseases naturally. But, unfortunately, I haven't heard of a single case of measles, mumps, or rubella in my region or among the people I know for the fourteen years I've been waiting and hoping. Measles just stopped occurring after the vaccine came into widespread use. I understand that there can be vaccine failure, and there can be measles outbreaks like those we've seen recently in New York, Texas, and California, and I hope that measles comes back, but if the measles vaccine were not very effective, then there would have been at least some to many cases of measles around here in the last fifteen years. But, again unfortunately from my perspective, there have not been. I just don't think it's a coincidence that measles went from 99% getting it to 0.000001% getting it as soon as the vaccine came into widespread use.

cia parker

I've read that while mumps can cause testicular atrophy when males get it after puberty, it's nearly always one-sided, and even when it's both sides, it would be extremely rare for it to cause sterility. It's better to get mumps as a child, but it's not usually that bad even if you get it as an adult. Hundreds of Americans got it in '06, and I didn't hear about anyone having a bad outcome, though many were hospitalized (I think just because even doctors have been taught to be terrified of it and measles).

cia parker

Pertussis was very dangerous in the nineteenth century, but, like measles and scarlet fever, the disease itself has evolved to be much less dangerous, and the death rate had dropped nearly 100% before the vaccine was introduced in the '40s. Sweden and Germany stopped giving it for many years because of all the death and disability caused by the vaccine, and, although in those years (17 years from '79 to '96) 60% of Swedish children got it, there was an average of only one death a year, a lot fewer than were ravaged by the vaccine. Japan stopped giving it to babies under two for many years, and immediately saw its SIDS rate drop from middling to lowest in the world. In the US, the average is 10 deaths a year, three years ago in the epidemic, there were 18 deaths, most of newborns. Over 430,000 Americans were diagnosed with it, many more undiagnosed. The disease is no longer dangerous to any but the immunocompromised and some infants in the first three or four months of life, because their airways haven't developed enough to cough out the mucus effectively, and it can pool in their lungs and cause pneumonia. The vaccine is very ineffective, protecting less than a quarter of school-aged children and less than a half of preschoolers. My thrice vaxed baby caught it at eight months old and coughed ten coughs per breath for over a month, and gave it to me. It was uncomfortable, even scary to not be able to breathe for so long while coughing, but it wasn't dangerous at her age, and we both made a complete recovery.

The thing to do is not get the vax, then if (or when) you get pertussis, you'll get permanent immunity (you may not if you've ever gotten the vax because of original antigenic sin). Keep young infants sheltered at home in the first months of life, be aware whether there's any pertussis around at that time, it peaks every three and a half years. Treat with high-dose vitamin C, intravenous in serious cases, and alternate Pertudoron 1 and 2. Hold baby up to your shoulder during all coughing fits to make it easier for him to expel the mucus. My baby had her only words erased as soon as she got the booster at 18 months and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. The vaccine causes asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, SIDS, and autism. Better for all but the tiniest to just go ahead and get and recover from the disease.

Jenny Allan

Jenny says:- "Even if a visitor from a measles-endemic country comes to the U.S., it doesn't mean an epidemic of death and destruction will occur."

Of course not! But our respective Governments and their tame press and media outlets are presently making an almighty fuss about a few cases of measles originating in a theme park. The source of the infection is apparently an unknown person, whose country of origin and vaccination status is also unknown, and may never be known. Every single outbreak of measles, in the UK, US and Australia brings out the 'Wakefield bashing' brigade, along with all the associated misinformation and slanderous lies. Parents of 'unvaccinated' children are publicly vilified, even though cases of measles are plainly occurring in vaccinated as well as unvaccinated persons. There have been only 2 measles deaths in the UK post MMR vaccine 1988, and a similar few in the US. Far more illness and death is caused by food poisoning, often caused by bugs in raw food, like chickens, being spread by careless practices during the cooking/ serving process.

There will always be a small percentage of the population who don't vaccinate their children, for religious, cultural or philosophical reasons. In the UK, we have a small but significant community of 'travelling people', including gypsies. Their alternative lifestyles tend to involve only minimal use of the NHS and state education facilities. They don't seem to bother with vaccinations, but their mothers are always there to nurture and nurse their children through childhood illnesses. I must say they seem to be a very healthy community, with plenty of ready cash too!! The US Amish community, also live their lives more 'in tune' with nature. Over use of vaccinations for mostly benign childhood diseases has damaged the way our immune systems cope with new diseases. Babies cannot now rely on maternally conferred immunity during the first year of life.

When I was young EVERYONE caught measles and all those other childhood diseases now vaccinated against. It meant a week off school and some TLC from our mothers, who were invariably stay at home housewives. Vaccinations were reserved for diseases which were known to be dangerous, diptheria, polio and TB. Whooping cough vaccine was added, but now this bacterium has evolved resistance and has become dangerous, recently killing several very young babies in the UK and US.


Even if a visitor from a measles-endemic country comes to the U.S., it doesn't mean an epidemic of death and destruction will occur. One of the reasons we may have less of it is better infrastructure, and I've read that maybe vitamin A is related to viral infection rates.

Mainstream media seem so focused on how vaccines have decreased the number of "vaccine preventable diseases," but they never talk about how much actual death and disability has been decreased due to the vaccines. Is it realistic for a person to think they should never get sick or their children should never get sick. Isn't it a more attainable and realistic goal to not have someone in the family get sick enough that they die or have to be hopsitalized or require a lifetime of post-illness medical care? Are vaccines successful when compared in that context? Despite constant warnings that not enough people have been vaccinated and there are all these people unvaccinated for measles running around, I think no one in the U.S. has died from measles since 2003, despite the media's insistance the the non-vaccinated population is growing.
And if anyone can directly provide a link for deaths or severe disability from the dreaded mumps in the U.S. please provide it. As well as whooping cough. I can't seem to find them. I view whooping cough as more worrisome, but has mortality from it gone up or down, or has it been stationary?

Jenny Allan

Cia says "I think the measles vaccine does nearly always prevent measles."

Barry - the stats do confirm measles cases declining steeply in the Western World, following the introduction of measles vaccinations in the 1960's. However, the recent measles outbreaks in the UK, US and Europe are calling into question the long term efficacy of the measles vaccine. It has already been admitted (more or less) that booster doses are necessary for everyone, not just the hypothetical 5% failed by the initial vaccine dose.

Jen- in the UK mumps is now admitted to be endemic amongst young adults, particularly those in universities and further education colleges. In the two years 2012-13, when measles outbreaks in Wales, London and the NE, caused a jump in confirmed measles cases in England and Wales, the final measles figures were actually exceeded by mumps cases.

Year Measles Mumps Rubella
2012 2030 (1912) 2564 (2476) 65 (65)
2013*1843 (1413) 4035 (3524) 12 (12)

Why the official silence on both sides of the Atlantic? The blunt fact seems to be the MMR vaccine is NOT fit for purpose and is failing our children and young adults. Mumps is a benign disease in children, but can cause sterility in adults.


Barry, I don't know about measles efficacy but it's surely higher than mumps vaccine efficacy which is obviously quite poor- there is the whistleblower lawsuit regarding fraudulent studies as to this and we can sure see there are a lot of mumps outbreaks even in fully vaccinated groups. Sidney Crosby and several in NHL were fully vaccinated- in fact Sidney Crosby had had his last vaccine a year ago for when in Russia but got it this year anyhow. It would be good to know more about MMR efficacy not to mention safety.


I think it's unfortunate, but I think the measles vaccine does nearly always prevent measles.


Prove it

Jenny Allan

Greg says:-
"Reading a comment in response to this story, I was informed that unless immunizization records are verified all individuals are deemed unvaxed including those self-reporting as vaxed. Perhaps more digging is in order."

Too True- In the UK, following the Wakefield et al 1998 Lancet paper, many parents chose single measles vaccinations for their children. After this NHS free choice was deliberately 'pulled' by the UK Government, ostensibly to 'protect the MMR vaccine', (what about protecting our children?), many parents chose to pay privately for monovalent vaccines. This was an expensive option and unfortunately led to some poorer parents choosing not to vaccinate at all, rather than take risks with MMR vaccine.

My youngest Grandson is presently being targeted by a Scottish MMR vaccine 'catch up' campaign, implemented in secondary schools. My daughter has written to the school, explaining he is fully immunised with monovalent measles, mumps and rubella vaccines, but the 'system' ignores this and puts pressure on the child, who can under our laws consent himself, regardless of parental wishes.

Thankfully 'our kid' who lives with the MMR vaccine damage done to his brother, refuses to be intimidated or bullied into any unwanted injections.

Jenny Allan

I've reported this to AoA before, but this seems a good time to remind folks. My family resides in the UK. In 1969, my younger daughter was vaccinated with what was then a newly introduced child vaccine, designed to prevent measles. At that time the vaccine was monovalent; this was 19 years before the introduction of MMR vaccine.

At Christmas 1972, my poor daughter contracted measles. It was a very nasty dose, which left her with permanent eye scarring and general debility. For years she seemed to catch every infection going, including bouts of croup, pneumonia and tonsillitis. It seemed the measles had wrecked my previously very healthy child's immune system. I was told in confidence by a medical friend, the introduction of the measles vaccine had actually resulted in the wild measles becoming far nastier, although actual cases were now fewer in number. The monovalent measles vaccine was never routinely 'boostered' in those days, but in any case my daughter at 3 years old would have been too young to have received it.

I've never been certain about the reasons for the failure of the vaccine in my daughter's case, but recent AoA measles articles and discussions have revealed strong evidence, 25 years apart, the first measles vaccination does not provide sufficient 'blanket' or individual immunity for the 1-4 years age group, (See my other link to the 1989-91 US measles outbreaks). This is also borne out by the official stats for the 2013 UK Welsh measles outbreak, where a significant proportion of confirmed cases were in the 1-4years age group, a cohort stated to be >95% MMR vaccinated.

For Western Governments to ignore this obvious measles vaccine deficiency, whilst invariably 'dragging out' Dr Wakefield for another load of blame, is becoming not only ridiculous, (THAT Lancet paper was published, nearly 17 years ago), but is actually DANGEROUS. In particular for those infants under a year old, who no longer have maternally conferred protection.

If our collective World Governments cannot produce a reliable vaccine for measles, then they need to admit it and warn parents of young children. Breast feeding helps with very young babies. Consideration should be given to introduce quarantine for confirmed cases. Parents whose children present with rashes, should have them examined by a doctor, before allowing any contact with other children.

World famous Theme Parks, like the Disney and Universal Studios ones in California, are a magnet for tourists from all over the world, including from countries where measles is endemic. What happened at Anaheim was an inevitable consequence of the present US policy of ignoring the vaccination status of visitors to the US, when granting visas. Supposing the infected person responsible for the measles outbreak had been incubating Ebola?

cia parker

I think it's unfortunate, but I think the measles vaccine does nearly always prevent measles. The nurse at the doctor's office when C. was a baby said that they'd had a couple of children of a visiting British professor come down with measles five years before, but they had seen no measles since that time. I haven't heard of anyone getting it in my acquaintance since the vaccine became common. Sometimes it fails, but I think it's like one in a million or less. But I'll bet as we stop vaxing, it will come back, and that will be a good thing.


Reading a comment in response to this story, I was informed that unless immunizization records are verified all individuals are deemed unvaxed including those self-reporting as vaxed. Perhaps more digging is in order.

I am with you on pointing out the stench as the media cries about how the Paris attack was an attack on our freedom, yet they don't seem to be so bothered cowering to powerful corporate interest.


Mirenth and Lindsey are just one vaccine away from Rebecca - and it is only a matter of time -- maybe it has already happened and they just don't know -- Won't know till they become teenagers and hormones - sitting in their rooms, for days and then suddenly inviting the whole Band for a party and not saying a word to the parents when 60 teenagers show up-- maybe won't even figure out then----

Four against one -- and we get that clich'e the benefits out weighs the risk -- well how in the HELL DO YOU KNOW??? Since the CDC when not manipulating data - are hiring guys from way across the pond that will.

Jenny Allan

Twyla- We have to be careful not to make too many assumptions, without being given a complete breakdown of the ages and vaccination status of the confirmed measles cases, at least one of which was an adult and therefore responsible for his /her own vaccination status.

Of course, the media 'feeds' on this idea of 'educated but misguided mums' failing to vaccinate their children, who are then a 'danger' to other children. This argument deliberately 'forgets' two things. One, the 'unvaccinated' children are the ones who should be vulnerable to infections, not the vaccinated ones, whose parents should reasonably expect their children to be protected.

These days, parents of babies less than a year old should avoid theme parks and other crowded touristy places. Maternally conferred immunity, which once protected babies for at least the first year of life, is no longer reliable.
At the present time, tourists are not required to declare their vaccination status on visa applications.

Measles is still 'rife' in several African countries and the Indian sub continent.

Jenny Allan

If 6 of the 9 confirmed cases were reported to be unvaccinated against measles, then we are entitled to assume 3 cases WERE vaccinated against measles, but still got infected i.e. the vaccine failed in a THIRD of cases.

Isn't this a cause for concern? I thought Reuter's report was deliberately confusing about this issue.

Contrast this with the following report about US measles outbreaks 1989-91, which admits measles vaccine failure where only one dose administered. These were pre-Wakefield days!!

"Because >95% of children entering school had received a dose of measles vaccine, preventing the school-aged outbreaks required a second dose of vaccine. Waning immunity with increasing time since vaccination was not a significant cause of vaccine failure.[28] Instead, the major problem was primary vaccine failure-the failure to respond to the first dose."

John Stone


It is a very important point. The fact that the British government/medical establishment mounted a political prosecution against Wakefield is forever used to distract from the fact that the science is breaking down visibly at all angles for any well-informed reader of events - as I was pointing out only a couple of days ago:

"It could scarcely demonstrate better how thin the defence of the vaccine program has become. Farcical to maintain that the only doubt about the safety of all vaccines could or should hinge on a single study, but if you consider the manner in which the study was “discredited” it poses far more questions about the industries and the governments hiding behind Deer than about the study itself."


It is a straw man and it would still be a straw man if any of the accusations against the authors of the paper were true (which they aren't).

Laura Hayes


I agree with you. I do believe breastfeeding is very likely meant to be done for a minimum of 2 years until the child's immune system has had time to develop. Hard to convince many of that these days.

I remember when I took our first child in for her 6-month "well-baby" appt. in northern CA, and the pediatrician found out I was still nursing her...she almost fell off her rocker! She said, "Well, that's enough of that. You've breastfed for longer than necessary...time to wean her and switch her to formula." Embarrassed to say that I followed her TERRIBLE advice!!!

Oh, to have a do-over...and be a thinking mom who: a.) doesn't go to "well-baby" appts. b.) doesn't vaccinate c.) doesn't follow even one word of any doctor's advice until she has done her own research (if she even ever goes to a mainstream, allopathic doctor for anything) and d.) breastfeeds for a minimum of 2 years.

Thanks for your feedback, Linda1 :)


Sorry for some spelling and grammar errors- iPad is losing function so sometimes I have to work quick. More specifically, I wanted to add that the same fear that the editor will admit to of the terrorists applies to their pharma sponsors -employers, essentially. Sadly they must all spew out dated, willfully misunderstood crap rather than more current, objective information (although it has to be said that once in a while a more truthful piece squeezes out- such as the reporting of a doc in Toronto that is against mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers). This all wouldn't even be so objectionable *if a very serious proportion of our children weren't really suffering from some side effects of these medical products (and in this I include the fact of viral shedding and transmitting not being discussed honestly).


The thing that struck me about the interviewer/reporter in the green shirt (Kristi, I believe?) is that she referred to something several years old -the Wakefield paper- which Becky rightly pointed out they continue to willfully misunderstand, and attempt to vilify Dr. Wakefield. It becomes much more obvious that she ignores something even more recent and substantial like um #CDCwhistleblower.
I mean, she has a chance to actually mentionable real time, present situation where a doctor working in the field of immunology and at the CDC, no less lays a bombshell about the credibility of the vacci e safety and efficacy study results and she can't refer to that instead of Dr. wakefoeld's paper??? Come on, Kristi, that is pathetic. That's also why mainstream is dying.
Interestingly, a major newspaper editor (Licia Corbella at the Calgary Herald) admitted to feeling hypocritical about the "I am Charlie" sentiment, admitting that, indeed, she is cowed by the terrorists and that she does not feel brave enough to stand up to their pressure and influence. It is my belief that the same fear holds back all these spineless "reporters" who are supposed to report on real "news."


YES, I have an innocent child counting on me, therefore, I will not inject him with a vaccination for a disease that is likely not going to kill him (measles). I am with my children almost all the time and watch them closely - if they get sick (or there is a local outbreak), I will get them prompt treatment and seclude them from others. So, those children whose parents aren't vaccinating might have a parent like me who sees the vaccine-injury being SO much greater and life-long threatening than 10 days with the measles .


Jenny, maybe what they meant is that 8 were unvaccinated - 6 because of their parents' decision not to vaccinate and 2 because they were too young.

Cia, good question!

Thank you, Becky! You are always so articulate!


One of the mom's stated she blames "unvaccinated" children if her own "vaccinated" child gets measles.

If her child gets measles it's a clear indication that the vaccine doesn't work. Sounds like another case of a CDC indoctrinated useful idiot.


Amen, Laura.

Except I think nature designed us to breastfeed for a bare minimum of 2 years, to somewhere up to 7, with the average, removing cultural bias, being somewhere around 2-5 years, which coincides with the development of the child's own immune system maturing and being able to stand on it's own.

cia parker

I'd like to know if the parents of the four unvaxed children who got measles are terrified and remorseful or happy that now their children will have permanent immunity to measles and all the other benefits?

no Disney for me

Good job Rebecca, It is nice they include you in the clip.

Most of us followed the CDC vaccine schedule before we found out too late / what a pile of medical bs it was....

Is this the same theme park where 90% of the adult population is lacking a current adult pertussis vaccine ???
Perhaps Disneyland will screen these people, and keep them out... even though daily attendance would be a bit thinner.

The 20 something's in the clip do not yet know if their children will become Autistic or will be a part of the 1 in 6 with learning disabilities / asthma/ allergies / which ALL come from the SAME THING.

Anne J.

I would also love to know if these cases are the vaccine strain vs wild virus. Would be very interesting to check!

Laura Hayes

2 other points to add to this discussion:

1. Assuming that the reporting is accurate (ha! I know that is assuming a LOT!), and 2 who contracted measles were "too young" to be vaccinated, note how they neglect to mention that their lack of protection at this young age is most likely due to their mothers no longer being able to pass along and provide immunity to them during infancy because the mothers' God-given immune systems were altered, and compromised, by the vaccines they have received throughout their lifetimes. If the moms hadn't been vaccinated (along with all their peers), they would have contracted measles as children, developed true immunity, and been able to pass that on to their infants via breast-feeding. However, in today's times, it's more than likely that the moms were vaccinated, and therefore can't pass on proper immunity to their infants during critically-important times. Additionally, it's quite possible they're using formula, which also can't pass on any immunity to babies.

2. If one wants to protect their infants from exposure to diseases, Disneyland is not the place to be taking them.

All signs are pointing us back to "simpler" times. No vaccines, breastfeeding of infants for 1-2 years, eating non-poisoned, nutrient-dense foods, avoiding toxic pesticides and cleaners, staying home when sick and staying away from others who are sick, children playing versus using electronics all day, the list goes on. It's not rocket science, but one does need to learn to avoid and ignore the non-stop propaganda that comprises today's mainstream media and mainstream "medicine."


"Funny how we never isolate or keep at home recently vaccinated children, even though those who have been injected with live viruses are possibly able to infect others, isn't it?"

Yes, and then there are the unknown number who chronically harbor vaccine virus in their gut. Are they infectious and if so, what does the infection look like when it spreads? It may not look like wild measles at all.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Becky. A little more vaccination education went out to viewers and I'm sure it involved quite a lot of effort on your part for the brief, but important message.

It's pretty clear that many who vaccinate have not had informed consent. They've probably had many courses of mostly propaganda causing them to believe they've been informed, and it's powerful in that most of those providing the info believe in the near black and white version, too. I wonder if it might be a good idea to change the "educate before you vaccinate" to something like "de-propagandize (is there a word with such meaning in existence?) and educate before you vaccinate."


Linda1; Great point.
Since the MMR vaccine is a live virus, it, like the live flu vaccine, can shed, and immune compromised people are particularly at risk of catching measles from the recently vaccinated.

Funny how we never isolate or keep at home recently vaccinated children, even though those who have been injected with live viruses are possibly able to infect others, isn't it?

I do wonder if it is the vaccine strain of the measles which people are catching in Disneyland? (Which would mean that patient zero was vaccinated, and indeed infected the others.)

Anne J.

Rebecca, thank you!
I'm embarrassed to admit that back when I was having my babies, I resembled the other two, naive women interviewed with Rebecca. I was VERY outspoken on "the benefits outweigh the risks" BS. I learned the hard way that I was tragically mistaken, and everything I'd been taught was wrong!
I would love to know how many people in attendance at Disneyland were recently vaccinated and were actually shedding the virus to others. They never talk about that, do they?!
One in six children in US schools has some kind of a neurological disability. That, to me, is far more alarming than a few cases of measles at a crowded amusement park.
They need a complete overhaul of the current vaccine program in this country. Blatant propaganda pieces we are seeing everywhere these days are not going to restore the public trust. That trust has been completely shattered by the unethical vaccine policies of the CDC. And shame on the MSM for not doing their job. They are pathetic.

Ann Dunn

I survived having measles TWICE as a child(6 months and 8 years) so never had the vaccine. My daughter had the MMR and has autism. Too bad HLN does not inform parents that one cannot sue the drug company for vaccine injury instead of giving vaccine makers free advertising.


From Jenny's quote of Reuters:

"One of the patients had received the appropriate vaccination."

Is this patient the source of infection? When was this person last vaccinated? Did he/she develop measles after vaccination, which has been shown to be possible in the scientific literature? Did this person either transmit the virus because of active infection or did the person asymptomatically shed virus? Is a wild or vaccine strain the cause of this "outbreak" (which can be determined in lab testing)? If the vaccinated person caused the outbreak, it stands to reason that the unvaccinated would have been vulnerable, especially if they are immune compromised, either by health condition or through medication.


This sounds more like vaccine failure to me.


Just sounds like more lies from the media to me.


great job Becky.

Jenny Allan

Some more info from Reuters:-

There are presently 9 confirmed cases:-
"The infected patients ranged in age from 8 months to 21 years and that six were unvaccinated for measles, two of them because they were too young. One of the patients had received the appropriate vaccination.
Chapman said seven of the confirmed cases and three of the suspected cases were people living in California. The other two confirmed cases involved Utah residents who visited the amusement parks during the relevant time period."

The health authorities think ONE person with measles who visited the attraction in December 2014, is the probable source of the infection.

So- 9 persons infected, 6 stated to be unvaccinated, 2 of which were too young.

Out of 9 confirmed cases, only 4 were apparently measles unvaccinated due to omission. We are not told their exact ages nor the reasons for their non measles vaccinations. If 6 persons were stated to be unvaccinated, it is assumed 3 persons did receive measles vaccine, but were infected anyway. The Reuter's article seems to imply only one person was 'appropriately' vaccinated. Confusing no? We as yet know nothing at all about the person who caused the outbreak, but this person could well have been visiting from another country where measles vaccinations are not routinely provided.


Two trolls (or four) to one Becky and Becky was excellent even though they cut her off. Of course they did, there is no refuting her. All they can do is prevent her from continuing to talk. The more she talks, the less sense they make, and they know it.

How many of those cases were caused by vaccine shedding?

Bob Moffitt

One of the mom's stated she blames "unvaccinated" children if her own "vaccinated" child gets measles.

Too bad this discussion with "pro vaccine" moms and Becky was not given time to really discuss the issue at length.

Such as .. do these mothers who believe the "benefits of ALL vaccines outweighs the risk" .. or .. do they have particular vaccines they have more trust in than others?

Such as .. do they really believe .. HEP B given within hours of birth to newborn infant .. ostensibly to protect that infant from a disease that is primarily spread through promiscuous, unprotected sexual encounters or being exposed to contaminated needles .. hardly two types of exposures a newborn infant is likely to experience at that critical stage of development .. is more "beneficial" than "risky"?

Jenny Allan

Hang on -How many of those Disney measles cases WERE vaccinated against measles? Why the 'assumption' they were all unvaccinated? This sounds more like vaccine failure to me. Surely, if the vaccine was effective, then children should be protected - right?

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